Abducted By Female Pleadeans

Abducted By Female Pleadeans

As I entered the gates to my resort, a light shone above my car. The last thing I remembered was the light. A warm and bluish-green light.
While I dreamt about bullshit, I suddenly felt waking up to movement and shoving of my body around on a cold, metallic table.
There were tall, beautiful blonde females that were around me, as I lay there. There was conversation between them and I knew their language was not human language.
Two of them got my attention as they stared at me with their beautiful eyes.
One of them placed their hand upon my bare chest. I suddenly realised I had no clothes on.
I lay there humiliated as they gazed upon me. I didn't know what to do. I was dumbfounded and could not move. They had this veil over me, which was soft and transparent.
They had cut out a section of the veil around my penis area so that they could do whatever it was they were going to do with it.
The number of the females were about 7, which were in the room.
But one of them entered the room which were different from the rest.
The one that entered the room didn't have a white leathery suit on as the rest had, but had a long night gown. I looked at her and she was as beautiful as the rest, but with the exception of her hair, which was curled like roses and her hair color was a reddish – brown. Her eyes were green as the rest of the females there were blue in color.
The rest had this gaze about them which was unatural, but her's was that of fixiation and lust. Suddenly, the rest of the females backed away from the table and around me for about 20 feet. The red head moved in closer to me and I could see the dark image of her bush underneath her night gown. She had tremendously beautiful breasts and her nipples were pink and round. Just as I always imagined about, since childhood.

She came to me and placed her hand on my chest so softly. I looked around and the rest of the females were just observing us. As I looked around, the lights became dim and I could no longer see the rest of the females. As I felt our closeness get warmer, the room became cooler.

She had one small ring on every finger of her hands, except for her thumbs. As her right hand reached for my flacid penis, the rings lighted up and suddenly, at will, without hesitation, and without anything I could do about, my penis became errect!!!!!!!!!

Hard and Long!!

Her hands produced a tingle effect and the tingles ran throughout my entire body, that my senses were no longer controled by me, but they were somewhat manipulated so that I might enjoy every little thing that this alien female was going to do to me.

She leaned over my cock as she slowly stroked it and spat on it, but her saliva did a different thing… it created an OOZING GEL which was 1000 times better than 'WET GEL' or anything else sold at a Adult Video Store.

This "spit" created sensations which stimulated the feeling on my penis, unlike lubricating products which wetten and lessen sensations. She was pure magic!!!

As my cock wettened, she began to stroke me like the way I like to be stroked. She stroked me fucking hard!!! So fucking hard, that i think she knew what I wanted, because as we all know, most alien women are telepathic, and this one knew how I liked it!!!!

She began to suck on it and move her head around my cock in such a way that her long reddish hair just felt so good around my body, through the thin veil. And even though I could not move, the intense feelings of pleasure which were all over me, made me forget that i was paralyzed.

She knew every thought and every desire which I desired for her to do.

TO MY AMAZEMENT, She did the one thing I wanted her to do RIGHT THEN AND THERE!!!!!!

….She got on top of the table and JAMMED MY HARD COCK IN HER ASSHOLE!!!!!!!

She screamed and cried and moaned in pain. The rest of the alien females could be heard as they awed in panic, from what they were seeing! I saw the look in her face as if she didn't want to do it. But she kept doing it and doing her ASS with my COCK! She kept on and on, but this look on her face got me convinced that she was only doing what was instructed "by me" so that she might help get me off!! Suddenly she said something in their alien language and 2 other females came to her aid. As they knew she wanted off, she didn't let them because " I WAS IN CONTROL OF HER THOUGHTS AND HER DESIRES!"

She fought them off because I told her to. She continued to pump at my cock and commanded her to "SLAM DUNK" her ass ON MY ENTIRE S H A F T ! ! ! ! ! ! ! (Which she did.)

She squeezed her breasts as I told her to and "milk" started to flow from her breasts. I told her to squeeze them continuously until her breasts could no longer squirt alien MILK. What was funny about this was that I desired the flavor of the milk to be of that of Nestle's Strawberry Milk…
And that is exactly what came out of her breasts!!!
Tables turned and this time I commanede her to grab the two alien females by the hair and forcibly kiss kiss them and lick them with her toungue in their mouth!!
The other two resisted but she got her rings to work on them. Suddenly, all 3 of them were desiring what I wanted them to do. This created a comotion in the room with the rest of the 5 female blondes left in the room.
The 3 females that were at my bedside were completely naked and riding my cock!!!
The 3 gave me head and rode me like no tomorrow. As I was ready to SOOT MY TERRESTRIAL LOAD, something happened…. The 3 females moved away and I felt I was no longer in control.
All 3 of the reached out with their right hands and placed them over my Errection, as their rings lit up . That's when i noticed all females had the same kinds of rings on each of their fingers.

My cock remained still as my body also remained still and sweaty under the veil.

A light shone above the metallic table, which I was on top of, and this machine with a needle
came down and injected itself at my PENIS HOLE!!!!
It felt worse than a BEE STING. IT BURNED AND THE PAIN WAS HURRENDOUS!!! Just from the needle itself!!!
I was hoping my errection would go limp, but this time, again, I was no longer in control of my own errection. The thick needle went past my hole and prostate and into my BALLS> Both of them. It felt as if the needle split in two as it entered me, but I could also feeli the needle move around, as if it had a mind of its own and it was BENDABLE!!! Something happened that caused me to pass out from the pain. MY BALLS FELT AS IT THEY WERE TORN APART FROM THE INSIDE!!!


Then I woke Up.

I woke up in my car, at the entrance to the gates to my resort. I saw a strange paper-like note on the side of my seat and it read, "GREETINGS FROM PLEADIA. QUEEN MOTHER VERY PLEASED. WILL REPRODUCE YOUR KIND ON OUR HOME PLANET THAT THEY MAY BE LIKE YOU IN EVERY SEXUAL WAY!

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