The Sister Act part 2

The Sister Act part 2

The ecstasy I had been feeling had now turned to an immense feeling of horror. Rachel and Andrea were gaping through the window at Emma’s and mine entwined bodies. Emma was quick on the ball, she rushed to the door and ushered our two stunned friends inside before they could make a scene. I couldn’t bear to look at them for shame, and I blocked out everything that was being said. What would happen when people found out? What would our parents say? I looked up in dread of what I would see, and what I saw shocked me.

Andrea and Rachel were smiling? “What is this?” I thought to myself, “Some kind of joke?”. I watched in amazement as Emma leaned over and kissed Andrea, who seemed to enjoy it immensely. Rachel cleared her throat to start her explanation.

“Okay, Laura. We should come clean.” Rachel began.

“I was confused as I was embarrassed just moments ago.

“The truth is, this is not new to us. Us three have enjoyed a nice number of threesomes together in recent months.”

Andrea giggled.

“It was Emma who proposed we try and uh,” Rachel searched for a suitable word, “convert you.”

This was confusing. Had I been tricked? Or simply enlightened to my own sexuality?

“We figured having an extra body would add to the thrill. Of course, we didn’t really know how you’d react. Today was like Judgement Day.”

There it was. The whole reason for Judgement Day.

“It turns out we made a good choice, didn’t we?”

I was just confused. Tricked? Deceived? Lied to? All these words sprang to my mind, although I didn’t feel angry. I felt quite the opposite. I knew I would learn to enjoy our little gatherings.

So what do you say, Laura? You want to join our little ‘society’?”

I thought about it for a while… about a millisecond. As an answer, I walked over to Rachel and wrapped my lips over hers. She reacted immediately, and our warm tongues met and entwined. At this point, Emma reached over and started rubbing my pussy. It felt great to try a foursome for the first time. Emma retracted her hand and stood up.

“Shall we go upstairs?” She asked with a cheeky grin.

Andrea stood up the two ran up the stairs immediately. I continued kissing Rachel and for the first time took notice of her clothing. She was wearing a short skirt and a short top. This made me even more wet.

I slid my hand up her knee and up her skirt. I started rubbing her pussy through her wet panties, a procedure I could tell she enjoyed from her pleasured groans. I released my kiss and immediately pulled her top off, exposing her breasts. It was no secret that Rachel hated bras.

I leaned in again as Rachel finished discarding her skirt. Sitting there wearing nothing but dripping wet panties turned me on loads. I was ready to go. It was only my first lesbian experience, but I felt like I had years of experience.

Before I went in, I took a second to admire the view before me. Rachel was a slim 16-year-old like myself. She had brown hair that she’d usually wear up in a new style. Today was no different. Her breasts weren’t huge, but they suited me! She had a pretty face with no spots or freckles and she was always wearing her big grin, which always had a seductive air about it. Now I knew why!

From upstairs we heard a squeal of laughter from one of the girls. I wanted to join them.

“Shall we?” I asked.

“I have a better idea, actually Laura.” Rachel purred.

Rachel leaned forward and bent me over. She positioned her knee and I knew what was going on. I rested my stomach on her knee and she delivered a small spank to my ass. It sent shivers up and down my spine and I turned to her and grinned.


Another spank, but harder this time. I moaned softly.


This one was harder still, and I responded with a harder moan.


This one hurt, but it was very erotic. I groaned and begged her not to stop. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!

“You like that, huh?” Rachel asked in a menacing voice.

“Oh yeah, I love it,” I responded, half murmuring.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! I felt my ass beginning to redden, and it only made me wetter.

SLAP! SLAP! I moaned longer and deeper, I was in heaven. Rachel giggled and pushed me gently off her knee and began running her hands along my ass. Still bent over, she shocked me by dragging her finger over my asshole. As I gasped, she moved in for the kill.

I felt Rachel’s warm tongue slide over my butthole and I shivered with excitement. Her fingers went to work in my pussy and I couldn’t hold it in any longer, I came over her, my pussy juices leaking onto her pretty face. She squealed with delight.

She stood up and beckoned me upstairs to follow her. I was more than willing. We entered our bedroom where we saw Emma and Andrea engaged in a 69. Andrea looked up from her pussy munching and rolled off of Emma. Andrea had brown hair with blonde highlights and was tanned and extremely fit. Her clothes I didn’t notice; they were all on the floor, forgotten, along with Emma’s.

My sister reached into her bedside drawer and took out something. She passed it to Andrea who held it behind her back whilst grinning at me. Rachel joined her companions and prepared to make another announcement.

“Laura, it’s time you were inducted to our little group…” she began. “It’s a fairly simple process and we think you’ll like it a fair bit.”

I felt a wave of excitement surge over me as I waited for more information on this “Induction”. I hadn’t noticed that Emma had discreetly walked beside me and behind me. A heard a metallic snap behind and instinctively turned around to see what was going on. My hands however, were bound in handcuffs. I looked at Emma who was grinning seductively. She raised the key and tossed it aside. From either side, Rachel and Andrea grabbed my arms and pushed me onto the bed. One of them grabbed my handcuffed hands and wrapped the chain around one of the corner bedposts quite tightly. I could feel my pussy getting red hot.

Andrea jumped in immediately and thrust her face into my crotch, extending her tongue into my pussy and lapping up all the juice that had amounted. Rachel climbed onto the bed and squatted over me, revealing her wet pussy to me. I opened my mouth and waited hungrily for her pussy. She kneeled lower until her pussy was centimeters away from my mouth. I could smell her juice and that only made me hungrier. She dropped more and I sank my tongue in, using it to explore all around her wet cunt. She moaned in ecstasy and I knew I was doing well.

Elsewhere, Andrea’s cunt lapping was halting infrequently to make way for her pleasured gasps. I looked over to see Emma ramming her crotch up against Andrea’s ass. She grinned at me and pulled out far enough for me to see her strap-on black dildo. She didn’t waste any time in continuing to drill Andrea’s ass with it. In no time at all, she was squealing in orgasm. The groans from Andrea made Rachel even hornier and she started moaning as my tongue went to work up her slit.

Rachel finally came with an almighty groan, the pussy juice leaked onto my face and into my mouth. Before swallowing the juice, I gargled it for a second that made the other three girls laugh. Rachel then climbed off of me, as did Andrea. The next thing I knew was that Emma was parting my legs and ramming her huge dildo into my cunt.

I had a dildo myself, but feeling someone on the other side was incredible. Emma’s thrusts were quick and plentiful. I arched my back and moaned as I had another terrific orgasm. Emma withdrew just before and had her face buried in my crotch. As I finished cumming, she raised her head and her face was wet with my juice. Rachel pushed her onto the bed next to me and licked all of the juice from her face.

Andrea was now knelt over me holding a blue dildo. Where were they all coming from? She said nothing, just fed me the rubber cock right into my mouth. I sucked away and she pushed it deeper down my throat. I started to choke but my arms were fastened in the cuffs so I couldn’t do anything. I tried moving my head to the side but Andrea just pushed it deeper. I felt panic, but at the same time it felt strangely orgasmic. As I started to cough, Andrea withdrew the rubber cock and rammed it up my cunt, using my own saliva as lubricant. I gasped in pleasure as Andrea pumped away.

Rachel and Emma were next to me on the bed in a wet 69. Seeing this, Andrea repositioned herself over me in a 69 position. I munched her pussy and in minutes she released a stream of cum onto my face. This prompted me to cum once again and I could feel Andrea’s tongue inside me, licking me dry.

With an almighty orgasmic squeal from Emma, we all finally stopped, panting heavily. Emma and Rachel stood up and Andrea crawled off of me. They giggled and looked at me, helplessly handcuffed to the bed. Rachel grinned and spoke.

“Now for the final part of your induction, Laura.” She said slowly and seductively with a wink.

Andrea and Emma grabbed my legs and held them apart. Rachel bent down and picked up the discarded black dildo. It was noticeably thicker than the others and a lot longer. I knew what was coming.

FUCK!” I yelled as Rachel jammed it right up my hole. I threw my head back and screamed in pleasure. I could feel it going up and in. I tried to reposition my legs but they were held firmly in place. Emma and Andrea were holding them with one hand and masturbating with the second hand.

Rachel looked at me and just pushed the dildo in harder. I didn’t know how much more I could take, but Rachel still kept pushing. I looked down and there was only about 3 inches left showing. I was in ecstasy, and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I arched my back and Rachel must have sensed this as the time I was about to cum. Emma and Andrea released my legs and knelt down next to Rachel in front of my crotch.

“OH FUUUUUCCCK” The orgasm forced a stream of juice out with so much force, it squirted into Andrea’s face. I shouted in pleasure as a second blast of cum shot out directly into Emma’s mouth. She swallowed it and I came one final time and even more juice dropped out than the last two combined. All three girls buried their heads deep into my crotch and lapped up all my juice.

“Oh shit, oh shit,” I panted. And it was over.

Emma picked up the handcuff keys from the floor and unlocked me. This was the start of a long, healthy relationship I could tell!

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