New Beginnings – Pt 3 Ch 02

New Beginnings – Pt 3 Ch 02

Okay, folks – this chapter is really sick stuff. Go read something else if you didn't like my other really sick stuff.

Part 3
Chapter 2

“Okay, Praetor,” Amber called out with restrained exuberance. “All ahead full power!”

The great mass of the derelict ship floating beside them vanished from the viewscreen as Amber, along with everyone else on the Phoenix III held on tightly, expecting to be thrown against whatever bulkhead was to the rear of the ship.

“What’s happening?” Tabatha asked from nearby. “I didn’t feel anything. Did we launch?”

Amber looked at the inanimate dials and stared, her mouth dropping open.

“We’re accelerating at 8 G’s!” she exclaimed. “That shit actually works!”

“Whoo-hoo!” Tabatha yelled, laughing. “We did it!”

‘Hey, Guys!’ Amber heard her sister in her head. ‘How’s the ride up there?’

‘Smooth as melted butter, Sweetie,’ Amber called back. ‘We’re already doing eighty thousand kph and we haven’t been moving for five minutes, yet!’

‘We will be traveling at two million kph within an hour, and travelling in a parabolic curve out toward Jupiter which will be visible behind the sun in six more hours,’ the Praetor said into all their minds, almost sounding like it was bragging. ‘At midpoint of our journey, our speed will be in excess of two hundred million kph. We will arrive at New Eden in approximate five days.’

Tabatha and Amber grinned at each other, their eyes and faces gleaming with the joy of success. “Party time!” They both cried out together.

Leaving the Praetor in charge (the Praetor was always in charge) the girls left the bridge to the watch officer and teleported directly into Lisa’s Grotto.

“I like this teleportation stuff!” Amber laughed as she looked around the enclosed park. “I only wish I’d gotten started with you guys a lot sooner!”

Tabatha grinned at her new friend. “Better late than never. But – you want to know a secret?”

“What’s that?” Amber asked.

“I always envied you your special relationship with Ember,” Tabatha said. “I always wanted a special person – a sister, perhaps – like you have.”

Amber stopped walking, surprised by Tabatha’s words. “But you… You’re the head honcho of the Femme Fatales, aren’t you? You have half-a-dozen ‘special’ women psychically connected to you pretty much all the time! What’s so special about me and Ember?”

Tabatha sighed. “Nothing, I suppose. But, in my mind, I think about the… privacy… of having one special sister – one special person that, well, that fills all your needs… that makes you complete.”

“You don’t feel complete?” Amber asked, confused now. “Hey, are you coming on to me?”

Both girls laughed nervously.

“No,” Tabatha replied, still grinning nervously. “I have Jake and I have Lisa. Well, nobody ‘has’ Lisa, I suppose, but we share a lot. I’m just trying to tell you… tell you that, I admire you. You’re a strong and a beautiful woman. And I’m glad you decided to be a member of our group.”

The sudden arrival of the rest of Tabatha’s Femmes and Lisa’s Necrogirls saved Amber from any more embarrassing conversation. Amber’s sister and her husband arrived a moment later, giving Amber a chance to escape.

“Finally off-duty?” Amber asked her twin sister as she briskly walked up to them. “Roland – you made it!” She kissed her aging husband and gently hugged him.

“Oh, I spend a lot of time here,” Roland managed to say as his exuberant wife crushed the air out of his lungs. “You know, there are fish in that lake. All I would ask for is a rod and reel.”

“I’ll see what I can do with my ‘new’ connections,” Amber whispered into his ear.

Rubbing her breasts against his arms as she disengaged from her hug, she turned and, along with her twin sister, escorted him to the central area where food was beginning to appear. Ember grinned at her twin’s ever-so-slightly jealous behavior.

“I am not jealous!” Amber replied to her sister’s unspoken accusation.

“Then what was this?” Ember asked cattily, rubbing her own tits against Roland’s other arm.

Roland grinned, loving the way his life had turned out. He had ended up with two of the hottest babes in the world, lived long enough to make it into space, and would be among the first humans to set foot on another inhabited world.

“Hey, Gran’pa!” a young boy yelled at him. “Catch!”

A ball came sailing at him and bounced off his chest. He laughed and bent down to pick up yet another reason why he loved the way his life had turned out.

“Hello, Mark,” Roland laughed, hugging his grandson.

Béla and Jake showed up to greet, well, actually to welcome Amber to the Femme Fatales, but they greeted Roland and Ember as well.

Béla saw Ember and Amber on a regular basis as part of her duties, so she gave most of her attention to Roland on this occasion, letting him hold her hand while he and Jake chatted for a moment.

‘This is interesting,’ she said into Roland’s mind as she watched a younger Roland in a room with two blondes who looked perhaps a little older than he was at the time, but still incredibly sexy. ‘Are you certain that you wouldn’t want to do this again?’

Roland kept his conversation with Jake light – talking about fishing and special ways to make machinery run better, perfectly able, from all the practice with his twin wives, to carry on a separate, completely private conversation with Béla. And he knew what Béla was trying to do – what his blond twins had coerced her into. And he knew what to tell her.

‘It’s like playin’ Monopoly, you know,’ he replied into Béla mind. ‘When you get Boardwalk and Park Place, you win. Whether you win or whether you lose after that, the game’s over and you pack up your pieces and put ’em away.

‘What you’re askin’ me to do is to keep playin’ after I already have Boardwalk and Park Place. I’ve already won, so where’s the challenge? To continue playing now is just being greedy.’

Béla showed him the images of New Eden from her years spent there.

‘It’s a new adventure where we’re going,’ she said, softly narrating the images as they gently flowed through his mind. ‘You have your skills with machinery and two adorable, sexy wives who will remain young for hundreds of years, yet. New Eden is a young colony badly in need of machinists with your aptitude. Surely you could put aside your Boardwalk and Park Place and play a new game with us… You could even have your own shop…’

That was something Roland had always wanted – his own machine shop. He had almost accomplished that when Denver collapsed and he’d grabbed his two favorite girls and fled to the mountains. During his years in Solar City, however, Roland felt frustrated a lot, his low-tech skills not really required in a city devoted to building a spaceship, so he’d become the underground town’s official garbage collector, now, of course, officially retired.

But now, Béla was offering him a new playing field – one where his natural mechanical abilities could make a difference. For the first time, Roland seriously considered what his twin wives had gently chided him about these last thirty years, mostly because he could live in a society where he was actually needed.

Roland didn’t kid himself that Amber and Ember had chosen him because they were madly head-over-heels crazy for him. In reality, they had chosen him because he could impregnate them, and in a dying world where babies were no longer being born, that was important. Their love and adoration for him had come later.

He knew that Ember and Amber both loved him dearly, now, and each would stay at his side until he drew his last breath. He also knew that it upset them to think that his last breath might come sooner that they would like. With vampire blood in their veins, the blond twins were young and full of life, and would remain so for centuries, while he would probably not last another ten.

‘I’ll consider it,’ Roland silently replied to Béla, knowing she’d watched and probably guided these last few minutes of thought.

He felt Béla withdraw quietly from his mind and gaze up at Jake.

‘Forever mine,’ she whispered into Roland’s head, along with a feeling of having lived too many years alone before she’d claimed Jake as her own.

Roland wondered if that’s how his wives felt. If so, then he was doing them a great injustice by aging and dying when he didn’t have to.

“I’ve always thought number three oil was a little too thick for that,” Jake was saying.

“What?” Roland asked, his automatic response suddenly failing him. “Oh, number three oil? That would depend on what you use it for, of course.”

Jake gave him an odd look, then seemed to notice Béla looking up at him.

‘You two were talking?’ he asked her, silently.

‘Of course!’ Béla smiled at him.

“I think we’ll go hunt up some food,” Jake said, turning his attention back to Roland and his blond escorts. “Would you like me to bring you something?”

Roland smiled, having no memory of what he and Jake had talked about. “Sure! That would be fine!”

“Oh, there is one more thing,” Béla said, turning back toward them. “Amber asked me to give you this…”

Holding out her hands in front of her, she teleported a fishing rod from somewhere in Earth’s past into her hands. All five of them laughed, Roland the most happy of them all as he reached forward and lovingly lifted the rod and reel from Béla’s hands.

“Thank you,” he said, his voice quivering with emotion and his eyes filling with happy tears. “Now, I’m *really* officially retired!”

Macario was lying on his back on the other side of the lake – the private, adult section of Lisa’s Grotto. The only way to reach this area was to either swim, or teleport. Mac had swum. Lisa lifted her head from his chest and looked around.

“What’s all the noise?” she asked, just waking up.

“Boy, those new thought shields around this section work pretty well,” Holly said, raising her head up from Mac’s shoulder. “Praetor sez we’re under way. New Eden bound.”

“Hmm,” Lisa replied. “We still have a week to fuck…”

“Three days.”

Lisa frowned at Holly. “Three days to fuck our brains out. Who wants to do what to whom?”

“I like sticking things in Macario,” Haley grinned.

“Yeah, and he likes sticking something in you,” Lisa replied, grinning back.

“Hey, no fighting over…” Mac began, then stopped, trying to say it from the male point of view.

“We could kill Lisa again,” Holly suggested, then wiggled her body a little in anticipation. “That’s always fun!”

“We haven’t killed Haley, yet,” Lisa replied, gazing at Holly’s shy twin sister with lust in her eyes.

“Hay, I don’t want no sword stuck up my ass!” Haley exclaimed, starting to back away.

“If I couldn’t sustain a living death,” Holly said in defense of her sister, “why would you want to try it on her? I have twice the power Haley has.”

“It isn’t a question of power, Honey,” Lisa replied. “It’s a matter of discipline. Your mind is wild and uncontrolled. Haley actually has a more disciplined mind than you because she usually defers to you and lets you take the point position.”

“I don’t even know what that means,” Holly growled, annoyed at Lisa for, once again, chastising her for something she couldn’t control.

After all, it wasn’t Holly’s fault that she’d been feeling so distracted since she met that spirit guide. She’d had no idea that such a plain of existence existed, and now that she knew about it, she wanted to experience it again. And she was certain Lisa wasn’t about to permit that. She seemed to hate the spirit guides. And what was that stupid gag about ‘point’ position? Was she referring to that damned steel sword of Macario’s?

“It means she can do what she’s told without the resentment that you’re radiating right now,” Lisa explained.

“You think she won’t resent you telling her to spread her legs for Mac’s Roman short sword?” Holly asked, certain of where her sister stood on this issue. “Gooood luck! I’m outta here!”

With those words, Holly rose haughtily to her feet and sauntered away, sand and dirt falling from her bare rump and legs.

Lisa gave a deep, frustrated sigh, then looked at Haley.

“I always wondered what would happen when it came my turn…” Haley murmured loud enough for Lisa and Mac to hear. “Now, I know.”

She vanished, then reappeared walking next to her sister, abandoning Lisa and Mac behind her.

“Way to go, Sis,” Lisa heard one say to the other.

Lisa gazed sadly at Macario. “Make love to me,” she whispered.

Smiling up at her, Mac pulled her down into his arms and kissed her. He understood his phoenix pretty well, and knew better than to feel sorry for her. Feeling sorry for Lisa was a good way to get himself cooked, for real. Instead, at the height of their lovemaking, he would gut her. He knew she’d like that. She loved to die while impaled on his magnificent cock.

“You always know what I need,” Lisa whispered, easily reading his thoughts, despite the thought dampeners around them.

“Well, the girls are only human,” Mac replied. “The only human girl I know who actually likes to be stabbed is Tanya. Perhaps you could train her to become a phoenix.”

“I don’t know,” Lisa began, wondering how to approach Tanya on such a strange venture. “Tanya only likes to be mutilated to orgasm. She's never shown any sexual interest in actually dying. I’m just disappointed because I always thought my girls would do anything I asked them.”

“They tried,” Mac replied, “but they aren’t you, even though they were willing to try to replace you while you were gone.”

Lisa smiled as she reviewed Mac’s fond memories of their sexual attempts to ease his sorrow at losing her. She couldn’t help but love them – they were very good at what they did. After all, she’d trained the three pairs of orphan twins to be psychic love machines, and they were very good students. She only ran into trouble when, after teaching them how to so vibrantly embrace their sexual excesses in life, she tried to teach them how to similarly embrace their sexual deaths.

Although they were deeply connected to Lisa on many levels, none of the Necrotwins were able to accomplish that feat. That one single failure was causing the breakup of her little Necrogirl group, and Lisa didn’t know what to do about it.

“The war is over,” Mac whispered in her ear. “They aren’t needed in that capacity any more. Let them go, and you can still be their friend and lover. If you try to control them now, you will only create enemies.”

“I’m not sure I haven’t already done that with Holly,” Lisa mused. “I could always coerce them to obey, but what would be the point of that? I want them to obey me because they love me.”

“Of course, my Queen,” Macario laughed.

Lisa was upset for a second, then realized, “That did sound pretty… um, petty, didn’t it?”

“Well, you were doing all right until you asked Holly to die for you,” Mac replied.

“She did die,” Lisa said. “I just had a little trouble getting her back from that…”

“I know, Darling,” Mac replied, pulling her down and against him, now.

He was hard and ready. Lisa slid down to embrace and entrap his hardness within her thighs and slid her vulva up and down his long, heated shaft. She could feel her body warming up as she became more aroused. She and Mac had been talking between kisses, but now the kisses were too important to interrupt with mere words as she slid her breasts back and forth across Mac’s chest and inhaled the hot, humid air from deep within his lungs.

Lisa knew full well how badly she had wounded Mac’s trust when she’d taken control of his lovemaking and made him butcher her with that knife. Ever since then, she’d stayed mind-linked with him during their lovemaking, letting him see every image in her mind that she used to create arousal in her body, knowing he required absolute honesty and trust from her.

The images he saw in her mind this time were of him being pinned to the ground – speared, actually, several times – and helpless against her ravaging appetites.

“If it pleases you, my Love,” Macario gasped, breaking from her demanding lips for a quick breath of cool air.

Lisa knew what he meant, and pushed herself up and away from him, grinning with desire and victory. Mac’s cock was nearly bent double, still trapped between her legs and now pressing very uncomfortably against her rectum. But he was still aroused enough so that he would be able to tolerate Lisa’s torture.

Creating a spear out of pure fire, Lisa solidified it and plunged it down into Mac’s right shoulder, then leaned heavily on it to drive it into the ground beneath him. Mac cried out at the impact, then followed her lead to dissipate the pain throughout his body so it wasn’t all concentrated in one spot. The tingling sensation that filled him seemed to concentrate in his balls and he could actually feel the flesh of his cock stretching as even more blood raged into it.

When Lisa drove a matching shaft through his left shoulder blade, Mac came so hard he sprayed a tiny fountain up behind Lisa’s ass that spattered on the ground some distance from his feet. Some of his cum sprayed upward and struck her on her back.

Rising up on her knees, now, Lisa reached down between her legs and guided Macario’s hard cock up inside her, crying out as she dropped down on him. Holding herself up with one hand on each of the spears pinning her lover to the ground, she began fucking herself on Macario’s magnificent cock. She cried out as her first orgasm swept through her belly and up into her breasts, arching her back as every muscle in her body tightened and trembled.

It was painful for Mac to move his arms with his shoulders pinned down, but he managed to reach Holly’s fighting knife lying on the ground beside him. Picking it up, he shoved it into Lisa’s taut belly about two inches to the right of where his cock was buried inside her.

Lisa cried out again and clenched down against his cock with another orgasm. When she finally straightened up, Mac could see the lusty satisfaction on her face as she stared down at him. Mac twisted the knife and shoved it upwards, deeper into her belly. Lisa’s pussy clenched against his cock again with yet a third orgasm.

She smiled and threw her arms back behind her, exposing her breasts and upper belly. He couldn’t reach them, of course, because she’d pinned him to the ground. But Lisa was in her own world, now, and a ball of fire was forming over her head. To get her attention and remind his phoenix that he was still down here, he pulled Holly’s knife out of her belly and shoved it back in, creating a new wound and giving her another orgasm.

“Watch!” Lisa cried down at him, her entire body trembling with sexual sensation that flooded through into his loins. “Don’t be afraid! This will be wonderful!”

The fireball became a long, narrow whip of pure flame with the narrow end flicking back and forth like a giant forked tongue. The whip slashed down between the two lovers and snapped back and forth several times. Mac cried out from the agony as the skin on his chest and belly ruptured. Somewhere in his mind, he could feel his cock exploding inside Lisa.

Lisa was screaming, too, her breasts oozing blood and burnt fatty tissue. There were several slash marks across her torso where that tongue of fire had licked her. Mac could feel her orgasm as it swept through them both. He wondered where the fire whip had gone, then spied it high above them. Somehow, it had become stiff and straight.

Lisa collapsed down on top of Mac, her hair obscuring his view of the whip. She was gasping in orgasm and agony as she furiously humped herself against his cock and strained for one last cum. She was almost there when the fiery whip drove into her back just under her left lung. It penetrated completely through her body and into Mac’s right side. As it solidified, Mac realized that it had pinned them together and stuck them to the ground, as well.

Lisa shuddered with one final orgasm, then collapsed on top of him; his hard cock still buried inside her dead body. Mac shoved the knife into her side, trying to get her attention. All he got was a small twitch as her nervous system dimly acknowledged the fact that she was being injured again.

Mac felt that small spasm in his cock more than anyplace else. This was the second time since Lisa’s return as a pure phoenix that he’d had the opportunity to fuck a dead girl. The thought excited him this time. The last time, he thought he’d killed Lisa for good, and was too upset to enjoy it, except in retrospect.

As he began moving his cock in and out of her cooling pussy, he remembered disposing of the Verdugo’s leftovers – fucking the young, dead remains, then burying them in the sand for the crabs and the ants to feast upon.

At that time in his life, he’d convinced himself that he preferred his girls dead – or at least unconscious. The live ones seemed to fear his monstrous size. The dead ones didn’t care, and they never complained or failed to satisfy him. The day he met Lisa was the first time his giant cock had been inside a live girl for several months.

Now she was dead for the second time this month, and his monster cock was pleasantly buried inside her. In addition, the long spear that pinned Lisa’s body against his had pierced his belly as well, mixing their blood together and holding him tight to the ground. That sensation seemed to arouse him even more than the feeling of Lisa’s limp, cooling form draped over him. It was difficult to move his cock up and down while pinned to the ground like this, but his efforts contributed to the tension building up inside him and he managed to come again, pumping his semen deep into Lisa’s cooling cunt.

Mac grunted several times as his cock spasmed, then relaxed as much as he could, still pinned beneath her.

“Wow! She sure did a number this time,” a voice sounded from nearby.

Mac tried to turn his head toward the sound, but the spear in his right shoulder blocked the view. He recognized the voice as one of the Necrotwins, though.

“Tara? Zat you?” Mac croaked, almost unable to form words, now.

“Look! It’s Mac!” Tia exclaimed. “He’s underneath… Ohmygod have you ever seen anything so fucking sexy?”

“C’mon! Let’s get these spears out before she does her flaming thing!”

Mac cried out as two slender pairs of hands began yanking and twisting the spear out of his right shoulder.

“Sorry…” … “We’re not trying to hurt you…”

Then the twins were working on the other spear. A moment later, they had the spear pinning Lisa against him almost worked out of his own belly.

“Jeez! This is really, really in there!” one of them exclaimed between grunts of female effort.

Finally they had the bloody shaft out of Lisa’s back, though. Tossing it aside, the girls rolled her off Macario and onto her back. Picking up Holly’s blood soaked knife, Tia gazed at it, her eyes glowing with lust.

“Do you see what she did to Mac?” she asked her sister.

“God, yes!” Tara replied, gazing down at the bleeding hole in Mac’s belly. “Feel me…”

Tara guided her twin sister’s fingers up between her legs. Tia’s fingers came away soaked, and she lifted them up to smell them. Then, smiling, she held her fingers down against Mac’s lips.

“Wanna taste?” she cooed.

Unable to resist Tia’s wanton erotic broadcast, Mac opened his mouth, letting Tia’s fingers slip inside. He sucked on them for a moment before she removed them. Unbelievably, his cock was getting hard, again.

“He likes it,” Tara called from somewhere nearby. “His boner is growing.”

“You like fucking dead girls?” Tia whispered into Mac’s ear as she kissed his cheek and throat. “It’s no secret, now. You broadcast it all over the place – not across the lake – the new shields prevented that. But we know your secret fantasy.”

“Yeah,” Tara replied, kneeling down next to Mac’s face. “You’re really lucky to have a phoenix for a wife. You can fuck her dead as often as you want.”

“You’re sick!” Mac grunted, trying to rise up with both Necrotwins leaning on his half-healed shoulders. “Now, come on! Get off me!”

“No!” Tara exclaimed. “I want you to kill me! Then fuck me while I’m dead.”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Mac growled. “You’re human! I’m not about to kill you!”

“You killed Holly,” Tia broke in. “Didn’t seem to hurt her much.”

“Lisa was in complete control of that!” Mac snarled defensively. “It was Lisa’s mental power that brought Holly back to life!”

“Okay, we won’t argue,” Tia replied, suddenly giving up. “But you’ve got a nice boner. Shame to let it go to waste.”

“It’s not going to waste,” Mac replied, eyeing Lisa’s prone form lying nearby.

“You can’t do her now,” Tara protested. “She's getting ready to do her ‘phoenix’ thing!”

“You can fuck me, though,” Tia cheerfully volunteered. “Lisa won’t mind. It was her idea that we take care of you whenever she’s dead, anyway.”

“I don’t think this is what she…” Mac began, then changed his mind as both twins began working on his cock, one tongue on each side of it. “Oh, yeah… All right. You win… Whoever wants on…”

Lying back on the ground and closing his eyes, Mac let the girls tongues tease him for a moment, then smiled and groaned as a very tight, wet pussy worked its way down his long shaft.

Then a tongue was lapping delicately at the nearly healed wound on his belly and Mac’s eyes snapped open to stare at Tara, her face smeared with his blood gazing raptly back at him. Behind her, Tia was happily bouncing up and down as she worked her way down onto his cock.

Tara stretched up to kiss her twin sister. Tia greedily licked at the blood on Tara cheek and began sucking on her tongue. In almost no time at all, Tia was ready to cum. Tara stood up and walked behind them, disappearing from Mac’s view.

After a moment Mac could feel Tia’s pussy, already almost too tight around his cock, tighten against him even more. “Tara? You ready?” she called out.

Mac heard Tara’s reply from nearby, evidently planning to switch places on top of him, as they often did when they rode him like this.

“Oh, God!” Tia cried out. “Tara – I’m coming! Oooooohh Fuuuuuuuu-UUK-gha!”

Tia body spasmed and her pussy clenched Mac’s cock almost painfully, causing Mac to open his eyes. Tia was swaying above him, her eyes and mouth open in shocked surprise, one of the spears that had been in his shoulder stuck out from the center of her ribs, having been shoved into her from behind.

Tia spasmed twice, then collapsed sideways to be caught by her murderous sister.

“Okay, now!” Tara exclaimed, her staring eyes wild with pure lust. “Fuck her dead body!”

“Are you crazy?” Mac cried, pulling Tia off his hard cock. “You killed her!”

Mac lay the young girl sideways on the ground and, pushing his bare foot against her ribs, pulled the spear the rest of the way through her so that, if there was any life left inside, the vampire blood in her veins would work to heal her.

“NO!” Tara yelled, desperate now. “You have to fuck her! She's inside me, watching! This is what she wants! Do it!”

Without warning, the psychotic girl picked up a spear and swung it wildly, whacking Mac alongside the head with it. Mac staggered back, then fell. Dragging her twin’s corpse over to him, Tara pulled it over on top of him and lined up his shrinking cock with Tia’s limp pelvis.

“Fuck her, damn you!” Tara shrieked. “You have to fuck her!”

Then Mac was overwhelmed with two frustrated female minds invading his, overpowering him with their lusts and needs. He became aware of Tia lying sandwiched between the ground and his belly as he pounded his cock into her dead pussy so hard that her head rolled backward and her back arched with each punishing thrust.

“Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah,” Tara chanted obsessively with each powerful thrust of Mac’s cock into her dead sister’s cunt.

“Oh God!” Tara cried out as her fingers dug into the soft flesh between her legs, “We’re coming!”

Mac was coming, too, and the three of them, mind-linked together, spasmed uncontrollably as they all orgasmed simultaneously. As Mac shuddered to a stop, still buried in Tia’s limp body, it began to spasm, as well. Then Tia’s body was coming, spraying girl-cum out through her tightly stretched and filled vulva.

She coughed once and her body heaved as her lungs began to work again, then opened her eyes. It took a moment for her to focus on Mac’s face looming over her. Raising her arm, she gently slapped his cheek, having intended only to caress him.

“God,” Tia murmured. “That was the best…”

Her eyes closed and her head turned to one side. But she was only asleep, now. Mac could see her breasts rise and lower with her breathing. Her left breast, as he gazed at it, bounced gently with each beat of her young heart.

“That was fucking incredible!” a voice said from behind him. “I’ve been training the wrong set of twins.”

Mac twisted around, his long, limp cock popping out of Tia’s pussy and releasing a flood of aromatic juices. Lisa was sitting up behind him, having flared back to life while he’d been fucking Tia’s dead body.

Tara raised her head up from where she’d fallen during that intense orgasm.

“Does that mean you’ll train us to become phoenixes?” she asked, sounding exhausted, but hopeful.

“That depends, Darling. Are you willing to die for me?” Lisa asked coyly, already knowing the answer.

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