This story is pure fiction. I will appreciate the e-mail and feedback that I receive.


We got stares everywhere that we went. At first, when we were younger, it bothered us greatly. But, as we got older we didn’t care. Let me explain by starting at the beginning.

Our father met our mother while in college getting his engineering degree. He was tall at 6’4”, with brown hair, brown eyes, and he wasn’t involved in any extracurricular activities except his studies. What he did when he wasn’t studying was lift weights. He wasn’t big and bulky like most weight lifters, but he was still big enough to cause people to look. Our mother was almost a foot shorter than my father at 5’6”, with the same brown hair and eyes, and a plain Jane look. She wasn’t the best-looking female at the school, so many of the students wondered why my father would date someone like her. My mother was on the school swim team, so she kept herself in shape by doing aerobics and light weight lifting. Of course, they meet in the gym. When my mother needed someone to spot for her one time, the first person she saw and asked was my father, and they were rarely apart after that.

When they both graduated from college they got married. At first they didn’t want any kids because they were engrossed in their careers. Five years later we were conceived.

They don’t know how it happened, because on both sides of the family there was not one multiple birth, ever. You see, I am one from a set of quadruplet’s, two boys, and two girls. Shawn, Shane, Stephanie and Stacy. I am Shawn. My mother never took any kind of fertility pills to get pregnant, and my father did not believe in drugs. Every one was scratching their heads. My parents, grandparents, doctors, everyone. But we are living proof that it happened. Another thing that had them puzzled is that besides the typical sex difference, we were identical to each other. When we started talking both Shane and I sounded identical and both Stephanie and Stacy sounded identical. We would drive our parents crazy because they couldn’t tell us apart. After we were born, my mother had her tubes tied because she thought that four kids were enough.

All four of us had the same brown hair and eyes like our parents. My mother always dressed us differently so that she could tell us apart, but we talked her into letting us have our hair the same. If the girls grew their hair long, we grew ours long. We also thought alike. Often we wouldn’t have to say anything to each other, and we knew what each one of us would be thinking or want. That was scary.

One thing that my parents did before we were born was to put in an in ground pool in the back yard for my mother, and build a home gym for my father. When we were young my mother taught all of us to swim, and when they were lifting weights we would bring them the light ones. Of course when we got older, my sisters took more to the swimming and my bother and I took to lifting weights.

The whole time that we were growing up, we spent with each other. When we started going to school, we never made many friends with any of the other kids. We just stayed close and took care of each other. .

In our hometown, our junior high school was in the same complex of buildings as our senior high. Both Stephanie and Stacey were swimming so well by that time, the school wanted to jump them up to the next level. My parents told them no. The girls started getting teased by a lot of the others because they knew that my sisters were better than they were and didn’t like it. It never got out of hand because of my brother and I. Both Shane and I were almost as big as some of the high school kids. At 13 we were both standing at 5’5” and didn’t have one ounce of fat on us. Just pure muscle from working out with our father. When we saw the other kids gang up on Stephanie and Stacey, we would walk up behind the girls and everyone would get quiet and leave. They knew that we were close, and Shane and I would fight when pushed. My parents didn’t like us to fight, but they also taught us to never back down from anything. Like I said, we were real close with each other. In high school we got even closer.

When we were seniors and the school started talking about the senior dance, we talked amongst ourselves and decided that we didn’t want to go. We didn’t have dates, and the friends that we did have already had their dates set. Just about the whole student body considered us out casts, so we said the hell with it. The dance also happened to coincide with our eighteenth birthday. When mom and dad asked us if we were going to go, we told them no and the reason why. Then my mother made a suggestion that we didn’t think of before.

“Why don’t you take each other? This is going to be the only time in your life when you will be able to do something like this, and I don‘t want any of you looking back and wishing that you could have gone.”

“We never thought of that mom.” I replied.

Later on that evening we got together in Shane’s room and mine and talked about it.

“You know mom is right. We can go to the prom as each other’s date.” I started the discussion.

“Yes, but what would everyone think when they saw us there?” Stephanie asked.

“I don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks.” Shane threw in. “There is only a handful of people at the school who I get along with, and if the others don’t like it, they can kiss my ass. And I hope that someone wants to start something, because I will knock their damn teeth in.” Shane was the one who had a temper, while the girls and I could hold it in a little better.

“We are going to go there, enjoy it, and not cause any problems,” I told him.

“I think it would be a good idea for us to go there together,” Stephanie said.

“Okay, it’s a deal then. I have been thinking on it since dinner, and if you three agree with me, then Stephanie you and I will go as a couple and Shane, you and Stacy will go as a couple.” The three of them nodded their heads and agreed on it.

“Ok. I have also come up with an idea on how to get back at the jerks at school and here it is.” I explained to them the idea I had, and the more I told them the more they agreed and the harder they laughed.

We were going to pool our money together and get two separate limousines. But they weren’t going to be any ordinary limos. I had heard about a local man who had started a limo business with what I had in mind. They were two 30-foot long stretch Hummer’s. One pearl white, the other jet-black. Easily the longest and biggest one’s within a 200-mile radius of us.

We were also going to be dressed to the limit also. From years of swimming both Stephanie and Stacy had nice long, toned and sculptured legs. Their breasts weren’t very big; maybe a C cup, but they were noticeable. They both stood at 5’6” and were very shapely. Like my mom, they weren’t the best-looking girls, but they would be turning heads at the prom. They were going to be wearing strapless, body fitting, mini-dresses. One white, the other black, and the dresses would stop right below their groin. When I told them this, both of them turned crimson red from blushing, but they had a smile on their face that went from ear to ear.

Shane and I would be wearing tuxedo’s, but with a slight alteration to them. Both of us stood 6’3” and tipped the scales at an easy 240 pounds. My mom often had to alter our clothes so we could fit into them from years of lifting weights. Instead of a suit jacket with a shirt and bow tie, we would have a tight, sleeveless button down shirt with a bow tie. One white and the other black, this way everyone would see our arms and chest. We weren’t big and bulky like our father, but we were still big and solid. Both Shane and I were perhaps the biggest and strongest ones on our weight lifting team.

When everyone agreed on it, we got the ball rolling. The first thing we did was call for the limos. They were still available and we got them for the date of the dance. Stephanie and Stacey next went and got their dresses. When I asked if I could see them, they had a mischievous grin and said that we would see them at the dance. When the few friends we had at school asked us if we were going to the dance we told them yes. When they asked whom we were taking, we just laughed and told them they would find out when everyone else did. We also had a good laugh when word got out that a few of the kids wanted to try and get the stretch Hummer’s that. But they got upset when they found out that someone had already nabbed them. They kept asking around to see who had them, but everyone said that they didn’t know.

The week of the dance, the school was buzzing with activity and people talking. A few days before the date, both Stephanie and Stacey decided to go and get their hair done. Both the girls had theirs cut and trimmed, while Shane and I had ours trimmed down a little. All of us still kept our hair looking almost the same, which now went a little past our shoulders. The day of the dance, the whole school was like a 3-ring circus. It was being held on a Friday night, so everyone had plans set up for afterwards. We just wanted to show our faces at the dance and then come back home.

We had an early dinner and then decided to get ready. Shane and I took turns taking a shower and then got dressed. It didn’t take us long because we really didn’t have much to do to get ready. It took Stephanie and Stacy almost an hour. Shane and I were starting to wonder how much longer they would be when mom came into the living room and told us that they were ready. We saw that my mom had a big smile on her face and looked at us, but we didn’t say anything. When we heard the girls get to the bottom of the stairs we both turned around and our jaws hit the floor. They didn’t have the dresses that we agreed on, but ones that were even better.

Instead of being strapless mini-dresses, they were full length ones. What had us tongue-tied was that the front was connected behind the neck and had a slit in the middle that went down to their belly buttons. When they turned, the backs were completely open so you could see the upper part of their ass. There was also a slit going up both sides to show their legs. The dress brought out all their highlights, and left little to the imagination.

“Okay you two, close your mouths before a fly drops in and chokes you.” Stephanie said while blushing. “Do you like?”

“Damn girl, you look great. We will have to fight off all the wolfs there tonight,” I told her.

“Well, as good as you two look, I think you two handsome men will have no problem protecting us.”

My mother wanted to get pictures of us, so we put up with that for a few minutes. When the limos got there my father pulled Shane and I to the side.

“Ok. I don’t need to remind you two to watch out for your sisters tonight. Remember that your mother and I will be out the whole weekend, and I want the four of you to take care of the house. We will be gone when you get back.”

“Yes sir,” both Shane and I replied together.

Since both Stephanie and I were wearing white we got into the black Hummer, and Shane and Stacy got the white one. When we got on the road I put my arm around Stephanie and pulled her to me.

“Damn girl, you look beautiful tonight.” I told her breathing in her heavenly scent.

“You look good also stud.”

“How are the two of you keeping those dresses up and everything covered?”

“Female secret hun, and a little help from mom.”

“I would like to know something else, but I will just leave that to my imagination.”

Stephanie got real close to me and laughed. “Maybe you will find out later tonight.”

We talked a little more till we got to the school.

When we pulled into the drive I could tell that a lot of the students and their dates were mingling outside talking with each other. When the limo’s pulled in, they turned to see who it was. Word spread fast and when we got closer the crowd grew. I am sure that they were curious on who had rented these monsters. Everyone had to move and back up when we finally stopped because the hummer’s easily dwarfed everything around. Both Stephanie and I had to laugh at the facial expressions on everyone while we waited for the driver.

When the door was opened I was the first one to step out. As I got out, I saw the expression on some of the faces change from curiosity to one of hatred and envy. All I did was smile as the driver put a set of steps in front of the door and I held out my hand for Stephanie. When Stephanie stepped out, the crowd gasped as one and the whispering started. I put my arm around her, held her close and waited for Shane and Stacy.

To me Stephanie and Stacey were the most beautiful girls there, and I could tell by the looks on some of the other girls’ faces. Some of the guys were also ogling at them, which made my blood boil a little. When Shane and Stacy joined us, all of us started to walk inside together.

It seemed that the people outside followed us in, and when the few who were inside saw us, they had the same expressions. None of us cared, we were here to enjoy ourselves. We quickly found a table and made ourselves comfortable.

We spent the majority of the evening dancing with each other, sometimes switching partners, drinking the punch, eating what small stuff they had, and talking about some of the others we saw there. Out of some of the whispered conversation going on, I knew that the big talk was about the four of us. We didn’t care and got a big laugh out of it. When it was time for the pictures, we had them taken as a couple, and then decided to get one taken with the four of us. The girls were standing sideways facing each other, and Shane and I were standing behind them with our arms wrapped around them in a hug. Stephanie and Stacy put their hands on top of ours and we had the picture taken like that. When the photographer wanted to take one more, Stephanie pushed herself against me and I knew that she could feel my raging hard on. She didn’t say anything but pushed back even harder to grind herself into me. I was kind of embarrassed a little, but didn’t say anything.

When we walked back to the table I had to walk behind Stephanie because if I didn’t everyone would see the hard on that I had.

“What are you doing walking behind me like that?” Stephanie asked me.

“Ummmm, it’s nothing,” I managed to choke out.

Stephanie smiled at me and I noticed a sparkle in her eyes that I hadn’t noticed before.

We stayed a little longer and then decided to call it a night. We said our good nights to the friends that we had, and then walked out to the limos.

“Do we have to go home right away?” Stephanie asked.

“No we don’t hun. We have the limos for as long as we need them.”

“Good. Stacy and I would like to thank both you and Shane for tonight.”

“What do you have planned?”

“Oh, you’ll see.”

After telling the driver where she wanted to go, Stephanie got in the back of the Hummer and got close to me.

“Ok, you want to tell me where we are going now?”


I playfully poked her in her side and she started laughing. “When Stacy and I went to the bathroom we talked about it, and wanted to thank both of you. So we came up with this idea.”

“Well, what is it?”

“I told you I am not telling.”

“Women, you can’t live with them and you can’t live with out them.”

Stephanie laughed at that and poked me in the side.

We rode for a while, and I noticed that we were heading away from the city and into the country. We traveled for another thirty minutes before the limo’s slowed to a stop. I looked out, and noticed that we were at a nearby lake, and we were parked at a spot were the high school kids jokingly called Kissing Point. I looked at Stephanie and all she said was, “Come on.”

We got out and walked a little way to where we could look across the lake and enjoy the view. I turned around to see where Shane and Stacy were, and noticed that there had stopped a little back from us. But looked out at the lake also.

Stephanie grabbed my hand. “We planned it this way and wanted to spend sometime alone, so we came up with this. We left a little early because we wanted to beat everyone here.”

“I really appreciate it hun. But you know the both of you didn’t have to do this.”

“I know, but we wanted to say thank you and this is what we came up with, and here is something else I wanted to do.”

Before I could say anything, Stephanie took my hands, placed them behind her on her ass and then threw her arms around my neck and kissed me.

It was not like any other kiss that she gave me while we were growing up. This was a deep passionate kiss, and her tongue started to explore my mouth. At first I didn’t know what to do, but then let it happen. While we kissed my hands started to roam up and down her back, and then I got a little daring. I managed to squeeze my hands down the back of her dress and grabbed her naked ass. Stephanie moaned in my mouth and then broke our kiss.

“Does that answer your question from earlier?”

“Damn girl yes it does. If you only knew what is going through my mind and what you are doing to me.”

“Let’s go back home and maybe you can show me,” Stephanie said with a big smile.

She kissed me again, and then took my hand and led me back to the Hummer.

On the way back home we kissed some more, and when I tried to grab hold of her tit’s, she slapped my hands away and told me that would have to wait. I smiled and started kissing her again.

When we got back to the house, I paid the driver, gave him a good size bonus and told him that I hope we could use them again.

We walked inside and I saw that Shane had his arms around the waist of Stacy. Stacy kissed me, told me that she had a really nice night and then took Shane’s hand and went upstairs.

I took Stephanie into my arms, kissed her and asked her if she had a nice night also.

“Yes I did, but the night isn’t over yet.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Stephanie kissed me and then took me by the hand. “Come on upstairs with me.”

When we got to the door of the girls’ bedroom, she opened it and started to lead me inside. I pulled back from her and stayed in the hallway.

“What are you doing? Stacy called it the night and is in bed.”

“No she’s not. Look.”

I looked in the bedroom and noticed indeed that the room was empty. I looked at her with a question to ask, but she pulled me in and closed the door. Once in, she sat me on the bed, straddled on my lap and started to kiss me again. The magnitude of this kiss was probable the best that she had given me all night. Suddenly she stopped, and stood up with her back to me. Stephanie looked over her shoulder at me, undid the dress from the back of her neck and let it fell to the floor. Slowly she turned to me, and stood there with nothing on but her shoes. My eyes were as big as saucers and I took all of her in. From her beautiful face, to her wonderful tits with the nipples sticking straight out at me, and then down to her shaven mound except for a little bit of hair at the top. I was speechless. She took my hands and stood me up. Then she slowly started to undress me. I started to help, but she slapped my hands away.

“This is my treat for you. Let me do it.”

I didn’t argue with her. I kicked off my shoes and let her take my pants off. When she pulled my boxers off she was on her knees and my hard dick smacked her in the face. I heard her gasp at the size of it, and then she grabbed hold. When we were both fully undressed she pushed me down on the bed and crawled her way up to face me.

“Stacey and I got together after we decided to go to the prom and decided to do this. You and Shane have always been there for us, and we wanted to say thank you and that we love you.”

“Hun, we love you too, but you don’t have to do this.”

“Yes, we want to, so enjoy.”

Stephanie started to French kiss me again, and was sticking her tongue as far into my mouth as she could. After a few minutes she started to kiss my face and neck. She slowly started to work her way down my chest; nibbling on my nipples and making me draw in a deep breath when she did. She tenderly kissed me lower, and when she got to my cock I let out a loud moan.

She took my cock in her hand and licked it from the big swollen head all the way down to my balls. She started to slowly pump me while she was licking, and at one time took my balls into her mouth to suck on. She licked her way back up to the tip, started to kiss it, and then licked away the pre-cum that was flowing. She then took the tip into her mouth, and slowly worked her way down. She got down as far as I knew that she could possible go, and then stopped. I felt her work her throat a little, and then she took the rest of it. When she got it all in she started to hum. This drove me up the wall. I grabbed her by the head and held her there.

“Damn girl. That feels great, but if you keep it up too much I am going to be blowing my load.”

When I told her this, she started to move up and down on my cock slowly. I knew that she had never done this before, but she was using her tongue and teeth like crazy. She wasn’t biting hard, but lightly dragging her teeth along the length of it. I could feel the suction that she was using, and knew that I would blow at any minute. While she was sucking me, her hands were on my balls lightly playing with them. When she felt them tightening up, she knew that I was close. She started to go faster and was soon moving at a blinding speed.

“Stephanie, you better stop. I am going to cum at any second now. Oh …. My …. God …. Here it comes.”

Right when I blew my load, she had only the head of my cock in her mouth. She chocked at the first shot, but then started to swallow all that she could. Some of it dribbled out of her mouth, and down the side of my cock onto my balls. When I was done, Stephanie started to suck and lick me clean. My dick shrank a little after cuming, but it started to get hard again. When Stephanie had me nice and clean, she lay on top of my chest and started to kiss me. I could taste the sweetness in her kiss, and knew that it was the taste of my own cum.

“How did you like that stud?”

“Damn girl that was great. Where did you learn to do that? Wow.”

“Both Stacy and I read it in some books that we found. Now you can do something for me.”

“What’s that hun?”


She sat up, and put her dripping pussy right in front of my face. I stuck my tongue out and licked her from the bottom of her slit all the way to the top. She let out a loud moan, and ground her pussy into my face even more. I grabbed hold of her ass and drove my tongue as far into her tight hole as I could. Stephanie continued moaning, and started to hump my face. I licked her as fast as I could, nibbled on her cunt lips and blew into her hole. She was really going crazy now. I looked up at her and she was pulling on her nipples, and had her eyes shut. I continue eating her for at least another ten minutes and her juices were flowing like a small river. My mouth and tongue started to get sore, and knew that I had to get her to orgasm real quick. I took my right hand and started to run it up and down the crack of her ass. When I got to her tight asshole, I started to play with it. Stephanie started to move even faster. With her juices flowing back to her ass, I had no problem sticking my finger in her ass up to the first knuckle.

“Yes. Stick your finger in my ass Shawn. Yes.” she yelled. I knew that the others heard but I didn’t care.

I shoved my finger the rest of the way up her ass, and at the same time I bit down onto her clit.

“Oh fuck yes, here I cum,” she screamed, and then she came like a geyser. After that, I knew that the neighbors heard, but I still didn’t care. I started to lick up all the juices that I could, and she came even more. When she came down from one orgasm, she went straight into another on. She had an orgasm I know for a good twenty minutes. When she finally stopped, she fell over to the side of the bed and passed out cold.

“Stephanie hun, are you okay?” I asked, but she was out. I was getting worried and started to rub the side of her face when she slowly opened her eyes.

“You know, I hope it will always be like this. That was my first time and I love it.”

“I am glad that you like it, but you scared the shit out of me when you passed out. I thought something was wrong.”

“No hun, nothing is wrong. It just felt great. Let me rest for a few and then there is one more thing to do.”

“Ok Steph, come here.” I wrapped my arms around her and held her for a while.

When she had calmed down I thought she had fallen asleep in my arms, but she pushed me over and went straight for my dick. After a few minutes of sucking she had me hard again. Stephanie then straddled me, and with one hand guided me into her tight hole. She was still wet from her monster orgasm, so she had no problems taking me. She would take a little, then back off, take a little, back off. Each time she came down, she took more of me into her. I got a few inches into her when I felt a little resistance. Both of us knew that we were about to lose our cherries so she took a deep breath, and slammed down on top of me. Stephanie’s eyes flew open, and her mouth opened to a silent scream. Neither one of us moved for a few seconds so we could get use to this new feeling, then she started to slowly ride me.

Once we got set into a steady rhythm we looked into each other’s eyes and saw the love that we had for each other. We didn’t go fast and hard, but slow and steady like two lovers would. I held onto her tits, and would massage and pull on the nipples. Sometimes she would lean down and let me suck on them. After a good bit of this, I could tell that she was tiring and was still worn out from her orgasm she had earlier. While still in her, I sat up, and rolled her over on her back. At first she wrapped her legs around me, but I put my hands behind her knees and pushed them up till her legs were resting by her sides. I started pounding into her, and could tell that she was enjoying this as much as I was.

“Oh yes. Fuck me Shawn, fuck me, hard and fast. Fuck me.”

Her talking got me going, and I started to pound into her harder and faster.

“Cum with me Steph, cum with me.”

“Yes …….. faster …. harder ……. yes……… oh …. fuck me.”

I could tell she was getting close, so I started pounding into her like crazy. All you could hear was skin pounding against skin, and both of us moaning. I could feel my balls tightening, and knew that I was close.

“Here I cum sweetie, take it all.”

“Yes. Cum in me. Here I cum again ……. fuck me.”

I felt her cunt muscles tighten around my cock, and that sent me into my orgasm.

“Take it all Stephanie, take it all.”

I blew about as much cum into her as I did the first time when she gave me the blowjob. It just kept cuming and cuming. Her orgasms came one right after the other.

Once we both settle down, we lay down next to each other, with my cock still buried into her.

“I Love you hun.”

“I Love you too stud.”

Then we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Sometime during the night I woke with a strange sensation. I was on my back and when I looked down, I could see that I was getting a blowjob again.

“Damn girl, haven’t you had enough already?”

“I woke up, saw this terrific cock, and had to have it again. I want you inside of me though.”

She got on her hands and knees and I knelt behind her. The first thing I did was to lick her from her clit all the way back to her asshole.

“Please Shawn, put it in me.”

“Okay here it comes,” and I shoved my dick into her in one big thrust.

“Yes, fuck me hard.”

I started to pound into her from behind, but knew it was going to be awhile because I had already shot my load twice that night already. I started to play with her clit, and when I got enough juices to suit me, I shoved my index finger into her ass. I pounded both her pussy and ass at the same time; she was really getting into it. When I felt like I could, I put two fingers in her ass. She buried her face into the bed and screamed. I just kept pounding into her again and again, harder and harder.

“Fuck me in the ass Shawn, please,” She begged.

“What?” I asked not sure on what I heard was right.

“Fuck me in the ass. I want to feel your cum fill my ass. Now.”

I pounded into her more, and then stuck three fingers in her ass to get her ready. I could see her head laying sideways on the bed and tears going down her face.

“Are you sure you want this hun?”

“Yes, fuck me in the ass, please. I want it.”

I pounded into her a few more times and then pulled my cock out. I put the head at her ass ring and pushed in slowly until only the head was in. I waited till she got use to me being in her, and then slowly started working my way in and out. It took about ten minutes, but I was finally buried all the way in her ass. I waited until she got use to me, and then I slowly pulled out until the head was the only thing in, and then buried myself again. Slowly I worked in and out until we both really started to get into it. Stephanie reached between her legs, and started to play with her clit. I grabbed her waist, and started to pound faster and faster into her ass.

“Hun, it won’t be long now.”

“Cum with me stud.”

I started to pound faster into her ass. When I felt her start to let go, I pounded into her ass one last time, and unloaded for the third time that night. Stephanie pinched her clit, and had another monster orgasm. When we finally settle down, the both of us collapsed on the bed with me still buried in her.

“Damn girl. That was great, but I need to sleep before we go at it again.”

“Ok, but one last thing though.”

“What’s that hun?”

“I’m Stacy, and Happy 18th Birthday.”

I laughed knowing that they had pulled a quick one on me, but I didn’t care. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.


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