Tale of two mothers. ch4.

Tale of two mothers. ch4.

Chapter Four:

"Mom! I don't have any clothes on!"

"That's all right, Henry. Mommy wants to have a little talk
with you."

It was late that night. Margaret had deliberately entered her
son's room without knocking, hoping to catch him in the nude. She'd
almost succeeded. Henry had just come out of the shower, but he was
still holding the towel, and he automatically covered his crotch with
it when the door opened. He now sat bashfully on the edge of the
bed, looking expectantly at his mom.

Margaret stepped into the pool of light cast by the lamp on his
nightstand. She'd dressed carefully for the occasion, in a crotch-
length negligee that clearly revealed her spectacularly voluptuous
body through the transparent fabric. Henry's eyes bulged as he saw
his mom's gigantic tits bouncing and jiggling. It was the effect Margaret
had desired.

She'd finally made up her mind to seduce her own son, to teach
innocent Henry the joys of sliding his stiff cock into his own
mother's cunt. Walter obviously hadn't been harmed by the intense
pleasure of fucking his own mother. She couldn't imagine that Henry
would be either.

"That….that's a real nice nightie, Mom," Henry said, blushing.
He was short and slightly built, with a cherubic face that made him
look even younger than he was. "It sure doesn't leave much to the

"Thank you, Henry. I guess I'll take that as a compliment. I'm
sorry if I startled you. Do you mind if I just stay and talk to you
for a minute?"


Margaret sat beside her son on the bed, trying not to look at
his crotch. "You know, you're getting to be a very handsome young
man, Henry. Why, you're nearly full grown now. It's been a long
time since I've had a really frank discussion with you about the
things you're thinking about. Deep down inside, I suppose I still
think of you as my little boy."

"That's okay," Henry shrugged.

"Henry, let me ask you a personal question: Do you think a lot
about sex these days?"

Margaret shifted sideways on the bed, her tits jiggling under
the negligee, staring at at him. Henry blushed and looked away.

"Well, yeah. I guess I do."

"I'm sure it's been quite awhile since you reached puberty,
Henry. But I've never really had a frank sexual discussion with you.
I suppose that's ironic. I discuss these things with clients who are
your age all the time." Margaret hesitated. "Henry, are you still a

"Jeez, Mom."

"You can be candid with Mommy, Henry."

Henry shrugged. "Yeah, I am."

"Have you had any girlfriends in school yet?"

"Not really."

"You probably wish you weren't a virgin, Henry. Isn't that
right?" Margaret squirmed closer to him, resting a maternal hand on
his thigh. "Do you have a lot of fantasies about fucking a woman's
pussy, Henry? If you'll excuse my language."

"I guess."

"And do you masturbate a great deal when you have these

Henry's blush grew brighter. Margaret thought she could see
something stiffening under the towel.


"Every day?"


"It must be very frustrating, Henry. On one hand, a boy your
age is equipped with a penis that stiffens easily at the slightest
provocation, that would like nothing better than to be rammed deep
inside a tight, willing cunt. On the other hand, how can you know
what to do with a willing pussy without special tutoring? Have you
ever really seen a naked pussy, Henry?"


"That must very frustrating." Margaret smiled, stroking his
thigh. "Henry would you do Mommy a special favor for you?"


"Would you take the towel out of the way, so Mommy can take a
look at your penis?"

"Jeez, Mom!"
"I just want to see if it's normally developed, Henry. See?
I'm very willing to teach you about sex, honey. I think it's part of
my duty to you as a mother. Don't be shy, Henry. Please."

Henry stared at his mother for several seconds, then shrugged
and took off the towel. Margaret shuddered as she immediately felt
her pussy growing very wet and hot. Her son's cock was already half
stiff, and it was extremely large. Despite his slight, boyish build,
he was every bit as incredibly well-hung as Walter.

"Oh, Henry. You've really got a big one."

Margaret slid off the bed, kneeling in front of her naked son.
She spread his knees to inspect his cock more closely, her mouth
watering with her need for cocksucking. Tenderly she cupped the
rubbery, half-swollen cock on her fingers, pinching the cock tip
lightly. Henry's prick immediately began to stiffen in rapid jerks.
Soon it was as hard as iron, standing straight out of his cock fur,
pulsing and jerking in front of her face.

"Oh, Henry. It really turns you on when Mommy touches your
cock, doesn't it? Does it feel good when your cock is all stiff?"

"I….I guess. This is kind of embarrassing, though."

"You don't need to feel embarrassed, Henry. I'm your mother."

Margaret wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock,
staring intently at the fat, red knob of his huge, stiff prick. She
kept staring at his cockhead as she jacked his cock slow and hard.
The piss hole opened up, emitting pearly droplets of cum.

"Your cock's leaking Henry. Do you think you've got an awful
lot of cum stored up in your balls?"

"I guess."

"It must hurt to have such a big, stiff prick and to have your
balls all swollen with a backed-up load of cum. Do you often have to
jack off several times in a row, Henry, to make your cock feel


Margaret tightened her fingers around his cock base. Then she
started fisting his meaty prick organ fast and hard, staring at the
tip of his cock ,watching the cum juice dribble out as she gave him a
fast, expert hand job.

"Is this how you jack off, Henry? Is Mommy's hand making your
big cock feel better?"

"Oh, Mom! Mommy!"

"I had a very unusual counseling case today, Henry. The boy's
name is Walter. He's perfectly normal in most respects, but he
happens to enjoy fucking his own mother. From what I heard, his
mother enjoys it too. I'm not sure how I should counsel him, honey.
I'm not sure that there's anything wrong with a mother letting her
own son fuck her pussy every night.

"When a young cock get hard, after all, it craves immediate
relief. Who but a loving, horny mother would be most willing to let
the boy shove his stiff, aching organ into her pussy, and relieve its
stiffness by shooting out a big load of cum? Do you think it's a sin
for a mother to fuck her son, Henry?"

"I don't know."

"Your prick is extremely stiff right now, Henry. I think you
enjoy the way I'm jacking on it. But I think what you really need to
relieve the extreme stiffness in your cock is some long, wet sucking.
I happen to be willing to put your cock in my mouth, dear, and suck
out your load of cum. Would you think it so awful if I willingly
gave a cocksucking session to my very own son?"

Henry didn't answer. Margaret jacked on his enormous prick
harder, making more cock juice ooze out of the cock tip. She lowered
her head, pressing her lips on his cockhead in a lewd, sucking kiss.
Henry sighed, his cock throbbing wildly. The wanton mother licked
and jacked her son's prick for several seconds, until the mushroom-
shaped crown glistened with spit.

"You do want Mommy to suck your prick, don't you?"

"Yes, Mom! Oh, please!"

"That's a good boy."

Her words trailed off as she again lowered her head, this time
sliding her son's fuck organ into her mouth. Henry had such a big
one that she really had to stretch her lips to accommodate it.
Margaret suppressed the gagging reflex, determinedly sliding her wet,
sucking lips onto the blood-beating hardness of his cock. She
stopped forcing her head down when she had over a third of his
immense cock jammed between her lips.

The horny mother started sucking, puckering her cheeks to
increase the suctioning pressure around his cock meat. Henry's prick
tasted very good, pulsing rhythmically on the roof of her mouth.
Margaret listened to her own slurping, smacking sounds of cocksucking
contentment. Her pussy creamed to the thought that she was actually
giving head to her own flesh and blood.

Margaret shut her eyes, concentrating on the blow job, on the
taste and feel of the huge cock in her mouth. She started sucking
cock much harder, her cheeks reddening with the intensity of her cock
sucking. Her tongue tirelessly swirled and laved over his hear-
shaped cock crown, basting it with spit, lapping up the salty cum
juice that oozed constantly from the little hole in the tip.

"Harder," Henry pleaded. He clutched his mother's head with
both hands, wincing as he felt the pressure building in his cock.
"Unggggh! Feels so good, Mommy! Oh, please, keep sucking my prick!"

Margaret sucked harder and harder, repeatedly almost gagging
herself with the pulsing stiffness of her young son's hard-on.
Eagerly she jammed her face toward his hairy crotch, trying to inhale
even more of his cock meat. The prick pulsed wildly, beating on the
roof of her mouth. Margaret's pussy ached as she thought of how much
cock juice would soon be spewing out of her horny son's tremendous
prick, spraying down her throat.

Shamelessly, the horny mother started bobbing her head up and
down, fucking her mouth with her boy's stiff prick. She tightened
her finger around the root, jacking his cock hard and fast. So much
spunk was oozing out of the piss hole now that she knew his orgasm as
only seconds away. Impulsively Margaret moved her left hand under
his hips, between his writhing ass cheeks, remembering a special
trick she knew to help a man really shoot off big.

Her son's asshole felt tight and hot. Henry yelped in surprise
as his mom pushed her left forefinger into his asshole, worming it
deep inside the rubbery-sucking ass tunnel. Then she started jacking
off his shit hole, keeping the pressure on his prostate. Her right
fist tore furiously up and down his huge, throbbing prick. Wetly her
cockmeat-stuffed mouth clung to his cock, sucking as hard as she

"I'm cumming, Mom! Oh fuck, cuummmiiinnngggg!"

The giant cock started spraying out juice. Hot gobs of rich,
salty jism blasted out of his boner, vaulting onto the roof of her
mouth, running down her throat. Margaret mewled happily as her mouth
was drenched with the salty outpouring of her son's cum cream.

It was rich and delicious, the best tasting cock juice she'd
ever sucked out of a cock in her life. Deliriously, Margaret clung
to her son's erupting hard-on, sucking and jacking on it, shuddering
as the cum juice sprayed onto her tonsils, giving the full belly of
cock milk she'd craved from the beginning.

"Oh Mommy! Mommy, that was so good!"

At last Margaret raised her head, letting her boy's giant prick
slide wetly out of her mouth. She looked up at him, still hungrily
jacking his hard-on. It was still extremely stiff, more than hard
enough to slide deeply into his own mother's cunt.

"You have a good cock to suck, honey. Mommy liked that as much
as you did," Margaret said. "Do you feel guilty about letting your
mother suck you off like that?"

"No. Not really."

"Because I'm willing to do it a lot more often from now on,
darling, if it will make your cock feel better." Margaret ran her
tongue around the corners of her mouth, lapping up the cum. "Would
you like Mommy to give you a good cocksucking every day, honey?"

"Y-yes, Mom."

"Your cock is still extremely stiff now, honey," Margaret
observed, lewdly fisting the boner. "I think you need to shoot more
cum out of your prick. Honey, sucking all that cream out of your
cock has made Mommy's pussy awfully wet and horny. Would you do
Mommy a favor, baby, and let me teach you about fucking now?"

Henry gulped nervously, nodding. The wanton mother rose to her
feet. She stared at her child's giant pussy-pleaser as she took off
the negligee, revealing her naked body. Then she stretched out on
her back on the bed, ready to fuck her son.

"I've got big titties, don't I, Henry?" She slid her hands up
her tiny waist, cupping her giant, stiff-nippled tit watermelons. The
contrast was incredible. "Would you like to nurse on Mommy's tits for
awhile, before I teach you about fucking?"

Henry nodded. He sprawled on top of his mother, his wet cock
throbbing on her thigh. Hungrily he lowered his face to her huge,
creamy-white tits, sucking one stiff nipple deeply between his lips.
Margaret groaned with pleasure, cupping his head, letting him slurp
on her tits as much as he liked.

"You like sucking Mommy's big titties, don't you, honey? Does it
remind you of when you were a little boy, honey? I'll bet you wish
you could suck hot milk out of Mommy's tits right now."

Henry nodded, going from tit to tit, sucking on her huge tits.
The joy of tit-sucking finally seemed to be too much for him.
Abruptly he raised his head, and then he made a clumsy attempt to
mount his naked mother, crawling up between her splayed thighs and
trying to put his cock in.

"Not so fast, darling," Margaret giggled. "Here. Be a good
boy, just kneel between my legs. Mommy will teach you all about

Henry obeyed his mother, kneeling, his giant fuck organ pulsing
over her dense, black-haired pussy triangle. Margaret wiggled her
hot little ass into a good humping position. She cocked her girlish
legs as high as she could, until her knees were nearly up to her
shoulders, and her dripping-wet, pouty-lipped pussy was wide open for
her son. Margaret took hold of his prick, drawing him forward with
it, nudging the tip into her gooey cunt.

"Go ahead, honey. Time to fuck your mother now."

Henry spread his knees apart, supporting his shoulders on
straight arms. He looked down, watching his cock going into his
mother's snug, clinging cunt. Eagerly he started to thrust his ass,
driving his giant cockshaft into her pussy. Margaret whimpered and
bit her lip as her wet cunt hole stretched to admit his cock.

"Oh God, Henry, you've got such a big one!"

Margaret released his cock, now that there was no longer any
danger of it slipping out. Instead she concentrated on her wiggling,
humping motions, doing her best to help her inexperienced son shove
his cock all the way up her cunt.

"Does it feel good, Henry? You like fucking Mommy, don't you?
Do you like the way Mommy's pussy sucks your big cock?"

Henry nodded. A fast learner, the horny youth was already
catching on to the rhythm of fucking. Henry flexed his ass cheeks,
driving his big prick deeper into his mother's pussy. Margaret
looked down again, excited to watch the meaty fuck pole disappearing
between the clinging, swollen lips of her very horny cunt.

"Now ram it in, Henry," she panted. "Don't worry about hurting
me. Mommy loves getting fucked with big cocks. Shove it in, honey,
right now!"

Henry collapsed on top of his horny mother, crushing her big
tits under his chest. His hips came down hard, spearing every inch
of his immense cock into the welcoming tightness of her pussy. Then
he started fucking his mother hard and fast, overcome with his own
eagerness, panting on her shoulder as he rammed his prick rapidly in
and out of her wet, spasming cunt.

"That's a good boy, Henry!" Margaret panted. She threw her
legs together, locking them around his back. Then she started
humping her ass in a frenzy of fuck passion, eagerly pistoning her
throbbing pussy onto his cock. "Unggh! Mommy loves your big prick,
honey! Ungggh! Oh, please, oh, shit, fuck me with it! Mommy's cunt
so horny! Fuck your mother, fuck your mother hard!"

Henry's dazed expression showed that he liked fucking his
mother's tight pussy even more than he liked having his cock sucked.
He started fucking harder and harder, his cock pulsing inside her
pussy, so long and fat that it easily reached her wom with every
stroke. Margaret felt like her whole body was burning up. Her pussy
sucked and spasmed uncontrollably, delighted to have a big, fat prick
like her son's to suck on.

"You're making Mommy cum, honey! Unngggh! Really hard now,
Henry! Move your ass! Fuck your mother just as hard as you can!"

Henry abandoned all restraint, feverishly pounding his erected
cockshaft into the gooey sheath of his mother's pussy. Then the
naked mother and son were humping in rhythmic unison, fast and hard,
oblivious to everything in the world except the intense pleasure of a
thick, long pussy-pleaser slamming in and out of a wet, tight, curly-
haired cunt.

"I'm cumming, Henry!" Their bellies were slapping sweatily
together, and the bed springs squeaked obscenely with the torrid
energy of their humping. "Ungggh! Harder, lover! Fuck your mother,
fuck your horny mother! I'm cumming, cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

It was one of the most violent orgasms of her life. Her pussy
rippled uncontrollably into orgasm, spasming and contracting around
the hammering cockshaft of her hung son's prick. Margaret could even
feel the cum in her asshole, the puckered little shit ring that now
burned and itched as her pussy undulated around Henry's skewering

"Oh, Mom! I'm cumming again, Mom!"

Henry started fucking harder than ever, his cock as hard as
steel, guiding his naked mother through the intensity of her orgasm.
Suddenly Margaret felt the cum juice flooding out of his hard-on,
spraying torrentially into her pussy. Deeply it blasted into her
cunt, soothing the itchy inner walls with a creamy tide of jizz.

"That's a good boy," Margaret panted. "Yes, you can cum in
Mommy's pussy. Go ahead, baby, shoot out all that hot cum!"

Margaret flexed her fucking muscles, shamelessly making her
tight pussy nurse every droplet of cock juice out of her son's
enormous cock. Henry kept fucking and cumming, draining his balls
completely in his mother's pussy. Then he sprawled flat on top of
her, his prick still stiff and throbbing in her cunt.

Where it belonged, Margaret thought. Where it would be a lot
more often from now on.

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