The Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror

Beth liked working for her father, it brought in extra money and she met some nice guys. Chuck was her favorite at the moment, but he was gone for the day. She liked being the boss when her father was gone, but he was seldom gone. Now, in the final month of construction, Stanley Woodham Junior High School was almost finished.
Beth’s main responsibilities, her only real specialties, were mirrors and windows. Her crew had finished the windows the day before, so they could install the mirrors without worrying about vandalism. At the moment Bethany was watching the cement crew put in the sidewalk, while she sucked on a bottle of water. She held the water in her mouth and slowly turned toward Garry. She waited until he noticed her waiting and spit the water on his shirt. He tried to dodge, but she got him right between the shoulder blades. He squealed and reached for his own bottle, then froze, looking over her shoulder.
“Beth, we have to have those mirrors unloaded by quitting time,” Beth’s father called. He shook his finger briefly at the truck, then entered their construction trailer.
“Garry, help me with this one,” Beth said, snapping her drink bottle closed and reaching for a suction cup. She didn’t see the second mirror in the upright stack, raised like an axe and ready to fall. She didn’t see it come down across her delicate white hand as they took up the tension on the first mirror. She jumped back when the mirror fell, and looked down in disbelief when she discovered a thumb lying next to her shoe. There was blood everywhere.
“Hey, there . . . ” she felt herself falling, but couldn’t stop herself. What was wrong with her? Her father would be furious if the new mirrors were not installed in the school on time. They had a penalty clause in their contract.
“Somebody call an ambulance,” she heard Garry shout from far away. Beth decided it was a good time for a break.

Beth opened her eyes and found herself in a hospital. Her father hurried over as she looked around, then smiled up at him.
“Beth, I’m sorry. They couldn’t save your thumb,” her father said softly, petting the hair out of her face.
“My thumb? What’s wrong with my thumb?” she asked, looking at her left bandaged hand. Suddenly she remembered. She felt the room spinning and closed her eyes with a moan of anguish.

“You should take advantage of it,” Abbey said perkily as she folded Bethany’s shirt and stuck it in a drawer.
“How?” Beth was annoyed, and a little angry.
“You always wished you could see your mother. You always wished you could go back in time and talk to her. I have a spell in one of my books that could allow you to do that,” she said, bouncing on the bed beside Bethany.
“What kind of spell?” Beth asked suspiciously.
“Well how many fucking spells do you know? You tell me and I’ll tell you if it’s one of them.”
“Humor the cripple.”
“Well, you know how your spirit is supposed to be in your nervous system? Some people believe that your nervous system actually is your spirit.”
“I didn’t know that. Only you read those trashy books.”
“That’s not true,” Abbey snorted, “millions of people read them. But only a few of us understand them,” Abbey smiled.
“So what about it?”
“So, you’ve kept your thumb,” Abbey nodded at the thumb in the bottle. “Use it.”
“Use my spell. Find the mirror which cut off your thumb, put the two together, and use that unattached portion of your spirit to command the mirror to do your bidding. It’s simple.”
“It’s bullshit,” Beth said, grabbing her bandage hand and looking at it in anguish.
“What can it hurt to try?” Abbey insisted.
“My soul?”
“Not a chance. Your soul belongs to you. Keep that bottle and when you die, all your spirit goes with you. Nobody can change that.”
“If I agree will you quit bothering me?” Beth asked.
“Yeah,” Abbey gave her a big smile.
“Then get your book. I know exactly where that mirror is. It was marked 14C.”

Even with her left hand in bandages, it took Beth only moments to professionally install the mirror on her bedroom wall. It was weird, taking her own thumb out of the formaldehyde and laying it against the mirror. It was even more weird, allowing Abbey to draw blood from a vein with a hypodermic needle.
“Are you sure that needle’s clean?” Beth asked suspiciously.
“Sure, it’s one of my mother’s diabetes needles. It’s new.”
“And why are you drawing blood?”
“For the spell, stupid. Do you want me to slash your wrist to get it?”
“No, just get it over with.”
“I would, but I can’t find the vein. There, that’s enough. Start the chant,” Abbey said as she spread everything out and lit the blue candles.
“Spirit and mirror become as if one. Spirit and mirror become as if one. Spirit and mirror become as if one. Oh, that’s gross,” Beth groaned.
“Shut up and chant,” Abbey hissed. “You don’t want something to go wrong?” she said as she sprayed the blood across the mirror.
“What can go wrong?”
“Oh, I don’t know. Your spirit could bond with the house and trap your soul here forever, or maybe the soul of an axe murder could bond with yours. How many fucking excuses do you want, while this ceremony is going on?”
“Ok,” Beth hissed. “Spirit and mirror become as if one. Spirit and mirror become as if one.” The chant went on, and on, and on. Just as Beth decided to quit, Abbey stopped her.
“Good, that’s enough. Now we have to leave the mirror covered for a full day.”
“You can leave it covered forever, as far as I’m concerned,” Beth laughed.
“Belief is part of the spell. If you don’t believe, it won’t work,” Abbey said, covering the mirror with a sheet. Beth made a face as the blood began soaking through the sheet.

“Can you see anything?” Abbey asked breathlessly.
“Yeah, I’ve got a new zip,” Beth gasped.
“Oh, you stupid slut. I’m going to call you stumpy out loud at school.”
“You do and I’ll kill you. My name would be stumpy for the rest of my life.”
“Then you’d better start taking this seriously. You are supposed to focus your will on the mirror, and look for an image, as if it were hidden by fog. Now what are you looking for?”
“I want to know whom my father dated last night.”
“That’s easy, I can tell you that,” Abbey said, tossing a potato chip into her mouth.
“Hey, shut the fuck up. I’m concentrating.”
“You won’t like it,” Abbey teased.
“Fuck you, whore. You want me to have this mirror tossed out?”
“If you do, you will never know.”
“Oh, get serious. I’m not going . . . I’m not . . . HOLY SHIT!!!”
“What?” Abbey leaped to her feet.
“I’ve found Elvis,” Beth cried, then she fell to the bed laughing.
“Fuck you stumpy, I’m going home,” Abbey said in disappointment. “Stumpy, stumpy, stumpy, stumpy,” her voice disappeared down the hall.
“Don’t make me hurt you, bitch,” Beth yelled, slamming her door. Beth dressed in her T-shirt and shorts for bed. She checked her stomach and ass in the mirror. They were still perfect, she decided. That was another benefit of working part time for her father. She couldn’t wait to start again. But first she had to convince her father that she wouldn’t kill herself.

“Whaua horo suza maclink duyou.”
“Dad, can you hold it down?” Bethany yelled from her bed. She rolled over and suddenly noticed that her bedroom was not dark. Had somebody opened her door? No, the light was reflecting off her new mirror. It must be coming from outside.
“How ar jun cant howuh,” her father’s voice said from far away. Beth’s eyes flew open in horror. Was that an evil voice? Was there a demon in the dark room beside her?
“Daddy?” Beth called in horror. “Daddy?” she yelled, yanking open her door. She searched the house and found it empty. The front door was unlocked, so she locked it. Abbey had not locked it on the way out. Eventually, Beth determined that she was alone. So where was the voice coming from?
“You can’t raise a daughter alone,” her father said from her room. She inched closer to the room and saw the flicker of a TV set. She peeked around her door and found the light coming from the mirror, not the TV.
“I know it’s hard,” a female voice said. Beth inched closer to her bed, and the mirror on the wall. She was horrified to see her father talking to her English teacher. It was as plain as the image on a TV set.
“I’ve considered sending her away to school. But I love her so much, and she’s a big help on the job too. Do you know that Ken and Garry would have left long ago, if she were not there? Hell, there are probably others. I hate using my daughter like that, but I need those guys. Damn it, what can I do? I can’t let her go back and get hurt again.”
“Brad, she could get hurt anywhere, on any job. Do you know how many accidents happen at McDonalds? Hundreds from coast to coast. I have the figures,” she nodded at a roll-top desk.
“I know, I know,” her father said as he took off his shirt. Bethany’s eyes bugged out as she realized that they were getting ready for bed. She did not want to see Miss Bishop and her dad fucking. But how did you turn it off?
“I think it’s the thought of using her which revolts me. I can’t do it any more.”
“Talk to her, Brad . . . ”
“Oh hell,” Beth said, picking up the phone. “Abbey, get your ass over here,” she yelled into the phone.
“Shall we ride the wild stallion?” Miss Bishop asked with a sly smile.
“Certainly, I’m always ready for a wild ride, Tex.”
“Oh god,” Beth said, watching briefly, then looking away. “Abbey you fucking asshole.”
“Oh yes,” Miss Bishop gasped. Beth had to look. Miss Bishop was sinking on her father’s long dick. She began riding with her face turned toward the ceiling.
“Yeehaa,” Miss Bishop yelled.
“Abbeeeeeeee!” Beth screamed, dancing in front of the mirror.
“Beth. Beth let me in, the front door is locked,” Abbey called from the window. Beth flew to the window and threw it open. She yanked Abbey inside and pointed at the mirror.
“Yippee,” Miss Bishop said, waving her hand in the air as if she were riding a bronco.
“Who says English teachers are boring?” Abbey smiled, then ducked Beth’s fist.
“Make it stop now,” Beth threatened.
“You have to do it,” Abbey said, sitting on the bed and watching.
“Hey, that’s my dad.”
“Oh, I’m going to kill you so much,” Beth steamed.
“Just think of something else. If you don’t want to see anything, think of nothing.”
“That’s impossible.”
“Try it. Think of something you’ve always wanted to see.”
“I don’t know what to think about,” Beth howled.
“I know, that new teacher, Mrs . . . ”
“Yeah. She’s just too perfect, blonde, long legs, short skirt. Think about her. See what she’s doing right now. I bet it’s something hot.”
“I’ll try,” Beth said, closing her eyes and visualizing Mrs. Hanley.
“Hey, hey look,” Abbey hissed. Beth opened her eyes and found light flickering off a glass-covered picture and the gold base of a lamp. It was the reflection from a TV.
“I don’t see her,” Beth said, moving closer to the mirror.
“Look, isn’t that the top of a head?” Abbey pointed to a blonde pile of hair. “Make it look down.”
“Think about it. Hurry, something’s going on down there.”
Beth squinted at the mirror and the picture began moving. Suddenly they saw Mrs. Hanley. They saw her face, then her chest, finally her stomach and the head bobbing between her legs. It was a woman’s head.
“Way to go Mrs. Hanley,” Abbey crowed.
“Oh god, this is better than videos,” Beth laughed, clapping her hands. “I need to move it down more and find out who that woman is. If they both work at the school . . . ”
“I don’t know her,” Abbey said in disappointment. “She has a hell of an ass though. She’s a blonde with a black woman’s ass. Would you eat that?” Abbey asked with a sly smile.
“I might if I were a sick fuck like you,” Beth said, relaxing on the bed beside Abbey. “She does have a nice ass,” Beth admitted. She was beginning to feel uncomfortable. She was very aware of Abbey sitting beside her on the bed. It had never seemed important before. But watching two women was changing her perspective on things.
“That’s . . . that’s actually kind of hot,” Abbey admitted in a quiet voice.
“Yeah,” Beth said uncomfortably. “Do you want to see something else?”
“Ah . . . no,” Abbey said. “That’s fine.”
“Oh yes,” Mrs. Hanley called. She put her hand on the woman’s head, caressing her hair gently. She slid one hand up to her naked breast and began kneading it in her fingers. She licked the palm of her hand and rotated the wet palm over her nipple. Her breath started coming faster. The head between her legs bobbed faster. A wet licking sound was very distinct in the quiet room. The woman between her legs was rubbing her own legs together. To the watching girls it was obvious that Mrs. Hanley was about to have an orgasm. Both girls had brought themselves off many times and knew all the signs.
“God that looks hot,” Abbey sighed. “I wish . . . ”
“Wish what?” Beth asked breathlessly.
“I wish I was with Mrs. Hanley right now.”
“Why?” Beth asked, suddenly nervous.
“Because . . . because I’d like to do her like that,” Abbey said in sudden honesty.
“You would do that?”
“I would right now. I don’t know what I’d do later,” Abbey said, mesmerized by what was happening in the mirror.
“You know I’ve considered it a few times,” Beth said, now shaking in nervousness. “I’ve had these dreams,” she admitted, trembling like a kitten.
“You too?” Abbey sat up straight on the bed. “I thought it was just me. I felt guilty.”
“Do you… you know,” Beth nodded.
“Ok, but how? How do you start something like that?” Abbey nodded at the mirror.
“Kissing, I guess. Have you ever kissed a girl?”
“No, but I won’t let that hold me back. Beth, I’m dying. I need to cum,” Abbey whined.
They moved closer and sat looking at each other. Abbey started to smile, but something in Beth’s eyes told her that if she made fun of the moment, Beth would back out.
“Oh yes, yes, yes!” Mrs. Hanley screamed. They both looked as Mrs. Hanley rode the beautiful woman’s face in the throes of her orgasm. She screamed and squealed while her body shivered and her pussy hunched the woman brutally. Finally, she opened her legs and let the beautiful blonde roll out from between her legs and take her place on the couch.
Beth gasped as she felt a hand on her knee. She looked down at Abbey’s hand in disbelief. Abbey rubbed her right knee gently just below the hem of her shorts.
Beth turned and grabbed Abbey’s face. She pulled her into a full, passionate kiss with tongue. Abbey looked shocked and started to reach for Beth’s hands, but she suddenly stopped and put he arms around Beth’s slender, muscular body. They both rolled over and fell to the bed. Abbey was on top. Beth luxuriated beneath her. Suddenly they kissed as if their lives depended on it. Their hands explored freely. Abbey was the first to slide her hands beneath Beth’s shirt to feel her tits. She broke the kiss and sat up, getting Beth to help pull Beth’s shirt off over her head. Beth sat topless, watching Abbey watch her.
“What do you think?” Beth asked breathlessly.
“I think you are built like a goddess, and I look like Miss Bishop’s stallion.”
“Take that off,” Beth said gently, pulling on Abbey’s blouse. They pulled off Abbey’s blouse and bra together. Beth sat watching, then smiled up at Abbey.
“They are not as big as mine yet, but they look incredible,” Beth said truthfully.
“You really think so?”
“I do,” Beth said in all seriousness. Abbey shrugged and smiled. She looked at Beth’s gym shorts and began pulling desperately. Beth lifted off the bed and soon sat naked. Abbey followed suit in moments. The both sat looking small and uncomfortable.
“I… I think I want to go first. I’ll do you,” Beth said bravely.
"How do you want to do me?" Abbey asked.
"I don't know. Could you sit on the edge of the bed while I kneel on the floor?"
"Sure, anything you want."
Beth smiled bravely as Abbey slid her legs off the bed. Beth hesitantly moved off the bed. She noticed that her knees were shaking. Her insides felt like jelly. She wanted to taste Abbey, but she was afraid she couldn't go through with it. On the other hand, she was so horny that she would do almost anything. She felt self-conscious about being naked in front of Abbey, but she knew she had a better body than Abbey, so she tried to shake off the stupid feeling. Abbey leaned back on the bed, waiting. Beth steeled her nerves and moved closer. She was conscious of Abbey watching, which made her even more nervous.
She gingerly reached out and placed one hand on each of Abbey's thighs. They were warm and very soft. She moved her face closer until she could smell the perfumed fragrance of Abbey's skin. She kissed her inner thigh experimentally, then took a good look at Abbey's pussy for the first time. She had a dark patch of black hair, more hair than Beth. The pussy looked much like Beth's. It was very wet and fragrant. Beth inhaled deeply and decided it was a good smell. She looked up into Abbey's eye, then extended her tongue and touched the hot flesh of Abbey's pussy.
Abbey sighed deeply and closed her eyes. Beth tasted the trace of juice on her tongue and decided she liked it. She licked more boldly. Abbey shuddered and gasped as Beth's tongue slid through her wet folds of flesh. When the tongue reached her clit, Abbey gasped and stiffened. Amazed at such a reaction Beth opened the folds of her pussy and found the clit, then began flicking her tongue across the little bud.
Abbey cried out and stiffened, thrusting her pussy slightly forward to meet Beth's tongue. Losing the last of her hesitation, Beth clamped her warm lips over the wet mound and began sucking as her tongue lashed Abbey's womanly fruit.
Abbey suddenly sat up, then fell back to mash her own little tits brutally.
Becoming even more enthusiastic, Beth dove into the girl’s crotch wholeheartedly, working her face from side to side, while her mouth sucked and tongued her helpless friend. With a death grip on each leg, Beth drove her tongue up inside Abbey while her sucking lips drew her womanly nectar from her loins. She discovered what excitement she could find, drinking another girl's sticky juices.
Panting and tossing on the bed, Abbey suddenly fell back across the bed and spread her legs wider. Although Beth was new at this sort of thing, she realized that Abbey was nearing her orgasm. It was exciting to watch the thigh muscles tense and vibrate in time with her lashing tongue. Beth puckered her lips and sealed them over the little clit at the top of Abbey's pussy and lashed it at the same time. She moved her merciless tongue to the top of the fleshy envelope, turning her head slightly so she could rake her tongue from the top, down across the clit and back again. Abbey panted loudly with each stroke.
Abbey shot up off the bed and grabbed the back of Beth's head, pulling her tightly into her pussy, then with a little scream she threw herself back on the bed, rolling her head from side to side, while her fists clenched the sheets. Abbey humped her pussy against Beth's working mouth, moaning loudly enough to be heard outside. Beth didn't have time to worry about that. She intensified her attack on Abbey's poor clit, sucking and licking it at the same time. Abbey squeaked loudly and stiffened, then humped her pussy helplessly against Beth's face as her orgasm exploded from her loins. Her warm juices were being sucked from her pussy by Beth's searching lips. Beth knew it would be her last chance to feast on her friend's sweet juices, because in a moment her pussy would be too sensitive to allow any contact. When Beth felt Abbey's legs clench around her face, she relented and sealed her mouth over the entire pussy, sucking gently without probing with her tongue.
With Abbey in her mouth, Beth watched the changing expression on Abbey's face as she went from orgasm, to sensitivity, then she relaxed. It was a wonderful experience, one she would have never missed. Abbey suddenly looked down at the sweet face and warm mouth, still sealed over her pussy.
"I never realized how exciting it was to sit up and watch your pussy being eaten. That was something else," she said as Beth rose and turned to sit on the bed. She placed Beth in just the right position.
Abbey began kissing her way up Beth’s perfect leg. She looked at the nearly hairless pussy and gave a little squeal of delight, before she plunged ahead and mashed her mouth against the fleshy mound. With no foreplay she proceeded to tongue Beth's burning flesh. Beth forced herself to keep her eyes open so she could watch her friend working between her legs. She placed her hands on the back of Abbey's head and massaged her hair, pulling slightly forward to increase the pressure on her crotch. Beth started to lie back, but Abbey reached up and pulled her upright, smiling into her eyes as she worked her mouth against her womanhood. Licking and sucking, she bathed the outer lips of pussy flesh liberally, then snaked her tongue up into Beth, curling out the juices for her sucking lips.
Pressing her lips directly over the vulva, she sucked then concentrated on lashing Beth's clit with her tongue. Beth cried out and held her breath, trying to restrain her cries. She gasped suddenly and bent forward over Abbey's head, pulling it forcefully into her crotch. Abbey continued to eat in the awkward position, trying to breathe when she could. She was relieved when Beth finally sat back and started humping her sex against Abbey's mouth.
Abbey recognized the little panting cries for the start of Beth's orgasm. She doubled her efforts on Beth's clit. Beth's cries got louder and louder until she suddenly stiffened and bit her lips to keep from screaming. As her orgasm tore her loins apart, her pussy twisted inside Abbey's mouth. She pumped it against that sweet mouth, giving her final offering of juices to the warm, sucking lips. The orgasm seemed to go on forever, then gradually lessened until Beth fell back on the bed in total exhaustion.
Like a mother cat, Abbey thoughtfully cleaned Beth's entire crotch and inner thighs, before she stood up and lay on the bed next to Beth. Abbey licked her lips as she smiled down at the angelic face. Beth opened her eyes and stared up at Abbey.
"That was wonderful," Beth sighed happily.
“Oh look, the mirror is blank,” Abbey pointed at the mirror.
“Yeah, it’s late. You better get some clothes on that sweet body before daddy gets home.
“You too,” Abbey smiled. They were giggling and wrestling on the bed when her father arrived.
“Beth, is that you?” he asked from outside the door.
“Yeah, daddy, me and Greg.”
“What,” the door burst open. He shook his head with a smile and pointed a threatening finger at Beth. “Goodnight girls,” he said, closing the door.
“Goodnight Tex,” Abbey said in a gruff voice, then squealed as Beth hit her in the arm. He paused, deep in thought, then shook his head and went to his bedroom. It had to be a coincidence.

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