Sins of the Father C

Sins of the Father C

We finish the wine as we dry each other. You kneel to love my dick with your mouth for awhile. Looking up at me with your smokey brown eyes as you squeeze me with your lips and tongue.

I lead you to the big bed, holding you to me, our arms around each others waist.

Stopping at the bed, a long deep kiss. Loving your mouth, my hands on your naked back, pulling you against me. Loving the way you make my dick throb with anticipation.

Smiling down at you. You pretty Thai face, so eastern, so Asian and so beautiful. Your long dark brown hair wet and down to your tiny waist. Your nice full breasts, hard nipples pressing into my skin.

'Daddy'. 'Am I going to have a baby now'? Your eyes so innocent so soft.

'No baby girl, not now or anytime soon'. 'You have lots of fun to look forward to before you become a mother'. 'I will not put a baby inside you for a long, long time'.

You look pleased but say, 'I want a baby someday Daddy but you are right'. 'I am too young and I want to have fun first'.

I laugh, guide you around so I can rub my dick on your bottom from behind. My pre-cum makes you little hole so nice and wet. One day soon I will let my dick taste that tight little place but right now I just have to have all of your pussy I can get.

I ease your nice round cheeks apart, press my swollen knob against your wet pussy lips and let you push back to take the hard knob and part of the shaft inside you. Your little pussy stretches so nice to take me. My dick feels so hot inside your little slit.

Spreading you a little more I stroke slowly to let you take it all. Finally a good hard push to give it all to you. You look incredible, your labia tight around my shaft, pumping it into you deep, not thrusting as I will when you take my cum from me. Letting you enjoy this first time from behind. Your tiny hole like a little brown star-burst. Thinking of how good it will be to bury myself in there soon. Yes, soon but not yet.

Slowly fucking the sweetest tightest little pussy in the world, maybe the prettiest too. Just enthralled with the wetness that you put on me with each delicious thrust. My hands finding us in front. Feeling your hard mound as my dick moves your little body.

Long brown hair hanging down, your tight little tits hanging and bouncing with my dick thrusts. A total sensual overload.

Mmmm, I moan as your effect is getting to me. I can heard and feel you building to climax too. Breathless, 'Daddy, oh Daddy', music to my ears and desire. My lust for you. My gasps of, 'Yes baby girl yes'. 'Oh Keri baby girl, you are so good'. 'You make Daddy want to cum so good'!

My want and lust are building fast. Watch your pussy fuck my dick, fucking your pussy. Squeezing those delicious little breasts. Your head down, taking my big man dick in your little pussy. Thrusting hard, breeding my baby girl. Ramming myself deep ready to blow!

Grunting as I cum, your pussy still so tight it cannot get out till I pull back and ram it in deep again. Your hot girl cum all over my dick as it pumps you full of zizz.

We fall to the bed. My dick coming out, splashing cum on your bottom. Turning you over to kiss you tenderly. Looking into your eyes. Smoke still there but ebbing little by little. Just laying there looking at each other. No one else in the whole world but us at that moment.

My breathing back to normal I get up and fetch a damp towel. I let you dry yourself first then I clean up too. Still just laying, holding your hand. A soft kiss as I see you getting sleepy.

Time for bed, helping you under the covers and cuddling your naked body to mine for the night. Planning to get up up early enough for more in the morning. Thinking of when to take your little anus. Perhaps tomorrow night. I don't want any part of you not mine first. If Sheela and Lucy want some of you they get what I have had already had. Mmmmm. Daydreaming of riding Lucy's pussy while she licks and fucks you with her hot lesbian tongue. Making Sheela lay under Lucy and lick my dick and Lucy's pussy while I pound her.

I sleep good. Waking early, around 6am. The house is dark and quiet. Just the way I like it.

You are sleeping soundly. your shoulders uncovered, your long hair in a muss around your head. I watch you sleep for awhile. I should feel guilty about you but there is not a trace. Taking Kan the way I did killed all guilt in me about young girls. Even taking my own real daughter Suzie was guiltless. She is so much like me. She told me she wanted to fuck me from the time she could get wet and her beautiful mother secumed to her but bidding her time till we were alone and she knew I would have to take her or she could almost force herself on me.

I am hard thinking of all this. It is about half and hour till you must get up and make ready for school.

I kiss down your naked back. You groan a little but do not complain too much. Back up your right side, turning you over to lay on your back as I kiss your tummy and up to each breast. Teasing your nipples, they spring to life. Moving on you as you open and spread to accept me.

A soft kiss and I enter you. Tight but so full of cum I go in easily and you take me deep. A soft sigh as my dick fills your little vagina and your back arches slowly to take all of me.

Holding my weight up with my hands I pull back slowly and begin to fuck you with just about half my dick. Making it rub your clit with each stroke. Your legs spread as much as you can to give me a direct attack at you little hot slit. Bending myself back to keep fucking you with less and less of my dick then suddenly plunging it in deep to hear you gasp as it fills you. Back out and the teasing fast stroke of half my dick again till you are whimpering and pulling on my hips for me to give it all to you. All of it for you to use as you grind and begin to cum. Fucking you deep and slow as your first orgasm hits then continuing as you stay hot for my dick, your pussy spasming around my shaft, building to another orgasm. Waiting till you are beginning to cum the second time, gasping, moaning and crying out in pure pleasure then pumping my cum into your pussy. Loving how it looks as the white goo floods out around my shaft and our cum mixes and makes us both sopping and nasty.

After I get soft, rolling off and you give me a long hot kiss then bound out of bed and head for your room. You look delicious, your sweet bottom moving with each perky step and my cum running down the inside of your brown leg.

I lay for a moment, gathering my energy back then get up, throw on my robe and head for the kitchen.

Coffee on, bagels toasting I hear your shower running. Thinking of joining you but best not. You have to get clean, fix your hair and dress for school. Then there will be the special advanced class afterward today. You will not be home till past 8 tonight. A long lonely day for a horny Daddy. Still, I need some time to recuperate. God, how much of me can I put into this girl?

I sit drinking my coffee, watching the news, and munching on a bagel when you whirl in. Plopping into my lap, arms around my neck and a long sweet kiss. Pressing those firm breasts into my chest. I bet you would do it again right now, right here if I let it get started but there is no time.

A long draining drink of your OJ, half a bagel in your hand you head out the door just as Sherry's mom pulls into the circular driveway. A wave goodbye for me and you hop in the back of the Tahoe almost before it stops.

Going into my home office there are three messages.

My office assistant says my plane reservations for Tokyo are all set. She says she misses me and needs to see me soon. I return her call and Sharon asks me to come in this afternoon. We make love in the back room of my office. She is very pretty and deliciously hot but she is also a plant by the CIA to keep tabs on me. I don't mind since they could have set up cameras, bugs and such. She is a great piece of ass and so she listens to my phone calls and such. I tell her not this week. My wife will be back next week so that is best. She wants to know why but really knows the answer. I am fucking Sheela or someone and as Sharon is married she does not get top priority.

The next call is from Young Mei. She tells me she loves me and misses me. That I am to be at the Tokyo Imperial hotel a week before Mars graduates and that Kan and Suzie will be there too. I already know that but Young Mei never leaves any detail to chance. That is why she plans everything Kan and I do.

Kan has called too. She is looking forward to Suzie coming home and she and Young Mei still think that she should kill Sharon and my wife too. I chuckle. Juggling 2 wives, several love affairs and fucking two beautiful daughters is a full time occupation.

Linda has called. Everything is going fine. She will be home Saturday night.

I call her back. We visit for about 15 minutes. Keri is doing fine, school is great. We miss you and wish you were home with us. The normal husband wife mommy daddy stuff. She reminds me to go to the grocery store and stock up. She has to be in her store bright and early Monday morning and plans to fuck my eyes out Saturday night then sleep in Sunday. I promise her a good night of lust. She at least is horny. Most of the time of late she is just irritated at me. I chuckle at the thought of her catching Keri and me. She would go berserk but I can handle that. It is the losing my baby girl that would be the bad part. Mmmmm. My baby girl. I almost get hard just remembering.

I call Kan back. She is with Young Mei and they are in bed. I can picture them. Both naked, having just made love. Two of the most beautiful women in the world. Kan puts me on the speaker phone and we spend over an hour talking. If I had to choose just one woman, unless it could be you Keri it would be Kan. I love Young Mei but long long ago she betrayed me. She knows though I have forgiven her it is still there and always will be. Some things we do just cannot be undone and that will always be between us. I am proud of our son. He is a fine young man and will make himself a wonderful life. He knows nothing of the intrigue his mother and auntie are involved in. He knows that I love him and love his mother but knows too that we cannot be together all the time.

Noon and I put the laundry in the washer, dirty dishes in the dish washer, make a grocery list and head out for lunch and shopping chores. I have a short list from Linda to buy anyway.

Typical boring day in suburbia, still there is you to look forward to. You should be home by 8pm, naked by 8:05 and in the sauna bath with my dick in your mouth by 8:10. Then there is bed and filling you with me again and again. The only variable is when do you give yourself to me anally. That is the only treasure from you I have not tasted and I hate the idea of Sheela or Lucy putting a vibrator or dildo in you before you have had my dick in your tight little ass.

Home, groceries unloaded and put up. Clothes in the dryer, towels, clothes and dish towels in the washer and now time for check messages and a short swim to cool off with.

(This was Keri's response to this piece. It is written for her. I hope you enjoy it but she is the important one for me.

Oh daddy, taking your man cock from behind, i want you to pull on my hair, treat me like a little sweet whore. I love you to spank my ass as you thrust your cock in and out of me. Looking over my shoulder at you as you begin to grimmace, knowing your cum will soon be all over me, i grin through a moaning mouth… " oh yess daddy… fuck me… fuck YOUR pussy, i want you to….. tease my ass daddy…. play with it… GODDD YESSSSSSS" as i feel my own orgasm sweep over myself. Waking up with you in my arms, on top of me, teasing my nipples in your mouth righ befor you slide into my tight pussy. Wanting more of you, not wanting this to stop, i feel you explode in me after i have covered your own cock with my juices.

In school, I do nothing but htink of you and what we will have in store tonight. Knowin mommy will be home and wondering if things will stay the same. Wondering if Mommy will notice that i have become your little toy, and no longer just hers. I run into Sheela in school… we tease one another about the other night of lovemaking. We hide in corners at school, kising and groping one another. She asks me if I have told you that she wants to fuck you too. I tell her that i haven't yet, but i know you will enjoy the thought of it.

After school lets out, I have my clas to go to. Staring at the clock, hoping 8:00 will come soon. Dreaming about how badly i want your cock back in my soaking pussy. One hand drifts to my beltline under my desk, i press into my mound over my clothes…. oh yes, it is ready for you to take again. The bell rings as i grab my books and head out the door. I wait with Shelly for her mom, teasingly chatting about you and me. She knows tha i will be feeling you in me later and wants to come over for a while. I call you on my cell and ask if she can, hinting without saying anything that she too wants to feel your man cock in her…… the phone rings………)

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