Photo-shoot of a Lifetime

Photo-shoot of a Lifetime

My ex-wife and I divorced when Alexis was 7. Over the course of the next 9 years, contact with my daughter was limited to weekly phone calls, visits during the summer, and visits to my house every other Christmas. Despite the distance and limited contact, Alexis and I remained close and I tried to remain as involved in her life as possible. Neither I nor my ex-wife had ever re-married so Alexis was never placed in the awkward position of adjusting to a step-mother or step-father.

Alexis came to live with me last year after her mother passed away. While the circumstances of reuniting with my daughter were not how anyone would have preferred, I was happy I was now able to be a bigger part of her life.

It took several months for both of us to adjust to the new living conditions. I knew Alexis was dealing with the sudden loss of her mom and I knew how close she was to her mother. I did my best to be supportive yet give her the space and time she needed to adjust. Over the next months, Alexis and I were able to bridge the gap that had grown from our years apart.

Alexis had grown into a remarkable young woman. She maintained a perfect 4.0 grade point average in school and was named to the Associated Press All-American Girls High School Volleyball Team. Within six months of moving with me, she won the state 100m sprint championship. As a junior in high school, she was already being “watched” by several major universities throughout the United States.

In addition to her athletic prowess, Alexis was stunningly beautiful. Standing 5’ 9” tall, she weighed a perfectly toned 125lbs. Her natural blonde hair and brown eyes complimented her perfectly tanned skin. Physically, Alexis took after her mother; long, muscular legs, tiny waist-line, wash-board abdominal muscles, toned arms, and beautiful 36C breasts. Alexis always wore her hair straight and never opted to style it in any way. Nonetheless, it was gorgeous.

Others noticed her beauty as well and Alexis had been approached about possible modeling jobs several times. Although I was initially against the idea, Alexis convinced me to let her give it a shot.

Alexis was now 17 and had been living with me for over a year now. My relationship with Alexis was going great until last month when something happened that would change our lives forever.

It was a Saturday afternoon. Alexis had borrowed my car to run to the mall with her girlfriends. I didn’t expect her back until later in the evening so I decided to throw in my favorite porn DVD and jack-off once or twice while I had the house to myself.

I was seated on the edge of my couch. My shorts were around my ankles and I was feverishly stroking my rock hard cock to one of my favorite scenes on the disk. Without warning, the front door opened suddenly and before I could react, Alexis was standing motionless across the room, staring at me. I had forgotten to lock the front door!

My face immediately blushed with embarrassment. “Shit hun, I’m sorry!” I blurted out as I quickly pulled my shorts up. “I don’t know what to say, I, um, I”

“Wow…Dad, you naughty boy!” Alexis said with a sly grin on her face.

I did my best to try to hide my erection bulging from my shorts. If I could have found a hole, I probably would have crawled into it and died at that moment. My own daughter catching me jacking off.

“I, um, well…., shit this is embarrassing!” I stammered.

“It’s alright Dad. Everybody does it!” Alexis said.

“Yeah, but not everybody gets busted by their daughter” I replied. As I spoke, I grabbed the remote and fumbled for the “STOP” button as the TV blared screams of sexual ecstasy as the brunette on the screen was being fucked in the ass.

“Don’t! Leave it on.” Alexis said. I was stunned. “Seriously, leave it on. I wanna watch it!” Alexis proclaimed.

“I can’t do that. You’re 17 and you’re my daughter. I can’t watch porn with you.” I replied.

“Christ Dad, I’m not a little girl. I’m not embarrassed!” she said.

As Alexis spoke, I hit the power button to the TV.

“C’mon Dad, what’s the big deal. Looks like you still need to finish” Alexis said as she pointed towards the obvious bulge.

I did not know how to react. One voice inside told me to walk away while an equally loud voice urged me to turn the TV back on and see where this would lead. After all, Alexis was gorgeous and incredibly sexy.

When my conscious self realized I was actually having sexual thoughts about my daughter, I felt sick to my stomach. Standing up, I did my best to use my hands to hide my erection as I walked into the den.

“It’s not right Hunni. I wish we could watch it but I can’t!” I said as I walked away.

Just as I closed the door to the den behind me, I thought I heard Alexis say, “Your loss!” I knew I couldn’t have heard her correctly. I quickly immersed myself in some paperwork to take my mind off of this embarrassing situation I just found myself in.

Over the next couple days, I became very uncomfortable whenever Alexis was around me. I didn’t know how to act or what to say. I realized she was old enough to know that men and women do masturbate but teenaged girls were NOT supposed to catch their daddy’s beating off.

During this time, I also found myself fighting off dark thoughts that began creeping into my mind. Thoughts about how Alexis would look nude, what her breasts would look like, did she trim her pussy hair, how sweet her ass must look. I did my best to bury these thoughts but day after day, they grew more twisted and perverse. I began to fantasize about what might have happened if I had watched that porno with my daughter. This fueled thoughts of her sucking my cock, thoughts of me fingering her tight cunt, even fucking her.

Within a week, I couldn’t suppress the feelings any longer so I began jacking off to thoughts of showering with Alexis, thoughts of fucking her, thoughts of passionately kissing her. My orgasms were remarkably intense when I fantasized about her.

As time past, I did my best to try to act normal around Alexis. As much as I tried, I found myself looking at her as a sexual object and no longer simply as my daughter.


As I lie here in bed, my beautiful Alexis asleep in my arms with her head against my chest, I recollect the last 12 hours; 12 hours that changed our lives forever.

Alexis and I left our place yesterday around 11 A.M. Her appointment with Les at his photography studio was scheduled for noon. Alexis was excited as we made the 45 minute trip. She had finally found a photographer she felt comfortable around and Les had agreed to give us a good price for her professional style portfolio.

Alexis and I came to know Les through his brother Mark. Mark was a linebacker for the Los Angeles Avengers Arena Football League team and he and I lift weights at the same gym. Mark was enormous. He stood slightly over 6’ tall and weighed 235lbs. His dark brown skin made his ripped muscles look lean and enhanced his muscle definition. According to Mark, Les was slightly taller and carried 10 more pounds of solid muscle.

Mark and I had become friends several years ago and by chance, I mentioned to him Alexis was interested in modeling. Mark told me his brother was a professional photographer in Thousand Oaks. One thing led to another and here we were, on our way for her photo shoot.

After arriving, unloading Alexis’ bags and signing the contracts, release forms, consent forms and what seemed like a dozen other documents, Les led me to the waiting area. This room was amazing! Wall-mounted plasma widescreen TV with satellite connection, a stocked refrigerator and several nice leather reclining chairs; I figured the three hour wait wouldn’t be nearly as bad as I had anticipated once I made myself comfortable.

Alexis gave me a kiss on the cheek before she spoke, “Thanks so much Daddy….I love you!”

“Love you too hun! You’ll be awesome!” I said reassuringly.

By 12:10 P.M. Les and Alexis were in his studio and I was kicked back in one of the soft leather recliners flipping through the 200+ available channels.

Finally settling for a re-run of The Ultimate Fighter, I relaxed and dozed off. Not 15 minutes into my make-shift nap, I was awakened by an unusual sound coming from the studio. I immediately jumped to my feet and walked to the door between the reception area and the studio. As I quickly opened the door, I stood in disbelief as my mind attempted to make sense of what I was watching.

Both Mark and Les were naked, Mark in front of and Les behind Alexis. Alexis was on her knees sucking Mark’s enormous cock. Les was on his knees with Alexis’ skirt hiked up to the small of her back, her panties around her ankles and his slender black middle finger probing her young cunt.

In an instant, the source of the sound that had awakened me was clear. It was my daughters muffled moans of pleasure as Les was playing with her pussy.

A flood of emotions flooded my mind and body. Anger, disgust, betrayal, and nausea all ripped through me. At the same time, a contrasting set of emotions coursed through me; envy, jealousy, excitement, lust.

Before I could speak, Alexis moved her mouth from Mark’s cock as she looked at me. “If you wouldn’t fuck me, I figured they wouldn’t mind Daddy!”

I couldn’t decide if I should kill Les and Mark for molesting my 17 year old daughter or report them to the police. However, I didn’t have to make that decision. My hormones made it for me.

My cock was rock hard in the few seconds I stood in the doorway.

Slowly, I approached the three. As wrong and indecent and dirty as it was, watching my daughter engaged in this sexual activity was the most incredibly erotic thing I had ever seen. I almost choked on the lump of sexual lust I felt in my throat.

I wasn’t sure what to say and blurted out, “So what do you want hunni?”

Alexis didn’t answer immediately and as I watched her, I was taken aback by the actual size of Mark’s cock. While I was always proud of my 8” cock, Mark easily had 4 inches on me. As my daughter’s mouth worked back and forth, my gaze was fixed on the huge vein on the top of his shaft that seemed like it was ready to burst.

Alexis withdrew his cock and teased the tip for a moment before she answered, “They’re gonna fuck me and you’re gonna watch!”

Holy shit! Was she punishing me? Teasing me? Testing me? While I didn’t have the answers, my mind was completely made up. I would play along and see where it went.

That was the moment I figured out Alexis and these two had this planned. Not 4 feet from where my daughter was about to become their fuck toy I found a recliner positioned in a direction facing their “play area.”. Taking my cue, I sat down and settled back to enjoy the “show.”

Alexis looked amazingly beautiful. Her blonde hair was pulled to one side allowing me to see her cheeks expand each time she took Mark’s shaft into her mouth. Les was using his enormous hand to spread her tiny ass cheeks apart as his finger probed up and down between her full pussy lips.

Never in my twisted fantasies did I realize how truly sexy Alexis was. Her clit was larger than I had imagined and her pussy lips were much more pronounced than I could have dreamed. As she knelt on all fours, the definition in her thighs and calves was more evident than ever and her round ass was absolutely perfect.

I slowly began rubbing my cock through my jeans as I watched this remarkable scene unfolding before my eyes. As Alexis sucked Mark’s cock, she wrapped her fingers around his shaft and began to stroke him back and forth as her lips surrounding his massive shaft. Seeing her long slender fingers with their perfectly manicured fingernails wrapped around his chocolate colored cock almost made me cum.

Alexis slowly started to rock her body back and forth as Les continued to prod his fingers in and out of her tight cunt. The deeper and faster he fingered her, the louder and more frequent her muffled moans became.

As I massaged myself through my pants, I felt a large wet spot as my pre-cum soaked through the denim material. Without thinking, I unbuttoned my pants and freed my throbbing prick.

Just as I finished pulling my pants down to me knees and sitting back down, Les lowered his face against Alexis’ round ass. He had one hand on each ass cheek and was spreading her ass as wide as he could. As he did, he slowly stuck his tongue out and started teasing her tight ass hole. Alexis let out a whimper of pleasure as he did so.

Les repositioned himself to get better access to her cunt and as he did, his cock was now visible. Les was bigger than Mark. Perhaps he was the same length but he was clearly much thicker. There was no way either of these men were going to fit their cocks into Alexis. She was too young and her pussy was going to be too tight.

I found myself stroking up and down on my cock and almost exploded as I pictured one of them burying their dark meat deep inside her white pussy. I quickly removed my hand from my cock. No way was I going to cum this soon!

I watched as Les began running his long tongue up and down the soft fold of Alexis’ pussy, going from her ass to her clit, flicking and teasing along the way. Alexis would meet his tongue with subtle backwards thrusts of her hips and variations in the pitch and volume of her moans.

As Les ate my little girl’s pussy, Mark had pulled his cock from her mouth and was now smacking his enormous shaft against her face. As he did, Alexis kept trying to lick him, her tongue narrowly missing him. Wet with his own pre-cum and her saliva, strands of sticky juice hung between the tip of his cock and her face; strands that hung like power lines strung across a countryside.

“You like this black meat Lexi” Mark asked.

“Mmm hmm” Alexis answered.

As Mark continued to tease her, Alexis quickly removed her shirt and bra. Her breasts were stunning. Firm, full 36C’s with long erect nipples. As she got back down on all fours, her perfect breasts hung beneath her. I slowly began stroking my cock again and resisted the urge to join in on the fun.

Alexis took Mark’s cock in her hand and began licking his entire shaft from tip to the base. Each time she reached the tip, she would flick her tongue across his head, tracing it’s circumference with her tongue. Mark let out a deep moan as my 17 year old daughter handled his enormous shaft with the touch of a woman 10 years older.

I was fixated on Alexis’ blowjob of Mark and hadn’t noticed that Les had placed himself between my little girl’s legs and was running the tip of his enormous cock up and down her tiny folds.

Alexis turned her head slightly with Mark’s cock still in her mouth and moaned, “Mmm hmm!” indicating she wanted Les to put his cock inside her.

As Les readied my daughter, he lowered his face and allowed a large drop of spit to run down her ass. Immediately putting his cock in the slippery moisture, he used his cock like a paint brush, spreading his wetness around her cunt.

I was mesmerized by the sight. I watched closely as his huge head parted her pussy lips. I leaned forward to look closer as I watched the first inch of his enormous shaft enter Alexis. Alexis moaned as her tight cunt began to stretch around his thick shaft. Les placed his large hands on her curvy hips and moved his hips in a small circle before pushing himself a little deeper into her. He was only 3 or 4 inches into her and I thought her pussy was going to tear from his girth.

Alexis turned and looked at Les, “Do it….fuck me with that big black cock!”

“You got it girl” Les answered with his deep voice.

Alexis’ pussy was soaking wet so lubrication was not lacking. Inch by inch Les plunged into my baby.

Alexis giggled, partly pleasure and partly surprise and she spoke, “You cock is enormous!”

I couldn’t touch my cock. If I did, I know I would have shot a load of cum across the room. I sat motionless as I watched. “Baby, you okay?” I asked.

“Oh my God yes…I’m perfect Daddy!” she said confidently.

As she did, Les seized the moment and drove his cock all the way into her. “Uhhhnnnn” Alexis moaned. Within and instant, the fucking began.

I watched in amazement as his cock parted Alexis’ tight cunt. His enormous balls swayed back and forth and I watched her body being rocked with the energy from Les’ powerful thrusts.

As Les enjoyed the wonderful pleasure of my daughter’s tight pussy, Mark was busy enticing her with his dripping cock. Alexis eagerly took him into her mouth once again and did her best to swallow his massive shaft.

Alexis was finding it difficult to concentrate on Mark’s cock with the pounding Les was applying. His massive member was driving in and out of her tiny cunt like a piston and Alexis could not contain her pleasure. What started out as quiet and occasional grunts were now full-blown screams of ecstasy. “Uhn…..uhn……uhn……yes…..yes….yes…uhn…uhn…UHN, UHN, YES, YES, YES!!!”

As tone and fit as Alexis was her ass and hips rippled with shockwave-like currents from each powerful stroke.

“OH GOD DADDY!” Alexis screamed, “I’M GONNA C-U-U-U-U-M!” Before she could finish, her body tensed as a powerful orgasm shot through her body.

Alexis tried to catch her breath but Les continued to assault her young twat. Sensing Mark’s anticipation, Les asked, “You want some?”

“MMM, fuck yeah I do!” Mark answered.

“Let’s see what this bitch can handle” Les said as he pulled his cock from her now-gaping pussy.

As he did, he spit in his hand to ensure his cock was adequately lubricated. Les then placed the tip of his cock against her tight asshole and slowly worked the tip inside her tight ring. “There’s no way it’ll fit” I thought to myself. To my astonishment, Alexis sat motionless as Les worked 8 or 9 inches of his shaft into her tight ass.

Once he was securely inside her, Les grasped Alexis by the hips and guided her on top of him as he rolled to his back. Les’ feet were now facing me as was Alexis with his cock shoved in her ass. Les spread his legs slightly and Alexis followed his lead.

These two were going to double-penetrate my 17 year old daughter and she was looking forward to it with an eager look of pure sexual deviance and desire.

Mark crawled between Alexis’ long beautiful legs. His cock ready in his hand. “Mmmmm, you ready Baby Girl?” Mark asked.

All Alexis could do was shake her head yes and mumble “Mmm hmmm.”

Mark pressed his cock against Alexis’ opening. What was a tight hole only 10 minutes earlier was now still gaping open from Les’ pounding. Mark used the path his brother had forged for him and shoved his cock deep inside Alexis.

Alexis screamed as the massive cocks stretched her young body to it’s’ limit. Les was lying flat on his back and Alexis used his chest to lean back on, supporting her upper body with her arms against his chest. In this position, her ample breasts stuck out from her chest and begged to be fondled. Her stomach muscles rippled as she tensed her body, accepting the dark meat that was buried inside her.

Her thigh muscles tightened as she rocked back and forth in unison with Mark’s strokes. Les didn’t have to move as the combination of Alexis’ movement’s and Mark’s strokes provided all the stimulation he needed. Alexis’ pussy lips were spread wide from the position she was in and her engorged clit protruded from her body. Her closely trimmed blonde pubic hair glistened as sweat dripped down her sleek belly. I couldn’t watch any longer. My cock was throbbing and I had never been so horny. As Mark and Les fucked my girl, I walked along side Alexis’ upright body.

“God damn Alexis, you are incredible” I said as I stroked my cock only inches from her alluring face.

Alexis was unable to answer. The only sounds coming from her lips were now very loud screams, “UHN, UHN, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, YES, YES, YEEEEES!”

Without warning, Alexis took my cock in her hand and guided it to her mouth. I stared in wonder as her beautiful lips parted and guided my shaft inside. My head spun as I felt her soft tongue under my shaft, licking my entire length. I felt so dirty watching my daughter fuck two huge black cocks as she now sucked on my cock.

Alexis reached behind me and placed a hand on my ass, pushing my hips into her face, signaling me to fuck her mouth. As she did, I felt her jaws widen to prepare to accept my cock deep in her throat. I knew I would not last long once I began thrusting in my daughter’s mouth. Watching two huge dark cocks splitting my little girl in two was enough to send me over the edge. Add in the fact Alexis’ muffled moans were vibrating against my cock and I was a volcano of cum waiting to explode.

I eagerly fulfilled my little slut’s desires and feverishly fucked her mouth. Alexis gagged as my cock hit the back of her throat but she never pulled away. Large amounts of saliva and pre-cum ran from her lips dripping down to her chest and stomach.

As I enjoyed the feeling of my incestual oral sex, Mark was nearing orgasm. I heard him grunt as he quickly withdrew his cock, stroking himself 10-12 times before he exploded. Mark placed his cock against Alexis’s blonde cunt hair as several large loads of creamy cum unloaded into her hairy patch.

Seeing Marks’ cum matted in her hair was more than I could take. My cock spasmed as I pumped my load into my daughter’s mouth. Alexis continued to devour my shaft as load after load of cum emptied into her throat.

“Jesus Hun! Suck it….Y-E-E-E-S-S-S-S!” I grunted as I came.

Once Mark pulled out, Les used this opportunity to take Alexis by the hips as he bounced her up and down on his cock still buried deep in her ass. Alexis pushed my cock from her mouth and began to scream in ecstasy, “FUCK, YES, YES, YES, YES YES……DADDDY….I’M CUMING DAD-D-D-D-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y!!!!!!!!!!” As Alexis exploded in another orgasm, her sphincter tightened around Les’ shaft, sending Les over-the-top. Les began to pound her ass with fast, short strokes. Alexis could sense his orgasm nearing as his cock swelled inside her.

“Cum in my ass Les!” she commanded. “Fill my white slut ass with your cum! Pump me…Do it! Do it! Do it!” Les didn’t need any further encouragement. With one final thrust, his cock exploded, spurting his hot cum deep in my little girl’s ass. Les groaned as he emptied his creamy juice into her.

The three of each stroked the last drops of cum onto my precious daughter as she sat motionless, trying to catch her breath.

Alexis had never looked more beautiful to me than she did at that moment. Her face was glowing with an erotic aura I had never seen on another woman as her body glistened with sweat.

I leaned down and pressed my mouth against hers, locking in a passionate embrace. I could taste the salty remnants of my cock as we kissed. Pulling away, I took her face in my hands, “Hunni, when we get home, you’ve got to explain what just happened” I said.

“Not until we shower and you make love to me Daddy! I love you so much and want you to hold me and make love to me tonight” she replied.

– To be continued –

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