New Beginnings – Pt 2 Ch 6

New Beginnings – Pt 2 Ch 6

“Elisabeta…” the soft, sinuous voice snaked its way through her head.

Lisa stirred, and sharp agony answered the slight movement she’d tried to make.

“Wake up, my darling Elsa,” the loving, venomous voice whispered again. “I’ve have a surprise for you.”

“S’prize?” she murmured, still half asleep. “Whaz’it?”

She took a breath to try and wake up more so she could see her new gift. A piercing agony speared her deep inside her lungs as she tried to inhale.

“Ahh, yes!” she heard Vlad gasp with aroused wonder. “My gift to you works very well…

Lisa groaned and stretched out, arching her back and trying to get away from the piercing pain in the bottom of both her lungs. As she moved, she could feel wooden stakes moving in her gut.

Her eyes snapped open in fresh agony and she stared into Vlad’s eyes only inches from her own. A strange thickness to her body attracted her attention and she looked down at herself.

“My God!” Lisa exclaimed as she stared down.

There were sharply whittled sticks shoved right through her breasts and crisscrossing across the nape of her neck. In fact, when she looked down, the bottom of her chin was resting against the sharpened ends of those sticks as they stabbed into her neck. Two more sticks, one lying flush against each hipbone, disappeared up underneath her ribs, leaking little trails of blood down her torso.

“Wooden stakes are the vampire’s bane,” Vlad sneered at her. “I knew that this was the only way to ensnare you. So I drugged your food, my darling Elsa, and… here you are, trapped before me!”

Lisa hung before her lord and master, forcing shallow breaths into her slowly filling lungs. “Why, my love? I saved you and brought you here – to a lush, green Earth. We can live out our lives here…”

“You brought me to a lush, green earth – that is true!” Vladimir snarled. “But this earth is full of demons and monsters! This is hell where you brought me! And if I must spend my eternity here, then you shall suffer for me throughout that eternity!”

“But I… (cough) I… You weren’t suffering, you dumb ass!” Lisa yelled at him. “This was to be… (cough, cough)… our… paradise! To spend… (cough) eternity… with you… Stupid… (cough)… Shit!”

Concentrating on the pain in her chest, Lisa teleported the sharp ends of the stakes out and away from her lungs so they could heal. Her tits and pussy were on fire from the other wounds her loving Vlad had given her, and she didn’t mind them, but she liked being able to breath – even though she could survive quite a while without doing that.

As her lungs began to heal, she gratefully took several deep, long breaths, then looked around for Vlad. There he was, carving up more branches. Now that she was awake, her aroused body hummed at the thought of where he might shove them.

‘He really is the perfect mate,’ she thought to herself, hoping he would hurry up and impale her again.

Arching back and thrusting her breasts forward as far as she could, she managed to get her chin down behind the sticks that her lover had shoved through her breasts and licked the bloodied tip of one with her tongue, savoring the taste of her own blood while she waited for whatever Vlad was going to do next.

In the three or four months they had been together, her loving Vlad had staked her on a pike, filleted her leg muscles and rump off and roasted them for dinner then made her eat them, carved off her breasts and made her eat them, nailed her upside down on a homemade raft and drowned her, and carved her open several times looking for liver and kidneys to eat. Lisa had never had such an exciting time with just one person.

In addition to what her loving Vlad had done to her, Lisa had also managed to get eaten by several allosaurs and torn up by a pack of raptors. When she’d been nailed under that raft, some sort of snake thing had swum along and nearly bitten her in half. In that instant, she decided that being drowned and bitten in half was her favorite way to orgasm.

Vlad was getting up now and coming toward her. His boner was sticking out from underneath his loincloth. That could only be good, because it meant that he was gonna do something really vicious to her. Lisa stared raptly, lovingly, as he approached.

“What are you going to do?” she whimpered, trying to put some fear in her voice. After all, he was trying his very best to terrorize her, and she wanted to make him happy.

“You’re still breathing?” Vlad asked, mildly surprised. “You should have drowned in your own blood by now.”

With a disappointed sigh, he picked up a heavy piece of wood and pounded the two stakes, one shoved up under each side of her ribs, deeper into her lungs, piercing them again. Lisa gasped and twisted wildly in her ropes as she orgasmed again from the marvelous sensations her lover provided her.

“There! That’s better!” Vlad smiled happily as Lisa began choking and coughing up blood.

“You’re not screaming very much,” Vlad observed. “I wonder if this would help…”

Grabbing one of the sticks shoved up through her breasts, he twisted it around and yanked on it, pulling it straight out of her breast tissue. Lisa shrieked in agony and convulsed against her ropes as her breast stretched out, then finally tore open to release the stick. Blood from her destroyed breast flooded down her twitching belly and joined with the girl-cum flowing down between her legs.

Lisa, gasping for air with her blood-filled lungs, forced her head up to gaze at her tormentor; tears streaming down her face and blood dribbling from her mouth.

“You are so beautiful, my darling Elsa,” Vlad whispering as he lovingly stroked her filthy, matted hair.

He kissed her, sucking her blood from her mouth and spewing it back in. Lisa’s heart raced as she felt the sharp end of another stake being pressed against her belly. Her pussy twitched in anticipation.

“Gnaughk!” she grunted as Vlad shoved the spike in just above her pelvis, puncturing her bladder and her uterus.

A lungful of blood erupted from her mouth all over Vlad’s chest and she pissed on his leg in the aftershocks of the tremendous orgasm that last violent penetration had given her.

“You are dying, Elisabeta,” Vlad whispered into her ear. “You are dying a wonderful, sensual death. A death that even I would envy…”

Lisa realized that Vlad was rubbing his cock against her bloody torso and all the sticks and spikes that he’d shoved into her. That sorry shit was masturbating against her!

‘He doesn’t intend to fuck me!’ Lisa realized. ‘He’s going to get his rocks off and just leave me here to rut!”

“Stick it in me,” Lisa managed to whisper as she forced air in and out of her ruined lungs. “Make me come…”

Vlad grinned, only too happy to grant her last request. As he pulled out the stake that effectively barred his entrance into her vagina, he threw it down and drew his skinning knife. Holding it in one hand, he shoved his hard cock into her bloody vulva and began fucking his doomed wife furiously.

Lisa teleported one of the chunks of wood out of one side of her lungs so she could breathe more easily, but could still cough up blood and spew it on his chest and shoulders as he ravaged her body.

She knew that when he felt her next orgasm he would shove that narrow little knife in and slice right through the soft, sensual flesh on the inside of her hips, just above her pelvis. He seemed to love slashing her soft breasts or carving out her ovaries. He was morbidly fascinated… no; obsessed… with the ruination of anything sexually different between the two of them.

The way he was holding the knife this day, pressed against the soft flare of her hips and slicing delicately into her flesh as he held her tightly with the same hand, indicated that he would probably be carving on her belly this time, murdering her by slashing open her gut and ripping out her insides – picking and choosing what organs he wanted for his dinner.

It was actually becoming a routine between the two of them. Although Lisa loved being ripped up and shredded on a regular basis, Vlad was getting predictable, and, by definition, boring. Every few days, he would poison her, tie her up and carve her open, or tie her and leave her for the raptors, or, like today, both.

Today, he would leave her tied up, gutted and dying, and cook whatever part of her he desired. Then he would climb up into the trees and wait for her to be devoured by whatever beast(s) found her remains while he masturbated furiously, watching his once lovely but now gory and very dead wife as she was consumed by the local wildlife.

In the morning, she would be alive and whole, again, usually sucking on his cock to awaken him to a bright, new day. They would fuck while they talked about how it felt to be butchered, to butcher her, to watch her be torn up by raptors and how she felt about it all.

Deep inside, Vlad was terrified of her, and Lisa knew it. Vlad was certain that, one day, she would take her revenge on him for murdering her so often. Lisa, of course, had completely different ideas and was ready to be butchered as often as Vlad could manage it, despite the fact that her many deaths took a toll on Vlad’s sanity and his emotional wellbeing.

As the years passed, Vlad poisoned her less and less often as he came to accept the fact that she would always be by his side, no matter how hard he tried to be rid of her.

Also, as the years went by, Lisa noticed that Vlad was beginning to age, and that drinking her blood, as he was wont to do whenever he butchered her, was not doing that anti-aging thing that they both expected of it.

But despite the fact that Vlad was beginning to show his age, they still enjoying tramping across the primeval world they lived in, discovering new (and usually savage) forms of wildlife, lakes to swim in (and be eaten by giant barracuda), and, finally, a hot springs with warm caves nearby. There, they decided to settle and spend the rest of their now severely limited eternity.

“Tell me, Elsa,” Vlad said, one night after a supper of roast fillet of girl-thigh and some roots that would someday evolve into potatoes.

“Yes, my Lord and Master,” Lisa said, smiling up at him.

“What happened when you leaped from the walls at Poienari?” he asked. “What did it feel like to smash your body against the rocks and hard earth that made up the foundation of that magnificent place?”

Lisa laughed, then scooted up between his legs where Vlad had begun to play with himself while wanting his loving vampiric wife to supply the bloody details of her demise and bring him to orgasm with thought-pictures of her gory death.

“I never hit bottom, my Lord,” she replied. “I can fly, you know.”

“You could fly once, perhaps,” Vlad suggested, slyly. “But I have not seen you fly since you returned to me and brought us to this unholy place.”

“Why should I fly when I can teleport and levitate?” Lisa replied. “Flying is a lot of work.”

“So much so, in fact, my Beloved,” Vlad replied, his voice getting silky smooth now, “that I don’t believe you can, anymore.”

“Don’t be silly, my love,” Lisa replied. “I can fly anytime I want.”

“I will wager both your legs and your breasts that you can’t fly,” Vlad said flatly.

His penis was definitely hard, now, and he was stroking it as he talked. Lisa grinned, realizing that this was as aroused as his aged body had gotten for several days, now.

“And if I win?” Lisa asked brightly. “What do I get?”

“You get to kill me,” Vlad answered, his voice cold, but full of anticipation, “as you’ve always wanted to do…”

“No!” Lisa said, getting up and slapping his hand away from his cock. “I love you! I’m not going to kill you!”

She dropped down between his knees and put her mouth on the tip of his engorged cock before it could go back down. As she sucked on him, trying to keep him hard, she could feel in his mind that it was fear that drove him to make that wager. He wasn’t afraid of her killing him any longer, and, in fact, hadn’t been concerned about that for many years. Now, he was afraid she wouldn’t. He wasn’t afraid of death. He was afraid of getting old, again. And there was only one way to prevent that.

As Vlad spurted weakly into her mouth, Lisa made up her mind.

“All right,” she said between tongue laps as she cleaned off his wilting cock, “I agree. How do you want to do it?”

“We go to the cliff tomorrow,” Vlad answered, already having made his plan. “You will jump off. You will agree not to teleport or levitate. If you do not fly, you will hit the bottom, and I will climb down and cut off your legs and tits. You will not grow them back, but will live as a legless torso for me to do with as I wish.”

“Whoa! That sucks!” Lisa exclaimed. “Why would I ever agree to that?”

“Because I’m offering you your chance to kill me if you win the wager,” Vlad explained patiently.

“But, I don’t want to…” Lisa said, her eyes tearing.

“Can you make me younger?” Vlad asked, his voice sounding like he was explaining something to a small child. “Can your blood be anything other than a pleasant beverage for washing your flesh down my throat?”

“No…” Lisa replied, her voice sounding tiny and far away.

“So your revenge for all the times I’ve cruelly murdered you is to watch as I grow old and feeble? Watching as your forever youthful body taunts me to desire what I can no longer possess?”

“Vlad…” Lisa sobbed, becoming more and more upset as Vlad raised his voice.

“NO!” he cried out, his voice thundering through the cave. “You agree or you don’t. Say it now!”

“If I don’t agree, can I still stay with you?” Lisa asked, knowing what his answer would be.

Vlad knew that she understood and stared at her silently.

“Can I grow my breasts back if I lose?” Lisa asked, her voice quivering. “I really like my breasts.”

Vlad looked at her for another moment. “Yes. I like them, too.”

“What will you eat if you take my legs off?” Lisa wanted to know.

“You have a delicious rump, my Elsa,” Vlad replied, smiling.

Lisa climbed up next to him and curled up halfway on his lap, realizing that, win or lose, this was the last time she would ever wrap her legs up in a ball to lay like this and play with his cock. After tomorrow, either her legs would be gone, or he would.

“I should be glad you didn’t ask for my arms, as well,” Lisa murmured as she stroked his sticky shaft with her fingers. “When do you want…”

“Tomorrow at dawn will be fine,” Vlad replied, tersely interrupting her.

This was to be their last night together, then. When she flew tomorrow, Vlad would insist that she kill him. She had promised… well, actually, she hadn’t, she realized. She had only agreed by insinuation – not having actually said ‘yes’ or ‘no’. But that was a cowardly way to look at it. Vlad would expect her to kill him and to use her imagination to make it a real experience for him. If she refused, he would drive her away and refuse to associate with her.

As she sucked on his cock, making him hard again, she mind-linked with him and showed him, for the first time, her self-mutilation sessions from her long journey to Earth.

‘See the long tube? It’s filled with Arabian fire powder. Watch what it does to my cunt…’

‘You used to do that to our captives and prisoners, my love. You would insert rolled tubes of the powder into their rear ends and light it, then ride them buck naked as they thrashed about in their death throes!’

‘And you would spray your white cum and your piss all over the both of us while I did it!’

‘Ah, those were wonderful times, my Elsa… If only we could live them again.’

‘I know,’ Lisa thought back at him, ‘but that is simply not possible. We are already there. We can’t be there twice except in our dreams. Watch as I explode these!’

In the image, Beth’s pussy spewed out blood and gore right into Béla’s hot, willing mouth, then Béla’s pussy blew up into Beth’s face, covering her face with blood and shredded pussy meat.

Vlad’s cock exploded into Lisa’s wet pussy for the third time that night. She clenched down tightly, making him grimace with her orgasm. Then they both collapsed down onto the fur mat that made up their common bed and fell asleep.


It was dawn much too soon. Lisa awoke first and slid her sticky body off of Vlad’s gooey stomach where she’d leaked their mixed juices on him while they slept. She mind-linked with her loving master and watched while he slept. His dreams were wonderfully violent, usually of his battles, both those he won and the few that he lost.

This one, however, was different. He was standing next to her gory remains that first day after the raptors had finished with her. She remembered it clearly, as she’d been dreamwalking right next to him at the time. But, of course, he hadn’t known that. She didn’t really understand the joy that he felt at her apparent death, but he was definitely both aroused and happy as he jacked off on her scattered remains.

As she watched in his dream, she could feel his emotions. He hadn’t been happy for himself – he’d been happy for her. She had experienced the ultimate of sensations – death by shredding and being eaten alive. He had felt her orgasms even from the tree in which he had furiously masturbated as the raptors tore her apart.

As she watched the dream, Lisa realized that Vlad hoped his own death would be a similar experience. But, he seriously doubted it. It would be difficult to masturbate while been torn apart by dragons. Lisa made a silent promise that, if she had to kill him, he would have a mind-blowing orgasm when she did it.

A few moments later, Vlad opened his eyes to peer into the almond-dark eyes of his true love.

“It’s time,” was all he said, then he pushed his way past her and staggered toward the cave entrance.

After climbing back down from the rocks where he took his morning break, he collected his mate and they headed for the drop off, almost an hour’s walk away.

They arrived at the designated spot without speaking to each other. Lisa turned and tried to kiss him, but Vlad would have none of it.

“We said our goodbyes last night, Elsa,” he told her, his voice softer and more caring than normal. “Now you will do what you promised.”

Lisa could see in his mind that he actually expected her to fly, and then he expected her to kill him. She didn’t feel as though she’d been tricked because she expected the same results as he did. She just wished that he could have found another way.

Then she laughed to herself. Vlad, for all intents and purposes, was as immortal, as far as healing himself, as any of her long-lost blood-sisters. He knew that, if Elisabeta were to kill him, she would make sure he stayed dead. Now she understood why he had chosen her as his executioner.

‘Wow!’ she thought to herself. ‘Talk about slow witted…Being butchered so often must take its toll on my thinking abilities…’

She walked up to the edge of the cliff and bent forward, looking down. The cliff face wasn’t quite straight down, but jutted out several times. Unless she jumped way out, she would hit the side before she hit the bottom, assuming, of course, that she found herself unable to fly.

She smiled at the thought of it, realizing that it would be another exquisitely orgasmic death to experience – falling, striking the cliff face and spinning around wildly, striking the cliff face again, your broken body flailing in the air until you hit bottom and your insides smash into pulp.

‘It’s that sudden stop at the end that gets you,’ she once heard someone say, centuries ago, or millennia from now, actually.

Walking away from the cliff edge for several meters, Lisa turned and began to race toward the chasm. At the edge, she leaped outward, determined to miss all the jagged edges she would pass while forming her wings, and dived over the edge.

Flexing her shoulders back to form her wings, she suddenly discovered that her shoulders didn’t flex. Spreading her arms and legs out wide, she tried flexing again.

‘Holy fuck! Something’s wrong here!’ Lisa realized, suddenly afraid.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on her shoulder sockets. Then the fatal realization came to her. She’d lost that body in the nuclear explosion that sent her into the future! Over the years, as she would recreate her destroyed body from the nuclear energy in her mind, subtle changes had occurred and the body she had now didn’t have the exact same characteristics as the original – no sliding shoulder sockets, no separating rib cartilage, no central digestive core.

Her lazy attitude of ‘just covering the basics’ had finally betrayed her. This body wasn’t going to fly, even though it looked a lot like her old one.

She cried out in anguish as the cliff face jagged ever closer, then she smacked into it, feeling her flesh tear and her bones shatter for only an instant. Then she was dreamwalking outside her body as she watched it spin around, limp and lifeless, and smash into the bottom of the gorge. Even though she wasn’t in her body during that final impact, her distress caused her to merge with it as she tried to wake it up. The sudden jangle of screaming nerves and dying cells knocked her completely unconscious.

Vlad Tepes knelt at the top of the cliff and gave out a great cry of anguish as he mentally followed his beloved Elsa to her death far below. This time, she did hit the bottom.

‘It wasn’t supposed to end like this, my Beloved,’ he thought to himself as tears ran down his face. ‘You were supposed to live forever and I would live on in your memories.’

There was only one thing left to do, and there was no point in delay. Vlad simply rolled over the edge of the cliff. As he picked up speed, various impacts against the side of the cliff broken several ribs. Then he smashed his shoulder against the side. On the next impact, he bounced clear of the remaining cliff face and fell limply downward, his back and legs broken. Turning slowly over and over as though he was on a rotisserie, Vlad struck the bottom of the ravine, only a few feet away from his beloved Elsa.


It was dark. A moan sounded in the night, frightening away several small mammals that would one day rule the earth.

“Holy fuck…” a gravelly voice grunted weakly as a body tried to raise itself from the earth, then fell back, still broken and exhausted.

Lisa flared her body into energy, and recreated a new form right over the old one, for probably the thousandth time. She was surprised that her legs were still attached to her old body and wondered what had happened to change Vlad’s mind.

“So… that’s… how you do…” a deep voice rasped from nearby.

“Vlad?” Lisa gasped, unable to talk any louder until her new body started working properly.

As soon as she was able, she began to crawl toward the rasping death rattle that filled the ravine and echoed off the high cliff walls. Sooner than she expected, she bumped into him, then felt her way up to his face. Every broken bone and smashed organ radiated pain and agony through her fingers as she searched.

“Oh, God,” she whispered, finally finding his broken face and pulling herself up alongside him. “You’re not healing…”

“You win, so it… seems, my… Beloved,” Vlad gasped. “You get to kill me… after all.”

“No…” Lisa wept. “I don’t want you to leave me…”

“I am… already… gone…” Vlad whispered. “This form will… never… nev…”

He fainted, the effort to talk too great for him to sustain.

“I made you a promise, my love,” Lisa whispered to his silent, but still breathing form. “One last joy…”

Slowly, almost cell by cell, she began to energize his shattered, crushed body. She mind-linked with him, as well, to make certain that he enjoyed his final journey into death, then climbed on top of him, her own energy holding him together, now.

She put her attention on his cock and caused it to grow. His nerves mixing with his flesh and her fire, he felt the arousal she was creating in his body. She held his bones in place so they wouldn’t scream their agony to him as she lowered herself down on his fiery cock and began to make love to him one final time.

Vlad awoke to a feeling of pure ecstasy. He was on fire – that, he knew. But the exquisite sensation of his body slowly turning into pure energy was more sensual than he’d ever thought possible. He felt no pain, as Lisa was fiercely blocking and controlling his entire nervous system.

As they continued making love, Lisa’s body began to energize, too, her fiery cunt becoming a single, sensual organ with his flaming cock. Vlad’s body was almost entirely energy, now, his orgasm building and exploding, over and over, higher and ever higher!

“This… is incredible!” Vlad cried out, his fiery throat barely able to make the sounds; his tongue barely able to form the words.

As his entire body exploded into orgasm, Lisa was blown completely off him, her own pussy exploding along with her beloved’s fiery cock. Levitating in the air above him, she could see no sign of his body. Vlad had been completely vaporized in his orgasm.

Letting her fiery body feed on her mental energy, Lisa cast about with her mind, trying to locate Vlad’s life force. After a few minutes, she gave up and turned her body solid again.

She sat, naked in the dark, and watched the moon rise and slowly cross the sky. Near dawn, swift silver-lined clouds swept over, hiding the stars. It began to rain and she softly began to cry. She didn’t know if she was crying for Vlad, for herself, or for the all the worlds she had lost, but she didn’t seem to be able to stop, even when the swiftly running clouds fled the early morning sky.

The sun came up, golden yellow and soft in her mind, reminding her that, one day, that same sun would destroy every living thing that depended on it.

‘Is this the cycle of life?’ she idly wondered. ‘To be born, to live, then be consumed so that others can be born? Who or what will be born when you devour your children, O mighty star? What will become of us, then?’

‘Go home, Destroyer,’ Lisa distinctly heard in her head. ‘You are given another chance to redeem yourself… to go where you are needed…’

A small, round sphere appeared in front of her and began to grow, becoming larger and brighter. Something in her mind told her this was a safe path back to the future – a way to get back home, despite the fact that air was being sucked into that brightly lit sphere so strongly that the other end could easily exit into the vacuum of space.

“Home?” Lisa asked aloud, remembering her mother and dad, Tanya and Tabby and everyone else. “Yes, I can go home, can’t I?”

‘I wonder if they made it?’ she asked herself as she stepped forward and allowed the suction to carry her up and into the vortex.

Once inside, Lisa teleported forward, forming herself into a long narrow missile of nuclear fire. She would need that power to blast through the two nuclear explosions she pulled into the teleportation zone. She would have to remember to stop and force her way back into the physical universe after she passed the second explosion. If she traveled much further at the speed she would be traveling by then, she could miss the whole solar system as it orbited around the central hub of the galaxy.


“I think I would like to be one of those giant dragons,” Vlad said to the shimmering guide. “I love the way they terrorize their food…”

‘How come I never get the easy ones?’ the Hurrah thought to itself.

“Well, let’s go find an allosaur nest. Shall we? You realize, of course, that you might lose some intellect on this one, don’t you? After all, you are moving down on the evolutionary scale. You understand?”

(fade out…)

And that was what really happened to Vlad Dracula.

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