young Mandy

young Mandy

Hi my name is Mandy,
i am a school girl,forteen years old, everyone tells me i am cute, i think i am a bit skinny.
i want to tell you about a strange thing that happend to me recently.

our school appointed a new headmistress, Honey is her name, she is a very strange lady, she is very pretty, even for a woman in her late thirtys i guess.

we had the usual welcome to the school assembly, where the deputy head introduced her then she gave a long winded speech about her role in our education, anyway to cut a long story short.

about a week later i was out the front yard mowing the lawn, as it was one of the jobs i had to do for my allowance, it was hot and i had my old cutoffs and a tank top on, i didn't notice Honey walking along the street, she walked up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder, i screamed, she frightened the life out of me.

Are you allright Mandy, i did not mean to scare you, i would never do that, can you come over to my place after you finnish that, i have a lawn and no mower, i will pay you well, number 28, and she seemed to dissapear.

i finnished the rest of my lawn, and pushed the mower over to her place, i mowed her front lawn, all the while i had a strange feeling, like someone was watching me, when i was nearly finnished, Honey opened the front door and stepped out on the porch, she was wearing a silk kimono, that barely hid her womanhood, her body was so beautiful, i was starting to stare a bit and had to look away, for fear she would catch me.

Honey said she had unlocked the gate to the back yard, and to come through and do the back lawn, when i was ready, i nodded a yes, and kept mowing, i waited till she turned around, then glanced over my shoulder, as she walked back into the house, her kimono, was very sheer, and all i could see was a tiny black t bar of a thong, i pushed the mower through the gate, and shut it, it locked automaticaly, her back yard was a lot bigger than ours, but a big swimming pool took up most of the central lawn so not much mowing, i had it done in no time.

Honey came out of the house still dressed in the same outfit, this time she was carring a tray with a jug and some glasses, would you like some fresh lemonade, Mandy, she asked as she poured two long glasses, when we finnish this you can have a swim if you like, its nice and warm and my pool is heated.

i was just about to say i will take the mower home and get my swimers, when Honey dropped her robe, unsnapped her thong and dived in the pool, she swam the twenty meter length under water turned at the far end and swam most of the way back before surfacing, she was very fit for her age.

she asked me to come in she said the water was nice.

i told her i was to shy, dont be silly we are both women, and no one can see in here, so a bit reluctantly, i stripped and jumped in, it was lovely, i can't say weather it was the water or the lemonade, but a strange feeling started to overtake me a feeling of calm that i have never had before, i felt fantastic, we played around in the pool for ages, it was fun and Honey, was fun to be with, strange that a teenage girl would find a thirty something lady fun.

Honey got out and dried off, in front of me, and i did not feel the least bit intimidated or shy, i got out and did the same, right up near her, i watched as she towelled her self off, watching her body, her titties were about 24b, her waist was slim and taught, and she had the nicest ass, even better than Amy my friend who had the nicest bum in the whole school, Honey dried her pussy last and she took her time doing it, she had a small blonde thatch right at the top of her vulva, that matched her long blonde hair, i was getting wet watching her, and having her watch me, i even turned away from her and bent over when drying my bum, so she could see my slit and anus, i have never even done that with my three best girlfriends, Jackie,Amy, and Vicky, why did i want this woman to look at my body.

Honey placed some fresh towels on the lounges, lit a smoke, then reclined back on the lounge, she asked if i wanted a smoke, i dont smoke i said, go on it wont hurt, so i lit one up and flopped down on the other lounge, trying to look cool like her, laying back with her legs spread open, and her nipples as hard as bullets, i started to cough from the smoke, she laughed, and came over to me, put it out i will give you a back rub to make you feel better, i rolled on to my tummy, and Honey sat on my bum, she must have taken the weight, with her legs she was so light i could hardly feel her on me, she opened a bottle of oil and rubbed my shoulders, arms, and my back, just lightly brushing the sides of my small titties, if i thought i felt good before, it was nothing compared to this, my body was awash with new sensations, my nipples were hard, my pussy was aching, and wet, like i had pissed my self.

Honey finnished my legs, then massaged my bum cheeks, and said do you want to go any further Mandy?

i dont know, i replyed, it feels so natural, i have had an attraction to my girlfriends, but we have only petted and felt eachothers tits, to afraid to go any further.

she got up and said come inside and have a think about it, she took my hand and led me into her house, the house was big and luxurient, with pictures and art works of naked women and girls everwhere, we went to her bedroom, her bed was very large and frilly, one wall was all windows, floor to celing, the celing and another wall were all mirrors, she layed on the bed and motioned for me to sit next to her, she fondled her small titties, and pinched her nipples, i went to reach out to touch them, but she said, wait later, she opened her legs wide, and rubbed her fingers along her juicy slit, she asked if i had ever watched a woman masturbate, i said no, she asked if i would like to watch her ?

yes please, i said, it was making me shake i was so exited, and my pussy juice was dripping, everwhere.

she leant against the pillows, and slowly opened, her pussy lips, which were quite large, as she opend them, she pulled me closer so i was staring, at her sex, i could see her sticky white girl juice, she played in the folds of her labia, with both of her index fingers, she moved one to her nose, smelt it then licked it clean, the other she offred to me, it smelt a little fishy, but the taste was superb.

she asked me, if i would like for us to make love ?

all i could say was yes…

Honey sat me on the pillows against the headboard, then moved between my legs and played with me, just like she had done, she was so gentle, she opened my lips, being very careful around my hymen, we each tasted, and smelt, her fingers.

next she came right up to me and kissed me, not a peck, but a passionate, sexual kiss that lasted, she felt my titties, and i felt hers, her tongue, was large or so i thought. she licked and nuzzled my aching tits, then licked her way down to my vulva, her fingers spread me open, and her tongue opened my slit, she flicked my clit and the best orgasm, i have ever had exploded inside me, i could feel my cum, dribbling right down past my anus, she busily, licked it all up then kissed me again, the taste was the same as when i finger myself and lick my fingers, except she saved some of my cum, and pushed it in my mouth with her hot tongue.

she asked me if i wanted to do her, i told her yes, she said we could sixty nine, and that i should insert my tounge in her vagina, but if she did that i may lose my cherry, i told her please break my virginity, she pulled me down the bed and knelt over me, she lost no time in opening and licking me, i stuck my tounge in her slit and wow was this nice, something i must teach my girlfriends, i licked her clit just like she had mine, inserted my tounge in her vagina, even licked toward her asshole, her tounge now found the entrance to my vagina, and very slowly, inched its way, inside till it came to the barrier, her hands found mine and she clasped my hands in hers then, pushed, her tounge seemed to swell in size, then with a foward motion it ripped, just a little twinge of pain, then sheer bliss, her tongue was like a miny dick, or so i felt, she slurped and licked, and lapped at my hot hole, i was doing the same to her, she came and flooded my face, her cum was so sweet and sticky, i ate her bodily fluids, till i was near had it and my mouth ached, i stopped licking her, but she pulled my legs wider and rimmed my virgin asshole, i could feel another orgasm quickly building, this time her tounge seemed to get smaller, till it was long and thin, it invaded my ass, it was heaven, i screamed out my orgasm, all the time her tounge felt to be growing in my ass, she sucked the cum out of my pussyhole, she came up beside me and cuddled me, then she kissed me, we lay in eachothers arms for some time, feeling, cuddlig, and kissing.

i said, can i use your toilet, i need to pee, real bad, she said, let me be your toilet.

she pulled me on top of her so i was kneeling over her mouth, i started to piss, and she drank it, when i was done, i crawled back down beside her, and she kissed me, with the tart taste of my piss on her lips.

we went back out side and had another swim, then kissed dried, and got dressed.

she said same time next week, for my mower job, she gave me fifty bucks, and said bring one of your friends, over next week we can have a threesome, if she is interested.

i told the girls what happened, they all want to come over, but that is another story.

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