The sister act part 1

The sister act part 1

Even to this day I still marvel at the perculiar circumstances in which I lost my virginity. I recap it often, usually when I am finger-fucking myself, and I still contact those involved for a little 'reminisce' occasionally.

It started on a day in July. I had finished my GCSE examinations, and the senior year got about one and a half months extra summer holiday. The year above at finished their AS level exams as well, and so they had been on holiday for a week or two longer than us. This was okay for me and my sister, who were both quite social people and we seldom stayed in the house for days on end.

My name is Laura Marsh. I was sixteen at the time; I had just finished my GCSEs. I was about 5'10" and of medium/slim build. There was no way I was fat. I liked wearing tight tops to show off my breasts, one of my most treasured assets, and miniskirts to reveal my long, tanned legs.

My sister Emma had just finished her first college year and her AS-level exams. Her birthday was at the start of August, meaning that she was one of the youngest in her year, so she was still sixteen at the time, a fact that I plagued her with constantly during the holidays. "Don't go thinking you're better than me because you're older than me, wait, you're not anyway!" I would taunt. Emma had grown used to this by now and would roll her pretty eyes at me when I did it.

Emma was like me in a lot of ways, she had magnificent breasts that, since I was fourteen, had a very strong desire to suck on, and she liked to wear tops that paraded them. She wore miniskirts, but not with the passion I did; she prefered to wear tight jeans that showed off her perfect, slender butt, which I secretly had a growing desire to spank hard.

We were quite normal sisters, but we were very open with each other; we would talk about boys, puberty, fantasies or anything.

The day was a Tuesday the 18th of August, or as we now call it, Judgement Day.

Our parents worked full-time and because we awoke at around nine-thirty, we seldom saw them until around seven, when they returned from work. Just days before on the Sunday, myself and Emma had planned with two friends to take the bus into the centre of town and go shopping. However, today was raining, and we agreed that we would forget the trip if it was raining, and so, we had no prior engagement, although our two friends had called and told us that they would probably come around to our house later on.

Currently, I was sat on the sofa watching a cartoon that I wasn't paying attention to. I was watching the rain, hoping for it to clear up, when Emma came down the stairs, jumping the last three and landing so her miniskirt flew up around her belly-button, exposing her pink thong and beautiful rear-end to my wild eyes for a few teasing seconds. Oh, how I wanted to spank that behind.

Emma took up her usual spot on the floor and began playing with her new mobile phone. She was facing away from me and I craned my head to look up her skirt to get a better view of that behind.

I picked up some litter and walked the long way around to the kitchen. As I passed Emma, my eyes went down to her chest. She was not wearing a bra and her low cut top revelaed her pefect breasts to the world. I was getting horny just thinking about them.

As I entered the kitchen, I asked myself what was wrong with me; I had a secret liking for my sisters' assets, but until now, nothing more. I didn't feel like I wanted to rip her clothes from her luscious body until now.

I dropped the litter in the bin and retained my place watching the cartoon. Emma stretched and got up, placing her phone on the coffee table I had my feet on. She then went back upstairs.

Emma was very conscious of how she looked, and even though she looked great, she always wanted to maintain her sexiness. She joked once that she took pictures of herself so he could see if she thought she was still sexy. My heart skipped a beat and I picked up her phone, it happened to have a digital camera incorporated to it.

I entered the camera function of the phone and looked at her saved photographs. My heart began racing at the first picture; Emma's thonged butt in a closeup. I went down one; Emma fondling her breasts seductively. There were plenty more, and my panties were wet by the time I'd finished looking at most of them. Then at the bottom of the list, something caught my eye.

Pictures with the names, "Lra" and a number. There were about six of these, and I looked at each to see what they contained. To my horror, the first three were of me in the shower, and one of them, me getting myself off with my dildo! I was fit to burst, and looked at the others; there was me on my bed sleeping, although Emma had obviously homed in on some particular parts of me; a closeup of my own butt; and although I was mortified that my sister had these images on her phone, I felt a pang of pride, seeing my assets from a third person view for the first time.

My first instinct was to delete these imges, but what if Emma found out? It would be a breach of privacy on my part, but then again, it was a breach of privacy by photographing me! I decided I would confront Emma, but then it hit me; she was obviously taken by me, and a surge of excitement filled me. What if she felt the same way as I?

Before I had time to ponder further, Emma bounded happily down the stairs, talking to me as she did; "Hey Laura, Andrea just called. Her and Rachel will probably be around later!" Andrea and Rachel were our friends who were quite popular with the boys also, and during my current period of wetness, I momentarily thought of them with no clothes on, it felt good.

As Emma reached the bottom of the stairs, I clumsily put her phone back on the table loudly. Emma eyed me suspiciously and took the phone in her hand. Busted! I had left the photograph menu open. I looked away as Emma turnd off her phone.

I was waiting for a verbal assault, but instead, I was shockd to here the words, "Did you like the pics?". My jaw dropped and I was too stunned to think of an answer, so I said, quite plainly, "Yes." Emma giggled and stood back, looking at my crotch.

Only then did I realize my panties showing, and they were wet as hell! As I remoed my legs from the coffee table, Emma spoke again, more seductively this time, "Would you like some assistance?" After all this, my brain was dazed and I nodded a bewildered 'yes', and put my legs up on the table.

I saw Emma get on her knees and I then felt her finger brush from my shaved crotch to my butthole. I gasped and took in a lungful of air, still stunned. I was breathing heavily and swallowing loudly. This made Emma giggle. "Is this your first time, Lau?" She asked me, quite matter-of-factly.
"Y-yes," I gasped as Emma stood up. She looked around the coffee table and found a pair of scissors. Before I could think of asking what she was doing, snip! She cut my panties fight of. I felt the cool air go to my pussy soothingly and the scent of aroused girl fill the air. Emma took a long, slow sniff and moaned in pleasure. My pussy was going to explode.

"Whoa," she said before she progressed any further, "your clit is huge! You must have loved those pictures!" I nodded in stunned agreement and moments later I felt a warm, wet tongue drag across my pussy. I gasped loudly and moaned in pleasure. It stopped, and Emma giggled.

Before I knew what hit me, Emma had thrust her tongue right into me once again and was softly fingering my asshole with her finger. Her sucking and lapping was unbearable. I ran my hands through her hair and held her head in position. Then I felt it, I was going to explode.

"Emma, I'm going to cuuuuummmmmmmmmm, oh shit, oh fuck!" I half gasped, half squealed as I felt my love juice squirt out of my pussy. Emma continued lapping until all the juice was gone, then she looked up and smiled at me. "Happy?" she said, grinning.

But I was still extremely horny. I took her shoulders and pushed her onto her back gently, sitting on her stomach. "Not yet" I said softly. I repositioned myself so I was lying on top of her. I kissed her, and we atacked each others tongues for what seemed like minutes; I could taste my pussy juice on her tongue.

I slowly backed out of the embrace and went down, licking her erect nipples and softly biting them, then went down further, lciking her belly button. Emma giggled from this as well. I finally reached her crotch, and I cut her thong right off of her, and took it in my hand. I kneeled up so Emma could see what I was doing, and I pushed her panties into my face, took a long sniff and sighed. I licked off all of what I could get of her wetness, then dropped the thong on Emma's face, who sucked the remainder of the pussy juice greedily.

Emma grabbed her nearby handbag and fumbled in it, before pulling out a long, flesh-coloured dildo, thick and at least twelve inches long. I took it from her ad slowly jammed it inside her. She gasped, "Ohhhhh!" and I bent the other side around and placed it inside my own pussy.

I had a dildo upstairs so I was no stranger to cocks, and obviously nor was Emma. We both leaned into the rubber cock and gasped in unison. It was then I realized we were still clothed. I removed my low-cut top as did Emma, and we both stared in awe at our wonderful breasts, before removing our miniskirts and completeyl discarding our clothes. I was only left with my mutilated panties and around my waist.

I removed the dildo from Emma and bent down to lck her, ad immediately got a headrush. This was my first lesbian experience of my life, and I decided right there, definately not the last. My tongue went down into Emma's hole and I flicked it agains her clit. I continued doing this upon hearing the pleasurable squeals and moans. Emma was moaning about cumming now, and I quickly removed the dildo from my own pussy and took it in my hand. I spat against Emma's asshole and jammed the dildo inside. My pretty face was one of shock, surprise and ecstasy as Emma's orgasmic wailing filled my ears and a load of hot pussy fluid flowed freely into my face. I lapped up every bit, not wanting to waste a drop of the delicious elixir.

Almost immediately, I sat up and directed the opposite end of the dildo into my own pussy. Emma's body was still spasming in ecstasy, but she redirected the dildo from her ass to her pussy, and we entered a scissor formation, grinding our cunts together, grunting in pleasure as we did, with the loud wet sound of pussy on pussy filling the air.

It was like magic, and we were both finger fucking the other one, so me and Emma came at almost exactly the same time. The juice flowed freely and we lay on our backs, panting and grunting in pleasure as our pussy juices splashed our wet crotches.

We both looked up and grinned at each other. We were far from done. We knew what we were doing to do next. Emma repositioned her end of the large rubber cock into her ass, gasping as it went in, as did I. We got to our knees facing away from each other and got on all fours, swinging back and forth madly. It hurt to begin with, but soon, we were both screaming in pleasure. I was double-horny just from hearing mine an Emma's perfect asses banging agaist each other, the dildo going in and out, in and out.

As I thought this could not get any better, Emma's finger found my cunt, and she began tickling it playfully. I responded and we were soon giggling, gasping and moaning orgasmically in unison. We both came at that second as well and pussy juice was all over our floor. I panted loudly and laughed. Emma however, had stopped. I looked around at her and my expression changed from extreme pleasure to extreme dread, embarressment and fear. Andrea and Rachel were looking through the window, their pretty faces contorted to masks of surprise to see me and my sister at it like rabbits on the floor of our living room.

"Oh shit!" I thought to myself, already feeling queasy, "Now we're toast!".

To Be Continued!

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