Tornado Twins

Tornado Twins

"I don't like the looks of this, Two."

14-year-old Alex Pento was standing on the steps of their dad's northwoods
cabin, looking up at the puzzling purple/black sky, while his twin brother
Aaron stood near the living room window, watching the wind lash angrily at
the tops of the trees. The air buzzed with the electric promise of
impending storm.

They were up north, visiting their dad, who was still at work and wouldn't
be home until late that night. The day had been picture perfect — sunny
and warm — they tromped through the generous pine forest, waded in
streams, explored the surrounding hills — they couldn't have asked for a
nicer day. Then around four that afternoon, the sky changed colors, the
wind picked up, and a sudden drop in temperature sent them hiking quickly
for home.

By the time they got back to the cabin, the sky was a worried black,
thunder rattled in the distance, and the swirling afternoon atmosphere was
filled with static and leaves. They were in for a big one.

Aaron stepped back from the window and let the curtains fall back against
the wall.

"Maybe we should get some candles together in case the power goes out."

His brother didn't answer. He was too busy looking at the sky, scanning
for funnel clouds or anything out of the ordinary.

"Hey, One," Aaron called, trying to get his brother's attention.

Alex turned and looked at him.

"Sorry. Got lost there for a second. Candles. Right."

They rummaged through their dad's kitchen drawers and came up with four big
emergency candles and a large box of kitchen matches. Accustomed to lodge
living and the rough weather that sometimes came with it, the boys' father
was well-prepared for sudden emergencies. Alex grabbed a portable radio
and Aaron rummaged around under the sink until he found the big emergency
flashlight. He flipped it on to check the battery. A flash of bright
light confirmed that it was fully charged and ready for use.

"Maybe we should head down to the cellar," Alex said. "The radio says
tornado warning. One touched down about nine miles west. I can't see
anything out there yet, but I guess we better play it safe."

"Fine with me," Aaron answered, heading for the front door. The flipped
the lights off inside the cabin and stood on the front steps. The wind was
howling strongly now, ripping through their hair, tearing at their jackets.

"Holy shit," Alex laughed as the wind nearly knocked him off his feet.
"Let's get the hell out of here!"

Aaron laughed too as they jumped down the front steps and ran to the side
of the cabin in strained slow motion, their bodies pushing against the
force of the wind. They reached a small trapdoor extending from the side
of the cabin, leading down into the small, unfurnished cellar. Alex pulled
it open and jumped back in amused surprise as the wind caught the long
aluminum door and nearly ripped it out of his hands.

"Wow," he yelled as they hurried down the steps and pulled the trapdoor
shut behind them. "I almost lost an arm."

"Yep," his brother nodded. "Nasty shit, One."

The nicknames were a family joke. Alex had been born a whole seven minutes
before his brother — earning him the title "One." Upon his arrival, the
doctor shouted out, "That's One!" Their mother, even through the pain and
strain of childbirth, had thought the comment was hilarious, and cracked up
laughing on the spot. Well, laughing and pushing and screaming, actually.

Then when Aaron came out, the doctor shouted out "That's Two!" Their
mother pushed and groaned and laughed again…and the nicknames took hold.
They were used frequently, and always with smiles, for years. And when
their parents stopped referring to them numerically, the names stuck with
the boys, and between the two of them, in casual conversation, they
frequently reverted to the familiar, happy One and Two.

Flipping on the flashlight beam, Aaron scanned the room for a light switch
or a hanging light bulb chain. He found one, dangling down from the
ceiling, and reached up to give it a tug.

"Nothing," he said, as the tiny chain clicked an empty effort. "Power must
be out already. Either that, or the bulb's too old."

"Guess we're stuck in shadow land," Alex shrugged, lighting a couple of
candles and standing them upright on the floor.

The boys looked around their dad's storm cellar. There wasn't much to see.
A few dusty shelves lined one wall. There were pillows and sleeping bags
— jugs of emergency water — packs of batteries — also very dusty. Aaron
took the bedding down and shook it out a little, coughing slightly as
specks of dust rose up and danced across the beam of the flashlight. He
spread the sleeping bag out on the smooth cement floor, and the boys sat
down, picnic style, to wait out the storm.

"How long do you think we'll have to stay down here?" Aaron asked.

"Ack, not too long," his brother replied. "These things blow over fast."

They weren't too worried. Living in Minnesota all their lives, they were
used to bad weather and sudden storms. Tornado season was nothing new. A
trip down to the basement or cellar wasn't uncommon a couple times a
summer. However, this was the first time they'd been down in their dad's
cabin cellar and they were curious to see what it looked like.

"Check it out," Alex said, directing the flashlight beam a little higher on
the shelf. "Looks like there's some magazines up there."

"Good — at least we'll have something to read."

The radio was nothing but weather reports and emergency warning tones.

Alex moved in closer to examine their find. On the top of the highest
shelf, tucked way back into a corner, a stack of twenty magazines sat,
gathering dust, apparently long forgotten by their dad, or perhaps the
cabin's former owner.

Standing on a large toolbox he found in the corner, he reached up and
grabbed the dusty stack, carrying them down to the sleeping bag and
spreading them out for a closer look.

"Holy shit!" he grinned. "This is all gay stuff!"

Sure enough, it was.

His brother's mouth dropped open as the two boys looked at the titles of
the magazines in front of them. "Man Toy." "Hung." "Huge." "Hot Cock."

Aaron's eyes were wide. "Jesus, One…you think these are dad's?"

Alex shrugged. "Beats me," he said. "Why would dad have a bunch of gay

Aaron shook his head. He flipped open one of the covers.


The two boys stared in awe at the contents of the magazine. Two muscular
jocks were going at it, big time, in an eight-page locker room photo
spread. The twin boys gulped and stared and continued to move the
flashlight up and down the pages as they anxiously scanned from pose to
pornographic pose..

"Wow," Aaron whispered. "Awesome."

"Yeah," his brother agreed, eagerly turning the page, hungry for more.

They saw it all — the first jock on his knees, his mouth open wide,
swallowing the huge, erect member of his buddy….his face a contorted
grimace of pure pleasure.

"Look how big that thing is!" Alex exlaimed. Compared to his own four
inches, it was a monster.

Then on the next page, one photo buddy bent over the other one's chest,
sucking on his nipples, his hand reaching down to fondle a couple of hairy
balls the size of ostrich eggs.

"Man," Aaron whispered in admiration. "Those things make mine look like

Both boys laughed.

And on the next page, the boys were shocked to see one of the jocks sliding
a tongue up the other one's asshole.

"Ewwww!" Alex grimaced. "That's so gross!"

His brother grinned. "But I bet it feels good!"

Both boys tugged absently at their crotches as they continued to look at
the pictures, growing stiff and uncomfortable, adjusting their boners.

"I gotta take my pants off," Aaron said. "I'm getting major wood looking
at this stuff."

"Me too," his brother laughed. "Guess we're a couple of homos, huh?"

The boys smiled at each other knowingly. They were twins, after all.
They'd jacked off together a few times — talked about sex — compared
dicks — nothing major. They weren't embarrassed to see each others'
equipment. They'd seen each other naked before. Shyly given each others'
dicks a few quick touches a time or two. Certainly not to the point of
cumming…but enough that they were comfortable now, removing their pants
and sitting next to each other, naked from the waist down.

Up the stairs and on the other side of the trapdoor, the wind continued to
howl. The radio continued to blare out warnings, telling people to stay
indoors and seek immediate shelter.

But shining their flashlight and looking at the unexpected treasure of
pictures they'd found, the boys' young cocks were rising enthusiastically,
and the weather was the last thing on their minds.

"I wonder what that feels like," Aaron said, pointing to a picture of one
guy sliding his tongue across the head of another guy's engorged
penis. "Would you ever let somebody do that to you?"

"Try it and see," his brother grinned lustily, nodding down to his own
straining erection.

"You serious?" Aaron grinned. "You want me to suck your thing?"

Alex smiled. "First time for everything," he said, laying on his back and
stretching out on the sleeping bag, fondling himself lightly while his
brother made up his mind.

Aaron looked at him hesitantly for just a second, then shrugged, then
leaned down over him to taste his brother's cock. He gave it a few shy
licks, just to get used to the musky scent of Alex's sparsely haired pubic
area. Neither of the boys had much hair yet, but Alex's was a little
darker and grown-in than Aaron's. It didn't smell bad. Just sweaty…and

After deciding nothing down there was too dangerous, Aaron slid down on his
side and took his brother into his mouth fully, with more confidence.

"Oh — oh wow," Alex gasped, feeling the heat of his brother's mouth
surrounding his pink mushroom head. "That's awesome, Two."

With skill and enthusiasm he didn't even know he had, his brother worked
like a champ, using his tongue to tease the head with wide, prodding
circles. While he licked and sucked, Alex coaxed him to lay down further,
side by side, head to toe, in a first-time sixty-nine position — the only
position that seemed natural.

And it worked just fine.

His brother's cock slid into his own eager mouth effortlessly, and soon the
two boys were loudly slurping and moaning in pleasure as they ate each
others' cocks and fondled each others' hairless balls. They stopped once
in awhile to shift positions, grabbing more of the magazines and laying
them next to their heads so they could look at the pictures and enjoy their
sex play at the same time. The candles and the flashlight offered dim
viewing, but close up, they could make out the shapes of the much larger
men in the magazine, duplicating their own urgent mouth movements.

Alex was the more aggressive of the two, bucking his hips and shoving his
cock deep into his brother's throat, making him gag occasionally as his
hard boyhood slid firmly and wetly in and out of the small groaning mouth.

Aaron enjoyed thrusting more gently, pulling out almost all the way before
pushing back into his brother's mouth with a slow, steady movement.

Both boys were close to cumming in minutes. The combination of the
magazine photos and the oral stimulation was too much to bear much longer.
They both slowed down, neither one of them willing to have it end too soon.

"Wait," said Alex, removing his mouth. "How 'bout trying to fuck me?"

"Serious?" asked Aaron? "You mean in your ass?"

"No," Alex said, rolling his eyes. "In my ear, buttwad."

Both boys grinned and Alex got up on his hands and knees, reaching behind
himself and spreading his butt cheeks apart the way he'd seen it on the
page he'd been studying.

Aaron spit down on his cock and started rubbing it, enjoying the hot, clean
sight of his brother's exposed target.

"This is going to be SO awesome," he said, anxious to slip his throbbing
cock between his brothers smooth, spreading cheeks.

"Put some spit on my hole, too," Alex said. "Get it slippery so it won't
hurt so much."

His brother followed instructions, spitting on his fingers and wiping it up
and down his brother's butt crack, paying extra attention to the tight
rosebud entrance. Soon, it was covered in a layer of thick, warm saliva.
Just touching his brother's ass sent shivers down his spine. He couldn't
wait until his cock was in there. He was dying to know what it felt like.

"Go slow," Alex instructed, already starting to stroke his own cock again,
excited and hard, knowing his brother was about to fuck him like the
magazine pictures showed.

Aaron bent forward and aimed his cock at his brother's opening. He pushed
forward a little too quickly, bringing a moan of surprised discomfort from
his brother.

"Hey! Not so fast!"

"Sorry," Aaron said, pulling back. He kneeled there at his brother's
entrance, re-lubing his cock with more spit, pressing it slowly near the
hole, allowing Alex time to back up at his own pace, to control the
penetration in a way that was more comfortable.

"Oh yeah," Alex whispered, stroking his cock and pushing himself backwards
onto his brother's long, thin erection. "That's better. I just need to
back it in slow."

"Is it going in?" Aaron asked. He couldn't see. The candles weren't
bright enough and the flashlight beam was pointing up at the ceiling.

"Yeah," Alex grunted through gritted teeth. "It's going in now. Feel it?"

Aaron felt the tip of his dick slide into his brother's rectum with a
definite pop. Suddenly, it was surrounded by the most intense, tight heat
he'd ever felt.

"Awesome," he shuddered. "You have GOT to try this."

"Do it to me first," his brother said eagerly. "Slide it in and out. Real
slow at first. It still hurts a little."

Aaron obeyed. Pushing slowly, a half-inch at a time, he slid himself deep
into his brother's waiting channel — surprised at how easily it went in
after the initial difficult thrust of inserting the tip. Now it was just a
smooth, slippery push or two, and suddenly he was buried as deeply as he
could go.

"Oh yeah," sighed Alex. "That's more like it."

Aaron began thrusting in and out with steady, controlled motions.

"Oh, Two!" Alex groaned. "This is great!"

"What's it feel like?" Aaron whispered to his brother, his voice shaking,
his body trembling with the heat and the heavenly tightness surrounding his

"Hard and good," Alex groaned. "Full…like I can feel it all the way up
into my throat or something. Not painful at all. Just really, really

Aaron continued to fuck him. Slowly and gently. He put his hands on his
brother's shoulders to brace himself, squeezing the firm skin, grabbing on,
almost rowing himself into his brother's eager body.

"Do it faster," Alex said. "And harder, too. I want you to do it harder."

Aaron picked up the tempo. Alex groaned as his brother began thrusting
into him with more force. He jacked himself quickly now — feeling the
familiar tightness in his stomach and the warm flush in his neck that told
him he was about to cum. It felt so good, having his brother pounding into
him like that. So strong. So complete.

"Harder," he begged his brother. "Do it as hard as you can…now!"

Aaron pounded with full force, and his brother cried out in pleasure. His
jacking hand came to a stop, and a sweet, forceful jet of cum shot itself
from the tip of his prick.

He moaned and gasped, "Oh God…Oh shit…" as his brother continued to
pound into him now, rabbit fast. He moved his hips in a circular motion,
grinding against him, trying to milk him into orgasm.

"Oh my God, I'm cumming too," Aaron gasped. He grabbed his brother's sides
and thrust into him wildly — his entire body tensing as he shot his load
deep into his brother's hungry bowels. He knew he couldn't cum much, but
it felt like shot after shot was erupting from his dick — his whole body
shook with each hot pulse.

"Oh my God, oh my God…" he whispered repeatedly, trying to catch his
breath. "Fucking great, One. You wouldn't believe how tight you are."

His brother grinned as Aaron pulled his cock out. He could feel small dabs
of cum leaking from his asshole. He could smell a musky, sweet smell.
Nothing bad, just soft and pungent, filling the air between them. He felt
really good. Freshly fucked. Full. Satisfied.

"You can do me next," Aaron said, grabbing his underwear and pulling on his
pants. "Maybe tonight, after dad goes to sleep."

Alex grinned. "Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll get lost in the storm."

The two boys laughed and went back to their magazines and, as soon as
they'd recovered enough, their masturbating. After the wind died down and
the radio announced the storm was over, they rolled up the sleeping bag —
not quite as dusty — but now stained with a few drying streaks of white
glaze — and tucked it back up on its shelf.

The magazines, however, never quite found their way back to their original
spot in the cellar.

Hidden under their bunks upstairs in the cabin, it wasn't too long before
the Tornado Twins were calling it an early night, bolting their door shut
and flipping through a few more of the erotic, educational pages.

As their dad slept soundly in the room across the hall, One and Two grinned
at each other and pulled off their pants again. It was going to be a
great, long summer…and weather permitting, they'd be brewing up a few
good storms of their own.



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