Whispers In The Dark_(1)

Whispers In The Dark_(1)

It was the summer of ‘69. My wife had been bitten by a scorpion while working out in her garden and had been hospitalized for a week. This undoubtedly had put a halt to our plans for that weekend and it had our fourteen-year-old sulking. She’d been looking forward to that trip for months and was walking on clouds in her anticipation. To her, the thought of flying for the first time was exotic in itself. She was devastated to seeing her dreams of escaping the rustic countryside on uncertain suspension.
The first two days went pretty much as expected, early to bed and filled with inactivity, and the occasional moan of disdain could be heard as she brood about the house to her mother’s unfortunate accident hissing and damning scorpions and every insect for delaying her vacation plans. And, It was during one of these low points that she became a bit bolder in displaying her misery. To the point of mumbling a muted cuss, shit! It was a teenager’s hell, and she was drowning in her displeasure. Then on the third evening I noticed something uncharacteristic in her behavior. She began taking, what seemed like, calculated risks. She had poked her head from behind the bathroom door after a shower, knowing well I was in my study, and then certain of my presence gingerly made her way down the hall wrapped loosely in a towel. It dangled weakly about her waist, exposing her breast as she walked away from me, before it dropped alongside her thigh exposing herself just as entered into her bedroom, which was at the far end of the hall, and in full view to me. She had shut the door gently behind her and then had stood leaning briefly against it. I could make out her silhouette underneath the door, as she stood absorbed to her daring naughtiness. I was briefly stunned by her bravado but admittedly inspired by it as well! I wondered what might be running through her head.

I admit I had once considered the possibility, to the verge of imagining us joined in a steamy fuck. If you’d seen her you’d see just how voluptuous a little girl she was even at the youthful age of twelve. She was cheery, always in giggles, and seemed to enjoy being a tease. She would bounce about the house in her school uniforms innocently, but with reckless abandonment, that she’d unintentionally provided me with infinite reasons for decadent thoughts, and, by the age of fourteen she’d become aware of my occasional stolen glances and seemed to be content with my fascination of her. Later, it was also evident that she too was taking pleasure of the attention I was showering her with. I could see she was pleased with her budding development in how she looked packed into her shorts or jeans. She was a wonderful little girl and an even adorable, promising, teen. She was true to some earlier photos of her mom at that age, and despite filling my head with errant thoughts. I only feasted on her playful exhibitions and never took it further than enjoying the sight of watching her ripen. But that evening I couldn’t contain my thoughts after watching her strolling down the hall naked. Her ass was plump and flushed to a warm rosy shade by the warmth of her shower that she not only looked inviting; she seemed to welcome my eye. I sat playing that stunning image over and over in my head until every step and her every wiggle, as she sauntered into her bedroom, was permanently etched warmly to memory. I could still see her curvy ass twisting and churning as if to smile to me as she walked noticeably uneasy down the hall. Her brown hair stretched down her back and clung wetly to the small of her back lying curled over the roundness of her fleshy ass. It was as if it had been placed carefully there by design. There were beads of water dripping off her hair that they rolled down the curvature of her waist down to her energetic thighs. She was the picture of a healthy, bouncy, teen.

I closed my eyes trying to shake the wicked thoughts that screamed in my head. So I poured myself some scotch and then made my way down the hall, cautiously. With reason I was nervous. I recall feeling much like that insecure teen I once was hoping to make it with that naughty Sheila who sat in the front row next to me, teasing me with her warm smiles and telling glances. And for that moment, I had seen her again in my daughter. Sheila was a Marilyn Monroe type of girl, curvy, lively, and full of mischief. Come to think of it, this too described my own little Lisa to a T.

I slipped quietly into the bathroom and shut the door carefully. I could hear my daughter’s stereo in the next room booming quietly. The bathroom was still humid and perfumed with cheery, fruity, scents that she’d used on her hair. Then as I placed my glass on the sink, I noticed the dirty clothes hamper and scandalously lifted its lid. Lying at the bottom and on top of her jeans and blouse was her white cotton bra and her matching little warm panties. They were a pair of white cotton delights sprinkled with little swirls of multiple hues of soft blues and yellows with pink little bunnies. I held my breath as I reached in and picked up her panties. They were soft and pillowed, fluffy to the touch, as they dangled limply in my hand. I held them contemplating smelling them, and as I did, my erection jerked me out of my hesitance. I brought them up to my face and then slid them gently over my lips. I closed my eyes and took in the soft, musky, aromas of fresh fragrant pussy. I think I bit into her crotch and sucked gently. My eight-inch erection was now arched painfully against my briefs and throbbed menacingly. I opened my eyes and examined her little trinket. They looked so small, but I could imagine them stretched agonizingly across my baby’s plump ass. I reached down with them in hand and quickly but quietly with my other hand pulled out my erection and then draped them over it. It jerked to one side and throbbed in frightening pulsations to the sinful act. I gave it a comforting stroke and thought of Lisa as she’d made her way warmly down the hall. This only caused me more pain. My head was in a swirl and the dizzying thoughts of wanting to seduce my daughter kept screaming through my head. She’ll let you fuck her, I heard myself thinking. I had lost control, because before I realized what I had done, my engorged dick throbbed wildly as it spewed rivers of warm cum onto the tiled floor. I removed her panties off my still throbbing erection and stepped back to see the pool of cum on streaked across the floor. It had never looked so thick or as white as it did then. But at least I could now slip it back into my pants without injuring myself. I wiped the thick glob of cum off the floor and flushed it. I then took my glass and drank from it letting the scotch burn soothingly down my throat. I must admit, here too, that that release was intense and not soon to be forgotten. But what I thought of doing next was not only bold it would be risky as hell!

It was now 7:30 pm. And the sun had begun to slip beyond the canopy of trees, of which our acreage had in abundance. I slipped my daughter’s defiled panties into my pant’s pocket and made my way back into the library. Her stereo was still churning out soft, soulful, moans of Motown. Once back in the study, I began to close all the drapes including those in the living room and then lit the seven candles that sat over the mantlepiece. I turned on my stereo and tuned it to the station I’d heard my daughter listening to. The music was soft and soothing. I freshened up my drink and then stood by my bookcase rolling three joints one of which I had laced with a little trace of cocaine. This was a stash my wife and I kept to enjoy in the privacy of our bedroom and on those evenings when our fuck sessions promised to go deep into the night. The laced cigarette was also my wife’s favorite. Claiming, and I’d seen evidence of it; it helped her loose all inhibitions. I fired one up and took, long, deep hits from it until I felt its warmth. After having smoked half of it I felt loose enough to try my luck. I took a deep breath and went over my plan quickly as I made my way casually, or as casual as I could muster, down the hall towards her bedroom. It wasn’t much of a plan actually, and though the intent was evident, I had gone down winging it to see what would come of it. However, I had hoped that my relationship with my daughter was secure enough to at least warrant me my forgiveness, if I’d read her all wrong.
I knocked, “Punkin?” I said opening the door. She hated it when her friends teased her after they’d heard me calling her this, but she relished it when I called her that. It often meant she could get away with anything, or help me rule in her favor when her mother tried being stern.

She was lying on her bed thumbing through a teen magazine, in pajamas. She dropped the magazine, startled, and sprang up. For a second it seemed she expected to be reprimanded for her naughty audacity.
“Yes?” her soft brown eyes sparked in confusion. She then took notice of the strong stench of marijuana that entered the room with me, but I was certain she was familiar with its odors, as it had escaped from our bedroom on numerous occasions. I took a hit to keep the burn going.
“Ah, daddy,” she whimpered softly, “I’m gonna tell momma you’ve been smoking her stash,” and added a soft little giggle.
I took two steps closer towards her bed, “I thought you and I had an understanding of sorts, baby,” I told her. “Besides, I just wanted to unwind a bit after wandering about the house alone for two days.”
She caught her lip in a soft bite and then said, “I wasn’t going to tell on you, daddy. I was just kidding,” she vowed, sounding remorseful, as if having damaged my trust in her.
I smiled, “Want some?” I said handing her the stinky joint, “I thought perhaps you too might want to unwind after having been, shall I say, deeply disappointed.”
I didn’t wait for her reply but simply placed it carefully in her hand and turned to leave. There was a look of disbelief and bewilderment on her face, but she had taken it.
As I reached for her doorknob, she asked in a softer whisper, “You won’t tell mom?”
“Of course not,” I said looking over my shoulder as I opened the door and, in a whisper of my own, added, “…Will you?”
She shook her head gently, almost secretively, indicating that she wouldn’t and clearly was trying to conceal a contented grin. I reached into my pant’s pocket and tossed her scanty little panties on top of her bed and said, “I found them lying on the bathroom floor. I believe you dropped them,” and closed the door quietly behind me. I couldn’t believe what I had done but to see the expression on her face as she watched her panties fly across the room was priceless. They flew delicately until they came crashing lightly on her lap. She looked at them and then picked them up with a look of surprise on her face. As I made my way down the hall to my study I wondered what she must have thought of my incredulous behavior.
I felt the familiar jolt in my pants in my excitement, as I stood silently numbed by what I’d done. What the fuck, are you doing? I wondered. Are you fuckin’ insane? Man, what if she tells Dianne? I struggled with all these thoughts that suddenly came crashing, echoing, in my head. Where were they when they urged me to go for it? Nevertheless, the sinful seed, or so I hoped, had been planted.
After ten minutes of going mad with my thoughts, I heard Lisa’s bedroom door open. I pretended to be reading yesterday’s mail when she poked her head from behind the wall and tapped it for attention.
“Daddy?” still timidly hidden.
“What is it?” looking in her direction, she cleared her throat.
“Uh,” smiled, “…this thing went out. You want it?” her hand’s outstretched to me.
“Why are you hiding, sweetheart?” I’d said with a smile.
“Uh,” she then did something I had never seen before. She bit her lower lip and lifted an eyebrow. To me, she looked adorably sinful. “I uh,” she looks down a her hidden legs, “I was changing into another pair of pj’s.” she said, but in an even softer whisper that carried with it mischievous undertones.
“Come here honey. I’ll light it for you. Better yet, lets have another,” I said reaching for the one I’d laced with cocaine.
She giggled, embarrassingly and asked, “I’m not quite dressed yet, daddy! I’m in my underwear.”
“I’ve seen you in your bathing suit, honey. What’s the difference? Besides, I saw your rosy little butt.”
“You saw me!” she squealed, posing shock.
I lit the joint and took a deep hit, and then turned to see if she was going to join me. My arm was stretched out for her.
“Like this?” she asked, as she appeared from behind the entry, sounding more at ease.
“Why not? You’re my little girl aren’t you?”
She walked casually up to me, but then knelt quietly by my armrest, and handed me the cold joint in her hand. She took mine and examined it, and then as she took her hit she fixed her eyes to mine.
“Just inhale slowly and let it fill you with its warmth, baby.” I whispered. She had taken an unsuspecting deep draw and coughed most of it out of every cavity in her head. Its blue smoke came rushing out of her nose as she took a deep breath trying to resuscitate her-self back to consciousness.
“You okay?” I asked and placed my glass of scotch up to her lips. “Here, have a drink.” she kissed the brim of my glass and took a sip then another. Her luscious lips were in a pout and as she drank she looked angelically up at me, and smiled with her eyes. “But it feels good doesn’t it, baby?” I asked.
“Yea!” she took another hit, cautiously. This time the flow of smoke went down her throat smoothly. I told her to give it a few more deep hits. And, as she sucked the joint I noticed her teary eyes fall and become softer.
“Want me to pour you some scotch, honey?”
“If you want to, daddy.” she sweetly sang in the softest whisper I’d ever heard. She sounded much like an angel, and with her long hair wildly covering parts of her face; she looked like a fallen one. As I stood to pour her drink, he looked around taking notice of the uncharacteriscally gloominess. Only the glow of the seven candles burned to cast our shadows against the walls.
“Do you like the scotch or would you prefer one of your mom’s margarita’s?” I said turning towards her to see her expression.
“Are they good?” she asked, almost leaving her sanctuary behind the sofa.
“She loves them. She claims they help keep her sanity.” I said, laughing.
“You don’t mind me having one?”
“Of course not. I want us to enjoy ourselves tonight. Perhaps, this will help us sleep much better tonight, right?”
“Yeah,” she said, smiling and then boldly took another hit.
I turned my attention to preparing her margarita and to allow her the freedom to practice her sanction to our secret extravagance. I could hear her taking in her fill as she puffed on it relentlessly.
“Here you go sweetheart.” I said, and stood looking at her as I handed her her drink. I took my place next to her and took the cigarette she handed me.
“Should my ears be ringing?” she asked with a little giggle.
“It’ll go away soon. Don’t worry about it, baby. I wouldn’t let any harm come to my sweet little girl.”
“I know, daddy,” she said keeping the mood to a muted whisper. I took a hit and saw out of the corner of my eye as she tasted her margarita and moaned to its sweet taste. “Ooh, this is good too!” she chimed.
“How’s the marijuana?”
Giggled, “I like it too, daddy.” she cried lifting an eyebrow impishly as she licked her lips free of limejuice and salts. “Do you?” he asked.
“Oh, every now and then I enjoy burning one to help me relax. I really don’t consider this to be a harmful drug. Don’t get me wrong; I know it’s illegal. But so was liqour once, and look at its sales now. In fact, some would consider what we’re doing here now as being wrong, too. What are your thoughts on this?” I asked her.
She gave it an unclear moment of thought, but the scotch, margarita, and the affects of marijuana had left her world in a blissful buzz. Not to mention that this was happening not out in the streets with her dumb friends, but here at home with her father. Nevertheless, she gave me her thoughts on it.
“I think that if I’m here with you it’s really nobody’s business. Right, because you’re my daddy.” and there it was. Not only had my angel spoken, she had stood. “Ouch! My knees hurt. She cried out in song softly, caressing them, “I’m going to my room and put on something, okay daddy?”
I dropped my eyes uncontrollably down to her crotch that was merely inches away from my face. Her pink cotton fabric was stretched painfully across her puffy-pussy crushing the patch of dark hairs over it. The elastic bordering up around her hips seemed to be cutting into her flesh. It had little lace embroidered on it that danced excitingly about her hips. She stood still and said nothing nor did she make an attempt to conceal her budding figure from me.
I looked up, “What are you going to put on, baby? Am I making you feel unconfortable?” I quickly added.
“No! I just thought… I mean I want to get up from the floor.”
“Just go ahead and make yourself at home, honey. No one’s here to scold you for it.” I handed her the last of the joint.
“Do you have …oh, never mind. I’m just letting the scotch do the talking. Okay?”
She stood dancing gently from side to side, almost hesitant, and put the cigarette to her lips, but then asked, “Do I have any what, daddy?”
“I was going to suggest that since you want to slip into something else, that you …oh this is embarrassing. Never mind. Not important.” I said sheepishly.
She bent over and leaned on the armrest with her drink in hand and hading me the joint, and whispered, “Tell me daddy, please,” she whispered, breathily.” I looked into her tranquil eyes and saw a glimmer of recklessness in them. She began licking her lips and smiled, egging me to tell her.
“You won’t get upset, if I do?”
“No, why would I?”
“Well, you might get the wrong idea about it.”
“I promise, I won’t!” there was a soft sincere tone in her voice which by then had become deep and sultry.
“Perhaps, I should first say this.” I took a drink and as I did she lifted her thigh and sat next to me, on the armrest, but then seeing she was towering over me. She slid off and asked, “Can I sit there?” pointing between my knees.
“Sure, honey.” she walked around and as I split my knees to accept her she bounced right in. “I was going to ask if you would slip into something sweet for me.”
“Like what?” she bubbled in, with enthusiasm.
I smiled, “Well, I still have fond memories of that school uniform you used to wear.”
She licked her lips and with a cute squint, smiled, “I don’t think it fits me anymore, daddy.”
“That’s okay, sweetheart. Frankly, I like what you’re wearing now.”
“Yeah?” she chimed, looking down at her perky breasts jutting under her little top.
“Yeah!” I said and took a meaningful look at them. “Does that surprise you?” looking up.
Giggled, “Not really.” she said, and then in a tender moment dropped her eyes and took an enlightening glance at my crotch. My erection, which had been subdued some by the smoking and scotch, pushed up against the cloth and twitched.
She looked at me and said, “I thought you came to my bedroom to scold me for what I did. …I didn’t mean it!” she added in an adorable, pretentious, lie and then sheepishly smiled. That trace of obvious lie was meant for me to hear.
“Why would I scold you for giving me such a sweet sight. I enjoyed watching your juicy display, honey,” I said, and had said it without the slightest hesitance. By that time I had been warmed by the affects of the cocaine and her interest, that I knew it had to be burning in her as well. Again her eyes dropped when I subtly forced my erection to life. “Do you feel sickened to know your dad has seen you naked, and to know he liked what he saw?”
She looked up and took a soft breath and nod gently that she didn’t then whispered, “I was excited!” she studied my face for signs of reproach but when none was forthcoming, she pressed on, “I was in my bed thinking about it afterwards.”
“Well, I didn’t know if you got mad at me,” she sipped her drink.
I took her glass and leaned towards her, looking intently into her eyes. And after searching for any signs of hesitance, I saw none. So I leaned up to her lips and gave them a light kiss and then whispered on them, “Do you mind?”
“No!” she barely whispered and began kissing my lips. Her mouth opened to take soft little bites on mine. I traced my tongue across the tip of hers and caused her to spring up onto her knees. She wrapped her arms around my head and kissed me with such hungered passion I felt my cock grow another inch or so. As the moans off the stereo serenaded our immoral act, I could hear her frantic moans echoing in my body as she pressed her face onto me. I slid my hand over her back and caressed it over the silkiness of fragrant long hair. All I could think of was this juicy teen in my arms in her panties and flimsy little top. Her body felt even warmer and was soft and supple. It smelled of innocence and the tell-tell growing lingering odors of her juices spewing from out of her warm little pussy.
“Lisa?” I whispered.
“Yes!” she panted, in my face. Her eyes dancing wildly on mine from left to right.
“Stand up, honey.”
“Okay, okay daddy!”
She got up and stood between my legs, proudly displaying her plump pussy hidden behind her warm little panties.
“You took my panties out of the hamper, right daddy?” she sweetly asked.
“Yes I did, honey. I really wanted to see how they were.” she bit her lower lip and let a soft moan escape her throat.
“But they were dirty!”
“They were sweet, honey?” I said caressing her arms. I was standing in front of her and was looking down at her angelical face.
“Sweet,” she laughed, “…you smelled them?”
I leaned towards her, and she must have anticipated a kiss, so before I did, I whispered on her lips, “I was smelling the sweetness on them.”
Her pants became more erratic as she quivered saying, “Did you like it, daddy?”
“I loved it!”
“Ooh, naughty daddy!” she whispered, and impishly lifted an eyebrow.
“I could taste you sweet pussy, honey. It tasted sweet and smelled even sweeter,” I told her as I brushed my lips across her cheek, up to her neck. “Your not mad at me, are you?”
She shook her head and managed a feverish pant, “No! …I don’t mind, daddy.”
I kissed her again pressing my bulging erection up against her warm crotch as I slid my hand down her right shoulder and onto her back. She moaned. As my hand slid quietly over the small of her back and down onto her plump ass, she pressed her hips up to me, and moaned deeply. I squeezed gently on her right cheek and lifted her up on her toes. Again this brought on an even deeper moan that seemed to be strangled at her throat. With my right hand I then slid it down her arm until I’d reached her wrist, which she had readily offered, as if to anticipate my move. I brought it between us and planted it quietly over my rigid cock.
You wouldn’t tell would you, sweetheart?”
“Never, daddy, promise! I’d never tell,” she cried out softly almost weeping in her unexpected enjoyment. I pressed her hand on me and felt her eagerness as she clamped her fingers around it, and moaned. It searched up and down on it as she tried getting a mental image of it. She’d squeeze and then grope down to its entire length until she’d reached its shaft and gripped it as if to measure its thickness.
“Ooh, daddy! Its feels big daddy!”
“Have your ever seen one, princess?”
“No daddy. Never!”
I kissed her and let her hand play with her new toy. As her hand stroked my cock, and her tongue probed more proficiently on mine, I slid my hand down to her waistband. I opened my eyes and saw she had hers shut as we kissed. I then tapped my fingers on her ass. This opened her eyes.
Kissing her lips lightly I asked, “Can I get in here?” tugging at her little panties.
“If you want to, daddy.”
I stepped back and allowed myself the pleasure of watching her trembling before me as I slid her panties ever so slowly from her left hip and then the other until they clung around them exposing the outline of her pussy’s hairs.
“Do you now what would happen to me if anyone found out what we were doing?” I asked in the faintest of whispers.
“No one will, daddy.” she said, reaching out with her free hand and placed it on my chest, “I can promise you that. You can trust me …okay?” as she spoke my cock jerked and her eyes flickered with joy as her hand squeezed it in acknowledgement.
“Do you like how that felt?” I asked looking down at her grip. Her fingers were wrapped tightly on it. Her mouth opened and let an audible gasp go free.
She then licked her lips an earnestly asked, “Can I see it, daddy?” her whisper was wet and stressed to her excitement.
“Sure! But only if you show me yours.”
She let go of my erection, and looked seriously at me, as she wiggled out of her panties eagerly then let them drop to her ankles. Her hand then instinctively combed the tickling on her pussy caused by the bounce of her hairs as they rushed to freedom. They were fine golden-brown hairs that lie closely cropped and appeared to be meticulously combed. Her pussy looked inflamed and its slit like a little girl’s teasing smile with its inner lips sticking out like a tongue. They were crimson and looked textured like that of a crumbled piece of wet bubble-gum. She was visibly trembling as she stood licking her lips and trying hard to control her heavy breathing. Her little nightshirt heaved up and down bring her nascent breasts that looked more like cones, bobbing up and down. Her tummy still carried that adorable pouch of baby-fat and it too caved in and out, erratically, to her excited state. And her navel was a hollow dimple that looked like it also begged for attention.
I slowly unzipped my pants letting the metallic ride make its noisy zip sound. My cock seemed to sense the impending liberty and jerked for it. It was uncaring as to where it snaked its way into, daughter or not. My baby’s eyes were in a fixed trance as she saw it enormity pop out and then spring upright before her.
“Oooh daddy, that’s a big-boy!” she deliciously whispered in a chorus-like chant. She bit her lip and looked up at me, nodding for consent, as she reached out for it. Then as her hand wrapped warmly around its shaft she sucked in a wetly breath that had saliva rolling passionately at her teeth. Enthused, I pushed up sending it sliding through her grip, which she tightened and began to strangle, as she stroked determinedly on it.
She looked up saying, “it feels funny, like velvet.” she whispered and then dropped her eyes back to it and added, “Is this okay, daddy? Like I’m doing it.”
“You’re doing fine, baby.” excitedly, she bit her lip again with determination and began masturbating it, slowly. I reached out and took a peek under her blouse.
“Take it off if you want, daddy,” she whispered, and let go of me, and lifted her arms up over her head. I pulled her flimsy top up over her breasts slowly so as to relish the sight as her perky firm breasts greeted me. Though they were budding they were rather sizeable for her tender age. Her areolas were swollen and its nipples were also bulging and jutting upwards that they looked like creamy pink cones. They had pinkish little buttons that were creased and encircled with little buds. I moved closer as her top passed over her head and brushed up against them. Her tummy rolled in and out on me as her excitement grew. “Were you wondering if I was coming into your bedroom?” I softly asked.
“I was hoping you would,” she panted.
“Is that why you showed daddy your cute little ass?”
She smiled sheepishly and mumbled eagerly, “Uh huh!” and I felt as her hand peeled back the foreskin and gave it a little tug. “You didn’t get mad at me, right, daddy?”
“No baby. I’d never get mad at you for wanting to show me.”
She lifted her head, wanting a kiss, but whispered naughtily, “That’s why I did it, daddy. To show you it was okay to see my bottom.” she looked intently into my eyes and added, “…kinda like I used to do when I was little coming home from school remember?”
“I remember. You were being a sweet and naughty little girl, weren’t you honey?”
“Yeah! I liked it when you caught me doing that, and then smile with me.” she began stroking harder as my hands cupped her warm breasts. “I only wish I could’ve shown you more then.”
“What about now, baby?” the nape of her neck rippled as she panted and instinctively bit her lip and let a soulful moan ringing deep in her throat. Then bending my erection, she moved closer and brushed it over her wetting, hairy, warm pussy.
“What do you want me to show you, daddy? I’ll show it to you!” I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up to me letting her have more of me to work on her pussy.
And as I slid my hands down her shoulders I asked, “Can I hold your ass, honey?”
“Sure …go for it, daddy. I let you!” she panted.
I cupped her ass with both hands and squeezed bringing her to me. And felt as she split her legs slightly apart and quietly nudged the tip of my cock up between her, moist, pussy. It felt sinfully sweet as it burned to capture it between her wet warmth.
“What do you want me to show you, daddy? Tell me, I’ll do it!”
“Are you a good little cock-sucker in school yet, sweetheart?”
She shook her head indicating that she wasn’t, but shrugged her shoulders unsure of my question.
“I mean would you like to be one for daddy?”
“Oh …on yours?” she whispered practically on my lips. Her eyes wavered as she pushed her hips forward riding my erection as it glide through her thighs and clenched tightly. I could feel her ass also clenching as she moaned and panted heavily.
“Want me to?”
“What, honey?”
“Suck on your thing?”
“It’s a dick, baby.”
“I suck your dick, daddy?”
I kissed her lightly and saw her keep her eyes open, “If I let you,” I whispered, “will you let me suck your sweet juices out of your pussy?”
“If you want to, daddy. I’ll do whatever you want me to!”
I was caressing her ass, occasionally splitting her cheeks apart when she leaned her head on my shoulder, kissing it, and whispered, “I’d do anything for you, daddy. I’d even let you do anything to me, too!”
“You’d let daddy fuck you, sweetheart?” I whispered into her ear. Her head bobbed up and down as she lifted one leg and frantically worked what she could quickly into her soft, moistened, pussy.
“Yes daddy,” she gasped, looking up at me, “…do you want to do it to me?”
“What if your mom found out?”
“She won’t, daddy …I’d never tell, promise!”
“Not even your best friend, Gloria?”
She looked at me, clenched her thighs, and then said, “Gloria once told me that if she could, she would let you fuck her, and she’d let you. I know, she’s a big flirt at school with all the guys, even with seniors!”
“Why would I fuck a slut like Gloria? When I have a clean little princess here at home who says she’d let me fuck her?”
“And I will, daddy! Right now if you want me to …do you?” she sang, pleading.
I looked at her closely, and said, “Wouldn’t you rather just like to play with it?”
“Well, yeah, but” sounding dejected, “…I want you to daddy!”
“Pick up your panties and go wait for me in your room.” her eyes lit up, as she nod eagerly in agreement and let go of my painful erection. As she bent over to pick her panties she playfully spread her stance widely apart and slowly reached for them. In response to her playful and generous gesture, I held onto her hips and gave her swollen wet pussy a stiff, firm, jab. She let out a soft moan and quickly reached out and grabbed a hand-full of flesh and began to pull her thighs apart for me. I threw my hips up to her and let the plum-like head split her lips and pop up slightly into her wet, warm, pussy. This time her moans got louder as she shove her ass onto me and reached behind her and grabbed my slacks.
“Oh yes, daddy!” she gasped, “Do it daddy. Fuck me …please!”
I picked her upper body up to me and embraced her, letting her feel my dick throbbing in her hot little pussy. She reached up with both hands and clung onto my neck as she bucked her hips onto me, moaning. With my right arm around her chest, I cupped her left breast as my other hand slid down her soft tummy to cup her hairy pussy. As I crushed her swollen clit she let out a little whimper of delight.
“Oh, daddy …it feels so good.” I kissed her ear and nibbled on it and then kissed my way down her neck. Her body quivered as my cock slipped further into her burning little pussy, as I took wet little bites off her neck to incite her moaning. They came in a chorus of soft little whimpers that waver in and out in songs of breathy gasps. I brought her hips to me in an embrace and took in her bouquet of cheerful scents that mingled in the darkness with soft musky scents off her pussy. She reached down with both hands and hastily parted her fleshy ass and lowered her hips.
“Are you daddy’s little bitch, sweetheart?” I shamefully whispered in her ear.
“Yes daddy!” she gasped. Moaning and squirming, she then turned and in a delicate pussy-like whimper gasped, “I can be your little bitch again, daddy. Okay?”

My wife recovered but she cancelled the vacation for that year. My daughter took it in stride and went so far as to be sympathetic to her mom. My daughter began to study harder picking up her grades as she honed her skills secretly on me. However, a month later my wife got wise to our hush-hush liaisons. It seems my daughter loved being charming. She had scribbled my epitaph on a pair of panties that read: ‘My ass belongs to my daddy!’

But that’s another story…


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