Sister taning Part 2

Sister taning Part 2

Involves bondage, lesbian, incest, pissing, and slavery.

Todd getting over his recent pleasure got his camera and was editing it while he heard the doorbell ring, knowing it was his sisters friend Ashley he got excited knowing what would be happening later that day he got a shiver run down his spine and carried on with the editing as he glimpsed out his window to see the two beauties lay their towels out and began their tanning.
The editing was done and Todd slipped the video in his sister’s collection as the two of them planned earlier. Todd then got some things from his room and hid in Courtney’s closet and text messaged her cell phone letting her know things were all set inside. Soon Todd heard footsteps and the chitchat of the two girls entering the house and soon entering Courtney’s room. Ashley was still in her swimsuit from tanning, the very thin light blue fabric covered very little but Todd couldn’t help imagining pulling the little string to Ashley’s side to drop the fabric to the ground and just devour her “so to speak”. So far it was going well Ashley looked relaxed and Courtney brought up the topic of sex with ease and it flowed almost like both girls smooth skin.
“So have you ever done anything kinky?” Ashley asked as she shrugged and sort of squeezed a smile in.
“Yea I did a few with things with this guy with handcuffs and it was really hot!” Courtney teased.
“Wow handcuffs, I’ve heard a lot of people use those, come to think of it I always imagined what it would be like to be handcuffed, in the good way not with police of course.”
Todd already having his camera out and recording noticed a small wet spot forming on Ashley’s bikini bottom.
“Well I got handcuffs if you want to see what its like” Pulling out a pair of handcuffs from underneath the bed and playing with them in her hands.
“Sure I’ll give it a try, not like were lesbians or anything” As Ashley stared directly at Courtney’s tight ass while she was getting her desk chair and Todd getting it all on film.
“Sit here” Courtney commanded
Ashley jumped off the bed with excitement causing her boobs to do a little dance for the camera and then sitting down on the chair while Courtney cuffed her wrists.
“Hmm I thought it would be more thrilling than this.” Ashley frowned
“Okay lets UP it a little” Courtney responded by getting some bathrobe rope and tying her ankles and waist and anything else available to be tied.
“Alright its getting hotter…. what else can we do?” Ashley replied
“A porno maybe?” Courtney said as she got the DVD labeled Tanning out and put it in.
“Yea that would work great what type is it?”
“Oh just a little home video” Courtney replied with a sly smile and moved behind Ashley on her chair. Todd also coming out from hiding but still being quiet put the camera on a tripod.
“mmhmmm” Courtney whispered into Ashley’s ear as she grabbed and groped at Ashley’s tits.
“Courtneyyyyyy what are you doingggg, ohhh that feels good, get off of me NOW thoooo uhhh.” Ashley said under her breath.

As the DVD continued to play giving many yelps and cries in the background Courtney moved around and sat on Ashley’s lap and slowly grinding against her struggling legs going back and forth while holding her face tight in her hands while she forced her tongue deep with in Ashley’s mouth. Ashley then realized Courtney had gotten naked by the feel of her bare cunt rubbing against her own bare skin and her boobs occasionally smacking Courtney’s also, wanting to break free Ashley went to push Courtney off but she realized she was still tied. Her hormones were taking over and-Ashley’s pussy wanted to be satisfied so in a half-hearted attempt she lied to get free “Let me out and we can get more into this” she said.
“Nope your stuck now, your our slave” Courtney laughed
“What do you mean …our slave as she looked behind her humping friend to see Todd, pants down stroking his cock and then a tripod to the left filming it all.
“What the fuck Courtney, I’m not going to be part of your incest love making let me out now!” Giving her a stern look.
Confused as why she wouldn’t want to do anything more sexually she caught a grip of herself and realized Ashley is now her salve, slapping Ashley across the face she said stern right back
“Listen bitch your mine and his – pointing to Todd – and if you don’t do what we ask you wont only be on the internet to the whole school but your parents and family will get to see your little slut body in getting it on with us with their very own DVD special!”
Tears forming in Ashley’s eyes, as she never had been yelled at like this by her best friend. “Okay… I’ll do it”
Todd then took Courtney’s place grinding his cock against Ashley’s pelvis occasionally poking at her pussy lips through the thin material already damp. Todd began to untie her bikini top and giving himself a handful of boobs and a mouthful also, Courtney moved around back digging under her bed again from where the handcuffs came from and bringing out a medium sized blue vibrating dildo and then proceeding to pull Ashley’s one remaining piece of clothing off now allowing Todd’s cock to actually come in contact with Ashley’s cunt giving Ashley short and sudden bursts of pleasure. Todd realizing what Courtney was up to got off his slave and thinking how good it was to be able to call a girl his slave. Ashley a little surprised that Todd was getting up looked around to see Courtney holding the vibrator in her hand and sliding her other hand under her ass finding then fingering Ashley’s asshole, Ashley jumped at first and then Todd stood over her legs and lifted her body off the chair as far as he could considering the ropes still holding her tight to the chair, Courtney slid the vibrator down her back crack until the tip reached the hole and she slowly continued to push it in until a few inches were left between the chair and her hole. Courtney looked at her brother and gave a nod to signify him to let Ashley go and as he did he slowly pushed her down ion to the chair causing Ashley to give a short but loud moan of pleasure as the vibrator pulsated inside her ass. Ashley looked up into one of her masters eyes and then down to his cock, “let me have it, I want it.” Ashley pleaded still gazing at the cock before her. “You want this bitch, huh? Well you better learn to keep your mouth shut until spoken to and since your mouth is so big why don’t I just shove this cock in it for now” Todd said followed by him slapping Ashley across the face with his cock and then putting it in front of her face in which she immediately put her soft lips around it and sliding it in and out getting it nice and wet with her saliva. Courtney feeling a little left out got down between both legs so she could burry her face deep into Ashley’s cunt.
Todd was getting close to cuming when all three heard the door open downstairs, Courtney and Todd gave each other worried looks as they both were in a real bad position but Ashley seemed not to care kept sucking away at Todd’s member. Courtney withdrew her head from the pair of legs and grabbed her bathrobe, “what do we do with her?” Todd asked while nodding towards helpless Ashley still tied up now noticing the problem once her suck toy was gone. “Take her to your bathroom, no one goes there except you since its connected to your room, I’ll go downstairs and distract mom and we’ll come back to our toy later tonight.” Courtney responded gathering clothing and throwing it into her closet and under her bed along with other things and then dashed out her room to downstairs. Todd grasped onto the back edge of the chair and tilted it back on its hind legs and then dragged it out and down the hallway and into his room then the bathroom. Ashley looking worried and realizing she’d be spending the night in a bathroom and that she’d soon be left by her best friend and her new master for quite some time quickly asked in a hush voice as Todd closed the door, “Todd what if I have to go to the bathroom?”
“Just ummm go there I guess”, Todd replied and going to close the door again.
“Oh Todd can you ummm… take the dildo….out?”, Ashley asked hoping to be set free of the unbearable pleasure. Todd looked into her eyes for a few moments then a big grin appeared on his face and before closing the door he mouthed the word “no” while still holding his grin to each ear. Todd grabbed a pair of pants and shirt then also rushed downstairs.
For Ashley it seemed like hours and hours had past along with many orgasms in which she lost count from the vibrator buzzing away at her ass hole. Finally the door to the bathroom opened and Todd came in to see Ashley with the cutest little out face on her face when she asked again for the dildo to be taken out. “Alright I’ll take it out” as Todd moved around back ran his hand down her smooth back and then went underneath and grabbed the end of the dildo and sliding it out. Todd moved back around and sat over Ashley’s smiling face, he truly had never seen any thing more beautiful and knowing she was his slave he could just not believe the series of events that had happened today. Turning the vibrator off he offered it to Ashley’s mouth, which she was feeling a little kinky and who wouldn’t, took it in her mouth like she had done to Todd’s cock before. Todd starting to get hard again withdrew the now motion less dildo and placed it by his sink, he stood up looked down at Ashley and she had already opened her mouth waiting for his cock. Todd withdrew his member, “I don’t want a blowjob, well not right now, right now tho I have to take a piss so open wide.” With hat Ashley looked startled but did as she was told and opened her mouth wide. At first little trickles began and feel down against her chest but as the stream picked up it was soon shooting deep down her throat with big gulps and then as soon as it had began it was over and she too felt the sudden urge to pee, “Hey Todd that was great, I’m so glad you’re my master, but now I gotta go?”
“Alright I’m going to untie you but you are not to leave this room unless I or Courtney say otherwise or make any sound. Also I am your master but I love the way you say Todd so you may call me by my name” Todd untied Ashley as she stretched and gave one giant hug to Todd who accepted with open arms loving the feeling of holding a naked women in his arms, “Alright, you said you had to take a piss? Just get over on the toilet there” Ashley turned and say down on the toilet legs spread and soon Todd was licking away as moans escaped her mouth,”Quiet!!!, my parents are home!” Todd said. Soon Todd was getting mouthfuls of urine, which unable to stand his first taste spat it out in to the toilet. “Nothing against you I just can’t stand that taste.” Todd said as he looked up into the unsatisfied eyes of his slave. Todd got up and got ready for bed while supplying Ashley with toothbrush and toothpaste. Once they were both ready fro bed he led her into his closet, which only had clothing hung on hangers. He also gave her some pillows and blankets and just incase he re-cuffed Ashley to a pipe that came up through the floor and into the wall towards his bathroom. With a kiss goodnight he watched as she got into a comfortable position and shut the doors behind her and then got to his bed which he dreamed of what had happened and what was to come.

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