New Beginnings – Pt 3 Ch 06

New Beginnings – Pt 3 Ch 06

The Dream…

She watched, fascinated, as the curved, ornate, but very short blade sliced into her soft stomach. The blade was heated and very sharp so that she barely felt the kiss of its entry. Still, she felt her body react in pure ecstasy to the sensuous invasion into her vital organs.

The blade was decorated with glistening jewels that became tarnished as her blood, almost pink in color, ran along the blade and into the center of the transparent handle. A quick, short slash to the left, and the cut was complete.

She gazed up into Sibilius’ eyes – eyes that shined with the same overpowering love she knew was in her own eyes. It was her turn, now. Gazing down, she discovered a similarly ornate knife in her own hand; the sharp tip of its blade already touching Sibilius’ bared belly.

Almost from the viewpoint of a bystander, she watched her blade make a similar entry in her beloved’s body. The knife handle filled with his blood in the same manner as the one still buried in her own stomach.

Gazing into each other’s eyes, each let go of the knife in the other’s stomach and grasped the handle of the knife in their own. At the touch of her own hand, she felt the blade inside her changing – forcing a space open inside her. It wasn’t cutting, now, it was simply… expanding. She gasped at the sensation, still staring into Sibilius’ eyes and seeing a similar reaction on his face.

“With this sacrifice,” someone intoned.

“With this sacrifice,” they both said in unison.

“I commit my soul,”

“I commit my soul,” they repeated.

“to your well-being,”

“to your well-being,”

“for as long as I shall live.” The highly decorated officer standing next to them said.

“for as long as I shall live.” Sibilius and Alana repeated.

The presiding officer stepped back and nodded. Alana pulled the instrument out of her body. The blade was rounded, now, and stretched the skin around her wound as she pulled it out. There was a dark piece of organ meat grasped inside the blade.

Sibilius had pulled out the knife in his stomach as well. It looked the same as hers.

“Accept my gift to you – a part of me to live inside you forever,” Alana intoned, then shoved the thickened blade into the wound she’d made in his stomach a moment earlier.

“And you, my Beloved,” Sibilius replied, “accept this part of me that I sacrifice to live inside of you – to be a part of you throughout eternity.”

She gasped slightly at the invasion of the thickened blade in Sibilius’ hand into her wounded belly. Then they both pulled their instruments out of each other simultaneously. The blades were flat as they exited, having left their respective live specimens inside each other.

Alana’s Second stepped forward and placed a skin colored patch over her wound as Sibilius’ Best did the same for him. Then matching white robes were pinned over the shoulders of each of them.

“You are now bonded to each other for as long as you both shall live,” the presiding officer announced.

Sibilius drew his lifemate into his arms and they shared a moment of tender touching of the entire length of their bodies to each other, then they turned and faced out into the room. There were at least sixty of Alana’s crew there, along with Sibilius’ laboratory assistants and his parents.

Alana smiled happily at all of them, wishing her father had lived to see this day.

Sibilius accepted a long, narrow glass of liquid waseiu and raised it, toasting those gathered for this ceremony.

“Let this celebration begin!” he cried out, and everyone burst into cheers.

He took a sip and passed the crystal to his lifemate. Alana sipped some of the liquid fire into her mouth and felt it rush into her mouth, up through her nasal passages and down her throat. From there, it traveled past her lungs and into her stomach, creating a warm glow that she could feel throughout her entire body.

Her shallow stomach wound was almost healed beneath the skin patch, so it was safe to move now. Alana and Sibilius trod slowly down the steps from the Alter Stone, Alana careful not to step on her over-long white robe. As they passed through the crowded room toward their Share Chamber, each was greeted, congratulated, and touched by everyone who could reach them.

At the end of the room, they stepped up into the glass chamber. As they did so, their robes were removed and laid out for Alana to lie down on. Naked once again, she climbed up onto the robes that were now expanding to offer her some softness to lie on, and turned to hold out a hand to her lifemate.

Taking her hand, Sibilius, also naked, climbed into the chamber with her. The door sealed behind them as they embraced. Alana was aroused, now, and a groove appeared in her belly as she pressed against the front of Sibilius’ body. His belly opened up, as well, and a rod similar to a human penis but at least half as long as his torso dropped out and lie against the groove in Alana’s stomach.

In the instant that his rod touched her stomach, she pressed forward, eager to surround him with her need, and her stomach groove closed around him. She arched her back and cried out as the warm, fleshy rod enclosed in her belly sprouted thorns. She cried out again as her womb, normally protected deep in her body between her hipbones, was penetrated for the very first time.

Sibilius gazed into his lifemate’s eyes, taking in the ecstasy she radiated at him as he felt his cock sprouts growing inside her body. Her back was arched so that their breasts weren’t touching. Needing to complete their union, he forced her body against his, pulling steadily against her powerful back muscles.

Realizing that she was supposed to touch her breasts to him, Alana forced her body to relax a bit so that she could touch along her lifemate’s entire length. The incredible sensations deep in her belly made it difficult for her to concentrate on anything except what she was feeling inside her.

This was different than the simple lovemaking they had done in the desert three years earlier on the night that her father had been killed by the aliens. The explosions of pure orgasmic sensation were overwhelming. She’d thought she had had an orgasm that first time – but it was nothing compared to actual impregnation. This was what her body was made for and she futilely hoped this would never end.

Finally she relaxed enough so that their breasts touched. Almost immediately, small blood vessels extended from her nipples and burrowed into Sibilius’ breasts. Her body, recognizing the blood of her lover as the same blood of the piece of liver inside of and merged with her own, began to convulse erotically as her blood began to flow into her lifemate’s body.

With the beginning of Alana’s consummation, Sibilius felt the ecstasy of their fluid exchange in his rod rooted deep in her belly as he began to pump his semen into her fertile womb. He cried out and arched away with his orgasm, accidentally pulling the feeding tubes out of his breasts.

Sibilius had never impregnated a female before, and the pure intensity of this union with his lifemate, much more powerful than recreational lovemaking, took him by surprise. The broken vessels didn’t matter, though – enough fluid had passed between them so that they would intimately share their thoughts and sensations for the rest of their lives.

Alana, weakened by the incredible sensations of being impregnated and the pooling of their combined blood in her womb, smiled wanely as Sibilius pulled her close once again and embraced her. She convulsed again, as did he, when the roots from his rod detached themselves and finished burrowing into her blood-filled womb.

There, the roots would grow, greedily absorbing her pink life-fluids until they were fully formed fetuses. In five months, Alana would again be screaming in agony and orgasm as her children opened her belly during their birth. It was the way both she and Sibilius had been born. It was the way their species propagated.

The feeding tubes in Alana’s breasts withered and died away, never again to be employed for the exchange of life-fluids between lifemates. Sibilius’ rod was slowly released from her belly and withdrew into his own body, its roots forever embedded in his lifemate’s womb, never to return to him.

Lifemates only mated once. True, they would make love many, many times in their ten-thousand-year life span, but impregnation only occurred once. That was a necessity deliberately designed into their bodies so that their planet wouldn’t again become overpopulated because of the enticing pleasures of sex.

“I can feel them growing inside me,” Alana whispered in awe as she radiated bliss and contentment at her true love.

She lay in his arms, weakened by the experience and the vital life-energy her growing children required. Gradually, her body returned to normal as the invigorating, fertilizing effects of the liquid waseiu faded.

When she was ready, Alana pulled away and sat up. Sibilius pulled her white, bloodstained robe out from beneath her and wrapped her body with it, then wrapped himself with the other robe.

Stepping down from their glass bedchamber, they were surrounded with bodies lying on the floor. Many were still making love. No one was being fertilized. Upon observing their return, Alana’s Second and Sibilius’ Best rose from the floor, having finished their own tryst, and helped Alana back across the room to the Alter Stone.

This time, she lay flat on it and succulent fruits and pastries were piled around and on her again naked body. It was Sibilius’ duty, now, to feed her as much as she could eat while other guests came up to acknowledge her future contribution to their civilization, to feel her children growing in her belly and, of course, to nosh out on the tasty goodies surrounding her.

With the taste of a creamed pastry still in her mouth, Béla opened her eyes and gazed at the blond tresses of her sister lying next to her in the sunlight streaming in from the wormhole above the waterfall. Dried blood matted Elaine’s hair on one side and coated her shoulder and neck where Béla had bitten her.

Béla imagined she looked the same. But instead of cleaning her sister off mentally like she usually did, she teleported Elaine into the air, about twenty feet over the surface of the deepest part of the Grotto’s lake. Then she sat up to watch the fun as Elaine awoke, plummeting down into the water.

Elaine screeched just as she hit the surface and her shriek was suddenly muted as the water closed over her head. Laughing, Béla teleported above the water and dropped down next to her flustered, soaked sister so she could see Elaine’s face when she came back up.

Elaine’s face was a mask of rage as she breached the surface, grabbed Béla by the shoulders and violently shoved her down under the water. Elaine’s water-garbled yell was cut off as the water splashing over Béla’s head filled her ears.

Unable to laugh underwater, and unable to stop laughing, Béla struggled against her sister’s weight as Elaine held her head under the water and finally had to teleport out from underneath her and into the air so she could breathe.

As she reentered the physical universe, she placed her feet on Elaine’s shoulders and rematerialized. Elaine went down with a terrified ‘glub’ as the entire weight of Béla’s naked body drove her under.

Béla swam backwards a few strokes to give Elaine room to come up. A few seconds later, Elaine bobbed to the surface again, her heavy blond hair hiding her face and her arms splashing wildly.

Once again, Elaine violently charged her sister, splashing madly through the water at her. Her hands clasped around just beneath Béla’s laughing face and tightened angrily around her neck. A few seconds later, Elaine released her, and just stroked the water to maintain her position, staring into her sister’s eyes with an expression of astonishment.

“What?” Béla asked, her wicked smile still plastered on her face.

“I thought…” Elaine began, grimacing in confusion, then stopped. “Never mind. For a minute there, I thought your eyes were a different color.”

“Really?” Béla asked, intrigued, now. “Sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror, I think my eyes should be sparkly green! But my face doesn’t look like this when they are.”

“I thought they were green for a second, too,” Elaine replied. “Weird, huh?”

“Yeah,” Béla said.

They began paddling toward the shore. “We could just teleport, you know?”

“What’s the fun in that? This is much more interesting…”

Béla felt her head going under again as Elaine pounced on her back, forcing both their bodies underwater. Swimming forward and kicking gently with her feet, Béla easily freed herself from her sister’s weight on her shoulders and back. Popping back up on the surface, she turned around quickly and caught Elaine just as she surfaced. Placing a hand on top of Elaine’s head, Béla shoved her back under. A large bubbling of air rewarded her efforts as Béla pulled her hand away.

This time when Elaine surfaced, she was coughing and gasping for air.

“That’ll teach you to yell at me when you’re underwater,” giggled Béla.

“I was (Cough! Cough!) yelling (Cough) oh fuck! (Cough) Yelling at you to stop!” Elaine gasped. “You were fucking drowning me!”

“What are sisters for?” Béla grinned, then apologized. “I’m sorry. I was only playing… But at least, you’re clean, now…”

Béla could feel something changing in her immediate area, but couldn’t determine what. Then suddenly, the water surrounding her vanished! She was in a hole! Right in the water! She could see the bottom as she began to fall. Then the water closed around her, smacking into her body from all directions.

By the time she fought her way to the surface from the twenty feet she’d fallen before the water wall had collapsed around her, Elaine was resting comfortably, stretched out to enjoy the sand and the sun. When Béla attempted to teleport her back into the water, Elaine was shielded and remained where she was, a malicious grin spread across her face.

Béla began to swim toward her and fell into another water hole. Knowing what to expect this time, she teleported to the shore before the sides caved in on her and landed next to Elaine.

Weakly rolling onto her naked back, Béla held her hands up in front of her, palms outward. “Truce?” she gasped, ready for anything Elaine might throw at her.

“You haven’t matured much since you left,” Elaine replied, trying to keep from grinning with glee at her sappy sister.

“You’re only old when you can’t play any more,” Béla giggled. “I knew a guy named Ray, back on Earth, and he told me, ‘I may not be able to prevent myself from growing old, but I absolutely refuse to grow up!’ That may not be a direct quo…”

“Hey, girls,” a voice from nearby called out, interrupting the conversation.

Marla was walking toward them, as naked as she was yesterday (or however long ago…).

“Have you been here all this time?” Elaine asked, surprised to see her.

“Of course not!” Marla replied. “You two got busy and Annalisa went after that ‘Jake’ fellow, so I went home and had a nice little orgy. Want a taste?”

Marla held out her arms. Her breasts and belly looked sticky, and she smelled of male cum. Elaine and Béla gazed at each other for an instant, both grinning with evil intention.

The shriek of terror as Marla rematerialized over the water was abruptly cut off with a loud splash. Béla and Elaine watched as she struggled to stay afloat.

“She needed a bath.”

“Yes, she did.”

“She's splashing around a lot.”

“Yes, indeed. Fun, isn’t it? Splashing around? It’ll get her really clean!”

“Yes, It will. It will, indeed.”

‘I don’t think she knows how to swim.”

“Really? She looks all right – she breathing, anyway… Uh, oh. I think you’re right! She's breathing water, now…”

An instant later, a very soaked and naked Marla flopped at the other sisters’ feet.

“Feel better after your bath?” Elaine asked, doing her best not to laugh.

Marla managed to glare up at them even as she coughed water out of her lungs. Béla felt a slight nudge as Marla concentrated on her, but having remembered what she’d tried to do to Elaine after that second water hole, she was shielded enough to prevent Marla from teleporting her somewhere.

“Nice try, Sister,” Béla smirked. “Better luck if I’m off my guard.”’

Elaine and Béla helped their half-drowned sister to her feet, then they hugged her tightly.

“I haven’t had a proper chance to say hello,” Béla said, grinning into her sister’s face. “Did you come just to see me?”

“No,” Marla replied, gently pulling away. “I came to remind you,” looking at Elaine, “that there’s a ceremonial dinner planned at Southern Depot. You both,” looking at Béla, now, “are expected. You have just about enough time left to find formal attire and get there.”

As the trio passed through the entranceway leaving Lisa’s Grotto, Elaine went through first. Marla, right behind her, stopped and tapped Elaine on the shoulder.

“She's going to be another minute,” Marla said.

Béla coming up behind Marla, stopped and asked, “What?”

Elaine and Marla disappeared. Béla was suddenly surrounded with water again. As she struggled to the surface, Elaine was dropped right next to her. They both reached out with their minds to pull Marla back into the lake with them, but she was gone.

“Oh, well,” Elaine muttered. “We’ll get ’er… Welcome home, Sis!”

She teleported herself and Béla directly from the lake to the Goddess’ Manor. It was fairly deserted. The Bard Geoffrey and his wife Terri were at Southern Depot expecting to welcome Béla and her family to their new home. Some of the household servants were still there, though, and they managed to get the two goddesses dried down and gowned up.

“Oh my God!” Béla exclaimed. “What about Jake?”

Elaine laughed. “You have twenty-eight sisters who are making sure this dinner takes place. I’m sure at least one of them will take care that your Jake is there.”

“Okay, I guess I’m ready,” Béla said breathlessly.

It was less than fifteen minutes from the time they teleported in, naked and soaking wet, to the time they were ready to teleport out, dressed for an evening of formal festivities. Béla was proud of the efficiency demonstrated by Elaine’s personal staff. They were cheerfully efficient and almost ceremonial in their behavior…


“Oh! Did I tell you about this wild dream I had? I was marrying Father, of all people, and all this really weird stuff was happening…”

They vanished.

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