Naughty Pretty Things 2

Naughty Pretty Things 2

Keri sees away to make sure Sherry keeps quiet. 'Would you like for my Daddy to fuck you Sherry, really fuck you'? 'He will if I ask him too'. 'He says he will do anything for me'. 'You could sleep over and he could fuck us both'. 'You should see how good he fucks'.

The girls talk. Sherry must know everything. How, when, where and how often now? She is rapt for each detail.

'How big is he Keri'? Sherry eyes are wide as Keri shows her how long and how big around Daddy is. Keri also promises Sherry he will fill her completely. Daddy is gentle at first. He will let Sherry take him slowly. Get used to him and stretch to take all of him balls deep.

Keri rubs Sherry's pussy slowly while she tells her about Daddy and what he will likely do to her.

Keri tells her most things but saves things too. If Sherry is really willing to join the 'family', she will find out how things are herself. She carefully omits any reference to Sheela and Lucy. She like her Daddy is a bit possessive of others. She even has a few qualms about letting Daddy fuck Sherry but it will be so cool and such a turn on to watch Sherry take a grown man for the first time. Daddy will tear her up that first time. Stretch her pussy like she has never dreamed. Fill her with more cum than she can conceive too.

All this talk has had the expected effect on the two girls too. Hands have found moist spots, lips have kissed lips and teased nipples. Quickly the two teenagers are panting with arousal. Arousal for Daddy but since he is not there, each others fingers, lips and pussies will just have to do.

Sherry is the first to 'lose' control and she quickly kisses her way down Keri's body to nibble on the delicious hood over Keri's clit. Keri moans and arches her back to receive this sweet hot tongue Sherry wants to give her.

She pulls Sherry around so she can finger fuck her with her thumb and fuck Sherry's little button hole with her index finger. Keri sucks her fingers to make them nice and wet. Sherry almost squeals when that wet thumb opens her slit and the sopping index finger opens her bottom.

Now Keri can relax and enjoy Sherry's hot tongue on her pussy. It does feel good. Sherry is a natural. She is so good because she likes to lick pussy plus she loves to receive herself.

Keri pulls her legs higher, her knees almost even with her shoulders. Sherry squeals into her pussy as she plunges her tongue inside Keri deeper. Taking Keri's cue her index finger fucks Keri slowly while her pinkie enters and teases Keri's delicious little button hole. The feel of both penetrations driving Keri to the very edge. Her own fingers, her thumb fucking Sherry so hard and her index finger fucking Sherry's ass in a deep rocking rhythm.

Sherry begins to cum, Keri lifts her head enough to bite Sherry's butt and reaches under Sherry with her left hand, grabbing Sherry's left breast, torturing its nipple with her fingers, making the nipple swell from her pinches.

Sherry cums, so hard she has to bury her whole face in Keri's pussy to muffle her sounds. Still if one were outside the door they could hear her, almost screaming as she bucks on Keri's fingers. Loving her friend, loving being fucked in both sweet holes.

Keri needs her cum now. Pushing Sherry around before Sherry is even ebbing she pulls Sherry's face down on her hot pussy, wrapping her legs around Sherry's neck. Demanding that Sherry satisfy her, let her use her tongue to cum and cum. Keri's hot juices flowing as she pulls Sherry's hair and cums all over the blond girls nose, lips and tongue.

A little later, both girls cleaned up, they lay in bed, comfy and warm. Little kisses now, sipping each others lips. Sherry's eyes rapt with love for Keri.

'Keri, what is it like to have a man inside you'? 'I mean a grown man, like your Daddy'.

Keri is sleepy but knows Sherry. Sherry will not let her sleep till she answers her questions.

'I have known no other man but my Daddy'. 'Men may be all different and I am curious but my Daddy is so good Sherry'. 'In the porn movies we watch sometimes there are bigger men but God Sherry, he fills me completely'! 'I still have to go slow to take all of him unless I am already full of his cum'.

'I will just tell you about the last time Daddy came to my bed'. 'Mom had to stay at her office real late, to talk to her supplier in India'. 'Some Teak furniture thing'.

'Daddy came in, slipped into bed beside me'. 'I pretended to be asleep'. 'He just started kissing me, down my naked back'. 'Oh Sherry, it just sends shivers through my body when he does that'.

'Well before long he had me on my knees, at the edge of the bed and was fucking me so deep and slow'. 'His dick making me feel like I could not take anymore'.


Oh daddy, taking your man cock from behind, i want you to pull on my hair, treat me like a little sweet whore. I love you to spank my ass as you thrust your cock in and out of me. Looking over my shoulder at you as you begin to grimace, knowing your cum will soon be all over me, i grin through a moaning mouth… " oh yes daddy… fuck me… fuck YOUR pussy, i want you to….. tease my ass daddy…. play with it…
'He started getting really wild'. 'He was fucking me so hard I could hardly keep from falling forward onto the bed'. 'He had his left arm around my waist holding me, his right hand pulling my hair to make me lean up and then letting my hair go, he spanked my bottom with his right hand'. 'It hurt some but set my pussy on fire too'.


GODDD YESSSSSSS" as i feel my own orgasm sweep over myself.
'As I began to cum, I almost fainted when he grabbed my pussy with his left hand and then took his dick out and opened my ass with it' 'He stuck it about a third in me and began to pump hot cum into me'. 'Then he pulled it out and spurted cum on my ass and rubbed it in with his dick'. 'Oh Sherry, you will love it'!

Sherry is loving it alright. Her fingers are in her and she moans with her third orgasm in the last 2 hours as Keri kisses her.

Keri then tells Sherry what it is like when her mother is away on business. Making love at night, hot sexy baths, cold wine and fucking her daddy till she is sore then sleeping in his powerful arms.


Waking up with you in my arms, on top of me, teasing my nipples in your mouth right before you slide into my tight pussy. Wanting more of you, not wanting this to stop, i feel you explode in me after i have covered your own cock with my juices.


It is well past 2am before the girls get to sleep. Good thing tomorrow is Friday.


In school, I do nothing but think of you and what we will have in store tonight. Knowing mommy will be home and wondering if things will stay the same. Wondering if Mommy will notice that i have become your little toy, and no longer just hers. I run into Sherry in school… we tease one another about last night of lovemaking. We hide in corners at school, kissing and groping one another. She asks me if I have told you that she wants to fuck you too. I tell her that i haven't yet, but i know you will enjoy the thought of it.

After school lets out, I have my class to go to. Staring at the clock, hoping 8:00 will come soon. Dreaming about how badly i want your cock back in my soaking pussy. One hand drifts to my belt line under my desk, i press into my mound over my clothes…. oh yes, it is ready for you to take again. The bell rings as i grab my books and head out the door. I wait with Sherry for her mom, teasingly chatting about you and me. She knows that i will be feeling you in me later and wants to come over for a while. I call you on my cell and ask if she can, hinting without saying anything that she too wants to feel your man cock in her…… the phone rings………

I see from caller ID that it is Keri. My dick goes hard immediately. 'Hi baby girl'. 'Are you home from school yet'?

'Daddy, Sherry wants to spend the night'.

'But Keri, mom is going to Toronto tonight darling'. 'We get so few nights for just us baby girl'.

'I know Daddy but Sherry needs this'. 'Do you understand what I mean Daddy'?

I smile, 'Yes baby girl, I think I do'.

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