Sarah Followed Me – Chapter 2

Sarah Followed Me – Chapter 2

Part 8

We slept in the next day and woke up around noon. Sarah was the first to get out of bed and I saw her naked ass as she left the room. As she took a shower I put some jogging pants on and ate some breakfast. Sarah came into the kitchen after her shower to get some orange juice and was naked other than a pair of panties. When I saw her I couldn’t help but stare at her tits fully visible in the daylight. Sarah must have seen me staring and gave me a wink. She then left the kitchen and I swear she was trying to strut herself to tease me. I then went to the washroom to take a shower.

When I came out of the shower Sarah was sitting on the couch still in her panties and reading a book. She had her feet on the couch in front of her with her knees near her chest. Her panty covered crotch was fully exposed. I could see the outline of her pussy lips because the material was making a camel toe. I sat in a chair across from her and just admired the view. Sarah glanced up from her text book and stared at me looking at her crotch. I made no attempt to hide my burning gaze. In fact, I decided to give her a show of my own. I opened my legs a bit and my towel wrapped around me opened up to give her a view of my balls. Sarah’s eyes immediately changed focus from my face to my own crotch. I continued to shift my legs some more allowing my semi hard cock to poke passed my towel. Sarah lowered her text book a bit more to get a better view. I shifted even some more and the towel separated at my waist and flopped open exposing everything into plain site.

“Ok. I can’t study anymore,” Sarah said as she put her book down beside her. She then slide her right hand under her panties and began rubbing her clit. Her hand shifted her panties outward and I could see the sides to her outer lips. They were cleanly shaven and looked swollen. I then started to play with my balls juggling them lightly in my still loose sack with one hand and stroked my dick with the other hand.

I could tell Sarah was wet already because her fingers were sliding effortlessly over her pussy lips. She then pulled her hand out of her panties and then proceeded to take them off. Sarah was sitting butt naked in front of me with her legs spread and her pussy glistening in full view. She was so beautiful. I had never seen a girl so perfect in my entire life including all the porn I had seen.

Sarah let me savor the sight of her for a short while before continuing to play with her pussy. She would dip her finger into her slippery slit and then remove it sliding up to her clit. With her juices she would swirl around her clit a bunch; starting slow and then increasing the pace before dipping back into her pussy. I could see drops of jizz at the base of her pussy running into the crack of her ass now and then. Once, she pulled her finger away from her pussy lips only to have a string of jizz between her fingers and her cunt.

“You look extremely wet sis,” I said. “I always get really wet when I’m horny, but I’m extra horny right now,” she replied as she showed me how she could create a string of cum between her first finger and her middle finger when separating the two. I continued to stroke my penis continually taking my precum and spreading it over the head of my dick with my fingers.

Sarah then started to use both her hands; one massaging her clit while the other finger fucked her. She started with one finger inside her and then progressed to two and finally three. As she increased the number of fingers her pace massaging her clit increase too. I could hear her pussy slurping and gushing with the enormous amount of jizz present.

She then closed her eyes and began to squint as she approached her orgasm. I increased the pace of my stroking so that my orgasm would coincide with hers. Sarah then let out a grunt as she started to climax and held her breath. She also arched her back and raised her cunt into the air only to shutter on her way back down to the couch. She took a quick breath and held it again until she was just about finished her orgasm.

Both Sarah’s hands stopped moving and she no longer had any fingers in her. Sarah opened her eyes just in time to catch me cumming all over my chest and stomach. The first shot landed on my upper chest and created a trail down to my navel. The next squirt landed in the middle of my stomach and the last only went an inch or two.

When I came too Sarah was lying motionless with her legs spread open in a relaxed position and she was staring at my cum covered stomach. “Well I guess I have to take another shower,” I said as I took a deep breath and relaxed into the chair I was sitting.

“Kevin,” Sarah said with a pause at the end. “Are we going too far with each other? I mean are you going to regret this later? I don’t want you to regret anything. I don’t want this to change our relationship.” “Why are you asking this sis? Do you regret doing any of this,” I replied not sure where her statements were coming from?

“Oh god no! I don’t regret a thing. I would have been masturbating with or without you anyways or possibly fooling around with another guy. At least this way I can do it in a safe place with someone I’m comfortable with and someone I know I love. I feel so much closer to you now and yet at the same time you turn me on more than I would have ever imagined. I’m just afraid you don’t feel the same way and will get freaked out and I will lose my relationship with my brother and worst my best friend,” Sarah said in a concerned voice. “Sis, I’m flattered you feel that way about me and you have nothing to worry about. I feel the same way as you. When I do this with you I feel so comfortable and I don’t think I have to explain how much you turn me on; it’s pretty obvious since I’m constantly rock hard.” I replied trying to console her and alleviate her concerns.

Sarah got right up and came over to the couch. She bent over and wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big kiss on the lips. “I love you Kev,” she said and then helped me out of the chair. I then took another shower.

Part 9

“I’ve got a present for you,” I said to Sarah when I got home from shopping that evening. “Why’d you get me a present? It’s was your birthday yesterday not mine,” Sarah said in a confused voice. “Well, your present was so fabulous I just had to return the favour,” I said as I reached into the black bag I was holding. “I got you a vibrator to play with,” I said holding a package with a 7” pink rubbery dildo with a twist switch at the base.

“Oooh, I always wanted to try one but was too chicken to go in one of those sex shops to get one,” Sarah chuckled while skipping towards me. Sarah quickly opened the package to inspect the toy. “Oh and there’s one stipulation though; when you use it for the first time later I get to watch you,” I said with a grin. “Don’t you worry Kev. I would never consider playing with myself without you present. It’s just too much fun when you’re around,” Sarah said as she proceeded to poke my side with the dildo.

I knew Sarah wanted to try out her new toy right away but I wanted to tease her a little. I would make her wait until we went to bed before she could try it out. “What do you want for dinner; I’m starving,” I said changing the topic of the dildo. Sarah had a look on her face like a little child would have after her parents would refuse to let them open a Christmas present before it was time. I knew she thought when I said “later” that it would be in the next 15 minutes not later tonight.

I started to prepare some pasta when Sarah poked my butt with the dildo. She giggled and ran away as I tried to catch her. I gave up quickly as the pasta was just about ready. We ate and drank a little wine at dinner. Sarah was restless. I then plopped in front of the tv after dinner and Sarah reluctantly joined me.

Finally after watching a movie I said, “lets go to bed, but make sure you bring your friend.” Sarah shot up from the couch she ran into her bedroom with out closing the door and stripped in seconds. “I’m ready!” she said standing naked with only the dildo in her hand. “Give me a sec sis. I need to brush my teeth still,” I replied. Sarah joined me in the bathroom and brushed her teeth in record speed. I took my time to tease her but she didn’t waste anytime getting into bed to wait for me.

When I entered my bedroom Sarah was lying on top of the covers with the dildo resting in her cleavage eagerly waiting for me. “Ok sis, go nuts,” I said. Sarah grabbed the dildo, took a deep breath and relaxed herself. She wanted to relish the moment. She turned on the vibrator to a slow buzz and placed it on her clit. “Mmmmm,” she moaned. Sarah slowly moved it back and forth over her clit. I watched as her pussy started to show more and more moisture. She then placed the dildo at her opening and slowly inserted a small part of the dildo. It slid around very easily but I could tell Sarah was still a very tight girl being a virgin and all. She pulled it out and inserted a little more this time. As much as it may have been tight Sarah was drenched by now in jizz and she also took her time.

At the same time I slowly stroked my cock to her same momentum. Sarah increase the amount of penetration every insertion of the dildo. After about forty times the dildo was nearly all the way in her vagina. Sarah then started to increase the pace of the insertion. She then looked at me as I watched her insert and release the dildo in her pussy. I knew it was turning her on. Sarah was becoming quite the exhibitionist.

“Can you push it in and out for me,” she asked? “I would love to sis,” I said as I placed my hand on hers. Sarah pulled her hand away and I slowly inserted and withdrew the dildo from her soaking pussy. Sarah closed her eyes and played with her clit as I continued with the dildo. I placed my head between her legs to get a close up view of the action. Her pussy was making the usual sloshing noises and in the background the dildo buzzed away.

Sarah smelled like sex. I could smell her jizz and all I could think about was how she tasted. I then licked the top of Sarah’s hand that was playing with her clit. It surprised her and her hand stopped moving for a second. I then stuck my tongue between her fingers and the tip touched her clit. Sarah jerked a bit and she slowly moved her hand away. I slowly licked her clit and Sarah moaned some more. Within fifteen seconds her vagina started contracting and her hips rocked as she had an explosive orgasm. I pulled the dildo out and jizz trickled out down her ass and onto the bed. I quickly started to lick up the remaining jizz on her pussy; it tasted so good.

Sarah lied on the bed motionless for a moment to recuperate. She then sat up and pushed me down on my back. She then kneeled between my legs and grabbed my stiff dick. She stroked it slowly sending shivers through my body. She then reached down between her legs to get some pussy juice on her hands. Her hand then stroked my dick sliding up and down the skin. I closed my eyes and imagined that it was her pussy sliding up and down my cock.

When the jizz started to disappear she bent over and licked the head of my penis. She circled her tongue around the tip a couple of times then took the head into her mouth. She bobbed up and down in rhythm with her hand; getting deeper and deeper until half of my shaft was in her mouth. I was about to go any second. “I’m gonna cum,” I grunted. She then took my dick out of her mouth and increased the rhythm with her hand. When I exploded she directed it all over her tits and stomach. It was unbelievable.

Sarah then took her hand, now covered in cum, and tasted it. “I never tasted it before. I was afraid to take it in my mouth and not like it. It’s not that bad though,” she said as she continued to lick clean her hand. “That was so good Sarah. I’ve haven’t had that many blow jobs but that one was by far the best. You’re a natural,” I said. “You’re not too bad yourself Kev,” she replied.

Sarah cleaned herself and me up with some Kleenex and laid back down on the bed next to me. We got into our usual spoon position and fell asleep.

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