Summer Night Part Two

Summer Night Part Two

I was still snoring softly when my bladder woke me the next morning. Sheldon had softened while we slept sliding out of my pussy. I could feel the sticky wetness between our bodies joining us long after our passions were spent. Now however he was hard and swollen once more pressing into my belly almost painfully. I wiggled my hips backing off Sheldon’s lap and hard cock so I might get up hoping not to wake him. I finally was able to slide off his lap completely. Turning what I saw froze me in my tracks, my bladder forgotten in the moment.

Our mother was seated on the chair across from the couch. Her nursing uniform was lying over the back of the chair. A small throw blanket covered her form from my view. I decided to try to creep past the chair my bladder once more asserting control. The chair was sitting such a way to where you had to go by it to enter the hall. The bathroom nightlight was on in the early predawn I could just make out the mirror in the bathroom.

Just as I reached the bathroom slipping in an airplane flew over the house its engine droning out all other sound. I collapsed onto the toilet my bladder losing it letting go forcefully I sighed as the pressure went away. Closing my eyes then I tried to figure out how to get out of the mess I had gotten us into. After a long moment the planes engine drone had receded. It was then I felt the warm hand on my shoulder. Gasping I looked up into my mothers eyes I was struck mute I didn’t know what to say.

There were no words for the moment instead I began to cry large tears of fear. My mother leaned in and kissed my cheeks then pulled me close. I was even with her flat stomach pressing into her. My tears making her warm skin damp, as they fell. She never spoke just stroked my hair for what could have been hours even though I knew it was only minutes. As I calmed down I became aware that all my mother wore was a pair of sexy lace panties and a matching lace bra. My arms went about her hips holding her close like a lifeline I was still so scared.

I finally heard her speaking drawing my mind from my fear I tried to listen. “…..only hoped you and Sheldon wouldn’t have to go thru this.” My words came now in a rush. “I am so sorry mom I just had to have someone last night.” I tried to explain myself. “I felt so empty and so….” Frustrated I gave up and sighed snuggling close once more to my mother.

Mom knelt down disentangling me from her. “Scoot forward so we can clean you up.” I moved so I was where she wished me to be. I heard the water run and then felt a warm washcloth caressing my pussy. It was warm and felt good so I leaned back letting mom clean me up. When I looked forward again I noticed we were eye to eye. “Guess we need to get you on some birth control Jaden.” Her words were soft but held an edge to them. “I just hope we are not too late.” It was then I became confused I had expected anger. When I looked into her eyes they held no anger only love, compassion, and I wasn’t sure but I thought I saw understanding there.

I took a deep breath thinking trying to keep myself level. “I am sorry mo….” Her finger pressed to my lips silencing me. “Listen to my words Jaden, I am not thrilled by this but I can understand somewhat.” My mothers tone did sound understanding as she spoke I listened intently. “I will tell you the truth but your dad can never find out.” She went on before I could answer as if she knew I would not tell him. “I have slept with Josh.” My eyes went wide as I looked shocked. “You and Uncle Josh? When, why……” My questions were coming faster then I could put words to them. She looked at me and shook her head. “When we were young back on the farm. Josh would play doctor with me then, well it just went further. As for the why it’s none of your business.” Her tone sounded final so I let it go.

I was relieved somewhat but still wondered where this was going. Mom watched me for a long moment then stood up. I wiped myself dry while she looked in the mirror I was feeling all jittery inside. “Did you enjoy it last night?” My mothers tone was neutral as she asked totally catching me off guard. All the while innocently adjusting her bra in the mirror. “Yes mom I did he felt really wonderful.” My tone must have betrayed something because mom turned to me with a grin. “Mind sharing?” Her words were soft, blowing me away all in one instant.

She leaned in close to me as I still sat there stunned. Her lips were like satin as they pressed into my own. I heard her moan when we touched lips it was like a shock had passed thru our bodies. She reached out cradling my face, she began kissing me in earnest. Her tongue slid past my lips to explore my mouth. All I could do was return the kiss my mind was screaming. “This is your mother” Over and over the words sped thru my mind till soon they blended together into a primal moan escaping my lips.

She broke our kiss her lips red and pouting now. “Go to your room I will be right there I think now I need to punish you.” Her words sounded mean but the glint in her eyes told me I was about to explore another world I had never expected to find. I got up passing by her to get out of the bathroom. I couldn’t help but let my hand trail over her ass. I could see her grin in the mirror as I left the room and quickly ran to my bedroom. Opening the door I walked in sitting on my bed I waited for my punishment. My nipples were hard at the thought of my mother touching me, at least I hoped she would.

About a minute later mom walked in and shut the door behind her. She had her nursing uniform over her arm she looked sexy as hell. Her skin was pale like cream with beautiful emerald eyes and jet black hair that curled as it reached her shoulders. Her breasts were bigger then mine almost a D cup and at 43 she still was a hot woman to look at. She was about 5’8 with trim stomach and hips the work at the hospital kept her in shape. She smiled as I looked up I could tell she had caught me checking her out. She did a small spin in place letting me take in her curvey ass as she came to a stop once more facing me.

I was a younger version of her it would seem. My breasts weren’t as big but they did a good job mimicking hers. As I sat there my mother began to strip slipping her nurses uniform onto the desk. She reached behind her and unhooked the bra she was wearing her breasts seem to spill out it on their own accord. Bending at the hips she slid her panties off giving me a wonderful view of her tits hanging like twin cones just for me. When she stood straight once more I looked at her shaven pussy and moaned. My own pussy was beginning to leak as my nipples grew harder if that is possible.

She walked to me and stopped just before we would have touched. I could not speak before such a beauty. I stood up as she reached out catching my face once more she kissed me. This time her tongue slid in with ease as she began to fully explore my mouth. My hands moved over her naked skin stroking her sides down to her ass. When my hands cupped her ass cheeks I could feel her pressing back into my hands. I moaned into the kiss my tongue though inexperienced began to duel with hers slowly managing to find her mouth and taste it.

I let go of her ass my roving hands pulled her in so close our tits began to press and crush one another. Her hard nipples were like twin gems hard and ready for me. My nipples were aching with need I felt her slide her thigh between my legs it felt wonderful. I began to grind my wet pussy all over her leg as I moaned into the kiss. Finally both of us panting mom stopped kissing me long enough to push me back onto my queen sized bed. I looked up into her eyes just before she knelt down on the floor. I could see a hunger there that I had never seen it made me shake in anticipation.

I felt her hands part my thighs as I lay there unable to see but the top of her head now. I felt her kiss the inside of my left thigh starting by my knee. She was working her way up my thighs slowly teasing me. Each kiss causing my body to shake dragging a moan from my lips. It seemed like hours as she moved up my thigh then I felt her kiss my pussy lips. My body jumped off the bed like a trapped animal. Her hands caught my hips pinning them in place then her tongue slid out stroking my outer lips teasing me brutally.

“Mom please….” I whimpered like a puppy the passion and lust in my voice making me sound so helpless. I started to whimper again when it happened, her tongue slid past my lips finding my slit. She began to lick my slit with long slow strokes. My arms with minds of their own caught her hair and held her in place. She traveled just to the edge of my pussy then reversed her lick this time when she reached the top she hit my clit. I began to shake and moan her tongue caught my clit now and began to flick over it with rapid little swipes. Each flick was like a jolt of electricity building my charge for orgasm. I was about to cum my whole body twisting into knots.

Mom slid her tongue from my clit down to my hole delaying my orgasm. Ignoring my bucking hips she worked on my hole. First she rimmed it then plunged in as deep as she could to scoop out my nectar. She was exploring the pink velvet depths of her daughter’s pussy. Slowly my orgasm began to fade in intensity leaving me with a dull ache. I was moaning continuously now my pussy pouring all the juices it could for my mother to drink. Now she surprised me once more moving her tongue to my clit she swiped it from side to side and up and down. I was in heaven I pressed her face harder into my pussy trying to drown her in it.

The sparks of pleasure were back, building swiftly once more. Her tongue was doing magic to my overheated clit. I was in heaven, I didn’t care if god came in just then, I was going to cum this time. My mom slowed her strokes to delay the inevitable a little longer. I about came unglued shaking in need it was almost painful. My pussy was throbbing in need to cum or die at this point. At that moment my pussy started clenching in orgasm. The feelings welling up from some primal spot mom had found and freed in me.

Mom had one last surprise for me, as I started to cum she slid her hand off my hip. Then she slid two fingers deep into my pussy. That was it I couldn’t stop it I screamed as the waves began to slam into me. “OH…..MO….M……IM…..CUMM….ING” Each wave was like a small orgasm in itself. This was so different from last night it was never-ending. I couldn’t even scream I was to busy trying to catch my breath. My pussy had collapsed on her fingers trapping them in my velvet vice. I was lost each wave made my pussy tighter as the rest of me grew limp.

My clit began to feel as if it were on fire it was so sensitive. I pushed at my mothers head instead of trying to draw her in I wanted her to let go. In the middle of my orgasm I noticed movement by the door. Looking in that direction I saw my brother standing in the doorway. He put his finger to his lips his eyes were wide as saucers as he looked over his mothers sexy body. I looked down his body to see his cock was hard its head purple with some precum already coming from the opening of it. My mouth began to water but I could see from his eyes what he wanted.

I pulled mom up my body, my pussy was still throbbing but they were only small aftershocks. Her face was covered in my cum it looked sexy as hell. I caught myself wondering what I would taste like. When she got up to my lips I kissed her with all the love I could. I could taste my cum it was sweet and warm. I wanted to thank her for the wonderful feelings she just gave me. Breaking the kiss I whispered into her ear. “I love you mom.” I began to stroke her sides caressing her as Sheldon moved in silently stalking the pussy he had been birthed from so many years ago.

The only warning our mother got was his hands on her hips. When he got in close I used my legs to part her own allowing Sheldon access to her body. I figured this might go a long way to thank her. Sheldon lined up on her then caught her hips to keep her still. I knew he had sunk in deep I could see it in mom’s eyes. They glazed instantly as she gasped at the pleasant invasion. Looking back she smiled at her son. “Hello sweetie I see you need mommy.” Her tone was so hot she was overheated like I had been moments ago. The only answer she got from my brother was a grunt as he bottomed out inside her pussy. I moaned at her words they excited me. Sheldon began to push in deeper I could feel his body stroking my thighs.

I watched as Sheldon began to fuck our mom. He was groaning with each thrust now. Meanwhile mom had got on her hands and knees so Sheldon could take her with more ease. I spun around sliding under my mothers body I stopped to suck her tits for a long moment. My tongue began to slowly stroke over her left nipple as I held it still. Each stroke would make her groan her nipple would harden even more. I switched to her right nipple repeating my licking on it till it was hard like her left one not wanting to miss anymore I moved lower.

I slid my head between my mother’s thighs to see my brother’s cock splitting her wide. My mother’s body seemed to descend as he stroked in and out of her now. I finally realized what was happening when I felt my mother’s mouth on my pussy again. I opened my mouth tentatively tasting her pussy. My first pussy ever god I liked how she tasted almost as much as I liked my brothers cock. Her mouth was taking its time this time not rushing me to the edge sometimes not touching me at all. I could feel her breath coming out in time with Sheldon’s rhythm.

I could feel Sheldon with each stroke into our mother his balls would drag over my face, almost as if to tease me. I finally managed to get a good angle on my mothers clit when my tongue snaked out caressing it she went insane. I heard my brother groan in pleasure his hips jerked. “Whatever you’re doing sis don’t stop.” I obeyed him and continued to attack her clit the texture was like nothing I had ever felt before. My hands moved finding her nipples I began to roll them with his strokes.

My mother was going insane I felt her body shaking then I heard her scream like I had earlier. Her clit was pulsing in my mouth as Sheldon did his best to keep a rhythm. I lost my grip on my mom’s tits, wrapping my arms about her hips I grabbed her ass cheeks to hold on for dear life. I felt her mouth once more on my clit attacking it with abandon. I couldn’t stop myself once more I found my body shaking this time the orgasm was longer and deeper I was dieing there was noting I could do. Each contraction was like a tidal wave washing more and more of me out into the sea of oblivion.

I was lost in a sea of cum, my mother was right there with me I could still feel her body shuddering with each stroke of my brother’s cock. I realized his balls barely touched my face now as I lay there. I looked up to see them pulling up against his cock with a gasp of effort I lifted my head and licked his cock as it slid out of our mothers pussy. I knew Sheldon felt my tongue because he slowed his strokes each one now going in deeper. I concentrated on his cock licking and sucking his balls and cock when I could reach them. I felt his cock begin to shudder then he growled.

I watched him slam into mom’s pussy in one final growl of pleasure. I caught his nuts in my mouth suckling them for all I was worth. Mom was moaning something about wanting his cum. I could feel the pulses rip thru his nuts as he groaned out his orgasm. “Mommommom……..argg…” He couldn’t continue instead he leaned forward collapsing on top of mom and me. He was kissing her back with abandon.

I watched his cock slide out as he held her shaking causing me to lose my grip on his nuts. I was mad wanting to keep them but then his cock angled down to my waiting mouth. I inhaled just in time for a second later another pulse of his cum sprayed my lips into my mouth. I leaned up wrapping my lips around his cock as the last spurts shot out into my waiting mouth. I didn’t want to lose a drop of his seed it tasted so good. I began to wiggle trying to get out from under them still not swallowing.

Finally Sheldon rolled to the side, mom rolled to the other side leaving me in the middle. I turned to mom moving about on my bed so I could face her face to face. She was covered in sweat looking wore out with a glow of contentment about her like a halo. I leaned to her lips kissing her softly when she parted her lips I shared what I had captured. Mom began to moan when she tasted her sons cum. We swapped it back and forth for a few moments before we both swallowed what I had been able to save. Turning with mom I looked at Sheldon he was stroking his limp cock and smiling. “You two look perfect together.” There was awe in his voice as if our show had somehow inspired him.

I lay between them panting as we looked at one another smiling some more. “Well at least I know I am loved.” Mom said with a grin on her face. Sheldon smiled leaning in he kissed me softly then mom. Each kiss was most assuredly not one a brother would give his sister or a son his mom. We all smiled again. “We need to talk about this kids. I think we will eat lunch and I will call in tonight.” Mom was smiling as she rose off the bed. We got allot we can do to keep busy I am sure. With that she moved to the door leaving the clothing where it was. I heard the shower starting just before I became lost in thought next to Sheldon.

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