The girls next door – chapter 5

The girls next door – chapter 5


“Oh shit” I said dropping to the floor
“What are you doing” Stacey asked, crouching beside me “who is she”
“She’s my girlfriend, she was supposed to be in Tennessee” I said panicking slightly.
“I’ll be back in a minute” I said and scrambled into the house, I hope she doesn’t hear all the fucking from the garden I thought to my self, I quickly slid on some jeans which I was sure weren’t mine and a t-shirt and dashed out the back door. I ran to my back door, opened it and went inside; I walked to the front door trying to look calm and opened it. Kirsty looked stunning, she was wearing a pair of black hot pants which left the rest of her long, tanned legs on show, I didn’t have a fetish over them but they were possibly the best legs I’ve ever had wrapped round me, she had a black and pink tank top on and her dark hair was curled into ringlets so it hung to her shoulder blades in loose spirals.
“Took your time didn’t you” she said
“Erm…..I thought you weren’t coming until tomorrow” I said back to her, admiring the figure in front of me.
“I thought id surprise you” she said folding her arms and pushing one hip out to the side.
Fucking surprised me all right, nearly gave me a heart attack I thought to myself.
“Come on in” I said, heading back in the house.
She followed me in and sat down on the sofa in the living room
So what have you been up to for the few days I was gone” she said looking at me curiously.
“Erm…nothing much….just chilling” I said, no way was I going to tell her about the neighbors.
“Oh….well…I’ve got another surprise for you, you know how the house next door is empty” she said
My heart was nearly jumping from my chest, I hoped she wasn’t on about the one that id just came from.
“Well my parents were looking for a bigger house and have decided to move in their soon, and I decided I don’t want to go to Tennessee, its crap and boring.

I was lost in my thoughts as Kirsty continued about her boring visit to Tennessee, what was I going to do, my girlfriend was planning on moving in next door and I was fucking the girls from the other next door.
“Wow…that’s great” I said not too enthusiastically.

There was a knock at the front door, I got up and went to answer it, it was Claire and Stacey, to my relief they weren’t naked, infact they had more clothes on than Kirsty. Wearing tight jeans and tight t-shirts, although their hair was still damp.

“I heard about your girlfriend turning up” Claire whispered, trying to get a glimpse of Kirsty.
“I’ll introduce you, but please don’t mention about us….yet” I whispered back as I made my way to the living room.

“Oh my god she is sexy as fuck, I definitely want to fuck that tight ass and suck on those nipples” Claire whispered when she saw Kirsty.
“Shush” I hissed back to her.

“Kirsty, id like you to meet Claire and Stacey, they just moved in next door a couple of days ago” I said.

“Oh….hi” Kirsty said, getting up to shake their hands, “I take it you are sisters, you look alike” she continued as they all sat down.

“So are you two related or something” Stacey said, pretending she didn’t know about Kirsty.

“Oh no” Kirsty replied “I’m his girlfriend”
“Lucky you” Claire said “she’s my girlfriend” pointing to Stacey
Oh shit I thought to myself they’re going to blab.
“Excuse me” Kirsty said in shock
“She’s my girlfriend, I fuck her like you fuck Rob” Claire said.
“So your lesbians” Kirsty said, looking confused
“No were bisexual” Stacey corrected her.
I sat in silence, my heart pounding, willing them not to tell Kirsty anything else.

“I’m sure I’m bisexual” Kirsty blurted out. “oops did I just say that”. I looked at her and she looked back
“First I knew” I said, just managing to squeeze the words from my throat.
“well I didn’t want to say anything straight away incase you didn’t want to go out with me anymore, and I wasn’t really sure if I was or not, I just fantasized about being with a girl, I’ve never actually had sex with one but I assumed I was bi because I thought of fucking them” she replied.
I was stunned, the girl I had been going out with for 2 years was bi and she never told me.

“So why tell me now” I asked.
“I didn’t mean too, it just came out when I thought of it, I suppose were finished now then” she said, looking slightly upset.
“No, not at all, what makes you think I have a problem with you being bisexual” I asked.
“Well I thought you wouldn’t like it if you knew I fantasized about other women.”

“Well would you like to find out if you are bisexual or not with me and my sister” Claire said licking her lips.
“Erm…I have a boyfriend” Kirsty replied
“Oh I’m sure he won’t mind if you fuck another girl…..will you” Claire said looking at me.
“Err…….no” I said nervously, wondering if it was the right answer to say.
“Come on, it’ll be fun, you never know you might like it” Stacey said standing up and taking hold of Kirsty’s hand
“Well…..if it’s ok with Rob” she said looking at me. I nodded my head; no way was I going to disagree to my girlfriend fucking other girls, especially Claire and Stacey. I just couldn’t believe that Kirsty was like this, and the timing was perfect, I didn’t need to worry about her moving in next door.
Stacey was stood with Claire; she pulled her t-shirt up which reveled her bra-less 40DD tits, Claire did the same to Stacey to reveal her 36DD tits. They then both turned to Kirsty and groped her tits through the material of her tank top, they too were 36DD, her top was pulled over her head and Stacey unclipped her bra and threw it to me as I sat watching from the sofa. Claire and Stacey grabbed a side of Kirsty’s hot pants and pulled them down to Kirsty’s ankles, she was standing facing away from me so all I could see was her bare ass cheeks, the left one of which bared a small love heart tattoo which I paid for on her birthday. Claire and Stacey turned to each other and pulled each others jeans off whilst Kirsty cupped her own breasts, they too were wearing no underwear. All 3 of them came over to where I was sitting and began lap dancing, each taking a turn to push their tits in my face and show me what would no doubt be on offer later as they bent over.
Claire sat on the other sofa with her ass over the arm, Stacey followed and dove into the pussy that was waiting for her, Claire pulled Kirsty to the couch and Kirsty climbed on, her pussy over claries face, Claire began licking the pussy placed in front of her, pushing her tongue in her slit and sucking on her clit as her cunt was being licked by her younger sister.
My 8” cock was aching as it bulged against the jeans I scrambled into so I unbuttoned and unzipped them and slid them off.
Claire and Kirsty swapped places so Kirsty was now licking Claire’s pussy and Stacey was licking Kirsty’s.
I was ready to fuck one of these horny bisexuals but I thought scene as though Kirsty didn’t know I was fucking the other two I would wait and fuck her first.
The temptation was driving me mad, I just wanted to fuck one of them, luckily it wasn’t too long before Kirsty and Stacey switched places so now Stacey was licking Claire’s cunt and Kirsty was licking Stacey’s.
I jumped from the sofa, pulled of my t-shirt and went behind where Kirsty was kneeling. I lifted her ass into the air and kneeled down behind her, grabbed my rock hard cock and slowly pushed it up her wet pussy. I began pounding my 8” rod up her pussy shaft, ramming every inch deep into her. I reached forward and cupped her tits as I plummeted my meat harder into her cunt, I was soon ready to cum so I slammed my dick into her a few more times and blew my load, my hot sticky cum filled her pussy as my cock stopped most of it coming out, I continued to fuck her cum filled cunt for a few minutes after, then realizing Claire and Stacey were waiting beside me to get a taste so I pulled my cock out and moved Kirsty from the sofa, Kirsty grabbed my cock and sucked my cum and her pussy juice from it whilst Claire and Stacey licked it from her pussy.
MMM….YOU TAST SO SWEET I heard Stacey say from behind Kirsty.
“Oh Rob….this sweet ass needs fucking” Claire said as she licked Kirsty’s ass hole.
“I’m not too sure about taking it up the ass, it might hurt” Kirsty said, removing her head off my cock.
“don’t be silly” Claire said “its not painful and it’s the best feeling ever, I’ll show you if you like, as long as you don’t mind Rob fucking me”
“Well….no I don’t mind…he lets me fuck other girls…..and id like to see it done to someone else first.

“Claire kneeled down and pushed her ass in the air, I knelt behind her and stuck my cock up her wet pussy to juice it up a bit then pulled it out and positioned it at her asshole, I pushed the head in which started to go in easier now that I’ve fucked her ass wide open a few times. I pushed about 2 inches in before her ass loosened, then I pushed the remaining 6 up. Stacey got under Claire and put 2 fingers up her pussy as usual and Claire told Kirsty to lie in front of her so she could lick her pussy. I pumped away at Claire’s ass as Stacey finger fucked her pussy, I continued pounding away, slamming my cock deep into Claire’s ass.
AAAHHHH…..YES…..YES…FUCK MY ASS….FINGER MY PUSSY……HARDER…IM GOING TO CUM…YES Claire shouted as both her cunt and ass were being fucked. Stacey pulled her fingers from Claire’s pussy as gush after gush of cum spewed out, Stacey made sure she had her mouth full as usual and kissed Kirsty, swapping cum and saliva back and forth.
“Ok…fuck my ass now” Kirsty said as she positioned her sexy tight ass in the air. I positioned myself behind her and started by licking her pussy, I slid 2 fingers up it and pushed my thumb onto her ass hole as I began slamming my fingers up her pussy. Claire lay under her rubbing her clit as Stacey dove back into Claire’s wet waiting pussy.
AAHHH….YES…..IM CUMING…UUHHH Kirsty shouted as she came, gushing her cum on mine and Stacey’s hands as we fucked and rubbed her pussy, I pulled my fingers from her pussy and sucked the juice from my fingers. It was sweeter than it usually was. I grabbed my stiff cock and pushed it up Kirsty’s soaked cunt, after a couple of slams in and out I pulled it out and positioned t over her ass, I pushed the head into her ass slowly as she gasped and moaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain. I slowly continued to push my cock up her ass as Claire fingered her wet pussy, tasting her cum and giving Kirsty a taste every so often.
Kirsty’s ass loosened up slightly as she relaxed which allowed me to push the rest of my solid dick up her shitter. She moaned and groaned as her ass opened up wide and took the whole 8” of my cock up it. I kept it all the way in for a moment so she could get used to it then I slowly pulled it back out so far before pushing it back in. she must have really been enjoying it as there was plenty muffled moans and groans coming from her as she licked Stacey’s pussy and fingered her asshole.
I quickened my pace, only to be met by louder groans as my cock ripped up and down the inside of her ass. Now that her ass had allowed the room I needed I pulled my cock almost out of her ass and slammed it back in, her head shot up from Stacey’s pussy and let out a loud moan of pleasure. I continued to slam my cock up her ass as Claire continued to finger her cunt.
I was about to cum again so I pushed my cock deep into Kirsty’s ass and made short hard strokes, cum gushed from my cock into Kirsty’s ass, load after load filled up her insides. I pulled my cock from her now gaping, cum filled ass and moved round to her mouth as Claire and Stacey moved round to her ass. Kirsty sucked the cum and ass flavor from my cock and seem to like the taste as she made sure their wasn’t a single drop left. Claire and Stacey licked Kirsty’s pussy and ass and sucked the cup from Kirsty’s ass, fingering and pushing their tongues up both her cunt and her ass.
“How was that baby” I said to Kirsty as I kissed her on the forehead.
“That was fucking great, we’ve got to do this again” she said smiling and panting whilst caressing her tits. I pulled her hands from her tits and licked and sucked each nipple as her ass and cunt were being licked, sucked and fingered.

We sat together in the middle of the floor for about 10 minutes, talking about sex and Kirsty agreed that she was definitely bisexual.

“Oh by the way rob, your mother and friend are in my house with my cousin, mother and father.” Claire said, obviously just remembering about the group sex we had left next door.
I too had forgotten about it and said we should go there,
“They’re fucking you know” Stacey said
“Are they…we should go join them” I said, remembering that Kirsty didn’t know about next door.
“Oh and by the way girls” I said to Claire and Stacey “Kirsty is moving next door on the other side of me so we can do this more often”.

We all walked out onto the front garden naked, the sun was starting to set as we hopped the fence to next door, the garden was empty so we went into the house, their was noises coming from upstairs so we went up and went into the room where the noise was coming from, it was the girls parents, ray and holly’s, room. Anna was lying on the bed on her side with one leg pointing in the air, my mother was towards her back, fingering and licking her ass and holly, was to Anna’s front, fingering and licking her 14 year old cunt. Ray was fucking my mother and David was fucking holly. We walked into the room sat on the bed, watching until they finished.
My mother was surprised to see Kirsty sitting there naked rubbing her clit and instantly took her to the edge of the bed and began licking her cunt and pushing 2 fingers up her ass, holly crouched over Kirsty to get her pussy licked, she too got 2 fingers up her ass. David had Anna bent over the bed and was fucking her tight 14 year old pussy and ray had Stacey on her back with her ass over the edge of the bed, he was pounding away at her ass as she rubbed her own clit and kissed Anna.
The room was filled with moans and the air was hot. I made my way behind my mother and pushed my cock up her pussy, it wasn’t tight like the younger girls, after all she had had a child, but it was still fairly tight, I pumped away at her cunt, jolting her forward as I slammed my cock hard into her pussy. I then took my cock from my mother’s cunt and climbed onto the bed, offering it to holly, she beep throated all 8” and sucked every last bit of my mother’s pussy juice from it. I moved back round to my mothers pussy and fingered it for a while before inserting the same fingers up her ass to lube it up a bit, I slipped my dick up her pussy then took it back out and began pushing it up her ass, it slid up quite easily and it wasn’t long before the whole lot was deep in her ass and I was hammering away,
AHHH..FUCK ME BABY….MAKE ME CUM I heard amongst the loud moans filling the room so u gripped my mothers hips and slammed my cock up her ass as hard as I could, which must have worked because soon after she was gushing her girl cum all over, I quickly pulled my cock out and collected a mouth full of her cum before moving up to her mouth and kissing her, we sloshed the cum around in our mouths as our tongues explored. Then I moved up to Kirsty who had a mouth full of holly’s cum, I kissed her, exchanging cum and saliva then went and done the same to Anna and Stacey. After I had a pretty good collection I went to Claire who was getting fucked up the ass off her father and kissed her, giving the cocktail of cum and saliva to her.
David and ray finished fucking Anna and Claire and we sat and watched the girls finger and lick each other for 10 minutes before deciding that we would sit on different sides of the bed and the girls could get fucked for 10 minutes before switching girl, of course the two girls who weren’t getting fucked would have to fuck each other for 10 minutes until their turn.
I sat on the bottom of the bed and got Anna first.
“fuck me up the ass please” she said as she bent over the bed, exposing her tight little ass above her sweet pussy, I fucked her up the cunt for a few seconds then stuffed my cock up her ass, slamming all 8 inches into this sweet little 14 year old, I picked her up and fell back onto the bed so I was lying on my back and she was sitting with her back to me and my cock up her ass, she bounced franticly as though I was a bouncy castle, her tight ass rubbing up and down my shaft felt great so I could imagine how she felt. The 10 minutes ran over to 12 before anyone realized and the girls switched round. I now had Stacey, I knew she would want her ass fucked, but when she came over she sat on the floor and pulled her legs up to her head so her pussy and ass were easily accessible. “watch what I do then do it to my ass” she said as she grouped all her fingers together and covered them with KY jelly, she then pushed all her finger tips into the opening of her cunt and slowly pushed her hand into her pussy until her whole hand was inside. She passed the KY and I lubed my hand and lubed her ass before slowly pushing my hand in her ass, it was quite tight but I managed to push my hand all the way in, almost deafened by her moans of immense pleasure, “now make a fist and fuck me ass with it” she said as she began to fuck her pussy with her own fist. I slowly made my hand into a fist and pushed it in and out of her ass, she was soon screaming again as she came, pulling her hand from her gaping pussy, I licked and sucked the cum flowing from her pussy and my fist pounded her ass. After everything was licked up I slowly removed my hand from her ass.
Claire was next and after seeing what her sister had just had done she wanted me to fist her pussy, I lubed my hand up and slowly pushed it up her tight cunt, it was soon up and I was pumping away at her pussy as she fingered her ass and tasted it every minute. I continued fisting her for the ten minutes and pulled my hand from her cunt.
Holly was the next to be pleasured; she had a big dildo which was about 3 inches in diameter. She placed this on the floor and sat on it, stuffing as much up her ass as it would take then lay on the bed with her pussy over the edge. I slipped my cock up her cunt and pounded away as she rammed the dildo up her ass, after about 11 minutes she got up, the dildo still stuffed up her ass and walked to the next person.
Kirsty was with me now; she stood in front of me facing away and bent over so she was basely folded in half. Her ass and pussy bulged out so I pushed my cock into her ass slowly until it was all the way in and began pounding away for 5 minutes. She then lay on the bed face down and pulled her legs open sideways as far as she could, her gaping ass opened even wider so I wasted no time, I licked around the rim and pushed my tongue up a few times before standing up and hammering my cock up again, almost splitting her tight ass in 2. The 10 minutes was up, a little too quick for my liking but I wasn’t going to argue. My mother was next; she spent about 1 minute pushing her fist into her cunt then she bent over and presented her ass to me, I pushed my cock in and pushed it further in as far as it would go until her hand stopped me going any further, I pounded away at her ass as she fisted her juicy pussy for about 20 minutes before we all lay on the bed, exchanging kisses and fingering every now and then until we fell asleep.

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