Sexual Mystery

Sexual Mystery

When I lick and kiss your pussy,
I am feeling like a king,
And this kef is so exclusive,
It is like the sweetest dream!..

And your pussy oozes nectar,
Every drop I want to taste,
Like an expert I would smack them
And I hate to fuss and haste!

With my tongue I drive you crazy
And you whimper with delight,
In my usual life I'm lazy
But in love I'm alright!

Let your petals open wider
Showing me its pinky pulp,
It's delicious, it's exotic
All its sweet I wish to gulp!
Between your thighs you have a garden,
I'm fond of rambling in its shade,
And in its grass I like to find
A flower which will never fade!

And when I touch its tender petals
They're covered with the sweetest dew…
I can't imagin something better
It's like a legend coming true!..

And when I'm feeling sad and lonely
I take my secred precious rod
Between the petals of your flower
It slides and thanks its lucky lot!..

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