It was the most sad day of Marks life. His father had fallen asleep at the wheel and killed himself and a women. Mark had no close family and was going to be put up for adoption. At the funeral, a man and his daughter approtched Mark.
"Mark, would you like to live with me and my daughter?" the man asked. "But Dad! This boys father fall asleep at the wheel and killed Mom!" Jenna said. She was 14 years old at the time. "Jenna, that is not the boys fault, and he needs a home."

A week later, the boy had moved in with Jenna and her dad. Jenna hated Mark very much, and blamed him for his mothers death. Mark felt all alone, and only had his teddy bare leftover to remind him of his father – everything else he owned was taken from him. One night, Jenna snuck into Marks room. "Mark! Wake up you good for nothing mom-killer. Dad is fast asleep, if you don't do what I say, I will tell him you were hurting me!" Mark didn't know what to do or say. Jenna made him take off his cloths. Mark was very nervous but didn't want to get in trouble. Once he took of his shirt, Jenna grabbed a belt and quikly struck Mark with it. He wasn't expecting this, and cried out in pain. Jenna said "You better keep it down or you will wake up daddy. Now, take off your pants."

Jenna looked at Mark. She had never seen a mans penis before, and was filled with lust and curiosity. She hated Mark and wanted to hurt him badly, so she hit him a lot with the belt. All over Marks legs, ass, and back were cuts where she hit him and made him bleed. Then Jenna saw the Teddy Bear… "hahaha, you're 13 years old and you still sleep with a Teddy Bear?" Jenna was being awfuly cruel.
"My dad gave me this bear, it's all I have left."
"Well now you live in MY house, and that is my bear. Cut a hole in its pants."
Mark did as he was told and cut a small hole in the Teddy Bear. He began to cry, he felt like he was hurting his only remeberence of the one he loved. "Oh you little cry baby!" Jenna poked fun at Mark. "If you like that Teddy Bear so much, then have sex with it." The thought disgusted Mark, turning the thing he loved most into a sex toy. "Do it! Do it right now!" she yelled at him, almost waking her father. The boy did it, and although he cried, it felt good. He was so sad putting the last memory of his father on his penis. Jenna felt evil and good by hurting the boy, and she spanked him with her hand. A giant ball of feeling covered the boy, and he felt like he broke something. He had his first ejaculation. The girl said "now since you love the teddy bear so much, kiss it." The boy was grossed out from having sex with it, but Jenna said if he didn't kiss it she would tell daddy that he was being bad. He kissed it. "Use your tounge! hehe" the girl giggled as she made him kiss the toy bear. "If you ever talk about this to anyone, I will tell dad you lied about it and that you were bad" she said to the boy, then left to her bedroom to sleep.

The next day the father had to go to work. The boy woke up alone and ashamed of what he did. He went to the bathroom but Jenna stopped him. "I can't belive you did that last night! You are disgusting!" she said to him. He was embarrised and ran into the bathroom, but she followed him in and said "Wait you can't use the bathroom, I get to use it first, becouse this is my house." she then locked the door so he couldn't leave, and took off her clothes. Mark had never seen a naked girl before, and couldn't stop looking at her. She got in the bath. "I don't feel like cleaning, so I want you to clean me. If you don't, I will tell dad." The boy obayed her, becouse he had to. He started cleaning her body and rubbing soup on her breasts. He liked the way they felt. "STOP!" she yelled. The boy jumped back, startled. "You aren't aloud to touch me there unles I want you to, becouse you aren't as good as I am. From now on you have to clean me with your tounge." The boy thought this was gross, and didn't do it until the girl said "I'll tell daddy if you don't…" The boy stuck out his toung and was going to lick her arm, but she said "not there. you have to clean where my piss comes out becouse it's dirty." This was gross and the boy wouldn't do it, but the girl said "Do it or I'll tell daddy." She then stuck her legs over the tub, spread out. The boy stuck his toung inbetween her legs, where her piss comes out. "Lick it, keep licking it until it is very clean!" He licked it, and she moaned and smiled. Liquid came out, the boy thought it was water from the bath, and kept licking. Ah, yes, Ah! Ah! the girl moaned. Finaly she said "stop now, I have to go to the bathroom but don't want to walk to the toilet." The boy was terriably confused. "Open your mouth and put it around where my piss comes out." The boy was grossed out but knew he had to do it. She pissed just a little bit, but made him drink it. "Good boy!" she said.

She got out of the bath and dried off, and walked downstairs. The boy was grossed out and sat on the floor crying. Moments later Jenna walked back in the bathroom, with a jar of salt.
"Do you know what this is?" asked Jenna.
"Noo, it's salt!"
"Why do you have that?"
"Becouse it hurts on wounds. And you killed my mom, so you must be punished."

The boy trembled in fear, and the girl poured the whole jar into the bathtub. "Don't you still need to take a bath" she asked him. She snaped her fingers and the boy stood in the bathtub. The wounds on his legs stung so painfully, and he started to yelp "Ow!" "You need a bath, so lay down in the water!" The boy did as he was told and layed in the water, with his head above the water. He started to cry from the pain. Jenna really liked hurting the boy. "Hmmm, I think I need to get more clean" said Jenna, and stood over the boys face. "Since you won't go underwater like a good boy, I'm going to make you!" she said, and she put her foot on the boys neck. She stood with her weight on his neck and he went underwater. He was burning and couldn't breath, she kept him under there a long time. When he came back up, she was laughing "hehehe this is fun giving my new little brother a bath!" The boy gasped for air, and the girl said to him "now you have to clean out where my piss comes out while you are underwater, or I won't let you back up." With thouse words she sat down on his face, with her pussy in his mouth and she pushed him underwater. The boy started to drown and tried to lick her pussy hard. He could hear her saying "Do it better or I'll drown you, like the rat that you are! hehehe" it seemed like a year before she let him back up, she lay down on him in the bath. "that's a good boy" she said, "for that you get a reward." She left the bathroom and the boy quickly got out of the bathtub, the pain from the salt and wounds was hurting him a lot. A second later Jenna came back with his teddy bear.
Since you're such a good boy, you get to have sex with your teddy bear again! The boy felt very sad inside, and she made him sit on the toilet and play with the teddy bear on his penis. "say that you love me!" Jenna said to him, while he made sex with his toy.
"I love you Jenna!"
"Do you like having sex with your big sister?"
"Yes Jenna, I like fucking my older sister!"
"That's right, good boy. Whenever you do good you will have sex with your teddy bear!"

After he came inside the bear again, she made him kiss it and then she took it from him and went into her room. The boy got dress, hiding his wounds. Then their dad came home. The girl had been thinking a lot about what happened, and wondered if her daddy liked to have sex also. Her dad was very frustrated from work and becouse his wife died. Jenna sat with him on the couch while they watched TV, and she touched her hand to inside his pants. "what are you doing Jenna?" He asked. "I love you dad and want to make you feel good" she said and she kissed his penis. "Honey that's not right" He started to say, but it felt so good. "Don't talk anymore dad." The boy was watching from the other room, and felt his penis get big. "Dad that feels good for you, but I want to feel good too" and she sat on his lap. She took off her shirt and pants and put her dads dick in her pussy, and rubbed her breasts in his face while she rode him. "Oh god that feels good daddy!" Jenna said, as her dad started to moan. They kept fucking until he was about to cum, and she yelled "Stop! Don't cum until Jenna says you can cum!" He obeyed her.
"Tell me daddy, who is better?"
"What do you mean Jenna?"
"Who fucks better, me or mommy?"

Her dad stopped, and didn't want to answer. "Say it! Say it or I won't let you cum!" Jenna screamed. "Ok, you do Jenna! You fuck better than your mom did! You fuck better than anybody!" He answered. "That's right, You are lucky to get to fuck me becouse I'm so beutiful. Now, cum in me, cum inside me!" She yelled as he filled her with cum.

Jenna saw the boy in the doorway, and she got off her dad. She walked over to the boy and saw his boner, and said "oh look at that little dick! You like watching me ride my daddy, don't you?" the boy knoded yes, he was very shy. "So tell me boy, what do you want to do with that little dick?" She asked, and she pushed him on the floor and stood on his dick. It hurt, but kind of felt good to the boy. "Do you want to stick it in me? Do you want to fuck your big sisters pussy?" He said "Yes Jenna, yes I want to have sex with you!" Well too bad, I'm tired of having men fuck me, I want a dog to fuck me. She looked at him, while still standing over him. "You can have sex with me but only if you are a dog. Are you a dog?"
"uhm.." The boy said, still very shy.
"say woof woof like a dog so you can fuck me! Say it! Say it you little fuck!"
"Woof woof!"
"woof woof!"
"good little doggy, now you can fuck me." and she layed down on the couch, with her legs spread. The boy was excited and was going to stick his dick in her but she said "No no, a dog uses his toung!" so the boy started licking her pussy again. "I want you to clean out all of my daddys cum! Lick and suck it until all of the cum is out of my pussy." The girl looked and saw her daddy standing there and said "Daddy, do you want to have sex again?" she made the boy stop and stand at the end of the bed and watch her as she had sex with her dad. She let him cum in her again and then said "Ok doggie, now come lick it out again" and the boy did as he was told. She made him keep licking and she started to cum, then she said to her dad "Do you want to have some beastiality?" and she reached over, spreading the boys ass hole. The boy didn't know what was happening, and her dad stuck his dick in the boys ass. "Oh my God it's so tight!" the dad said. The boy screamed, it hurt so bad and he didn't like it "please stop, take it out!" he pleaded. The girl grabed his hair "I didn't say you could stop, little doggy! Lick my pussy." The boy went back to licking her pussy while he was being fucked in the ass, and Jenna and her dad kissed over the boy.

When they were done, she said "Good boy" and gave the boy the teddy bear. The boy made sex to the Teddy Bear, and screamed "I love you Jenna, I love you my big sister! You are my owner!" and he came in the teddy bear. She made him kiss the teddy bear, and then she put it in her room.

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