New Beginnings – Pt 1 Ch 8

New Beginnings – Pt 1 Ch 8

The Confederate Army was only two days away traveling on foot. Several aircraft had already attempted to bomb the entrance to Solar City, but Béla and Lisa had teleported their bombs into space.

Tabatha stood guard outside the time-shielded entrance into the mountain, listening with her mind for any intruders. She couldn’t feel anything and informed her team members that the community was safe from ground attack – at least for now. But the orbiting ship detected another formation of bombers coming.

Tanya teleported up into one of the bombers. Of course, both pilots were startled at the stark naked blonde appearing between their two seats. Quickly checking over the console, Tanya reached out and pulled a lever opening the maintenance hatch below the cockpit. The air was suddenly sucked out of the craft and it began to dive. She vanished as the pilots grabbed desperately for their breathing tubes.

She reappeared in another bomber and tapped the pilot on his shoulder. He turned around, amazed and stunned that there was a naked girl on his aircraft.

“You see that plane going down?” she asked cheerfully, pointing out the diving craft she’d just left.

Startled, the two pilots stared out, finally noticing the falling craft. They nodded.

“Turn back or that’ll happen to you,” Tanya informed them, then she vanished.

The two pilots stared at each other.

“You see that?” one asked, dumbfounded.

The other shook his head.

“Blue Three to Command,” the lead pilot said into his radio.

“Command,” a static-sounding voice replied.

“We have one aircraft down and have received warning to turn back or be destroyed,” the pilot said.

“Identify type of weapon used on downed aircraft,” the voice requested. “We have no indication of any counter strikes.”

“Unknown,” the pilot replied. “All weapons screens are clear. The downed craft simply depressurized.”

“What warning did you receive?” the radio voice asked. “We are monitoring all frequencies and have not received anything.”

“We had an intruder on board who delivered the message personally,” the pilot informed them.

“Has the intruder been captured?”

“Negative. She vanished,” the pilot said.

“You have your instructions,” the voice on the radio informed them. “Release your load over the target area and return to base.”

“Yes, sir,” the pilot acknowledged.

Tanya sat in the unoccupied navigator’s seat in a third bomber. She hadn’t been noticed by any of the cockpit crew yet.

“Does that mean you’re going to continue the bombing run?” she asked, surprising everyone in the tiny cabin.

“Grab her!” someone yelled.

Another crewmember coming up from behind grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her.

“Inform command we have a prisoner!” the man holding her said.

“Are you going to continue bombing?” Tanya asked the man holding her.

“You bet your sweet, naked ass we are, Slut-bod!” he sneered.

The floor dropped out from underneath him and the air was suddenly sucked out of his lungs. He screamed and let go of the blond girl. As soon as he let go, he tried to grab her again, but she was too far away and he was falling too fast.

“Save me!” he screamed.

For the first time in his life, he didn’t appreciate the marvelous view of a girl’s naked ass as Tanya spread her arms and legs to bring her spinning body under control.

“Why should I?” she cried down at him through the wind whistling by his ears.

“I don’t wanna die!” he cried, barely able to draw enough breath from the thin air to yell at her.

Tanya watched him fall. They seemed to be falling at about the same speed, but then they’d started falling at the same time, so that made sense. She twisted her arms, wishing she had wings like Béla, and flipped over. Her hair streamed past, whipping at her face and limiting her vision. She found that by closing her eyes, she could visualize the aircraft high overhead better than she could see it with the wind whipping up tears in her eyes like that.

She teleported back aboard.

“Turn back or die,” she told them.

They simply tried to grab her again. She vanished.

Reappearing in the aft end of the aircraft, she scanned over the cargo they carried. This was an old bomber, built sometime in the early twenty-first century before the Third World War. There were no nuclear weapons aboard, but there was enough explosive power in the conventional bombs they carried to wipe out half the state.

Feeling inside one with her mind, Tanya found the detonator. It was set to go off on impact with the surface – the best way to start a cave-in inside a mountain stronghold. Making certain she had a good image of the detonator, she teleported aboard another aircraft – the one directly behind her in the formation.

“Hi, guys,” Tanya chirped as she appeared between the pair of pilots. “Watch this!”

She snapped her fingers. The craft ahead of them exploded and slowly, almost gracefully, came apart and fell away beneath them.

“If you don’t turn back,” Tanya cheerfully warned them, “that will happen to you.”

The pilot immediately banked his bomber hard out of the formation.

“Blue Seven,” a voice crackled. “Where the fuck do you think you’re going?”

“Ah, please be advised,” the pilot next to Tanya said, “we have been compromised. A highjacker has instructed us to turn back.”

“Is the highjacker armed?” the voice demanded.

“Uh, not that I can tell,” the pilot replied. “In fact, she’s completely naked.”

“What the fuck are you afraid of then?”

“Well, sir, she just blew up Blue Four by snapping her fingers!”

Smiling, Tanya leaned down and kissed the pilot’s cheek. “Good boy!”

She vanished. A moment later, another bomber left the formation. Only three were left. After one more exploded, the other two turned back.

Tanya teleported out to where the man who’d grabbed her from behind was falling. He was unconscious now and tumbling, almost languidly turning over and over. They were only a few hundred feet up, now. Tanya grabbed him with her mind and placed him gently on the ground, then reappeared beside him.

Timothy Harden woke up, surprised to be alive.

“I don’t suppose you have anything to eat?” the naked blond goddess sitting next to him said.

Sitting up, he frantically felt around his arms and legs. For an instant, Tanya thought he was actually checking for food, then realized with a laugh that he was simply making sure he was all there.

“I’m alive!” he croaked, his throat raw from trying to breathe the freezing air at twenty thousand feet where she’d tossed him.

“Yeah, for now,” Tanya quipped, not really interested in anything he had to say.

“You!” he snarled and grabbed at her, knocking her onto her back.

He yelped as he fell back to earth from twenty feet up. He attacked her again, his actions driven more by fear than hate, now. The next time when he fell, he broke his leg.

“This isn’t how you treat prisoners,” he whimpered, finally recognizing the fact that he was the captive of this helpless-looking, extremely beautiful and very naked girl.

“You’re talking to the wrong person about prisoner treatment,” Tanya said threateningly. “Not when you staked out my daughter!”

The fear and hatred that appeared on his face let her know that it was a common practice in the Confederacy to execute people by staking them out in the sun, and, that he hated that practice.

Tanya sauntered over to where the man had landed when he fell this last time. Even with the pain in his leg, he was almost overcome with lust for this perfectly proportioned blond goddess. She dropped down beside him.

“Tell me why you’re here,” she murmured, behaving almost seductively toward him.

“What’s it to you?” he asked, still believing himself superior to her.

Tanya didn’t answer. She simply touched his cheek. Once she got past his lust for her, she could see that he was at the forefront of a larger force that was intent on rooting them out of their little mountain domicile. The soldiers were convinced that the people living in the mountain were the ones responsible for all the terrible things that had happened to the world these days.

As Tanya could see into the airman’s mind, he could see into hers. He realized that she was simply trying to protect those she loved, just as anyone would. The fact that she seemed to think she had incredible abilities disturbed him. The girl was obviously a mutant of some sort. But he was having a hard time believing she was evil – her physical beauty and the feel of her mind as it brushed against his kept getting in the way of what he’d been taught about the mountain people.

Tanya was surprised that she was attracted to this man. He was an enemy of her people and had tried to kill them, even as she had killed several of his comrades.

“I have all the information you have in your mind,” Tanya informed him. “You have a choice. You can surrender or you can join us.”

“If I surrender,” Timothy asked. “How will I be treated?”

Tanya snorted. “I’ll just leave you here. We don’t need another mouth to feed!”

“If I join you,” he asked, unable to resist, “how will you know I’m serious?”

‘I’ll know,’ Tanya thought into his head.

Timothy’s eyes widened in newfound respect. She really did have power and it fascinated him. He was certain that she felt the fascination, too. They were meant for each other even though he was human and she was… God! He had no idea what she was! He only knew that he wanted to possess her.

Tanya could feel this man’s lust for her growing. It was even stronger than the pain of his broken leg. He needed her. And she wanted him to devour her. Tanya wasn’t sure it was him she wanted, but she wanted, just the same – and he was there. Killing always set off that little pleasure button down there. Maybe it was the adrenaline rush…

To take her mind off her tingling, horny body, Tanya put her attention on setting the airman’s leg and bracing it firmly so it could begin to grow back together.

“How did we get here?” He asked. “We were falling… How did we fall out of the jet?”

“You sure ask a lot of questions,” Tanya murmured, tearing a strip of his trousers off to finish tying off his leg brace.

“You always naked?” he asked, dumbfounded by her casual behavior toward her body and mesmerized by those marvelous tits bouncing around in front of her all the time.

“It was for shock value,” she said, sitting back on her heels. “If I have to kill someone, they deserve one final thrill. Being nude gives me an edge because a man won’t want to kill someone who looks like I do. He rather fuck me!”

It seemed as though she was displaying herself for his approval. If that was what she was doing, she had his approval.

“Are you going to kill me?” he asked, still staring at her breasts.

Tanya laughed. “I told what would happen. What you decide will determine your fate.”

“I would join your group,” he said, hoping that what he’d seen in her mind wasn’t some sort of trickery. “The Confederacy is wrong to fight you. I can offer tactical assistance to help you evade them. But I have a condition.”

“We all have conditions,” Tanya quipped, “but we learn to live with them…”

“That’s not what I meant!” Timothy said, disagreeably. “I have a condition you must meet before I join your group.”

Tanya smiled, already knowing what his condition was. “I’m sure my husband would approve…”

“You’re married?” he asked incredulously. “And he lets you run around like that?”

“He insists on it!” Tanya said cheerfully. “In fact, when I’m not sexy enough, he whips me!”

Timothy stared at her, convinced she was teasing him. That smooth, youthful flesh had never felt the kiss of a whip.

Tanya’s whole body was attuned to the lust that the airman was broadcasting. She’d just teleported all over the place, blown up two bombers and disabled a third without getting so much as a scratch on her. Her body was hungry from the excitement and the energy drain. And when she was hungry, she got horny. If she couldn’t eat, she wanted to fuck.

“I don’t suppose you have anything to eat?” Tanya asked, not certain if she’d mentioned food before.

“No,” Timothy murmured. “What are you going to do now? I can’t walk like this, and I doubt if you have any transportation nearby.”

“Why do you think I don’t have transportation?” she asked. “You think I’m gonna walk out of here?”

“You have a cache nearby,” he reasoned, “someplace to get out of the sun?”

Tanya didn’t answer. She just looked at him. He was still lusting at her and there was an odd bulge in the front of his khakis that looked really interesting. Concentrating hard, she managed to grasp a single thread with her mind and pulled it out of the physical universe.

Timothy was watching the stacked blonde sitting with her legs folded under her in the dirt, admiring her incredible body while he waited for her to do something. He was certain that, if somebody didn’t do something soon, his cock was going to rip right through his pants. It was really getting uncomfortable.

‘Why torture yourself, you stupid jerk? Look somewhere else! She's not gonna…’

He felt his trousers rip. ‘Oh my God! It really happened!’

Red faced and unable to do more than gasp, Timothy saw his cock spring right out of the tear in his uniform. He quickly grabbed hold of it and tried to tuck it back inside his pant leg. He became even more embarrassed when he realized that his efforts made it appear as though he was jacking off.

“My, you certainly have a unique way of propositioning a girl,” Tanya smirked. “Does that work very often?”

“Uh, yeah… No! What…” he sputtered, not knowing what to say. He fell back on an old habit – becoming defensively angry. “It’s your fault – running round like that! Bare-ass naked…”

Tanya waited, amused at his defensive posturing. He didn’t finish the sentence; his manners asserted themselves just in time.

“Need some help with that?” Tanya asked, getting up and sitting down beside him.

“Not unless you have a needle and thread on you,” Tim replied, unable to resist admiring her sleek, sexy body as she sat closer to him.

He groaned with need as her boobs bounced in front of his face when she sat down.

“You sound terrible!” Tanya cooed. “Let me take care of you for awhile.”

She reached out and pulled him across her lap, cradling his head on her left breast and arm, his shoulders and upper back supported by her thighs. Now that he was less than an inch away, he noticed that she smelled just a little stressed. There was a scent of perfumed soap beneath that.

He began to breathe more heavily as Tanya opened his shirt. His buttons were already gone; his shirt having been torn open when he ‘fell’ out of his plane. She was unfastening his khakis now, ignoring his waving cock just inches below where her fingers were working.

“Okay,” she sighed, having fun messing with his mind, “you should feel better soon. Your trousers were too tight.”

As she moved her hand away, she ‘accidentally’ brushed her fingers across the tip of his cock and looked, seeming to be surprised at the encounter of her flesh against his.

“My, you do have a problem,” she snickered as she leaned closer to examine it.

“Um!” Tim moaned as her left nipple brushed against his lips.

“Oh!” Tanya exclaimed softly as she felt the man’s breath, then his tongue, on her nipple.

Please with how the afternoon was turning out, she stroked her fingers up and down on his cock once, then said, “Shouldn’t we be introduced first? I mean, before we fuck each other’s brains out…”

Releasing her wet nipple, Tim murmured, “Name’s Tim,” then went back to sucking on her nipple and raised his other hand to her other breast, as well.

“Mmm! Make yourself at home, Tim,” Tanya moaned as her breasts fed tingling sensations down her body, making her tighten her stomach in anticipation. “I’m Tanya.”

She was definitely playing with his cock, now. Tim started to roll just a bit to make this gorgeous girl’s other breast more accessible, then winced in sudden pain as his leg let him know how able-bodied he really wasn’t.

Tanya felt him jerk and, as gently as possible, laid him flat on the ground. As she stood up, Tim gasped, unable to resist staring at her. He could see that she was wet between her legs and she smelled… Oh God! That intoxicating smell…

She's sexually aroused! My God! She's really going to let me fuck her!

Still mesmerized by how perfect her body was, he watched her step over him, straddling his midsection. Her moist, bare pussy lips seemed to open by themselves as she squatted down, obviously intent on landing right on his cock.

Tim winced and cried out as Tanya’s soft rump bounced against his broken leg. Tanya stopped suddenly, then moved forward onto her knees. Most of her weight was being held by her thighs pressed against his hips, now, Tim’s cock pressed between their bodies. He could feel the wet warmth of her pussy press down, her slit lined up perfectly along the length of his cock.

“Su…” he gasped as Tanya slid forward a bit more, covering the head of his cock with her moist heat. She raised up a bit and his cock seemed to ‘twang’ straight up into her pussy. She dropped down with a sigh, her eyes closed.

‘Yeah, that’s it! Fuck ’im!’

Tanya blinked her eyes open at the unruly intrusion into her mind.

‘Beat it! Go away!’ she thought furiously at Lisa.

‘I get him next…’ Lisa called out.

“Damn!” Tanya said aloud, looking around and not seeing an intruding Lisa.

The little pest is dreamwalking!

‘Just making sure you don’t get killed – again…’

“What’s wrong?” Tim asked, watching and feeling this fabulous babe bounce up and down on his cock.

“You ready to travel?” she asked, looking down at him.

She sounded annoyed.

“What? Now?” he asked, not understanding at all. “Yaahh!” he yelled as everything went dark.

As his eyes adjusted, he realized that he was inside a building somewhere and the hard, uneven ground beneath and digging into his back and buttocks was now replaced by a soft mattress.

He stared up the girl riding him, realizing that she hadn’t missed a stroke while she somehow, miraculously, transported him to what was probably her little hideaway in the wilderness.

“Where is it?” he asked, bewildered.

“What?” Tanya asked, surprised that he didn’t ask, ‘Where are we?’

“Your device,” he said, clarifying his question. “How you got us here.”

“There isn’t one,” she said, simply. “I can teleport.”

That first part wasn’t strictly true – the Focal Press was at the other end of town in the warehouse where their food and supplies were kept, but only the Praetor could operate it.

So you’re the one that’s been stealing our supplies?” he asked. “There are rumors of a sexy blond girl stealing stuff out of our warehouses…”

“That’s me,” Tanya grinned, still bouncing up and down on him.

“Do you really fuck all the guards you meet until they pass out?” he asked, remembering the tales he’d heard about this blonde witch.

“What do you think?” she asked, amused that she had a reputation with these people.

“You drug them?” he asked, not having any idea how she did what people said she did.

“I distract them,” Tanya said as her body started to distract her.

Tim stopped talking as he noticed her orgasm approaching. Tanya was picking up the pace a bit, her eyes closed as she concentrated on the erotic sensations radiating out from between her legs.

Timothy hoped she finished soon. She was bouncing pretty hard and rocking the bed, making his leg hurt. He realized that he wasn’t going to be able to come, even though he’d never had his cock up inside anything as good looking or as enthusiastic about fucking as this blond girl on top of him.

Tanya threw her head back, displaying her smooth, too-thin belly, ribs and breasts to him as she climaxed. He could feel her pussy rapidly clenching him as it tried to suck his cum right out of him. His cock responded and he realized that, if she could have kept going, he might have been able to come despite the pain that was becoming increasingly worse.

A slender, female arm shoved Tanya to one side, toppling her off his still-hard dick.

“You’re done!” Lisa chirped. “My turn now!”

Timothy looked, stunned. There was another naked girl on the bed! This was a brunette – smaller built, but still, with nice breasts. They jiggled wildly as the girl slammed her pussy down, surrounding his cock with a drier, but hotter cunt than the one he had just fucked.

“Won’t be dry for long,” she assured him as she began humping up and down.

The wild brunette was much more energetic than the blonde had been. His leg was really starting to throb now.

‘Do it like this,’ the girl riding him suggested in his mind.

He watched as the pain in his leg began to spread, then cried out fearfully as pain overwhelmed his senses for a moment before it dissipated through his body.

Then he could feel inside his body. It was different than anything he’d felt before. He could see, as well as feel, the break in his leg bone as it moved with the dark girl’s motion. Cells were complaining and being damaged because of the rough bouncing they had to endure.

“Oh, sorry,” the brunette murmured as she immediately quieted down. “I didn’t notice the leg.”

She closed her eyes, concentrating. In his state of heightened awareness, Timothy could see her examining his leg with her mind. He could feel the wonder in her mind that she was even doing this. She’d never been able to control her sensitivity to this degree before without frying whatever she was looking at. She was accustomed to siphoning minute amounts of energy from a power source that could only be measured in megatons.

‘Both these girls are mutants,’ he realized, not without some fear, ‘but are they evil like we’ve been taught?’

As they both looked at the break, Timothy felt something shift in the dark-haired girl’s mind. A single dark splotch appeared along the break and spread along his bone tissue. Wherever the darkness touched, his bones grew back together. It took three little splotches of (whatever) to go completely around the break.

“There!” the girl riding him chirped. “That should last awhile. How ‘Evil’ does that feel?”

She immediately began pumping up and down, levering herself with her arms as well as her legs. For some reason, his leg wasn’t paining him so much now, so he was able to enjoy watching the little brunette fuck herself crazy on his cock.

This time, he came, too.

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