Sarah Followed Me

Sarah Followed Me

Part 1

It was in my second year at university (Western) that I got to know my sister Sarah a whole lot better than in the past. In the last few months of my first year of university I lined myself up with a sweet ass apartment in the downtown core of the city with a balcony overlooking some parkland. It was expensive but I didn’t care too much since my parents would pay for it. It was a two bedroom apartment and I was going to share it with my buddy Rob next year. On the last day of school, however, Rob found out his girlfriend back home was pregnant and had to drop out of school to work. He apologized that he would have to bail as a roommate and was sorry that I would be stuck finding another. It did suck because I couldn’t think of another person I would want to live with. I also knew if I didn’t pick someone soon my parents would probably make me cover half the cost of the apartment.

My parents were pretty wealthy having their own construction business and all. They were generous and I was pretty lucky that I never had to ask twice for money to cover school and living expense but they certainly hated to waste money. I guess that’s part of the reason they became so successful.

When I got home for summer holidays I was greeted with hugs from my family and a kiss from my mom after saying, “it’s good to see you again Kevin.” I even got a squeeze from Sarah and a peck on the cheek which I thought was odd. She never hugged me when we were growing up. It was always a, “Hey, how’s it going.” I just shrugged it off as she missed me being away for so long. Although the funny thing is I had always been away from home. Little did I know that this was the start of a new relationship.

Both my sister and I had gone to private high schools (she was one year behind me). I went to an all boy school and she went to an all girl. The difference was my school was an hour drive away and I boarded at school while her’s was only five minutes away and she still lived at home. I still came home on weekends quite often if I wasn’t playing sports for the high school football team or track team.

For the next month Sarah continued to finish her last year of high school and I worked as many hours as possible to save if I had to pay for half the rent of my apartment. One night after a hard day at work I came home sweaty and dirty and probably looked like shit. Sarah saw me plop myself down at the kitchen table to eat my dinner that was already getting cold. Everyone had already eaten but me. “Can I heat this up for you bro; It’s probably cold by now,” Sarah said. I said sure and rested my head into my hands to relax a little. The microwave beeped after about a minute and Sarah placed the plate of food in front of me. I said, “thanks sis.” “No problem Kev,” she replied.

Sarah must have seen that I had had a hard day because she grabbed my shoulders to massage them. “Kevin you look tense,” she said as she started to knead my muscles. I was pretty buff at the time from working out in first year university and now shoveling at work all day long. Her massage wasn’t doing much for my muscles because her fingers were just too delicate. Her rubbing was more of a caress than a massage. “Take your shirt off; it’s really dirty and in my way,” she nearly demanded. It was pretty gross so I took it off and dropped it on the floor. It felt so good what she was doing. My sister had never really made much physical contact with me before other than to punch my arm if I pissed her off when we were younger. Rubbing her hands through my hair and over my neck and shoulders gave me a tingle throughout my body. I could feel goose bumps on my arms and legs and my body hair stood on its end. It was like when you make first contact with a girl you like by accident but don’t want it too end because of the electricity between you.

Emotionally I was feeling a little weird as it was my SISTER that was making be feel this way. But I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t sure what to say. It’s not like I could have told her to stop because it was turning me on. She would have freaked. Besides if she was obviously not afraid to make this kind of physical contact why should it bother me. Why was she doing this for me anyways? She would never offer to give me a massage after work before. She must have really missed me or did she have some ulterior motive. “Ahh who cares, it felt good,” I thought. But did it feel too good? Why was I starting to get a hardon? “Yah but I always get hard over the littlest things though,” I contemplated and dismissed any sexual reasoning behind it. Good thing I was sitting down and my crotch was under the kitchen table. That would be embarrassing if she saw it.

She continued until I took my last bite of dinner. “Kevin you better take a shower; You stink,” she teased me. “Alrighty, alrighty I’m going. It’s just hard since you nearly put me to sleep with that massage. Thanks Sarah.” I was really just stalling so that my dick could shrink a bit before I got up and gave her a show. When I had settled down enough to head upstairs I jokingly ran over to Sarah while she was putting my dishes away and lifted my hairy armpit towards her face to tease her back. She laughingly yelped, dodged me, and ran up stairs before I could catch her. She athletically jumped up the stairs and for the first time I noticed how pretty she was.

Sarah was not your typical Barbie doll with huge tits and curvy all over. She was quite skinny from the various sports she played and had more of an athletic build. She was 5’7 and it seemed that most of her height was because of her long legs. They were extremely toned from doing gymnastics but not bulky like a body builder. Her ass was fairly small but matched the rest of her body and therefore looked cute in a bathing suit. She must have had small B’s or maybe even an A for breast size and her nipples always poked when she was cold and didn’t wear a padded bra. Sarah also had a very light brown to almost blonde hair color and it reached almost to the middle of her back. She often had it in a pony tail when lounging around and straight back when going out.

Part 2

“Guess what!” my mother said to me one night after work; I worked for my father in construction as a labourer for the summer. “What’s up?” I said somewhat wishing she would hurry up with dinner; I was starving. “Your sister called me after school today and said she was accepted into Western,” she yelled over the sizzling chicken stir fry. “She’s so excited she’s over at grandma’s telling her right now,” mom cheered in her own excitement. “Really…Wow!” was all I could say. This was somewhat of a surprise for me. I always thought she would stay home and go to the local University with all her friends. Sarah was a bit of a homebody and I just couldn’t’ picture her moving far from home. She wouldn’t be able to just drive home on weekends. It was nearly a day’s drive to Western.

“Hunny since you’re still looking for a roommate why doesn’t Sarah stay with you next year?” were the next words out of my mother’s mouth. I didn’t respond to this question as again I was hit with another shocking statement. I had nothing against living with my sister but this was her first year of university and she should be livin’ it up in residence. After all, I was planning on having a guy roommate and we were going to party it up and not worry about bringing dates home with us. This would seriously ruin my sex life. I couldn’t be slipping it in a girl in the room next to my sister while she was trying to get to sleep.

“Mom don’t you think Sarah will want to live in residence the first year like I did? Why would she want to live with her boring older brother?” I finally said after a long pause. My mom replied, “Kevin, I know she’s thought of that but I think she’s afraid of being alone in a far away place. She asked me the other day if she got into Western would she be able to live with you. You know she didn’t live in a boarding school like you did throughout high school so she’s really nervous. She’s been pretty sheltered here and I’m not sure if it’ll be too much for her. I tried to convince her to stay home and go to Trent (local university) but she’s adamant on going to Western like you. You know she’s always had the same interests as you and want’s to get into medicine too. It would mean a lot to me if you would seriously consider it. She needs her big brother to watch over her. After a year I’m sure she’ll have friends and want to move out. If you don’t want to do it for her do it for me….and yourself so you can save some money because we’ll pay the other half of the rent now.”

There it was. The pressure…oh the pressure! My sister was not only following me to the same university and program I was attending but wanted to live with me as well. Would it really be that bad though? Sure I wouldn’t get as much action but did I really didn’t have much in my first year anyways. It took me a bit to get used to going to school with the opposite sex again. I fooled around with a few girls for the first time in my life (I was still a virgin at 19); fingered three and went down on two of them. None of them were in my life anymore though. I was always a horny guy and masturbated a lot in high school, but what male teenager didn’t. I had been looking forward to experiencing more. It would suck if I had to back track. It then thought if I did have a chance to get some action I would just take the girl to a hotel or something. I would just charge it to my parents’ credit card and blame Sarah for being too loud.

You would never have thought I was a protective brother but I was. I was very protective of Sarah. One time at a house party that both of us attended I saw a guy grab Sarah’s ass and she turned around and gave him a nasty look and yelled something at him. I then watched the guy as he headed outside and followed him. I caught up to him, grabbed his throat, and told him if he ever touched my sister again I would rip his nuts off and feed it to my German Sheppard. We didn’t have a dog but it sounded tough.

“She needs her big brother to watch over her.” That statement from my mom kept running through my mind. I had heard of the date rapes that happened on campus and all the pervs that would stalk girls and how it would kill me if my sister ended up in a bad situation. It was this point that made me accept the offer. Saving money was a nice thought but university was a scary place at first and if anyone was going to look after my sister it would be me. “Ok, mom. She can stay with me.”

Part 3

“Living with Sarah isn’t going to be that bad,” I thought to myself. I got home from my first day of classes and Sarah had already unpacked most of our things, the placed smelled like Mr. Clean, and dinner was already cooking. “Wow sis; you’ve been busy.” “My last two classes were cancelled so I got home early,” Sarah replied. Dinner was excellent and we just sat chatting about teachers at school and how we were going to set up the tv in the family room.

At about 10:30pm Sarah went in her room and got into her pj’s. I had just finished setting up the tv and was checking the weather channel when she headed to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Her pajama’s were made of a thin cotton material and had little pink flowers on them. Her top was pretty loose around her small tits but her nipples seemed to reach out and make small outward dimples. She was pretty sexy in a cute way and I had to catch my self from staring. “Kevin! She’s your sister!” I thought to myself.

I heard her come out of the bathroom and she startled me when she wrapped her arms around my neck from behind. I had been sitting on the couch watching the news when she, standing behind the couch, hugged my head while resting her hands on my chest. “Jeez sis you scared the shit out of me.” “I just wanted to say good night,” and she gave me a peck on the cheek. “Goodnight sis. You better close your windows were supposed to get a thunderstorm soon.” The winds were already picking up so I knew it wouldn’t be long. “I will,” she said and went into her room. I then decided to go to bed myself.

Just as I was getting into bed while wearing only boxers the first flash of lightning lit up the sky. About 6 or 7 seconds later thunder rolled in the distance. “Here it comes.” I thought. Lightning kept flashing every few minutes or so followed by a low rumbling sound. I was just about out when another flash occurred. This time is was so bright it penetrated through my eyelids and broke my trance. Only an instant later the loudest KABOOM happened which made me jolt and I sat right up. As I was trying to get my bearings after just being thrown out of my daze another flash and KABOOM occurred even louder than the last.

I was now wide awake again and was just about to get up to look out the window, I love watching thunderstorms, when Sarah slowly opened my door. In a whiny voice like a little girl would use when scared, she me if I was sleeping. I said no, how could I with the thunder. “I can’t sleep too and I’m a little scared, can I sleep with you tonight.” I had never slept in the same bed as my sister before, except maybe when we were little, so I was a little hesitant to say yes. Then I remembered my mother saying, “She needs her big brother to look over her.” I said, “Sure come on.” Just then another flash and another BANG.

She bolted towards the bed and jumped over me to the other side. I was sleeping on the side closest to the door. She then quickly snuck under the covers and gave me a hug. “I’m not normally scared of thunder but being so far away from home is making it hard for me.” Don’t be afraid sis; I’ll take care of you,” I said as I squeezed her a little. She then turned her back to me and on her side got comfortable to fall asleep. She then took my arm and wrapped it around her like a security blanket and tucked it close to her chest. “Thanks Kevin,” she said. “For what?” I answered. “For letting me live with you and making me feel comfortable so far away from home. It would be hard if you weren’t here.” “Anytime sis, if you need someone to comfort you I’ll always be here.”

We were in a spoon like position and her haired smelled like the berry shampoo she used. While we lied there she felt warm in my arms and her firm butt lightly touched my penis. I had to tell myself to calm down as I was starting to feel my blood fill my penis. “Kevin, STOP it,” I thought to myself. “She’s your sister!” I then wiggle a bit to pretend to get comfortable but was really just moving my hips further away from her ass. I couldn’t have my boner poking into my sister’s butt. What would she think?

Another flash and a large crackle followed by a BOOM happened. It wasn’t as loud as the last few so I knew the storm was leaving us. It still was pretty loud though and Sarah grabbed the arm that was around her and pulled it tighter into her chest. My hand was now nestled into her cleavage. Since she didn’t have large breasts I really didn’t feel that much tit except for a couple of soft mounds on either side of my wrist. I made sure my hand was closed to make sure I didn’t cup them or anything.

I shuffled again to pull my hips further from her ass. My dick was pretty hard now and was starting to brush against her again. At the same time my arm moved around a bit and I could feel her tits stroke my wrist lightly as if she was titty fucking it. I was pretty embarrassed of my situation with my penis practically poking through my boxers. “Why are you getting a hard on for your sister Kevin,” I kept asking myself. I figured it was probably because I never slept with a beautiful girl in the same bed over night before. I never stuck around too much after I fooled around with girls.

We both fell asleep in a few minutes as the storm charged away. When my alarm went off in the morning we hadn’t moved from our original position before we fell asleep. I then pulled my arm from around her to reach for the alarm. Sarah slowly woke and rolled over to watch me shut off the alarm. “I had an awesome sleep last night,” Sarah proclaimed. “Me too sis,” I said as I climbed out of bed. Then I realized I had a hard on. Shit, did I not lose it while I was sleeping? Naw, It was only a morning erection. I then headed quickly to the bathroom but I’m sure Sarah saw the tent in my boxers that I was making. I just hope she had heard of morning erections men get before so that she wouldn’t think it was because I was sleeping with her.

Part 4

The next night was a beautiful night. The moon lit up the sky and millions of stars twinkled over the park behind us. Sarah and I both started getting ready for bed at the same time. I climbed into bed and was just thinking about masturbating because I was pretty horny at the moment. I was probably extra horny from my day of reminiscing about Sarah’s tits on my wrist. But like I said earlier I masturbated a lot so I just excused my horniness for normal. After all, “I couldn’t be horny over my sister; that would be wrong,” I thought.

I was just slide my hand under my boxers when Sarah lightly knocked on my door and proceeded to open it slowly. Luckily I was under the covers enough that she wouldn't be able to tell I was gripping my dick. In that whiny girl voice she said, “Can I sleep in here again tonight? I had such a wonderful sleep last night and I don’t know if I’m ready to sleep on my own yet.” I said, “Sure,” not realizing I would be torturing myself again like last night. Happy of my response she immediately went from a sad little girl to an exited girl and bounced to the bed beside me. I knew she was acting a little with such a change in attitude but I didn’t care. Deep down I was happy she asked to sleep with me again.

My hand slid out of my boxers without her noticing and we got into the same position as last night. Again I did a couple of shuffles to move my dick away from her ass as my cock grew and at the same time getting a little feel of her small tits against my wrist. During and in between my shuffles we talked about school and some cool girls she met and was hoping to be friends with. After about a half hour our conversations ended and we fell asleep.

Sarah continued to ask me for the next three nights to sleep with me and of course I said yes. It was just about the same routine every night: Sarah would jump into bed and we would get in the spoon position, we’d start chatting, I’d shuffle a couple times as my cock grew and at the same time brush up against her tits, then fall asleep. We started to become more relaxed though. We began to have conversations that were more open and personal like telling secrets to each other and sharing embarrassing moments. Also, my hard on was now starting to subside before I would fall asleep and when we woke up in the mornings we would often be in different positions then at the way we started the night.

Finally on the fifth night when Sarah knocked and opened the door to ask me if she could again sleep with me I said, “Yes you can sleep in here Sarah and you don’t have to ask me anymore. You can just come in and join me.” “Really?” she said. “Really,” I answered and patted the bed beside me. She jumped into bed like she usually did and we started the whole routine again. But tonight after my dick settle down (it only took 15 minutes tonight) I did a shuffle forward this time moving myself closer to her ass. I guess I was just getting more comfortable with lying next to her.

We continued to sleep with each other every night from then on. About two weeks into school we had a heat spell. It was just plain hot and humid. Our air conditioner in the apartment was trying to keep up but for some reason we never felt cool. That night I got into bed and kicked all the covers onto the floor. I was not going to have any of them on me tonight. Sarah was a bit of a furnace herself and I figured I wouldn’t need them; not in this heat. As Sarah came in the room I could see her silhouette and noticed she was wearing something different. Tonight she wore a long t-shirt and white cotton panties as opposed to her regular pajamas. I could see the outline of her long legs as they disappeared under her t-shirt.

Instantly my dick was starting to grow. Sarah then jumped into bed and nestled into the spooning position as usual. My dick, now hard earlier than usual, poked her ass and I had to shuffle quickly hoping she didn’t notice. Wow, her naked and smoothly shaven legs rested against mine and felt as if they were like silk. I shuffled a couple of times not only to feel her tits tonight but to rub my legs against hers. As part of our conversation I told her that her legs felt really smooth. She replied, “I just shaved them in my bath before bed.”

On the following night I laid in bed facing the door to my room waiting for Sarah to come in with hopes to see the silhouette of her legs again. When she came to my bedroom she stopped at the door way to tell me she was going to get a glass of water before bed and asked whether I wanted her to bring me one as well. Tonight Sarah wore the same thing as last night but this time a t-shirt that was of regular length ending at her upper hips. I could clearly see her legs stretch up and meet at a mound between them. I thought I might have even been able to see a small slit in the middle but she was too far to really tell.

I stammered and said, “Uh, no…I’m ok.” and she turned around giving me a glimpse of her ass only covered by her panties and walked to the kitchen. My dick was hard in seconds. I rolled on my stomach to hide the tent I was making. When Sarah got back to the room she climbed over me straddling by back at one point and I could feel her panty covered pussy rub my lower back. We got into our spooning position and again I got too close like last night and poked her ass. I quickly did my shuffle and repositioned myself further from her ass. She must have noticed for sure. What excuse could I make if she confronted me about it? I thought I would just make up something like I was thinking of a super model.

She never did say anything about it and started a conversation about one of the classes she was taking that I took last year. I fell asleep still with a boner and therefore wasn’t able to shuffle back up to her again.

Part 4

That Saturday Sarah got home around five from shopping at the mall with her girl friends. I was starting to cook some dinner. She put her bags down on the kitchen table and I noticed there was a bag from the lingerie store La Senza. “Oooh La Senza,” I said in a nosy way. “What ya buy there?” Sarah then picked the bag back up again and looked inside it. She pulled out a baby blue silk nighty that had spaghetti straps and a matching thong. “The girls and I were looking around in the store and they were all buying something so I picked this up. I think I’m going to take it back though,” she said holding up the lingerie to herself.

“Gonna take it back!…Why,” I said sounding confused? She just bought it. “Oh, what do I need this for? I don’t have a boyfriend to show it off to so its just going to sit in my drawers and collect dust.” I thought for a second. I sure as hell would like to see my sister in that nighty. I knew it was weird to think of my sister in a sexual way but I was starting to realize how hot she was. Sister or not I’m sure she would look amazing in that outfit. And that thong, wow. “Sis, don’t take it back. I’m sure that the out fit is really comfortable and cool in this heat. Instead of going through the trouble to take it back why don’t you wear it tonight? I promise I won’t look. Besides it looks like you really like it.” She kept holding it up against her and looking at herself in the hallway mirror.

“You really think so. I never had anything silk like this before. I think it’ll feel really nice against my skin” she replied. “Just because you don’t have a boyfriend doesn’t mean you can’t indulge yourself in a nice outfit,” I encouraged some more. “Your right. I’ll keep it.”

“Kevin,” Sarah said. “I’m not peeking,” I said looking away from the door way to my room trying not to make Sarah uncomfortable with her new outfit. I would try and catch a glimpse of it later making an excuse to go to the washroom. “No. It’s ok. I want you to see it. What’s the point in wearing it if no one looks at it?” I slowly turned around to see her standing just inside the door to my room. She looked so sexy. The nighty stopped right about the same point her legs met her mound. I couldn’t see the shape of her pussy like the other night but I knew it was really close. Her nipples were hard probably from the coolness of the fabric. The silk seemed to barely touch her. It just draped to the tip of her nipples and then fell straight down just past her hips. “Wow sis. That nighty looks really good on you. Your HOT!,” I said with a bit of a joking tone; not to sound too turned on. “Thank you. The silk feels so soft against my skin,” she said starting to rub her outfit against her hard stomach.

As she played with the front of the out fit I caught some glimpses of her panties. They were cut low and in a bikini shape. There was no way she could have worn them without shaving nearly all her pubic hair off. My dick was throbbing from the sight. Luckily I was smart enough ahead of time to cover myself with a light bed sheet. Sarah then turned around to shut off the hall light and I got a peek of her nearly bare ass. It was so perky and smooth.

Sarah climbed into bed and we got into our spooning position. She snuggled up tighter to me than usual and again for the third time I poked her butt with my penis. I was just about to shuffle back when she ground her ass in my dick even further. “What’s this I feel,” she said in a sneaky way? Shit what do I say? I couldn’t use the super model excuse. It wouldn’t make sense since she was the one just modeling for me. I thought I would risk the truth. “Uhh, sorry sis,” I said embarrassed. “You just look so sexy in that outfit I couldn’t stop it from happening, I’m so embarrassed.” “Kevin don’t be. It’s ok” she replied. “It’s not the first time I’ve felt it from you. It’s actually quite flattering that I can make that effect on a handsome guy. It makes me feel even more comfortable that I’m not the only one that gets affected when sleeping with a beautiful person.” With that she wiggled her butt into my crotch again and held me tight.

She knew about my other erections! Of course she did. She was a smart girl; how could I fool her. But it didn’t bother her and she was actually rubbing her nearly bare ass into. I guess if she was ok with it then I would be too.

I tried not to move a muscle still a little embarrassed that there was only one piece of clothing separating my dick and her ass. Sarah on the other hand kept squiggling around. I think she liked it when my arm would rub the silk nighty against her. Her nighty was so slippery it was starting to ride up her back and I could feel my bare stomach touch her bare back. She felt nearly naked from the middle of her back down to her toes. This was not helping my hard on.

“I love the feel of the silk,” she repeated still squiggling around. “Yes it feels awesome,” I answered. “I think I’m going to go shopping and get some more of these. They have a lot of other colours to choose from and they're on sale. “Hey I won’t complain if you can handle this thing poking your butt every night.” “Oh I think I can handle this thing,” she said wiggling her ass around my cock again! We both laughed at our comments.

There was a moment of silence and I thought she was trying to fall asleep. Then she said, “Kevin, do you masturbate?” “huh,” I replied not sure if I heard her correctly. “Do you jerk off,” she repeated. I wasn’t sure how to answer that question. I thought I would answer the question with a question so that it was easier to say. After all I was not a liar. “What guy my age without a girlfriend doesn’t masturbate?” “How often do you masturbate,” she questioned me again. I gulped and said, “Just about every morning in the shower.” Shit I thought after saying that. Maybe she’ll think I masturbate in the shower every morning because she turns me on when sleeping with me. The truth of the matter is that I always masturbated nearly everyday and the shower was the only place I could do it now. “Really,” she said in such a way I wasn’t sure if it was meant as “Wow that’s a lot” or “that’s kinda cool.” Naturally I thought it was probably the first meaning. “Are you grossed out sis,” I asked thinking this would be the last time she would sleep in the same bed with me. “No not at all, I think you and I are a lot alike,” she said in a consoling voice.

I felt relieved that it didn’t bother her. But what did she mean by we were a lot alike? Did that mean she masturbated in the shower too? Or did that mean that she masturbates nearly everyday as well. Or both? I didn’t dare pursue the conversation further as I was afraid I’d get more embarrassed. One thing I did know. I was sure going to masturbate tomorrow in the shower. We fell asleep.

Part 5

The following day I got home after school and noticed a couple of La Senza bags on the couch. I peeked inside them finding a dozen or so different nighties. There were a few the same as the one she had already but a different colour. There was a pink one, a black one, and a white one. Was the white one for nights she felt innocent and the black one for nights she felt dirty I thought. There were a couple that were a little longer I figured for the days she had her period. There were some that had slits on the side to show a bit of hip. There were some that were extremely low cut around her neck. One must have had a V-neck that would have approach her belly button.

All were silk but one. It was my favorite. It was white and made of sheer material and lace. Sarah wouldn’t be able to hide anything behind this one. The top had white spaghetti straps with a section that would cover her breasts. Then instead of a ‘V’ neck the 'V' was upsided down starting at her cleavage and flaring out to the hips. It was like a loose sheer bra with a lacy cape attached at the bottom. Her stomach would be exposed from the tits down. There was a sheer and lace white g-string panty to match. There was so little material that it would probably not entirely cover the lips of her pussy.

Sarah must have been in the bathroom because I didn’t hear her approach me from behind. “That ones for a special occasion,” she startled me while I was holding up sheer one. “That’ll be a lucky guy who sees you in this one,” I replied placing the outfit back in the bag. “Only someone special to me will see me in that one,” she returned.

I got up to head to my room to study when she noticed the bulge in my pants. “Looks like he doesn’t just get excited in bed,” she said staring at my crotch. “Yah, I’ve had a hard time keeping him down lately…down boy, down,” I said making a joke that my penis was a dog. “You must have a vivid imagination Kev. I wonder what kind of fantasies you conjure up,” Sarah said. “Oh, if only you knew sis,” I whispered just loud enough that she would have to run the words through her head a couple of times to make them out. I then went into my room to study.

For the next few nights she alternated through the different colours of lingerie. First the ones that match her old ones then the ones that were slightly different. She then wore the ones that were longer during her period and then back to the few short outfits she hadn’t tried. Each night I got a hard on and each night she wiggled her ass into my penis to tease it a little. She got more and more comfortable with her lingerie in front of me and would now often prance around the house before bed in them. On the weekends she would wake up and lounge around the apartment for a while before getting changed. I think she caught me staring at her crotch one day while she had one foot up on the couch and the other on the floor while painting her toe nails. “Do you like the show,” she said. I pretended I didn’t know what she was talking about and responded with, “I don’t know how you girls can fuss about your toes so much.” She didn’t make any attempt to close her legs so I didn’t make any attempt to look away.

Her nipples always seemed to be hard with the silk brushing across them. Even though her tits were small she had huge nipples. I don’t mean the dark part so much but the part that sticks out. “I swear your going to poke my eye out with those someday,” I would tease her while looking at her breasts. She’d look down at them and then run after me with her chest stuck out kidding with me.

Part 6

One night Sarah decided to wear the outfit that had the V-neck down to her belly button. I often leave the bathroom door open when brushing my teeth and she decided to join me and brush hers as well. She came in while my mouth was frothing from tooth paste and I nearly swallowed some. I could see in the mirror in front of us the inner sides of her breasts. It wasn’t bulging out or anything or any real cleavage but you could clearly see where her chest bone and tits started. I spit the tooth paste out and rinsed my mouth. “Sis, this one is really sexy on you.” She then leaned over, spit the tooth paste out and rinsed her mouth. I could see down her top and caught a quick glimpse of her nipples. I had never seen them before but they were exactly as I pictured them. “I can see you like this one,” she said pointing at my dick bulging in my boxers. This was nothing new so I didn’t respond much to the comment and then smacked her ass as she left the bathroom. She made a little yelp and skipped to our room.

We got into our typical spoon position and she sparked up a conversation about how I should get a pair of silk boxers to sleep in. “Sis I don’t like boxers to begin with; I really don’t need a pair that’ll slip up my ass crack and give me a wedgie the whole night.” “What do you mean you don’t like boxers,” she asked. “They seem to always work their way up my ass crack when I sleep and unlike you I don’t like to where thongs,” I replied. “Well what do you like to wear; nothing?” “Pretty much. I always slept naked before you moved in with me,” I replied. “I’m sorry Kev. I never realized you suffered all this time.” “I would hardly call it suffering sis. It’s just a little uncomfortable and besides its worth it to sleep next to you,” I replied back. “Well I don’t want you to be uncomfortable. I was the one that came into your bed. Why don’t you sleep naked from now on? I won’t peek,” she ended with a laugh. “Are you sure sis? You know how hard of a time I have to control my dick from getting hard. This isn’t going to help the situation.” “I don’t care that you’re hard all the time as long as you don’t. I feel your penis against my ass every night as it is anyways. What’s the difference whether there is one layer of clothing or not?” “Well if you’re ok with it,” I said as I removed my boxers.

As soon as my boxers were off she grabbed my hand and pulled it over her as a security blanket again. We ended up in the spooning position again. She teased me wiggling her ass against my bare cock. “Mmm, it’s warm and soft,” she said. My dick felt so good against her bare ass. She wiggle again and it found its way to rest along the crack of her ass only to stop at the thong of her panties. My penis was so hard I could feel my pulse pounding away in it. At the same time I could feel Sarah’s heart beat inside her chest. It was beating a little faster than normal and I knew that my cock against her ass was affecting her the same way as me.

Sarah then did something I was not expecting. She took my hand in hers and locked her fingers in mine. Kind of like when you intertwine fingers when holding hands with a girlfriend but reversed. Her palm was on the back of my hand and her fingers wrapped over my knuckles. She then took my hand and placed it over her breast. My hand naturally cupped the breast furthest from the bed and she squeezed my hand into her breast. I could feel her hard nipple poke into the palm of my hand. Sarah took a deep breath and held me tight in this position.

I wondered if she was doing this as a return favor? She could feel my dick so I should be able to feel her breast. Nah that didn’t make sense. Was she feeling a little horny and wanted someone to touch her tit. Nah, she wasn’t a perv like me. She did say before we were a lot alike though. I wondered if she was wet at that moment. I wouldn’t be surprised I had got a bit of precum on her back. Before my boxers would just soak it up so I wasn’t that worried about it.

She started to fall asleep and her grip on my hand started to loosen and my hand started to fall. My hand then fell from her upper breast into her V-neck and under to her other breast. My hand was now on her naked breast and her nipple was poked my hand in between my pinky and ring finger. My hand couldn’t fall anymore because the bed was in the way. Sarah woke a little smacked her lips and I think was a sleep again. She didn’t pull my hand away so I left it there. Her breast was soft and warm. I could feel her nipple crinkled at the base and the rest was stiff. I didn’t move for a long time to allow her to fall into a deeper sleep.

When her breathing was heavy I started to move my hand over her breast a little. I squeezed it a little trying to make slow rhythmic movements not to wake her. At this point I must have had precum spilling out of my penis. I wasn’t about to move my hand and check though. Once I had gone as far as I was daring to go I stopped and fell asleep with my hand on her tit.

When the alarm went off my hand was still on her breast. “Well I see I’m not the only one that got some skin last night,” Sarah said. “Oh sorry sis, my hand must have slipped” I said as I removed my hand. “Right,” she said sarcastically. “No big deal anyways,” she finished with. She then threw the covers off her almost displaying my morning erection to the world. I quickly grabbed them to cover me not knowing if she got a peek. “Oops, my hand must have slipped,” she taunted me with a wink. She was having fun with this. I didn’t care. “So was I,” I thought as I stared at her ass as she left the room.

Part 7

It was my birthday today. I came out of the washroom with a towel wrapped around me and Sarah had a big smile on her face. “Happy Birthday Kev,” she said and pulled a present out from behind her back. “Go ahead and open it!” I sat on the couch my towel separating at my legs and probably giving a good show to the coffee table. She had bought me or should I say us some silk sheets for the bed. “Thanks sis. We’ll put them on tonight.” “Now you can feel the silk without having to wear silk boxers. “Actually I bought you some of those too but I’ll take them back,” she said. “Actually I have one more surprise for you but you’ll have to wait until tonight.

For dinner Sarah made lasagna and we polished off a bottle of wine. It was just enough to get a small buzz going. After dinner we watched a movie on tv that was pretty steamy. It was one of those made for tv porns filled with lots of fake boobs and nothing else. The whole time I never got a hint of a boner. These bimbos weren't doing anything for me. Sarah was pretty focused on the show though and it was turning me on more that she might be getting wet from the movie. She kept looking over at me though so I was wondering if she was thinking the same thing but in the reverse role.

“Let’s go put the new silk sheets on the bed,” I said. She jumped up and said, “Yah I’ll get them.” She followed into the room behind me. We stripped the bed of my old cotton sheets and began to place the silk ones on. They fit perfect and were so soft. “Get in and try them out.” Sarah said. “Ok,” I said taking off my shirt and pants. I crawled under the covers with my boxers on. They were so soft and felt like Sarah’s nighties. “How does it feel,” Sarah asked? “Awesome,” I said as I slithered around under the sheets. I then took off my boxers and through them at Sarah. “Ahhh,” I moaned. “Stay there don’t go anywhere. I wanna try too,” she said. She went to her room to get changed and I shut the lights off other than the side table lamp.

“Here’s you’re surprise birthday gift,” she said as she walked into the room and stopped at the side of the bed. She stood there in the white sheer and lace lingerie that she bought with the other dozen nighties. “I told you it would be only for a special occasion and for a special person,” she said a little nervous. Her dark hard nipples were clearly visible through the sheer top. Sarah’s flat stomach was also visible and a hint of abdominal muscles created a small six pack. I could see a small strip of hair above her pussy through the sheer part of her panties. Her slit was not easily visible because the lace pattern at her crotch was too complex to pick it out. Nonetheless, the material just covered the lips of her pussy on the front but I doubt it did much between her thighs. I wouldn’t be surprised that part of her pussy lips wrapped around the fabric close to her ass hole.

She spun around, “Do you like?” In the back she only had a string running across her upper ass cheeks and the ‘T’ part disappearing quickly into her butt. “Geez sis, you are so hot.” “Thanks,” she said modeling a little longer for me. She then slide into bed beside me and gave me a hug and a kiss on the lips. “I love you bro. Happy Birthday.”

We got into our usual position. Sarah was pretty fidgety wiggling her ass into my cock at the same time. She immediately placed my hand on her breast in the same fashion as last night. Ahh, she likes my hand there. “Your nipples are pretty hard sis,” I asked gaining enough courage to mention I noticed. “There always that way when I’m either cold or horny,” she replied. “So what are you now,” I inquired not really expecting her to answer. “Well lets put it this way; I’m never cold sleeping next to you especially when your hot penis is pressed against my ass,” giving another wiggle to accentuate the word ‘ass.’

I was just thinking how awesome this birthday gift was and would I ever have one better than this. “This sucks,” she whined. What’s wrong sis,” I asked. “I can’t feel the silk sheets with this top on. Don’t get me wrong I love this top but I want to enjoy these new sheets as well.” And with that statement she sat up and removed her top. I could see the outline of her bare breast in the darkness before she lied back down and got under the covers. She slithered under the covers like I did when I first got under them bumping into me. A couple of times my penis rubbed against her leg and it even got harder; if that was possible. “Ooh that feels awesome against my tits,” she said. “But I know what feels better.” She then proceeded to get into the spoon position again, pressed her ass into my cock, and wrapped my hand around her bare breast.

After about a minute I chanced my luck and started to really slowly play with her breast. At first it probably could have been mistaken as just getting comfortable but after about five minutes I was moving my hand enough that it was obviously I was feeling her up. “Mmm, that feels good Kevin,” Sarah whimpered. Was that an invitation to carry on I thought? I was so horny I’m sure my dick had a bead of precum at its tip. I hope Sarah didn’t notice. I then began to circle my fingers around her tit lightly tickling them. I spiraled from the outside inwards to her nipple. When I reached her nipple the skin tightened even more and goose bumps filled her body. “Mmm,” she moaned. I repeated the process a couple more times with the same reaction each time. Sarah’s nipples must have been really sensitive because she let out a moan each time I touched them.

“You gotta do this one too,” she said as she rolled over onto her back. She was in a semi spread eagle position with one leg straight and the other draped across me. She continued to raise her leg until it lightly touched my balls. “Ohh your right. This ones getting jealous,” I replied and started to do the same swirls on her other tit. I played with her tits and nipples for another five minutes switching between the two. I knew my penis had precum dripping out of it because I could feel moisture on my stomach. “Good thing we weren’t in the spoon position anymore. I’m pretty sure Sarah would have noticed this amount of cum,” I thought to myself.

“Can I tell you a secret,” Sarah said in a shy voice. “Sure sis,” I replied. “I’m really wet,” she said looking up and straight into my eyes. “I can tell your horny too by you hard penis, but how horny are you? I don’t think I’ve ever been this horny before?” I didn’t know how to reply to her question. It was obvious to me that I had never been this horny before in my life. If she wasn’t my sister I would have made a move at that point. Probably sliding my hand down to her pussy to feel exactly how wet she was. Then I would have slipped her soaked panties off and ate her out until she had a mind blowing orgasm.

But this was my sister. I couldn’t do that.

“Like you said sis, I think were a lot alike,” I finally replied continuing to play with her breasts. By now the sheets had worked their way down to my waste and below her tits. It was dark but I could still see a faint outline of them. My hands painted a picture for me. “Don’t you ever wish you could masturbate in bed when you have a hard on at night instead of waiting until the morning,” she asked. “Well ya. But, I was always afraid I’d get caught and you’d think I was disgusting and you would stop sleeping in here,” I replied. “I would never think it was disgusting. In fact I would be flattered,” she said in a way that a mother would console her children. “You wouldn’t think I was weird masturbating beside you because my sister turned me on,” I asked for reassurance. “No. I would think it was sexy. Would you think I was weird if you caught me masturbating in the bed beside you?” Sarah said. “No,” I said in a way as if she was crazy. “I would probably join you,” I said telling the truth. She again looked deep into my eyes and I figured she was picturing what I just said.

“What would you do if I said I was checking to see how wet I was right now under these sheets,” she said. Then Sarah slowly under the covers spread her straight leg out and was now completely spread eagled. “I would probably ask how slippery it is,” I replied. She then took her finger and touched my hand that was still playing with her tits. It was soaked with jizz. She slide it all over my hand and then around her nipple. Her hand then dipped back under the sheets and I played with the left over jizz on her nipple. “Sarah you’re driving me nuts,” I said. “I think this thing of yours needs you to give it some attention,” she said as her leg moved upwards and rubbed against my cock.

I knew she was now playing with herself so I rolled over and started too. I stroked my cock imagining what was happening under the covers beside me. I had to keep a slow pace otherwise I would have blown my load in seconds. I could see Sarah’s hand moving under the thin sheet and I could tell she was playing with her clit mostly, but the odd time her hand would dive deeper under the covers when she inserted a finger.

Sarah then lifted her ass off the bed and took off her g-string. “Ahh, that’s better,” she said. As she removed the tiny material past her feet the sheets slid down to her thigh and I got a glimpse of the side of her bare ass. She then laid back down and lightly threw her g-string onto my face. I grabbed them and held them up so that I could see it close up. “Pretty wet huh,” Sarah said. “Yup,” I said and brought them back to my face to smell them. “Wow, you’re pussy smells so good sis.” Sarah then started to play with her clit even faster. It must have excited knowing that I was smelling her jizz. I then started to stroke my cock again while at the same time holding her panties up to my nose.

I could hear Sarah’s pussy squish as she inserted her fingers. She was starting to moan a little too so I could tell she was getting close to an orgasm. I was glad she was getting close because I didn’t know how much longer I could hold off. “I am so fucking turned on right now Kev,” she said. “Me too sis. I think I’m gonna cum soon,” I replied. “Why don’t you cum in my panties,” Sarah insisted. I then pulled her g-string from my face and stroked my dick with it.

“Ohhh,” Sarah groaned as her hand started to furiously play with her pussy. The sheet was now shaking all over the place and the bed was vibrating. Sarah then stiffened and shuttered with an intense orgasm. As I saw her enter into ecstasy I released as well. My dick exploded into several squirts of cum into her panties wrapped around my dick. The tiny amount of material couldn’t hold the entire amount of cum and part of it spilled out the sides down my shaft and onto my hand.

“That was so hot Kev. I loved it,” Sarah said in a content voice. “Yah, that was awesome sis. I cummed so much your panties couldn’t hold it all. I better clean myself up before I dirty up all the sheets and we can’t enjoy them tomorrow night” I replied. “I’m glad I have that effect on you,” Sarah exclaimed while pinching my ass as I got out of bed to head to the washroom.

When I walked back into the bedroom Sarah stared at my limp cock and smiled. I climbed back into bed and we got into the spoon position. My naked cock rested against Sarah’s naked ass. “Thanks for the unforgettable night and the best birthday present ever sis.” I said. Anytime Kev. But the party wouldn’t have been as good without you,” she said and wiggled her ass against my cock. We fell asleep exhausted from our intense orgasms.

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