Peeking part 1

Peeking part 1

This is a series, if you like it please comment and i will start working on it…i will also take suggestions for the 2nd part

Trent's eyes gazed through the cracked door at a silhouette of the naked body of a beautiful girl who just so happened to be his blossoming sister. As Trent gazed through the clear plastic shower curtain at his sister Mandy he noticed how her 17 year old body was now fully formed and gorgeous. Mandy had beautiful 34C cup breasts and a rounded ass. Mandy's hair was golden brown and her eyes were the most beautiful shade of blue ever seen. Trent was a year older than Mandy, but he was only a couple of inches taller than her 5 foot 4 inch form. Trent was considered to be a popular boy, and was one of the stars on his school’s football team. Mandy was a popular girl, but not anywhere close to the footsteps of her older brother.
Trent continued to glare at Mandy from the door until she was getting out, then he dashed to his room and tried not to be too conspicuous about the affair he had just witnessed. When Trent went down to dinner with the family he would have never guessed that his sister had known of his peeping. During dinner Trent had the feeling that someone was watching him, but his glances around the table proved otherwise and he just brushed the subject off. After dinner Trent retired to his bedroom and shortly went to sleep thinking of his sister with water glistening down her body running over and around every curve.
Mandy was thinking of her brother and how he had watched her as she exhibited her body. With a long silver dildo in her hand she fucked herself until cumming, imagining that her brother’s dick had just filled her tight wet pussy. When Mandy awoke from her slumber the sheets where still damp, and the smell of her cum filled the air. Mandy peeked into her brother’s room, and saw him moaning and stroking his dick in rhythm up and down at a picture of her in a swimming suit. Mandy blushed, but decided that she would watch him, and see how much cum that her brother would spurt from his erect dick.
Trent started to feel the hairs on his neck rise and he knew someone was watching, but determined to finish and show whoever who was watching a show he continued stroking until he came on the picture. Cum started to flow down his sister’s face until it reached the bottom and began dripping onto the bed. As Trent turned to face the person who had been there seconds before he saw nothing but thin air. Satisfied with the show that he had done Trent quickly stowed the picture and walked to his parent’s room to see if they had awakened. Once at the door he quietly opened it and saw that both of them were still asleep. Knowing that his sister had been the one peeking he quietly walked to her room to see if he might hear something she might say.
“Hey Elizabeth, you will never believe what just happened,” Mandy said restraining her excitement
“I have no idea,” Elizabeth said, still sounding tired
“Well, the other day I noticed that Trent has been watching me in my shower, and I decided to take a quick peek at him when he was jacking off!” Mandy said as her excitement poured out
“Oh my god, does he have a big…you know…?” Elizabeth said clearly embarrassed
“It’s huge, and so is the amount of cum that flows out!” Mandy said, almost bragging about her brother
“Wow, let me spend the night Friday, maybe I might get to see his cock!”
“Ok, come home with me and we might be able to see it!” After that Elizabeth hung the phone up and noticed the door still was cracked, but through her excitement she didn’t noticed that she had closed it when she entered her room.
Returning to his room Trent plotted what he was going to do when Elizabeth came over. With it being only Thursday he had only 1 day to figure out a plan. Trent got dressed and then drove to school wondering how he could stand the next days in school with his sister and her hot friend Elizabeth thinking about his cock. When the day Elizabeth was coming finally arrived Trent spent the whole schoolday thinking of her pussy being pounded by his cock until he spewed inside of her warm pussy. Trent got home and lay on his bed waiting for the noise of his sister's car to enter the driveway. Once hearing her car arriving Trent made his semi-hard dick erect by the thought of his sister swallowing his warm cum, then he pulled out the picture of his sister and began strocking his cock until it was oozing precum. Trent heard noises outside the door, and it was evident that his audiance had arrived. Without waiting Trent began furiously stroking his cock until he felt his balls tingle and he knew he was about to cum. Knowing his sister was hearing he began moaning, "Oh Mandy, i want to fuck your hot brains out, Oh god, swallow my cum," and with that he erupted all over the photo of his sister in her tight bathing suit. He heard a faint giggle outside the door and the sound of footsteps leading to his sister's room. Trent got of the bed and decided to hear what his sister and her friend thought about him.

To Be Continued…

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