Not So Ordinary Life ch. 7

Not So Ordinary Life ch. 7


Mark had a fist full of shimmering black hair, gently pulling back matching the rhythms of his thrusts. His entire eight inches buried deep into her Latino snatch, Mark viciously pounded into her. Her tan skin contrasting the white sheets on the hotel bed. She was screaming out in pleasure, Spanish phrases flowing out of her mouth. The beauty of the language wrapping itself around the affair and increasing the intimacy of the moment. It drove Mark wild the way she talked, especially in the bedroom. Her rich accent rolling off those full, luscious lips. Lips that had caressed his member on numerous occasions. He lifted his right hand and swung it down, smacking her ass with a definitive blow. He pulled back on her hair, lifting her head into the air as Mark thrusted harder. She arched her back, attempting to thrust back. He called her a slut, his little hoar, "escarcha pequena" a phrase she taught him. She got off on dirty names just as Mark got off on her Spanish.

Mark spanked her one more time before pushing two fingers into her anus. He wriggled them around, stretching it to the limit. Her moans increasing in volume from the mixture of intense pleasure and pain. The two were building up into a sweat. It was rolling down his well toned chest, falling off onto the small of her back. Her heavy breasts were rapidly swaying, her body tensing as she felt the moment approaching. Mark was in over drive, uncontrollable sodomizing her tight pussy. His balls were about to burst, he pulled his fingers out of her anus and let go of her hair. It cascaded down her shoulders, draping over her face. He roughly grabbed her breasts, pulling her in as he thrusted, emptying his love juice deep inside her womb. The Latina gave one last groan of pleasure as she slowly descended from orgasmic bliss.

The two layed down next to each other, heads resting on pillows as they caught their breath. She snuggled into him, her breasts lying on his chest, legs intertwined.

"Feeling OK, mi amore?" her accent soothed his ears and pounding chest.

"Of course, Gabriella." Mark looked down at her. Gabriella's eyes were closed, her arm wrapped around his middle.

She was at peace with the world, but who wouldn't. She was relaxing after a long period of sex with her love lying next to her. Who possibly couldn't drift into a peaceful sleep with all these factors in place?

That person would be Mark.

But before you know why, I have to tell you this story.

Mark had went back to school a couple of years after Sam and Hilary's birth to become an architect. About 6 years ago, Mark landed a job in his professional field. He quickly become a member of the"A-team," a group of him and his bodies who excelled at their positions. Naturally, as in any work place, the A-team was sent to fix all the fuck ups and save projects headed for failure. This constantly sent him on business trips, leaving Mark away from home for weeks, sometimes months.

It was that time away that Mark enjoyed the most about his job. The first set of twins proved to him that Lauren and himself had jumped into parenthood a little early. The second set was giving him gray hair. He saw school and work as his ticket out of the house, which was in a constant state of pandemonium. As time wore on he would take any project that would get him sent away from home.

But don't misinterpret this. It's not my aim to show you what a terrible father he was because that was surely not the case. The problem with Mark was one in which many young fathers come across. They like the idea of being a father, not the work that goes with it. In other words, the good times, the ice cream at the park, having catch with his sons in the backyard was what he was all about. The punishments and repremanding were not his style.

It was 4 years ago, in which Mark met Gabriella. She was a maid at the hotel he was staying in, trying to make a living when Mark offered her a "tip" and she took it without hesitation. The heat and passion in their love making drove him wild. Her accent was as rich and full as her C-cup breasts. Her (at the time) 18 year old pussy, felt like a perfect fit. But Mark's favorite attribute was her ass. It was the type that Sir Mix-a-lot (Baby got Back) was talking about. It was virgin tight and the skin was silky smooth.

He had never thought it to become the relationship it is today. Mark had made it quite clear the first time around that he had a wife and kids. He intended it to be just another one night stand, but he kept coming back for more. His lust grew to addiction and his addiction turned to love. He tried denying it first, telling himself she was much to young or he was confusing his feelings. It was no use because for the first time, he was truly in love with someone.

"But what about Mark and Lauren?" Well Mark was, unlike most porn stars, a truly gifted actor. If you were to ask Lauren today she would tell you her marriage was stronger than ever. The sex never stopped, despite 5 kids Lauren's pussy was far from loose. It wasn't quite up to Gabriella's standards but good nonetheless.

And with 3 beautiful daughters at his disposal, how does one woman make a man want to leave his family to spend the rest of his life with her?

The answer is love, dear reader.

So now Mark was face with a life changing choice.

To stay or go?

Hilary hung up her cellphone and happily reported to her friend Kitty that she could stay the night. Kitty, whose full name was Kathryn jumped up in the air in triumphant, her golden colored hair bouncing around her shoulders. The two had met in math class early this year and had become fast friends. It was even debatable that Hilary and Kitty were girlfriends. They started doing everything together, the mall, the movies, and were constant sexual partners. They were also co-captains of middle school cheer leading. It had become almost a weekly routine that one would sleepover the others house at the end of the school week. Kitty was the reason for the rift that was quickly growing between Hilary and Sam, formerly inseparable.

For whatever reason, Sam and Kitty did not get along. Perhaps it was because they saw each other as competitors, constantly fighting over Hilary's attention. Perhaps it was because Sam was more of a jock girl and didn't care for the stuff Hilary and Kitty were into. Whatever the reason, it was a rare moment when Sam and Kitty were in the same room without bickering or exchanging nasty comments about each other.

"What time is Jared getting home?" Hilary inquired

"Any minute now." Kitty sauntered up to Hilary, took her chin into her hand and Hilary's face towards hers. Their mouths mushed together in a sloppy kiss as the girls fell back onto the bed. Hilary's hands slithered up from Kitty's hips to her petite breasts. Kitty was not as well endowed as Hilary and Sam in the breast department. She was barely fuller than a training bra, the breasts themselves just beginning to form that orb like shape. Her aureoles were puffy and her nipples were constantly stiff. Kitty's ass was also small, each cheek being only a little more than a hand full. She was in terrific shape, not an ounce of fat on her small little frame.

As Hilary's fingers drew circles around her Friends nipples, Kitty plunged two fingers into her cunt. Her two fingers thrusting in and out between Hilary's pussy lips, leaking cum on the floor. Hilary laid back onto the bed, her head plopping on the pillow as she enjoyed her friends finger bang. Kitty quickend her pace and used her thumb to rub Hilary's clit. Her own pussy getting hot as she watched Hilary wriggle and moan in pleasure. Kitty affectionately stroked Hilary's beautiful blond hair. Kitty's blue eyes observed her friends features during orgasmic bliss. Hilary's B-cup breasts heaved with labored breaths from the intense pleasure, her mouth forming perfect Os's as she cooed her way through climax. The cooes made Kitty's body shudder and her pussy leak with juices. The cooes bounced off the walls, out the open door, down the hall and into the ears of the third party, alerting him that the fun had begun without him.

Just as Hilary and Kitty began to make out again, Jared entered the room wearing a pair of boxers and clutching a brown paper bag at his side.

"I hope I'm not to late!" He jested as he put the bag down to pull down his boxers. Jared was 17, senior in High School and Kitty's older brother. He had messy, dark hair with brown eyes. He was a bit on the scrawny, not having much muscle or fat on him. Not particularly tall at five feet, seven inches and was average looking as far as hotness would go.

Nonetheless, Kitty's eyes lit up at the sight of her older brother came over to the bed, his six inch member standing tall and attentive, ready for action. Kitty worshiped her older brother as only a little sister could. It was Jared who introduced Kitty, at the age of nine, to the world of sex. it had been exclusively the two of them for a long time, being they lived with their grandparents who were long past their sexual prime. Many times Jared would come home from his job at the movies (a position in which he still holds) and screw his little sister for several hours on end. The two had experimented with everything, and I mean everything, often fixating on certain kinky desires for long periods of time.

Jared came up behind his sister and wrapped his arms around her middle. He playfully kissed her neck, inhaling her heavenly scent while pressing his hard on onto the small of her back. He brought his hands up and gently massaged her shoulders, causing Kitty to purr in delight.

"Did you bring the goods?" Kitty asked her brother with half lidded eyes, enjoying the sensual massage.

"You bet!" Jared hopped off the bed, picked up the paper bag and dumped the contents onto the floor. Kitty and Hilary circled around it shaking in anticipation. Jared picked up the plastic bag which contained a fine substance and poured the substance onto a piece of paper. He rolled the paper, cut it in half and handed one piece to Kitty. Jared quickly got up and grabbed a lighter from under the matress. He pop it opened and put the flame under the makeshift blunt that now rested in between Kitty's lips. It finally caught flame and Kitty inhaled deeply. She exhaled a cloud of smoke, her body relaxing as if that cloud had been all the stresses and pressures in her life. After a couple more hits she took from her mouth and pressed it towards Hilary's lips. Hilary took the blunt and inhaled, almost immediately getting that familiar light-headed feeling.

She only took one more hit before placing it on the ash tray, right next to Jared's. The three of them sat their, letting the drug take its effect. It was Jared and Kitty who introduced Hilary to smoking crystal meth. She was a light weight by nature, but loved the effect it had on their sexual escapades. It increased their stamina and made every inch of their skin pleasurably burn when touched.

It didn't take long for them all to slip into the usual high. Jared sat on the bed and began to slowly slide his hand up and down his six inch boner. Pressing his thumb to the underside of his engorged head he gently applied pressure. His other hand cupped his balls, rolling them between his fingers as he continued sliding his hand up and down his shaft. Kitty and Hilary felt themselves get hotter as they watched the older teen pleasure himself. Kitty crawled on her hands and knees towards her older brother. She sat on her knees in between his spread legs, giving her an up close view of the show. Kitty pushed on his thighs with her hands, spreading his legs out further. She used her tongue to lick the hand that Jared was using to cup his balls. He quickly removed and watched as his little sister began sucking on the skin of his sack. Kitty opened her mouth wider, engulfing his entire scrotum in her mouth. She sucked harder as Jared increased the pace of his jacking off. Kitty's blue eyes stared up at her older brother's face for approval as she played with his balls in her mouth. Sucking on them one at a time, covering the skin in saliva, Kitty was using every trick she had learned. Jared eyes traveled down to his crotch. His hand working furiously up and down his dick as his eyes traced the outline of his baby sister. Those big, beautiful blue eyes, those tiny little mounds that were her breasts, that tight ass.

Hilary saw Jared eyes, his head tossing back, groans and shouts exploding from his mouth, all sure signs of him climaxing. Hilary ran over, knelt down and took the head of his cock into her mouth, just as the first spurt of his salty semen erupted. Hilary let the entire load spill into her mouth, letting some of Jared's cum leak out of her mouth and down his shaft. Hilary moved her mouth off the head of his dick, opening wide and showing Jared the cum in her mouth. She slithered her way up his chest until their heads were on an even plain. Still with the cum in her mouth, she began to exchange a sloppy kiss with her best friend's older brother. The two swapped cum for several minutes before they each swallowed a bit of it down.

Kitty cleaned the remaining cum off his shaft, savoring the salty flavor. She playfully pushed Hilary off her older brother, breaking their kiss. Hilary fell back onto the bed with her legs spread. Jared immediately sat up and got in between her legs, aligning his still rock hard dick with Hilary's wet little love hole. He rubbed the head of his cock on Hilary's outer lips. They moaned in mutual pleasure as he slowly penetrated her. Just the head at first, then inch after inch of his shaft. In gradually he became buried to the hilt. With his cock in place, Jared lifted each of Hilary's legs and rested them on his shoulders. They both exchanged sly smiles before he slowly started pulling out of her. Jared stopped right before his head popped out, and began pushing back into her.

The two continued at that pace, slowly thrusting in and out, enjoying the remarkable amounts of pleasure. Kitty began to kiss the back of her brother's neck. Occasionally stopping to suckle on his soft skin. Kitty worked her way down further to the small of his back, were she left the a large, red hickey, playfully gnawing at the tender skin. Kitty cupped the cheeks of Jared's ass, her thumb barley working its way into the crack. She teased his asshole, pushing against it and letting it tighten around the tip of her thumb. Kitty stuck two fingers into Jared's mouth. He suckled on them, lubing the fingers with his saliva. Kitty took her fingers out of his mouth and brought them down to Jared's ass. At the same past as the thrusting, she inserted her two fingers into his backside. Kitty's other hand had two fingers thrusting in and out of her pussy at a rapid pace. Kitty was soaking wet. Her juices spilled out onto her hand, all over the bed sheet as she came.

Hilary and Jared were still thrusting into each other. They were just beginning to increase the pace when Jared felt something else poking his ass. He glanced over his shoulder to see his little sister with a 6 inch strap-on around her waist, already lubed up with K-Y jelly. Jared clenched his teeth as the tip pushed into him. As Kitty thrusted the strap-on into his ass, Jared rammed his cock into Hilary's wet pussy. The three began to get into a well rehearsed rhythm. The speed of the their thrusts were at an all time high. Jared's breathing was becoming labored, the pleasure from the front, the pressure from the back and the high of the drug were all too much.

With a earth-shattering groan, Jared spilled his seed into Hilary's 12 year old pussy. Sweat was rolling off the tips of his messy black hair, falling onto Hilary's pre teen chest, giving it the illusion that it had been oiled. Kitty removed the strap on from her brother's ass and her waist, tossing it aside. Jared rolled off Hilary and onto the floor with a thump, promptly passing out.

Despite Jared's state of unconscious, the party was far from over. Kitty hoped off the bed and began digging into one of her dresser drawers. Hilary watched as she rubbed thighs, which had become cramp from being up in the air for so long. Her mouth fell open when she saw what Kitty had pulled out. It was a double ended dildo. It was thick and black, and at least 8 inches from middle to end.

Hilary scooted over, placing her pussy at one tip of the dildo. Kitty did the same and the two began to slide their way down the poles. Each end of the dildo stretching out the pair of 12 year old pussys to the maximum. It took several minutes before the two girls finally met in the middle, only a small circular disc separating their pre-teen pussys. The two exchanged a kiss, their tongues entwining between each others lips.

Kitty broke the kiss, looked at Hilary and said:

"Watch this!"

With that she flicked a button on the small circular disc and the dildo began to vibrate. Hilary tossed her head back in pleasure, pushing her arms against the bed in an attempt to keep herself steady. Kitty took this opportunity to suck on Hilary's rock hard nipples. She circled the aureoles with her tongue, nibbling on Hilary's nipples with her teeth. Kitty used on hand to play with Hilary's clit and the other to turn up the intensity of the vibrator.

The two girls were sweating, pushing their pussy's as far down as possible on each side of the dildo. They switched between playing with each others tits, and furiously making out. The vibrator was turned up to the maximum. Hilary and Kitty were creating a chorus of moans, their pitch getting higher and higher as they approached orgasm. The two girls soaked the double sided dildo with their cream as their joint orgasm brought them to cloud nine.

The moans turned to heavy breathing and panting as the two pre-teens gracefully fell back onto the soft bed. Kitty picked up the double sided dildo and started sucking the juices off it, first her side then Hilary's. Kitty tossed the dildo to the side and rolled on top of Hilary, engaging her in a sloppy kiss. She broke it and snuggled down into her best Friends bosom.

"Good night Hil"

"Good night Kitty."


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