A Mining Colony-prison Part 3 (end)

A Mining Colony-prison Part 3 (end)

For some reason, the long chamber that housed the bathroom became the
canine's favorite resting place the next day.. Because every break somebody
would come over and whisper something to Delkyn. Who would then gasp, look
over at his bunk-mate, growl and make a bee-line for the door. Of course a
somebody or three usually went with him. The only question was, why was it
every time he returned, Delkyn was licking his muzzle or holding his crotch,
and moaning softly.. He was also worthless, begging off even so much as a
massage from his puzzled bunk-mate, who shrugged, and lay down. Winking at
one of the passing guards, who winked back.. And let the block know EasyLay
was all in for the first time since the last Big Orgy..

* * *

Things were pretty quiet for almost a month. Then one evening EmptyBucket
waylaid the wolf. "How much.." Delkyn scratched an ear. "How much fer what?"
Thumb claws latched onto his pants and drug the animal down. "How much fer ya
ta vanish a few minutes.." The canine grinned and stared into the bloodshot
eyes. "First, you have to ask him.. Not that He will say No… Bastard'd
probably screw a knothole." The male in question smiled at his bunkmate, as
he came around the corner. "And what is wrong with three-ways?" Hands lifted
the bat up so it's long ear-tips could be nibbled on. Leathery wings wrapped
themselves around the canine's muzzle, as the bat squeaked and arched. "Got
any tits in there?" Strong hands rubbed his back. And EasyLay had a hell of a
time getting free.. "Shit! Leggo! I gotta Breathe.." The man's eyebrows
arched. "It's That Long?" The bat squeaked again, and reluctantly allowed
himself to be pried off the furry snout. "You Are Dangerous!" The male
chuckled and stroked the dark belly. EmptyBucket shook all over. "Oops..
Looks like he's gonna need a shower." The creature shuddered again.

"And a good scrubbing.. Hmm.. It will take Both of us Hours to get him clean
again, You know that.." Delkyn was trying his best not to explode.. "Oh,
Yes.. *Giggle* Hours.. *Snort*" They helped the mammal to their cell, while
others chorused cat-calls and the Cleaning Crew drew straws to see who got to
wipe-up the puddle. Another Lottery determined who got Laundry Duty. The
Rabbit who won stood before the chute door with a basket.. And yelled when
they cloth came down. "Wow! He Soaked 'em! Mmmm.. Blowen's Strap is fragrant
tonight! So is the Wolf's! Ho, Ho.. Somebody got their dickie played with
today." The crew gathered round, Nuzzling the cloth. And just about Everybody
got a lick in.. Upstairs, the pair of miners were easing a trembling Cook's
Helper into the warm water. "Maybe he doesn't like showers.. Reminds him of
Cook's Soup." The creature shook his head. "Oh? You mean he doesn't take a
dip in the kettle, and calls it flavored? I could swear he sticks his paws in
the 'Beef'.. I don't even want to know what goes inta the 'Pork'.."

The bat squeaked and shook with laughter. Then moaned as fingers got busy
caressing his hide. "Better hurry. Only got a time-mark before Lockdown.. And
Ya don't wanna be locked in with a pair of horny monsters like us.." He
looked up at the canine. "Wanna Bet?" The man growled 'Sandwich Meat' in his
ear, making him shudder.. Then he grinned. "I seen Longen come down looking
like he had been caught by a pack of horny thnids.. I seen Skinny here come
down moanin about his ass. Don't deny it! You come in gasping about how the
two of you were pounding poles all night.. And if he chewed on yer buns one
more time, yer tail was gonna fall off.." The man shook his head, rinsing
off. "The things I miss.." Delkyn growled and turned off the water. "Come On
Big Mouth.. Let's get dry.." The male leaned down. "If he asks you to nibble
on his carrot.. watch out!" The wolf smacked his partner's butt. "Oh Yeah?
Who likes to Play 'Hide The Bone?' so much he can't wait for his partner to

"What? Wake you up just so I can bugger yer ass? How Rude! I Knew it was a
mistake lettin ya have the Top Bunk. Next thing, You'll be wantin me to wake
ya up when I give you head.." Both the Bat And the Wolf stared at him.
"Well.. I was horny.. And You were hard. So I let you sleep.." The wolf shook
his head, dropping the air-hose. "And How often does this go on?" EmptyBucket
took hold of the wand and made sure He was Dry.. Then started on the long
legs beside him. "Well.. Only a few times. *Smack!* Alright! Alright.. Once a
week. At least.." Warm air got the furry thighs dried. And a sticky tongue
got them wet again.. "You mean to tell me That the last few times I have been
waking up with a pair of painful balls, it was because You couldn't wait? You
bastard!" The Wolf grabbed the male and hugged him tight. Much to the delight
of the bat, who got his muzzle squashed between the fragrant crotches. He
shoved a finger up the pair of ass-holes, and fingered them well. Damn!
Blowen's was tuggin on him.. 'Deeper? How about two.. Don't have three, you
bastard! Shit!' He jerked free and shoved the males apart. "Look! You want
anything longer and you're gonna have'ta Squat!" The man did just that.
"Delkyn, Up to a little?"

The canine shook his head and dropped to lay on the floor. A guard came by
and tested the door. Growled as he watched the bat climb onto the male's
back, then hold on as the man bent down to engulf the doggy-cock. "Damn.." He
hit the emergency-override and locked the cell. "Don't want No Orgies on This
Floor! Not Unless I'm in it!" Then the Rraffin grinned and went down the
doors to see a certain male about easing some of the pressure in his shorts.
Meanwhile the bat was squeaking as his dick was being yanked on by an anus
that seemed to have fingers. Delkyn held the mammal still so he could engulf
both sets of balls. Nibbling on them, the canine grinned when the bat
shuddered like crazy and squeaked, filling the male's butt with spunk. Then
his own orgasm made him grunt and moan, his balls being drained by expert
hands. After a few moments, the man shifted.. And The wolf growled, biting on
his mouthful. "Not until I get mine.." The man went after his nipples,
tweaking and caressing them. "It's not polite to talk with your muzzle
full.." And Delkyn groaned. "Now, unless you plan on lying on the cold floor
all night may I suggest we get up. Or at least spread a sheet out. My knees
are getting stiff."

The canine growled again, letting go of the nut-sacks.. But not without
sliding his tongue over them well.. Laid a blanket down then reclined on the
cloth, waggling his tongue. Shadow knelt, waiting as the bat went over and
washed. Then returned to slide in between the horny lovers. Delkyn shifted,
so he could rub his hard cock over EmptyBucket's butt. "It's your own fault,
You know.. You whine." The wolf lifted his head. "What?" Got a kiss. The bat
was busy trying to decide which nipple to play with next.. Blowen had two big
ones. EasyLay had six smaller ones, and he had four of his own… Damn! But
he kept an ear on the conversation.. "You Whine.. I could understand snoring.
Hell, I snore.. Don't say it!" The canine chuckled. "I get up to take a whiz
and you are whimpering like somebody kicked ya out into a cold rain.. So it's
either climb up with ya or bring ya down to my bunk.. And Then you start
nuzzling my chest, feeling me up.. And have the nerve to go back to sleep! I
mean.. I have patience, But not That much!" Delkyn snorted. "Lies.. All lies!
How many times have I had to sit on your face to muffle the snores.. Wake me
out of a sound sleep, you do.." EmptyBucket stroked both sets of buns,
nuzzling the erections. "No wonder I have been spitting tail hair lately..
Not to mention what the inside of my mouth tastes like.." The bat couldn't
resist.. "What?" Delkyn put a hand on his muzzle. "Never you mind.. Now,
either lick my dick or get out of the way.. I am getting horny! Wha?"

The male searched his head. "I don't see any horns.." The wolf grunted. "How
about the one between my legs?" "Too small.. Doesn't count." Delkyn growled.
"Since when has it been too small.. Who You been sneakin around with?" The
man chuckled.. "You.." Another growl. "You ain't gettin off That easy.." The
man kissed him. "Delkyn.. Have I Ever been easy to get off?" The bat stopped
nuzzling dicks and perked up both ears. "You keep lappin.." The animal
giggled and nibbled on the pointed dick. Stroked the longer one with a
membraned wing.. "No… You Bastard!" He smacked a shoulder. "Why can't I
stay mad at ya.." A grin. "Ya can't screw mad.. Angry, Yes. But not mad.."
Then leaned over and whispered "Sandwich" in the animal's twitching ear..
Gave it a lick as well. The canine grinned nastily. "Hey Bat.. Get that
muzzle up here..I wanna kiss." EmptyBucket reluctantly let go of the cock and
moved up. Got his muzzle pressed wantonly.. This time the man's erection
tapped at the fleshy door under the stubby tail. The canine flipped, showing
his back to the bat. "Come on.. I want it up me.." And Cook's Helper obliged.
Then he groaned, holding onto the furry shoulders as a thick pole split him

"Too big?" The bat squeaked and shuddered.. "I can get some oil.." The mammal
shook his head. "No Way! You just keep on shoving.. I'll take it." And so he
did.. Delkyn snorted. "Why is it I always get the Short end?" And got
smacked.. "Be glad he's not a snake.. Then he could bugger you and suck you
off at the same time.." EmptyBucket groaned, as the males squeezed him
between them, one working a wonderfully huge prick into his neither end, and
the other doing almost as good a job as Blowen at milking his dick.. Between
the pair, he didn't last long.. Spurting deep into the canine's tight ass,
then grunting as his own was filled with hot spunk. They stayed like that for
a while, then Shadow pulled out and flipping Delkyn, went after the
cum-splattered tits. "Oh.. Ah! Stop.. Don't Bite.. Do Bite!" The canine
howled as Cooks-Helper lapped on his still dripping doggy-cock. Then all
three went into the shower. After a quick turn under the dryer, They sat,
fondling each other and talking.

"I think we may have to move farther from the bars.." The crowd of guards
that had appeared, growled.. "There are three of us and five of you.. That
means unless you want to open the door, two of you are gonna have ta wait." A
Black Panther came up. "And What does That mean.." Blowen got up, slapped a
hand on the furry butt, and stroked the strong neck with the other. He pulled
the crotch to his, rubbing them together and gave the purring cat a kiss that
made the dark tail jerk straight out.. "What ever you wish it to. EasyLay..
Feel like eating in?" The canine was at the bars, wagging his long tongue.. A
badger had his pants down and his hips pressed to the metal in a heartbeat.
The panther dropped to sink claws into the smooth buttocks and chew on the
dripping penis. "Hey! Ouch! Watch it.." The feline gnawed on the dick. "Shut
up.. Before I Bite it off!" A bear lifted Shadow's chin to slide a tongue
into his mouth. The other paw pulled the bat's hips closer so he could shove
his cock deep into the gasping mammal. Delkyn did double-duty, sucking first
on the Badger's reddish dick, then nibbling on the bat's longish penis.. The
panther grunted as

a boar-like being worked a corkscrews cock under his tail.

The other guard got in line, and Delkyn found himself playing 3 piccolo's..
The bruin relieved him of one, sliding the long male-meat between his claws,
while humping it's owner with abandon. The Panther snarled, then gulped as
his tonsils got sprayed with spunk. He swallowed it all , using his sandpaper
tongue to get still more.. Then yowled as his porcine lover came in his back-
door. The bear groaned, filing Cook's helpers' ass up and then some.. EasyLay
had both cocks in his muzzle and was doing a fine job of imitating a vacuum.
Too good! With a moan, both guards tried to drown him in cum.. And didn't
succeed. He drained them both, squeezing their nut-sacks. Then yelped as
Shadow did the same to him.. Teeth chewed on his doggy-cock to the knobs, as
two fingers slid into his butt. Delkyn jumped and squealed and finally
howled, his own testicles being squashed to get the dregs out. "Please.. " He
gasped feeling the tongue catch any stray drop of semen. Then the male let go
of Him and Went after the others! EmptyBucket creamed all over the big paw
and now watched as the man cleaned both it and him.. "Leave some for me.."
The bear pulled out and jerked his paw free.

Neither the badger not the other canine could do more than plead as their
shrinking malenesses were lapped on. The Panther, who was watching all this
go on, made sure He was well away from the bars. "Sorry.. Perhaps later." The
other guards got untangled and wearily made their rounds while a Bucket just
shook his head at the creature's prowess.. There was only one question
remaining. "Would you prefer to sleep with me or fur-ball?" The bat yeeped
and passed out. So they placed on the lower bunk. "So. Where are you gonna..
Oh, no! I lived through one orgy already.. I ain't Gonna have your horny self
crawling all over me while I'm asleep.." The male shrugged.. "Alright. I
guess I shall have to lay with EmptyBucket. Who will tell the entire
Day-Shift how you were too cranky to let yer Bunk-Mate sleep next to ya.."
The canine growled and pointed to the upper bunk. "Belly to the wall.. And
keep those fingers off My tail!" Blowen laughed and put his stomach to the
wall. A warm fur-coat draped itself over him.. "Sleep.. We have a busy day

* * *

Delkyn awoke to find himself being cradled in a furry lap. "What?" The bat
kissed him. "You do Whimper.. I thought Crazy was kidding." "And where is
'Crazy' now?" The bat chuckled and nuzzled the animal. "Getting breakfast. We
got so many chits last night, It will take a month to use them all.." A guard
came in with a tray. Followed by Blowen.. "I only got two hands. And my mouth
doesn't stretch That wide.." He placed the trays on the upper bunk. Gave the
guard a kiss. "Thanks.." Got a growl, and a slap on the ass in return. "No
more chits.. You've disabled a whole Level of guards Already.." The male
looked shocked. "Did I say a word? No mention of how much I would like to
play with your big dick. Nothing about how wonderful your balls would feel
soaking in my mouth.. Not a peep about grazing on that furry rump.." The
Ferim shoved the tray into the man's hands and made a hasty retreat.. "You
are something else.."

He turned and looked at the pair. "Well. If you two think you can stop
playing with each other long enough to eat.. Breakfast is ready." The bat
unwrapped the canine and took the proffered tray. Delkyn took another and
sitting on the floor, ate rapidly. Cook's helper nudged the miner. "Somebody
was hungry.." The male shrugged. "That was not what he said last night.." The
bat looked up at the man. "Oh?" A warning growl was ignored.. "Yep. Made me
sleep with my stomach to the wall. Told me I couldn't even so much as play
with his tail. Then draped himself All over me.." The growl got louder.. "I
tell ya, I Never met someone so stingy.. Throw that coffee and I will have to
take Another bath. And You Yourself said you didn't want be at another orgy
for a while.." The canine threw up his hands. "What am I going to do with
ya?" The man got up. "Help me dress.. We have to get to roll. EmptyBucket..
Think you can get these trays back by yourself?" The bat nodded, Grinning.
Plenty of hands would be eager to get these trays back.. Especially with the
tales He had to tell!

* * *

Another thing happened on the way to add to the growing legend. They were in
chain, marching along, when a shriek came from above them. "Chains Down." The
steel links that kept them together in such emergencies were dropped, along
with some of the smaller creatures. "A Bilkh.." The winged carnivore wheeled,
knowing somebody would get careless. Then it would take one of the smaller
ones and be gone before they could use their clubs as no one had guns.
"Rocker.." The cat came over. Shadow whispered something in his ear.. The
animal growled, but dipped his paw in the tan shorts. The guards watched,
curious, as Blowen searched the ground for.. A stone? He returned to take the
groin-strap from the his friend. "Stand back.." He tied a knot in one end,
then put the rock in the cup he had made. The creature still watched,
circling.. Then the male lifted the strap and started it turning.. Slowly the
cloth revolved in a circle, rapidly gaining speed. Rocker yelled, startling
the bird into stillness.. With an over-under motion the rock was flung out of
the strap. *Crack* Went both mineral and bone. One was harder.. The Bilkh

Then dropped out of the sky. It didn't quite make it to the jungle floor. As
the body descended, it hit a small pod.. And the tree it was attached to
opened up, engulfed the bird, and closed with a *Snap*. "Thanks.." He
returned the cloth to the big cat, who dusted it off, then tried to put it
back in place.. With a chuckle, a dozen of the miners formed a circle, only
occasionally looking over their shoulder at the naked body. When both strap
and pants were back in place, the line was re-formed and they continued
onward. To tell the ones coming out about Blowen's newest escapade. That
night, nobody slept until a full mark after LockDown.

* * *

And Sugnoh got another chance at the male who made his heart pound.. "Back
for your clothes? FatAss.. Get over here and make sure your measurements were
correct.." A brand-new speaker was installed in the Break-Room. It seems the
old one was ripped out by Trio. The pair disappeared and ear-plugs were
eagerly inserted in all sizes and shapes of sound-catchers.. Again the male
stripped. But this time the bruin had him lay on the floor, and stroked the
naked body with his snout. "Mmm.. You washed. I like that. No, No. Stay there
for a moment.. Oh, Yes!" The bruin lifted the hips and slid his muzzle in
between the muscular butt-cheeks. Rubbed his chin against the puckered anus,
then licked it.. "Do you like my nose up your ass, or prefer my tongue?" The
same otter jumped to one side, allowing the same Buffalo to fall into the
Washer. "Your tongue of course. Your nose is too damn cold.." It took a
half-dozen males to get him out.. And All got Soaking wet. The Tiger looked
like somebody had shoved Him in the vat instead. "I suppose you will want out
of those wet clothes.." A half-dozen volunteers chimed in to help the big
male. "Screw it.. Heat Rules in Effect as of Now!" Cloth flew again as
everybody got naked.. "I've never screwed anybody before. Mind if I.." A
chuckle. "Not at all.. Every should try it from both ends. Might change their
mind about Bi-sexuals.." The gasp of that boot dropping was followed by a
howl so loud, Guards from an entire Block came down..

The ensuing orgy lasted till Way past Lunch. Anybody hungry enough to want a
sandwich Wasn't within a hundred feet of the Laundry Area. Of course it
didn't help when out of the speakers came – "Oiled? Good. On my knees? Or do
you prefer Face-to-face.." Sugnoh growled, pulling the ass up to his crotch.
"Ohhh. You are So tight!" A chuckle. "Thanks.." The bear felt the anus open
and let his tulip-shaped head slide in.. Just. "Quit teasing.. Hey!" The
orifice opened up and the animal found himself engulfed to the sheath. "Ok.."
It was a wonder the Foundations weren't rocking.. The entire Lower floor
resembled a furry centipede with a cramp.. Or a bunch of erotic oil rigs.
Pumpa, Pumpa, Pumpa.. Hands, Paws, Feet, Anything that could hold a body
part was tugging, stroking, and pouring coals to already overheated male
bodies. "What a tight ass! I could hump on it all friggin shift!" The
collective groan That statement raised made another tier of Guards come to
rescue their mates.. They didn't get very far. "Fresh Meat!" The twenty or
so males vanished under naked, squirming, Very horny creatures. Uniforms got
shredded, and tossed to the winds. Anything from the neck down was fair
game.. Especially the crotch area.

One poor creature whose only crime was being well-built, got so many bites on
his dick, he passed out. Not that That stopped anybody. "Now you just lay
there and take it.. And you ain't gettin uncorked until yer cum! Mmm.. Nice
tits. Here, Let me.. Ahh." The sound of a tongue on flesh made the floor
move again. "Yeah.. Sweat fer me. I like rubbin my hard nipples on yer
sweaty back.. Quit Grabbin Me Like That! Damn.. You got fingers in there or
What?" Those trying their best to hold out literally blew it.. "You Bastard!
I'm gonna.. Gonna Cream Yer Ass Big-Time!" The lusty growls that turned to
howls didn't help the wet bodies cool down either.. Nor did the *Thump* of
two rutting males hitting floor. "Aaaahhhh! Oh Yessss.. Ungh! Mmmm.. No..
Please! Just lay next to me for a moment." A chuckle.. "If you're as drenched
as I am.. I bet we could slide down the corridor. How? Easy.. Grab yer toes.
Put yer back to the Floor, and have somebody giver yer butt a shove.. Ever
been in a Poly Uniform? Real slick stuff. I could slide down a stair-rail,
jump across to a wall and be halfway across ship in a few minutes. When you
are done.. I think we could Both use a drink." Somebody dragged their carcass
out from under a pile and managed to get a bucket, toss a dipper in it, and
open the door. "Here.." Sugnoh lay beside the man, one furry leg draped over
the male's. "Thanks.. You're naked." The ferret nodded. "Heat rules.."

The male looked up at his lover.. And got kissed. "Sometimes the fans don't
work so well.. So we work without clothes." Shadow rubbed the sweaty butt
beside him. "How?" The ferret gulped and stared.. A pair of tongues waggled
at him. "Two's company, But three is an orgy.. Care to help with the fit?"
*Slam!* "Guess not.." They untangled themselves and went for the water. "Hey!
No fair.." 'Wha?' The bruin watched the dipperful slide down the throat
without so much as a twitch. "How do you do that?" The man grinned and poured
another over his head.. "Sand-Centaurs. Two-legged equines with cocks long as
yer arm.. Lay with one of them for a while and you can peel fruit with yer
tongue.." Sugnoh shook his head. Drank and splashed the cool water on his
muzzle. "How does this feel?" Another chorus of groans.. "Much better. At
least I won't be ripping shirts. Shall we try for the pants? Or does yer want
to snap those fangs on me nuts now.." The bear chuckled. "I think I can
wait.." Many a sigh wafted up.. To turn into yeeps. "You can 'Brown-nose' me
all you want. Yer still ain't gettin a raise.. And Damn yer nose is cold.. My
nuts shrivel every time you nuzzle 'em." The bear growled. "Than we shall
just have to warm them up.." *Lap* *Lap* *Lap* *Chomp!* "Not so Damned hard!
I only got onna those.. Now look what you did.. It's leaking." A muffled
growl answered the male. "How many times have I told you not to talk with
your mouth full? Now I'm gonna have to spank you.."

*POP* "You Mean That?" "Sugnoh, You grin any wider and that bucket will
fit.." "Don't change the subject.. You would actually smack my ass?" *Slap*
"Depends on how hard you get my paddle…" The bear shook his head. "You Are
One Kinky Male.. I Love It!" So did the audience.. He rubbed the maleness
well. "Feels hard to me.." "Good. Now grab Wall, Male!" The bruin scrambled
to comply. "One.." *Tap* "Two.." *Tap* "Three.." *SMACK* "Ouch! Hey!! That
wasn't your dick!" *Smack* "That's right, My horny little bear.. I didn't eat
yet, and I want some Hot Buns to chew on.." He sank his teeth into the
reddened cheeks. "Ouch! Stop.. Aaah! Chew on My Ass! Bite my Dick.. My
Balls! Eat'em!!" A second wave of orgasms hit as the crowd did just that.
"You Bastard! Get that cock up here.. EasyLay ain't the only one who can be a
Dipper!" He grabbed a double-pawful of sweaty butt, and started grazing all
over the well-scented crotch. Of course it was hard to keep ones mind on work
when somebody is nibbling on ones nuts.. Or fingering your ass. Nothing for
it but to do the same..

They had just got started sucking each other, when a snake spat sweet cum
into hungry muzzle.. Then it's bearish counterpart exploded. *Gulp* *Snort*
The entire floor shuddered as a wave of pleasure hit.. And Nobody stopped
until the dregs were bit, slurped, frigged or pumped out. The pair inside the
room fell over and FatAss let go of his lover. Big Mistake! The male started
chewing a path upwards.. "Hey! You are supposed to lay there and be too tired
as well.. Eeep.. Chew on my Tits! Bite me! Aaaugh!" All the bruin could do
was hold onto the floor and shudder.. "Stop.. Please." The male did so.
Opened his mouth and pressed his teeth against the animals. Tongues got busy
sliding across each other and fingers squeezed butts. "Blowen.." The bear lay
and stroked the man's side, "Anytime you want me.. I am available. Anytime.."
The man kissed him. "A question.. If Heat Rules are in effect.. Do we go out
naked? And where do I put my clothes on at?" A hundred mouths rolled the news
around. Along with whatever was in them at the time.. "Why don't we ask
Trio?" The pants fit well, held up with a belt.

This time when they opened the door, the noise shook everything for a dozen
floors up! And if it wasn't for the Riot Doors being closed, would have shook
more.. Whistles and cheers and stomps. Howls and growls and snarls. And more
than a few gulps, and moans as somebody popped their cookies. The bear stared
for a moment.. "Shall we join them?" It sounded like an explosion at a
champagne factory.. *Poppity, Poppity, Poppity, Pop!* Hungry mouths growled.
Thirsty tongues licked shiny lips.. "Umm.. I guess a lengthy discussion on
the pleasures of abstinence is out of the question.." The carpet of bodies
moved closer. "It looks grim.. If I don't make it back, Tell the Kids I Love
them.. Farewell, My Lovely. " And he grabbed the startled bear, sweeping him
into a prolonged kiss. Whistles and cheers broke out.. "Longer.. Harder..
More tongue." He dropped the bruin. "More tongue.. What do you think I am? A
pervert? Don't Answer That!" He put his shorts on to many a howl of protest.

"What's the matter with you.. Ya see one sweaty ass-crack, ya seen 'em all!
Just because Mine doesn't have any hair.. And Don't tell me you haven't been
peeking in the shower either.. Delkyn told me he's been selling tickets to
the show!" They howled and beat the floor again. "Now I have to be toddling
back to my cell. So I can get up and eat.. You do know it's Dawn.." Many of
them shook their heads, but the clock hadn't stopped because some inmates and
Guards got together for a little dick-tasting. "Day shift's gonna shit when
they see this mess.." The Tiger grinned, sitting on a step with four or five
worn-out males beside him. "Shadow, You Are T.R.O.U.B.L.E! Now Get, while Yer
ass is still intact.. 'Cause if none of these other horny bucks want to bite
a piece off, I sure as hell do!" The lights shook so hard half a dozen
reports of an earthquake came in to Central. Which was in no condition to
reply.. The male shook his head, took his shorts off and draped them over one
arm. "This way nobody can rip them off me.. I am not About to go into the
Dining hall with just a strap on!" He grinned.. "Somebody might get the wrong
impression of me.." Then turned to the bear. "Thank you for the most fun I
have had since a Frovina Tailor fit me for a suit.. What? Ask Trio.." The
Traaz shook his head. "Don't go Draggin me into this.." and grinned

The man walked out onto clear concrete, only getting his butt slapped a few
hundred times.. The Rest fondled it and bit it and licked it. The tiger
followed him to the last gate. "Try to stay away for a while.. I Still don't
know what I am going to say to Day-Shift.." The man smiled. "Simple.." Went
over to a panel and opening it, tapped a code into it.. "Mechanical
problems.." The Green tiger growled, and pressed his body full against the
nude one. "Cap.. You are a Blowen and a half. Don't Ever Change!" Then he
pounded on the door. "One going out." The robotics read his voice, scanned
the area and unlocked the gate. The man put his pants back on, snapping the
pass to them. "How long for those shirts?" The warrior, who had served with
the man in many a war, held onto the wall. "You be glad we don't bronze yer
ass and stick it on the wall! Mmm.. Probably a week.." The shook hands and
slapped butts. Then Trio left to see what the Insane One had wrought.. A fine
mist covered everything in Red. "What? Oh.." He shook a fist. "Bastard!
Insane Bastard!" The grinned crazily himself and joined the others in dancing
under the paint sprayers. Once a month, the walls get a fresh coat of paint.
By then most of the old stuff was either mildewed or scraped off or just
plain gone. Somebody found an easy way to do this was clear an area. Turn on
hoses and mist the place down. Let dry for a time-mark and replace the
furniture. It seems Somebody had re-set the clock and the automatics kicked
in. So Everybody was red.. And needed a shower.

Including one tired male. "All that for one fitting? And didn't even remember
to bring the shirt.. What am I going to do with you. Waggle that tongue again
and I will wash your mouth out.. Amongst other places." EasyLay helped his
Bunk-mate into the water, and dress. Then steered him down into the Dining
Hall. Another black bat who got an earful from his cousin about this male,
put a bowl of mush on his tray with a smile.. "Up all night?" He nodded..
"Want another?" The blue eyes stared at him with a merry twinkle.. "Don't say
it.." The wolf growled and pushed his mate on down the line. "Well, I can
always use some more cream.." The canine smacked his butt. "Just you wait
until we get back.." And things were pretty quiet once again. The miners
whispered about how Few guards showed up at Roll. And how many got Inners got
yanked to do Laundry duty.. EasyLay listened to all the gossip and shook his
head, watching the male work up a sweat.. And grinned at the others also

* * *

It Had to happen. And when it did.. Nobody saw a thing. But those who did
watched a Human destroy a SawDugger. Armor plating didn't help when your
opponent could crack it. Chits had flowed like water on who would be the
victor in the final battle.. And everybody Knew there would be one. Somebody
told Blowen that Breaker had killed more than a few of the small ones. There
was anger in the eyes at these tales as the wall and Fillers could attest
to.. But not enough to kill. Blowen, like his namesake, needed a spark. That
spark was Wunra. Wunra was a small creature who carried water. Accidents and
age robbed him of being able to do anything else. His life was the mines..
And the occasional kind word he got from thirsty miners. Well, this time it
was his turn to carry for the Lower Miners.. And Breaker happened to be
there. Well, he tripped over something, spilling a bit of the liquid on the
Sawdugger. For this he paid with his life. Breaker paid even more dearly, for
he chose to hit Wunra in front of Blowen. Who watched as a big paw lifted the
creature up, to slam him into the wall. Then lift him again. "Friend, I
believe once is enough.." Breaker sneered and slammed the creature down,
stepping on it, and twisting so bones could be heard to snap. Whispers ran up
and down the tunnel as work ground to a halt.

"I ask again. Stop and let the old one live.." Snuer put Maxie into his
sheath and crossed his arms.. He would not interfere.. No matter the outcome.
Actually it was a no-lose situation.. If Breaker somehow killed Shadow,
Rocker, Slide and probably the entire Wreck Crew would come down on him like
a ton of ceiling.. And not even the Captain could save his armored ass down
here. And if Blowen lived up to his name… No skin off the Guard's nuts.
Especially since he had orders not to touch the male.. At least with cuffs.
Wunra gave one final squeak, as Breaker crushed his skull. The shaft grew
quiet.. So quiet you could hear the splot as Breaker spat on the mangled
body. Then came another sound.. That of a pick-axe handle being snapped in
half. The miners stopped and watched as the human dropped his broken tool,
breathing softly. Delkyn remembered the eyes grow cold.. Then as Breaker
grinned at him they went Black. Like the inside of a coffin Black. "Blowen.."
The one who was called that spoke softly. And EasyLay remembered the words..
Words that when later repeated made a Weapons Officer shudder and turn white.
"Target Locked. Command is Destroy. Annihilate Sequence activated. Remove

He took all of three strides towards the creature who snarled and shoved
those wicked claws towards the male. They were slapped aside. Hands hard as
steel slammed full into Breaker's breastplate. There was a cracking sound and
the creature was momentarily lifted off the ground. He hissed like a steam
boiler.. Shadow jerked his hands back, and blood ran from 10 holes. This
time Breaker slid his claws along the male's sides, gouging furrows, which
were ignored. A gasp went through the mine as whispers told those up and down
the Tunnel what was going on. Snuer always wondered how anybody could hit
someone hard enough to break their neck, which was what supposedly got the
male put here.. He watched, astounded, as the palm of one hand slammed full
into the chin, shattering the jaw. The other hit the plated nose, shortening
it considerably. Breaker was broken.. A soft cheer went up as the animal
swayed. But Blowen wasn't through.. True to his namesake he had one more
devastating thing to do. The left hand slammed into the chest one last time,
breaking it in half, and blood poured out of the broken mouth.. Then the
right one slammed downward, and the head burst like a ripe melon.

That Still wasn't enough for the one whose name meant one of the worst
disasters that could befall a mine. "What.. What the hell's he doing now?"
Lifting both bloodied hands the male slammed them into an overhead runner.
"Oh – My – Deity.." Arms strained to pull the ceiling down.. The board was a
full meter thick and reinforced with steel cables. And it was bending… The
miners were too shocked to do much but stare in gape-jawed amazement at what
they were witnessing.. All except one… "Shadow.."Delkyn carefully made his
way over to the man. "Shadow, He's dead.." The eyes looked through him. "So
should I be." With a growl that was both cold as the icy pit itself, and so
full of hatred some stepped back in fear, the being slammed a boot into the
support timber. It snapped like a twig and part of the tunnel bend collapsed.
But only a part.. The rest stayed put, as the timber dug itself into the
floor. And the being who had tried his best to be under the rocks and dirt
was lying on the floor. The canine grabbed a hand.. "Bastard! You ain't
getting away That easily.." And a half-dozen bodies latched onto the male,
tugging him to one side. He was leaned against a wall and when found to be
still breathing, a ragged cheer came from the assembled miners.

Feet came from everywhere at once. Somebody got a bucket of water and washed
the male to see what wounds he had taken. Hah! Except for the lines running
down each side, Not even a bruise. Others cleaned the mess up and dug what
was left of Breaker out.. The Guard lifted Maxie from his sheath and walked
over to the male. "Maxie.. You are never to touch this male.. I love you too
much to lose you to Blowen.. What is his True name?" Again Delkyn remembered.
"He said his name was Shadow.." The eyes opened and the canine shuddered
again. For they were not the eyes of anything alive.. "FarScout Commander
DeathShadow. At your service, Sir. Target has been removed." Rocker came
over.. "How is he?" The empty voice came again. "Bio has sustained damage and
has gone off-line." Two, known to be of a Death-worshipping cult, fell to
their knees and babbled.. Someone walked over and spoke gibberish. The head
turned as if on bearings and scanned the newcomer. Repeated the gibberish.
"Clear the area.." Snuer growled at being told what to do by a robed being..
Then ran like somebody kicked him between his legs when he saw Who had given
the order. The big cat snarled and dozen claws came out. "I stay.." The dark
robe looked him over.

"As you wish, Prince." Delkyn was no longer sure of anything, But he had
heard those phrases before. He reached.. "Verien Hiver Pilot Delkyn reporting
Commander.." The neck rotated so he was in sight. "You are out of uniform..
How goes the fight with the Vomerans?" He grinned despite himself. "We kicked
their roots clear back to The Third sun!" A smile. The canine noticed it had
gotten Very Quiet.. And nobody but guards were around… "Commander." The
head swiveled again. "Stand-down. Start Sequence 2. On order.. Go." The blank
eyes closed. "Bio needs medical attention. Comp going off-line for diagnosis,
as requested." Then the entire frame stiffened. A clawed hand patted Delkyn
on his shoulder. He looked up at GuardMajor Serrs. "None of you may say a
word of this.." The robed one who spoke lifted his hood, showing a
heart-shaped face. A Spiren? What the hell was someone as high up as a Spiren
doing here? "How long have you known.." Rocker sighed and touched the body
with his foot. "Since he arm-wrestled me.. Plasti-steel bodies are not stock
replacement parts. And Not even Cyborgs have Ship-grade neurocircuits. Unless
they manufacture them.. You were a guess. Nobody gets tossed in here without
reason and I doubt it was to get rid of a speck like.." He pointed to the
twisted thing that lay to one side.

"He was supposed to meet me.. Not save a female, who later died. But the
Commander always did have a soft spot for children.. No matter what race. Did
he tell you she was a Rarn?" Delkyn gasped softly. Rarn were the ruling race
of an entire system.. If she was a servant, it meant she had been taken. And
somebody had been sent out to find her. Somebody who was as hard as a ships
hull. Who could take care of himself.. "Why here?" The Spiren whistled
laughter. "What better place to hide a StarDragon than inside a hole in the
ground?" The eyes snapped open with a suddenness that startled them. "Talking
about me again, Iilkeb?" The insect put a pair of legs together in a pattern.
"Quit cussing in Ur. I know That language too.." He whistled a strange tune.
The Spiren shook and held it's hands up. "No More.. No More. You butcherer of
verbs.." The man lifted himself up. GuardMajor Hy-Oin walked over. "Not even
scratched.. Cyborg." The man grinned. "Not quite.. Delkyn, Have I been
porking you with a plastic device?" The canine snorted indignantly. "Hell
no!" The insect shook. "That is the Commander I remember.. When do you
leave." The man looked up at the other insect, who was clacking his
mandibles. Then made a high-pitched whirr.. Hy-Oin chirped, startled.

"3 years, 7 months, 21 days – Standard." He stood up and dusted himself off.
Made a complicated hand gesture with the InterGalactic Intelligence Agent..
"I shall wait." Grasped Rocker's paw. "Brother's still?" The cat dug his
claws into the hand. "How did you bleed?" Red dripped from the wounds.. And
was as suddenly stopped. "Shunts. And yes, it's mine.. I do have to pass
certain tests to travel. Like Romer's Blight." A snarl and the cat hugged the
male tightly. "Man or Machine, I welcome you to my tribe. Warrior-Brother
until you rust.." Delkyn now knew Why Longen was glad to be rid of the human.
"I guess I had better lay down and at least pretend to be hurt.. For the
medivac." A nod. "Fare Thee well, LordCommander of the OutWorld Federation."
The Spiren watched the creature fall as if deboned. He pressed his
multi-digited hand to a pair of furry shoulders. "Watch him well.." EasyLay
shook his head. "Why? He sounds ok to me." The Agent took him to one side.
"Drugs. The computer side is programmed to watch over the biological side and
take whatever action is appropriate to keep it going. Only Command Overrides
can change that.. That is so he can't commit suicide. Or go on a rampage..
However, he Can fool the machine side and die anyway. If he starts acting
strange, Contact Trio. He will know what to do. One last thing.. Were you
really a Hiver Pilot?" A nod.

"And yes, I can keep secrets. To the grave if necessary.." He gave the furry
rump a squeeze. "Good.." Then returned to the puzzled guards. "I am IGI Agent
Iilkeb. Questions.. This is a BioAndroid. Yes, they still exist. I have
deactivated him. He stays here.. Until we can get proper transportation
arranged. We can't just throw him in a box and ship him. Postage would break
us.." He laughed with the rest. "Remember, keep your yap shut and nobody
knows nothin. Treat him as you would any other prisoner, with one exception.
He messes up, You call Me First. This one is capable of taking a Battalion
out by himself.." He grinned in his way, as the eyes grew wide. 'More than
that.. Eh, Commander?' The whine of a lifter came to their ears. "Official
word – Gas pocket. Breaker hit it. A few more got caught in the backwash.."
Delkyn went down with a grunt, when a baton caressed his skull. Rocker
grinned.. "Head too hard." Then fell. "Nerve pinch.. Now, load them and a few
others who need a weeks rest up and ship 'em."

* * *

So some with a Lot of Chits got to stay for a week in Menders. Blowen, of
course, didn't get a scratch.. "Crazy Blowen. Got more lives than a Lyin'
Squeaker.." But word was whispered around the line that a Dipper had fallen
like a meteor onto Breaker. The male was at work again the next week, along
with the others, as if nothing had happened. And nothing did.. Security came
snooping around the cells, but didn't Touch anything. Or anyone. They had
orders too.. And so for a while, nothing spectacular happened. Then a half
dozen High Powers descended on the Camp. Everyone was taken unawares.. Guards
were spitting and polishing like crazy. Everybody not sleeping or mining was
moving rags.. The cook was so flustered he nearly fell into his own soup..
More than once… Word traveled down the line like a fast fire. It hit the
mine harder than a sudden rain storm.. Chatter was the order of the day for
an entire break.. Words like 'Triad', and 'CloudThumpers'(So high up they
screw clouds), and 'Warrants Of Deportation' (You get pulled from here and
stuck on a rock).

It seems that the Guards were lax on making sure the Travel Chain was locked
that day. After all, why bother when the only reward for escaping into the
jungle was a painful death? Unless an ung stepped on you. Ung's had feet the
size of small cars, and there were 8 of them hitting the ground at any given
time.. At least they were punctual. Every day, at the same time the crew
waited while twenty or so of these behemoths sedately trampled a path wide
enough to be called a road in the underbrush. And it was at one of these
times Blowen vanished. Even money said he was a squashed speck under one of
those feet, or at the bottom of some huge belly, giving something
indigestion.. But hidden deep inside a service corridor, which was so unused,
the dust had dust, was a small box. On it was written 'If I am needed, I
Shall return'. Inside the box was a Starwave Transmitter.. This wasn't so
unusual, as many places had such calling-boxes. What Was unusual, was the
unit was the size of a book. And was tuned to no known frequency..

The End

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