My Lovely Cousin

My Lovely Cousin

It was my first time went home after several years I had been working in abroad. I stay in my apartment. I spent most of my time when I was child in my grandparent house where all my cousins would do the same thing. My favorite cousin is, Katrin that is older than me 5 year old and she was staying near my grandparent house with her two boys. Her husband was a sailor and visits her every three months. She had a nice body particularly the breast and the eye that tempted guys to fuck her with pleasure.

It was Sunday afternoon while I stay in the living room alone than remembered her. I picked up the phone and called her to visit me in my apartment. She was so glad to know that I had been back from abroad. She promised to go to my apartment immediately after she delivered her youngest son to study music.
It was not more than 30 minutes she showed her face in from of my door and greeting me.

“ Hi, how are you? When do you come?” while she was walking inside the house. I just looked at her to find out her body was taking all my attention. She just smiled at me.
“Just yesterday. How about you?” I stood up to shake her hand and asked her to sit beside me watching TV and talking. But my brain could not concentrate to the TV instead keep notice her while she was talking. I was not realized when my cock was growing hard than to find out she catch my attention.
“Oh…. Its huge….”
I just silent and my face blushed when she appointed to my penis which stood hard facing her.

“Do you like I do something to your dick?”
I hesitated to reply since don’t know if it was serious or not, until I took my challenge to dare her.
“Yes. Please….If you want?.” She came closer me.
“Do you want to kiss me?” without hesitate anymore I kissed her in her mouth and we kissed passionately. It was a long kiss that make my cock hard.
She took of my pants and let my dick came out from its case.

She hold my penis and rubbed it. It felt so good and I started moaning for pleasure.
“Ohhh… its so huge.. its must be good…ohhh” she just smiled at me while doing this. I grab her breast and squeeze it with my hands……she was enjoying it. I want more than just rub on my dick. I asked her to suck my dick with her mouth. She smiled and gave me a deep kiss before she guiede my penis to his mouth.
“Suck it please… Suck my dick …..ohhhhhh, its soo gooddd… please suck it harder”
While she sucked my penis, I was fucking her mouth with my dick caused her choked couple of times. I undressed her blouse and took out her bra….. to make both my hand feely play at her breasts and nipples.
“Ohhh aldd….. its nice…..ohhhhh….ohhhhh I need this pleasure so much……ohhhh”
It was difficult for me to suck her nipples while she kept playing with my dick so I asked her to change our position to enable me suck her nipples. She released my dicks from her mount and immediately she took off all her remaining cloth in her body that in a minute I could see her body and cunt surrounding by hair. It was wonderful view that I would not miss it. I extended my hand to reach the cunt. She layed down on the floor than widely opened her tight so I can see and easily reach her cunt.

“Ohh dear…. Please put inside your fingers in my cunt…. Oohhhh please…..ohhh. Fuck finger my cunt ……” I put my finger inside her cunt that was so wet. I was moving in and out my finger in her cunt slowly. Her body responded immediately and she moaned loudly.
I was afraid people will find out what was happening because her moaned than I kissed her mount to keep her silent. It unleashed her lust…and made her out of control to be her real self. That made me bolder and wild.
“ohhhh….I want you cock inside me….ohhhh I need you to fuck me …..please fuck me ald…fuck my pussy……oohhhh”. She begged me so much to be fucked.

“I will fuck your cunt with one condition” I was teasing her since I want to do something different instead of having fuck her cunt.
“Oh please do whatever you want to me …. Just fuck me first”
“I want to fuck your asshole….” I word make her freeze for a while
“Yes… you can fuck my asshole after you fuck my cunt.. and make me cumm…..please fuck me now….and stop talking” she was so wild to be fucked. She hold my dick and guide it to her wet cunt. The head penetrated the cunt and slowly I pushed it deeper.
“Ohh give me all that huge cock to me….ohhhh its so good all the way …..”
“Ohhh fuck me harder…. Come on baby… fuck me…. Give me your hugh cock”

I started to pump my dick inside her cock faster and harder. The sound was so good and made us so horny.
“ohhh … your dick so good inside me…. Fuck all my holes babe….ohhhh…..oohhh god…. Give me more baby…..I need badly your fucking cock….” Both my hand was playing with her breast and nipples. I sucked her nipples. It felt good and better while I was fucking her.” Ohhh katrin… its too fucking good your pussy…..”
“ohhh…yeachhh fuck me harder …..fuck me harder…… fuck me doggy style ….ohhh…. please fuck me doggy style….keep fucking ….ohhh”
I pulled out my dick from her cunt to fuck her doggy style. She rolled her body and positioning her self to me. Her asshole was so tempted to be fucked. I put my finger into her asshole.
“ohhh stop fucked finger my asshollleeee….I need your cock….fuck me ….ohhh fuck me please…. Give me your dick al
I guide my dick to his asshole instead to his cunt and slowly the head slit inside her nice ass.
“ ohhhh ….. fuck me harder …..fuck my assholeee….ohhh….ohh.”
Katrin kept begging me to fuck her brain out. Suddently I fucked her ass faster as she pleaded to me that made her arouse with surprise. Cried loud caused of pain but later it was changed to moan of pleasure when my cock moved in and out in her asshole while my hand kept playing with her nipples and breast. I almost came to squirt my sperm inside her womb.

“ohh katrin … its so good fucking your assholeeee….ohhhh…..god”
“Yeahhh….just fucking harder… fucking harder my asss…..come to my asss …….
Give me your sperm…..I need that ….. let me swallow your sperm……”
I could not hold it anymore and my dick had been so hard ready to unload sperm inside it.
“Ohhhh… katrin I almost come……..’’’
“Give me a second…… fuck me harder… I will come too in a minute”
“Fuck my cunt ….ohhhh I want you unload your sperm in my cunt…. I need that please…..”
I pulled out my dick and fucked her cunt faster ……..
“Ohhhh alllllddddd…. Give me your sperm… I ammm comingggg…….’ohhhhh ….. sooo good… come in me…. Fuck harder….harder….babe…..” In a second her body is in convultion… “ohhhhhhhhhhhh …..its so gooooodddddd” she reached her orgasm. The most excited and longest orgarms she ever had that she never had from her husband.

“its your turn ald……I want you fuck me harder and give me your sperm…. Make me pregnant with your sperm…..ohhhh yeah….ohhh” she helped me to make me come.
I was fucking her like a piston…. Until I felt my cock was harder and beating up.
“ohh yeach katrin… its comingggg…….coming hardd.ddddd”
“yach.. give me…. Please come in my cunt….. make me pregnant……”
“Ohhhhhhhh……” I unloaded my sperm in her cunt filled up her womb while she hold me tight than my cock was going soft. I kissed her in her mouth than wildly responded by her.

“It was one of the best fuck I ever had” I told her.
“You can fuck me any time you want.” We felt asleep naked.
We rushed dressed since we heart a footstep came. It was her youngest son knocking the door and she opened it.
“Hi mom……Why are you so wet like that? Uncle ald also?”
“I just done with my exercise.”
We both smiled and promise to fuck again tonight.

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