I am very modest guy,
I am so inocent and shy…
And putting hands under a skirt
I always blush, I'm feeling hot!

And girls are always puzzled: – Why
Even in sex I seem so shy?..
They say: – Your hands are skilled and quick,
Meanwhile your eyes are shy and meek!

What can I say them to reply?
– I'm a fucker but I'm shy!
I fuck you every day and night
And I will do it more…
Because the fuck is only light
I’ve never seen before…

And you can’t ask me for the break
‘Cause you like fucking too…
You are so tasty like a cake
And all your screams are true…

I fuck you and I feel so high
Forgetting all this shit
I am the most immortal guy
When I can lick your tit…

And it’s so hard to leave your bed,
And dive in grizzly street,
After the night of love we’ve had
Forgetting all this shit!..

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