Tender Mercies

Tender Mercies

Like most young boys my sexual interests had me thinking of nothing but means for relief. I was just coming of age at thirteen. Gone were the days of electricity shooting up my legs during ejaculation. This was replaced by strong musky odors of sperm, the term unknown to me then. And it proved to be the all the motive I needed for me to stay up in my bedroom experimenting. But when my cousin, who was three years older than me came to visit we spent most afternoons riding our bikes to a distant swimming hole. It was then that I discovered that he too was as fascinated with his dick, as I was with mine.

It was near dusk as we rushed home for dinner. Our bodies were still dripping from our recent swim that we rode in silence enjoying the scenery of the hill country, and the cool breeze. I was a bike length in front of him, as we coasted down a winding road, when he finally broke the silence.
“Anthony, have you ever seen your sister naked?” he asked bluntly. Becky, my sister, was only twelve and though I’d never considered her in such a light, I did take it, for the moment, into account.
“No.” I answered as if we were discussing homemade slingshots. He rode up next to me and was silent, as if deep in thought before finally saying.
“I have …seen my sister that is.” I looked at him in disbelief but admit I was interested in his dialogue.
“Oh yeah!”
“Yeah! She was taking a shower the other day. I pretended not to notice she was in there showering.”
“Was she naked?” I egged on.
“Of course. I said she was taking her shower, didn’t I?”
“Well… how the hell do I know? She could’ve been undressing for all I know.”
“No. She was naked all right. Right down to her bare beaver.” He bragged.
“Wait a minute,” reaching for his handlebars. “Where was my aunt and uncle when this shit happened?”
“Up in their room. Dude, let go!” he steadied his bike then continued. “They go up to their bedroom every Friday and stay there till the next morning.” he sped up and then looking over his shoulder added to his obvious lie, “I bet’cha, she’d let us do her!” and flew down the road. As I pedaled to keep up with him I fought over the likelihood that he probably wanted to do my own sister. Jealous, but excited with the thought, I rode in silence as we wind down dark empty streets to my home.
Later that evening, up in my room, I asked Jonathon if he’d ever done his sister. I wasn’t prepared to believe anything he told me, but, at least we were talking dirty and that suited me just fine. He jumped up on my bed and began to recount, almost convincingly, how he had asked Joann if he could touch her. He claimed that she had agreed on the condition that he helped her with homework.

By then I was really hard. All I could think of was Joann, and my own sister in her bedroom next to us. My parents called to let us know it was time for lights out. Jonathon kept whispering about his sister’s juicy warm pussy and how slut-like she’d moaned when he fucked her up the ass. I was at the verge of both tears and exploding, as he described how she moved her hips up and down clenching her ass as he fucked her. As he talked about how many times he’d had her, he’d occasionally reach down to grope his erection. As he grabbed his shorts I could see what looked to be a sizeable dick in his hand. Then, as I broke my trance, he asked if we could masturbate and without waiting for an answer he crept over to the door and locked it and as he made his way towards the bed he pulled his dick out of his shorts. It was hard and bent to one side and uncircumcised. His reddish head looked like a small ball, like that my sister used to pick up her game of jacks. He pulled his foreskin back, as I pulled mine out, and then stood next to me asking if I’d like to touch it. With the condition that he’d touch mine in return. After struggling with who’d touch whom first, I reached out and tapped the tip of his and waited for him to do so to mine. Once done, I then grabbed it and began to pull back its skin. The feel of someone else’s erection in my hand caused my own to throb in my excitement. I could feel his hard muscle throb as I quietly stroked his thick dick. As he reached down to grab mine he moved closer to my face and whispering, told me to suck it. I looked at him but kept my hand clutched on his dick and asked if he’d keep quiet about it if I did. He climbed up onto the bed and straddled my chest and rose to his knees. Assuring me he’d do me next. I opened my mouth and took him in. I could taste the pre-cum that had begun to drip out of his dick as I sucked on it. He reached down and grabbed my hands and placed them up on his buttocks and began to thrust to me gently. I closed my eyes trying to think of his sister, or mine, but my stretched lips wrapped around my cousin’s big dick didn’t help much. I was turned on by the size of his dick, which to me looked to be seven or eight inches long and quite chunky. As I sucked, I could feel his ass clenching to his every thrust that I felt him buckle towards me, pinning me to the headboard. He pulled away and sat next to me, panting, and then took mine in his mouth. As he sucked his tongue slid up my shaft as he bobbed hungrily up and down on me. He gave it a few sucks and then as he held it in his hand asked.
“Anthony, if you let me do it,” he whispered. “I promise to let you do Joann.” I never really believed he’d actually let me fuck his sister, much less tell her to do so with me. Nor, that he’d even fucked her. But my curiosity, and the close proximity of his dick not to mention his hand stroking mine, got the best of me that I relented.
He had me turn on my stomach and then began kissing my back as he pulled my briefs down slowly. Once he had them past my ass he bent down and let a warm glob of saliva trickle down between my cheeks and then, splitting them apart, he let one more fall onto my opening. As the warm saliva dripped down onto my balls he pulled my briefs off. I felt him nestle himself between my legs and then lower his body over me. As his dick touched my ass I turned over my shoulder, hesitant, and told him I had changed my mind. He began to plead with me assuring me he wouldn’t hurt me but kept his hard dick pressed up to my ass. I could feel it throbbing violently up against me, which had split my cheeks and was pressed intensely to my opening. To soothe my fears he reached under me, and began to stroke my erection but I could feel him thrusting softly. I rested my head on the pillows, fearful but still excited, and closed my eyes.
“C’mon Anthony,” he whispered in my ear, “I won’t hurt you…promise!”
“Okay…but do it slowly.” I said, eyes closed.
He eased over me, and with one hand split my cheek then the other, and then carefully fell over me. As his dick popped into my ass I squirmed, which seemed to excite him more, but then felt the pain subside. As he thrust firmly into me I clutched the pillows feigning pain but was amazed at how warm it felt. I felt him press against me letting every inch slide effortlessly up my ass while he thrust gradually into me, grinding his hips, and moaning. He reached under my arms and held on to my shoulders as he pumped his crooked dick into me with firm, forceful, thrusts. After about a minute or so I threw my hips up to meet his thrusts, enjoying the wicked sensation of him on me. And when he let go of my shoulders to grab onto my waist, he pulled me up to him, and began to fuck even harder. By then I was on my knees pushing back to him as he grunted and moaned over my back. His hot breath swept past my shoulders as he whimpered and thrust. He had shot a load into me and was resting as I kept clenching my ass, as he’d claimed his sister had clenched before me. After he rolled off of me he fell on his back and was reaching for my erection when I noticed I had come all over the bed.
“Hey Anthony. Do you want to do me now?” he asked.
“I can’t…I already came.” I said. I really didn’t want to fuck him; in fact, I wanted him to fuck me again. The strong surge during my ejaculation mixed with the feel of his big dick up my ass was unbelievable. He rested a few minutes, while stroking my erection, and then moved closer to me.
“Can I do it again,” he asked.
“If you want to.”
He nudged my shoulder and had me turn on one side and then lifted my leg up over his hip. And without being told what to do next, I reached behind me and grabbed his rigid dick and guided him into me.

I never did get to fuck my cousin Joann, but Jonathon and I became very close.

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