My Sister Kelly Pt.5

My Sister Kelly Pt.5

I had gotten up early before I went to work. My daughter Kelly also got up early to go pick up her sister at the airport. My son Eric got up about the same time. I was down in the kitchen when my son came down stairs. Eric was wearing a T-shirt and sweat pants; plus sporting a very obvious erection. At first my son did not say anything, I figured he was testing me to see if I had been serious about him and I having more taboo relations. I decided I would make my son happy and bring it up. "Eric, that's a pretty nice erection you have going on." "Thanks mom, I didn't know if you noticed." "How could I not notice a nice hard cock like yours?" "Mom, were serious about what you said before; about us fucking?" I moved over to my son and touched his cheek lightly with my hand. "Yes I was Eric. I had such a good time fucking you. If only your stupid father knew." "Why mom? Would he have been pissed? Would it have turned him on knowing his son got fuck his mom?" "He would have been pissed and probably disgusted. But I bet he would have been jealous with how good of a fuck you gave me. Also, I almost never gave him a blowjob and I never swallowed his cum." "Oh, so you did what you did to kind of get back at dad?" "I guess so Eric but don't take it the wrong way. I really did enjoy it and I really do want to fuck you and suck you again. I hope it doesn't bother you that I did kind of as a revenge thing against your looser father." "Are you serious mom? Why the fuck would I mind? Every boy has wet dreams about fucking his mom. You are such a hot, sexy mom as well. I got to live out a hot fantasy that many teenage boys have about their mom’s. I got to fuck you and I got a great blow job from my own mom! I don't care! If you want to do it to piss dad off, I don't give a shit." I smiled at my son, I was glad he didn't mind. I didn't think he would any way.

My son smiled and I saw his cock twitch a bit in his sweat pants. "Mom do you want to make dad mad?" "How would we do that?" I said coyly back to him. "You could get down on your knees and suck my cock! Pretend that dad is here watching and can't do anything to stop you; all he can do is watch you suck your son's cock." The thought of that actually gave me an odd sense of satisfaction as well as it turned me on a bit. My son didn't wait for me to respond. He moved forward and yanked off my top. His hands went right to my tits, fondling them and pulling on my erect nipples. "Think about how pissed dad would be if he watched this." Then my son moved his mouth right to my nipples. He flicked his tongue across my nipples, moving from one tit to the other before he began to lustfully suck on them. I let out a loud moan of delight. "Oh god Eric…oh yes! Suck your mom's tits!" My son looked up at me as he fondled my tits and licked my nipples. "Just think, dad would be so pissed, so jealous watching me suck on your tits mom." My son wildly sucked on my tits for a few minutes, making me very horny and making my pussy very wet. Then my son removed his mouth from my tits and nipples, looking at me with a wild look on his face. I have a better thought, hold on for minute. My son ran up stairs then came back down a few minutes later with his digital camcorder. "Let’s film ourselves, as if we were going to send it to dad." At first I was not sure about that, I kind of thought my son was serious. "I don't know Eric…if someone found that…" "Don't worry mom, I won't send it to dad. I may keep it….watch it and jack off to it." I pictured that in my mind, my son jacking off to home movie of him and me fucking. That thought did kind of turn me on. Then I had another dirty thought go through my mind and I had to ask my son. "Would you show it to your friends who want to fuck me and want to fuck their own moms'?" My son smiled wickedly at me, "You would want me to do that?" "I guess we will have to see how the movie looks first."

"Ok mom, why don't you piss dad off more by dropping down to your knees and sucking my cock!" I didn't realize until then how much it turned me on when my son ordered me around, ordering me to suck his cock. He put his hands on my head and gently pushed me down onto my knees. "Come on mom, get down on your knees and give me a fucking good blowjob!" I dropped to my knees, very excited to see my sons prick up close again. I grabbed his sweats at the waist band and pulled them right down to his ankles. His hard, red cock popped out like a jack-in-the-box. Pre cum dripped from his piss slit. I grabbed his cock and began to slowly stroke it. I worked his prick from the base, squeezing hard as I slid my hand up to his prick head. I bent my head under his prick head; I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out as I squeezed out a fair amount of pre cum. It slowly oozed out of my sons piss slit and slowly dripped, like syrup down into my waiting mouth. As I looked up at my son, he was looking down at me with camcorder in hand. "Look at that dad! Look at mom going down on my cock! Look at her swallowing my pre cum! Shit, mom looks so fucking hot on her knees with my cock in her hand. But you know what dad; mom will look hotter with my prick in her mouth!" I was shocked at first at my son was saying while filming me but it really turned me on. I thought about how much this would piss off my ex, so I decided I was going to be as dirty and slutty as I could be. I wanted my son to really enjoy it and to give him a great movie to jack off to.

I started to lick my sons cock as I looked up at him holding his recorder. I ran my tongue all over his hard shaft, saving his cock head for last. Then I ran my tongue all around his prick head, lapping up my sons’ pre cum. I held his cock while looking into the recorder, I decided to let myself go and to get into this. "Mmm, our son's cock is so good, so hard. His pre cum tastes so much better than yours!" My son smiled and then said, "Mom, why don't you put your mouth to better use and wrap them around my cock. Show dad how much you like sucking your son off." I didn't say another word; I just opened my mouth and slowly slid my sons prick into it. I let out a loud several groans as I let my sons’ cock in my mouth. I kept his hard, throbbing cock in my mouth and just ran my tongue all over it as I lightly sucked on it. Then I slowly slid it out of my wet mouth up to his prick head. I kept my lips around it, as I sucked on it and ran my tongue along the underside of his prick head. My son was oozing even more pre cum; apparently this whole situation was really turning him on.

"Oh yeah, that's it mom. Suck it, suck my cock. Look at mom go. Mom is such a great cock sucker. To bad you didn't appreciate that dad." I started to work my head up and down on my sons cock. I felt so dirty sucking my sons cock while being filmed by him. However it was really turning me on thinking about what we were doing and listening to the dirty narration my son was giving as he video taped me. I wanted to make sure I gave my son the best blow job I could, the best blow job he would ever have. I let my lust go and wildly sucked and licked my way up and down his prick. My son moaned as he kept encouraging me to keep on sucking him. "Oh shit dad. Look at mom! Look at her going to town on my cock! I'm gonna show mom how much I love her blow job by blowing a huge load of cum into her mouth! Do you want to watch that dad? I know you do. You want to watch your son cum in his moms’ mouth. You know you wish it was you. You know you want to watch mom swallow your sons' cum. That's it mom, keep sucking my cock. I'm so close to cumming." My son actually did not last too long, maybe five minutes, at which time I could see his cock turning bright red and his prick head began to swell. He was breathing faster, his moaning was louder and I clearly knew he was ready to cum. I let his cock slid out of his mouth; I ran my tongue along the underside of his shaft. "Eric, do you want me to jack you off into my mouth? I bet your dad would love to watch me jacking off our son, letting him blow his cum wad into my mouth." "Fuck yes mom! Do it, open your mouth and jack me off! I want to watch my cum blow out of my cock and into your mouth. Watch dad, watch mom jack me off! Watch as I cum in her mouth!" My son began to moan under his breath, 'that's mom, jack me off. Make me cum in your pretty mouth'. Eric kept taping me as I stroked his cock. It did not take to many strokes on his prick to make my son erupt with cum.

It was really exciting when my son came, instead of telling me, he narrated to his father. "Oh yes dad, I'm gonna cum. Watch, I'm gonna cum in mom's mouth." My son's cock exploded with a huge surge of cum. It erupted so hard it blew across my face. I had this hot, sticky stream cum land on my upper lip, nose, forehead and into my hair. My son yelled out, 'Look at that dad! I blew my wad across mom's face!' Then I placed his cock head on my tongue as my son pumped his large cum load into my waiting mouth. I kept my tongue stuck out, my mouth open so he watch and film, his cum spurting into my mouth and all over my tongue. I almost started to think my son wasn't going to stop cumming he came so much! When I finally emptied his prick of his cum load, he told me to keep my mouth open. I watched my son move the camera around, getting all sorts of angle's of his cum load in my mouth and on my face. "Shit dad! Look at all that cum! Look at all the cum in mom's mouth. Now watch mom swallow all of my load. Do it mom, swallow." I did as my son said, I pulled my tongue back into my mouth and I slowly swallowed my sons’ hot, salty spunk. "Now watch mom suck my cock dry." I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around my son's prick. I sucked and sucked then I ran my tongue over his prick head making sure to swallow every drop of cum. Then I wiped the cum off of my face with my index finger, I knew my son wanted me to do it slowly. I would get some cum on my finger, sensuously put it into my mouth, and then I would wipe off some more. When I was done, I noticed my son was still rock hard.

My son placed the recorder on the kitchen table, with it still recording. "You know dad, mom is so fucking hot!" He played with my tits, and then sucked on each of them for a minute or two. Then my son grabbed my bottoms and pulled them off. He went down on his knees. He turned his face to the camera and said, "Watch this dad. Watch me have a taste of moms' sweet pussy." My son pulled my pussy lips apart with his thumbs and dug his tongue into my wet pussy. My son lapped at my wet pussy like a dog drinking from a water dish. I began to moan loudly, rubbing my sons head as he licked my pussy, licked my clit and sucked on my clit. "Oh yes Eric…oh yes you are such a good son. Oh yes, lick your mom's pussy. Make your mom cum." I turned to look at the camera, "Oooh yes, our son is so good at licking pussy. Look at your son licking my pussy." I ran my hand through his hair, "Ooh don't stop Eric…I love having your tongue in my pussy." I held onto my sons head, tilting my head back as my son sent me to place of such pleasurable lust. I went wild when my son slid two fingers up into my pussy and began to fuck me with his fingers as he ate me out. Sweat was now running down my body as my son went at my pussy like there was no tomorrow. "Oooh god…I'm gonna cum all over ours face! Don't stop Eric…please don't stop….make me cum…..oh yes…make your mom cum!" I let out a loud scream of joy as my sons' tongue brought me to the point of ecstasy. My thighs clamped around my sons face as I coated his tongue, lips and chin with my sweet pussy juice. My son licked it all up as I twitched with my orgasm. As soon as I was done, my son grabbed me, turning me around with my back to the kitchen table. He pushed me backwards until I felt my ass up against the table. He grabbed the camera and told me to get up on the table and hold the camera.

I got up onto the table and grabbed the camera. My son seemed to be in a wild, out of control frenzy. He grabbed his cock and slammed it into my wet pussy! "Mom! Film me fucking you! I gonna fuck mom! Watch me dad, I am going to fuck the shit out of mom! Oh shit, mom's pussy is so fucking tight and wet!" Eric went wild with his desires! He fucked me like an out of control, lust crazed high school teenager and I loved it! I held the camera up and went from showing my sons face, which had passion all over it. Then I panned the camera down to my sons prick pounding in and out of my pussy. I could barely control my own desires as my son wildly fucked me. "Oh yes…look at your son fucking me! Our son is such a horny, wild teenager. Our son is so good at fucking me. Eric, tell your father how much you like fucking your mom." I panned the camera up to my sons face. He looked at the camera with this wild look on his face. "I love fucking mom! I gonna fuck mom everyday! Oh shit her pussy feels so good around my cock!" My son grabbed my legs as he pounded my pussy even faster and harder than before. "In fact dad, all of my friends think mom is hot too! I think maybe I will have them come over and we will take turns fucking mom. Would you like that? Mom is going to get so much cock! Nice horny teenage cock! Mom, would you like me to have my friends over? Would you like to get fucked by a whole bunch of teenage guys?" "Ooh yes Eric. I would love to get fucked everyday!"

My son smiled at me and the camera. "Oh fuck dad….I'm so close to cumming again! I can't last long in moms’ pussy. I know my friends wouldn't either. Maybe we will gang bang mom! Put a cock in her pussy, her asshole, her mouth and between her tits! Blowing our hot cum loads all over mom! I bet you would like to watch that!" My son fucked me faster and faster, his balls were slapping against my taint with a nice, loud sound. Then I felt his cock tense up, becoming even more rigid, I said out loud; "Oh yes, your son is going to cum! Cum all over me Eric! Show your dad how hot and slutty I am and cum all over me!" My son's eyes glazed over as he pulled his cock out of my pussy, just a moment before he erupted with another cum load. I caught every spurt of cum jetting out of my sons prick head on video. My son wildly stroked his prick, shooting his cum all over me. Cum splattered on my stomach, on my pussy, into my belly button and all over my tits. I could tell my son was deriving a lot of lustful pleasure out blowing his cum load all over his mom's naked body, while being video taped doing it!

Once my son was done blowing his cum all over me, I handed him the camera. Eric slowly paned up and down my body. "Yeah look at that dad. Look at my cum all over mom's body. She looks so fucking hot with cum all over her. Would you like to watch mom suck my cock again? Oh wait, I have something better I know you would like to watch." With that my son told me to lay there on the table for a moment. He went over to the silverware drawer, grabbed a spoon and then came back to me. He used the spoon to scoop up his cum off of my body and then spoon fed me his cum while filming it. I looked up at the camera as my son held his first spoon full of cum by my mouth. "Mmm, I love the taste of our sons cum. He tastes so good; I could suck him off every day. I love having his hot, sticky cum all over me. It makes me feel so sexy, so hot and so slutty." Then I opened my mouth and my son slid the spoon into it. I moaned with pleasure as I swallowed his spoon full of cum. When my son removed the first spoon full, I licked my lips for the camera and told him I needed more. Eric filmed himself spooning up his cum off of me, except for my tits; he left his cum on them.

When he was done he pointed the camera at me, "Ok mom, are we going to do anything else for dad?" "Oh yes sweet heart. I want to show your father how much I love fucking our son." I got up off of the table and dropped down to my knees in front of my son. "I wonder what your cock tastes like with my pussy juice all over it." Then I started to suck on my son's prick again. He was already very hard, watching me swallow his cum off the spoon kept him pretty hard. My son kept filming me, running my tongue all over his hard, wet shaft. "Oh yeah mom, suck it! Suck my cock. I love seeing my cock in your mouth." I sucked my sons prick for a few minutes; I wanted to make sure he was nice and hard. When his prick was fully erect I told my son to lay down, I wanted to fuck his nice prick. Eric handed me the camera and filmed him getting down on to the floor. "Look at our son's nice hard prick. I am going to ride his cock. I am going to fuck another load of cum out of our son." I handed the camera back to Eric as I straddled his prick. At first I was facing my son but then I turned around with my back to him.

I grabbed my sons cock and ran his wet prick head over my pussy lips. Eric was filming away, and then I looked over my shoulder. "I think we should show your father how much I like having your cock in my ass." I lowered myself down on to my sons’ shaft, his cock pushed up into my tight asshole. I let out a very loud, very real moan of bliss. "Oh god Eric, your cock feels so good in my ass. Do you have this on film?" "Oh fuck yes mom! Lean forward a bit so I can better see my cock in your ass." I leaned forward and then I began to ride my sons' prick. I rode his cock fast and hard, driving his cock into my ass. My son took his free hand and began to rub my ass. "Spank me Eric! Spank your mom!" My son began to spank me lightly at first; I had to tell him to spank me harder. "Harder Eric…oh yes harder…spank me, tell me I am a bad mom for not fucking you more." My son really got into spanking my ass as rode his cock. I could hear him talking to the camera as he slapped my ass. "Play with my pussy Eric!" My son reached forward with his free hand and began to finger my pussy as I rode his hard shaft.

“Oh yes, look at that dad. Look at mom riding my cock. Listen to her moan. Her pussy is so fucking wet too!” My son fucked my pussy with his fingers; I could tell he wanted me to release all of my pussy juices all over his fingers. I was so horny, between riding up and down on my sons cock with my ass, his fingers in my pussy and just the thrill of him filming us; I got off all over Eric’s fingers. My son loved listening to me scream out with delight as my orgasm wracked over my body. I fell forward onto his legs, exhausted from my orgasm. My sons’ hard, erect shaft popped out of my ass. I felt my son pull his fingers out of my very wet hot pussy. Then I heard him speak to the camera, “I love tasting mom’s pussy juice. She tastes so good.” Then I heard him slurping at his fingers. “Oh yeah dad, mom tastes so good.” I pulled myself back up and turned around to face my son. I still had some of his cum on my tits. “Look at that dad, look at mom’s tits. Let me zoom in for you so you can see my cum still on her tits.” I faced my son; grabbing his cock I guided it into my wet pussy. Eric moaned out loud, “Oh yes, your pussy feels so good mom. It is so hot, wet and tight.” I faced the camera as I began to fondle my tits. “Eric, would you like me to lick the rest of you cum off of my tits before I fuck you some more? Do you think your father would like to watch me lick up your cum off of my big tits and then swallow it?” “Yeah mom! Do it!” I held my tits up to my mouth and slowly licked up my son’s remaining cum. As soon as I was done swallowing it, I looked down at my son holding the camera. “Ok my sweet son. I am going to ride your nice hard cock. Don’t worry about making me get off. I just want you to cum. I want you to cum as quickly as you want to. I want to feel your hard cock pumping your cum load into my pussy. I know your father would love for you to pump your cum into me.”

I rode my sons’ cock hard and fast. The only thought I had in my mind as I looked down at my son was making him cum. I was as vocal as I could be; I knew that would turn him on more. I watched my son panning the camera up and down my entire body as I fucked him. “Dad, look at mom’s fucking huge tits bounce as she fucks my cock. Oh shit dad, mom is such a wild fucker!” He panned the camera down to my pussy. “Look at that dad! Look at my fucking hard cock disappearing into moms’ pussy. Oh fuck her pussy is so fucking wet and tight. Shit, do you see how slick my cock is! Oh yes mom…don’t stop…please don’t stop riding my cock. I wanna blow my load inside you!” I pulled my hair to the side as rode my son’s nice hard prick faster and faster. “Do you like that Eric? Do you like having your mom fuck you?” “Yessss, oh yes mom! Fuck me!” “Look at how I am fucking our son. Oh god our son’s cock feels so good in my pussy.” I rode my son faster and harder, slamming down on his rock hard shaft. “Come on Eric, cum for you mom. I want you to cum! Don’t hold back…I want to feel your hot sticky cum inside of my pussy. Do it for me Eric! Show me…show your dad how much you love fucking your mom!”

My son began to moan louder as his breathing got heavier. He reached up with his free hand and began to frantically play with my tits. “That’s honey. Play with your mom’s tits. What ever makes you cum…play with my tits while I fuck your nice hard cock.” “Oh yes mom…oh god…mom…I’m gonna cum…oh yes…I’m gonna blow my load.” “Do it Eric…cum for me…cum in my pussy!” I rode my sons’ prick like it was a wild bull. I could feel his cock begin to swell and stiffen. I knew he was about to blow his load inside of me. “Let it go Eric…blow your cum! Show your dad how much you love your moms’ pussy! Fill it with your cum!” At that moment my son’s cock exploded. “OH FUCK MOM!!! I’M CUMMING!!!” I was so happy feeling my sons’ cock spitting out spurt after spurt of his hot, sticky cum load. I could feel it was a huge load too! I kept fucking my son, as his cock pumped his huge load deep into my wet hot pussy. When I felt his cock stop pumping cum into me; I quickly got off of his cock, grabbed the camera and got between his legs. I held the camera only inches away from my sons cock with was coated with my pussy juice and his cum. I ran my lips up and down his shaft, snaking my tongue all over his shaft. I looked at the camera, “Our son’s cock tastes so fucking good with my pussy juice all over it mixed with his cum.” Then I sucked Eric’s cock. I bobbed my head up and down on his prick until I had licked and sucked all of his cum off and out of his prick. I sat up and wiped my mouth off as I handed the camera back to my son. “Did you enjoy yourself Eric?” “Yes…yes mom. That was fucking great!” “Are you going to keep that video and jack off to it?” “You better believe it mom! Fuck, I will probably be jacking off to it all day while you are at work.” “Eric don’t do it too much, save some cum for me.”

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