New Beginnings – Pt 3 Ch 09

New Beginnings – Pt 3 Ch 09

Dani became gradually aware that she was lying on the shoreline of the lake, her body still half in, half out of the water. Painfully lifting with her shoulders and arms, she dragged herself up a little farther until only her feet still felt immersed. Then she flipped over onto her back, raising one arm to shield her face from the warm brightness of the sun.

What? The sun was up! That was different; just a moment ago, it seemed, it had been night. Dani had obviously been unconscious for many hours. Gently, she rubbed her forehead, trying to remember what had happened. She and Jonathan had been in the boat.


‘Where’s Jonathan?’ she thought, suddenly sitting up as an alarm went off in her mind.

Dani relaxed as she remembered that she could scan for Jonathan mentally, then did so. She could plainly see the image of him lying on a rock at the base of a waterfall – which was really strange because there were no waterfalls on this entire lake that went either up or down. So where the hell was he?

She sat up, nearly boosting herself back into the water with her effort. She cried out in terror as she became airborne for the briefest instant, then slid slightly toward the water again.

‘Wow! That was different,’ she thought when she had her terror under control again.

She looked around. ‘Where are the mountains?’

“What the fuck?” she asked out loud. “I’m in a goddamn park!”

She stood up, then completed her earlier action of nearly falling into the water with an angry yelp and a big splash, preceded by a really fancy dance complete with twirling and leg kicking as she continually overbalanced in the light one-quarter gravity.

As Dani spluttered to the surface, she noticed an almost pleasant thundering vibration that, when her head was above water again, became a roar that she realized had been there before, but she simply hadn’t noticed. She relaxed after a few seconds as the sound continued. Then she recognized the sound. It was a waterfall. A very close waterfall.

Shaking her head to get her wet hair out of her eyes, she squinted in the direction that the sound was coming from. Then she saw it – the ghost ball that the two of them had tried to approach many times over the past few months – that indistinct glow that floated over their mountain lake. But it was much brighter now, producing enough light to fill this entire… (Chamber? Park? Where the fuck am I?) with light.

“So this is where that comes out…” Dani said to herself, gazing up at it in awe.

The sun came out from behind a cloud and the ‘ghost’ ball was suddenly brilliant – much too bright to look at directly. Dani squinted and looked away. There were fragments of wood floating on the water nearby. She looked at them for a moment, then her memories flooded back.

She had been sitting, half-asleep, in the boat, fishing (her fourth favorite pastime after eating, sleeping and making love to Jonathan). Jonathan had been sitting right next to her on the same seat, his back resting against hers. Occasionally, they would dreamily rub their heads or shoulders against each other.

‘I must have fallen asleep,” Dani decided.

The next thing she knew, Jonathon was falling over the side of the boat as it swirled and spun. She remembered holding onto the sides, desperately trying to stay aboard, knowing that if she was sucked into that incredible whirlpool, she wouldn’t be able to rescue Jonathan.

Then the entire boat was sucked straight down. As it fell, the boat flipped over and Dani was falling through the water into the AIR – BELOW THE WATER!

‘This is impossible!’ she remembered thinking even as she peed her shorts in pure terror.

Then she was in the water again. This water was shallow. She remembered slamming into the river bottom. Then water was swirling all around her and she was falling again. This time, when she hit, the water was deeper, and violently churning, driving her under.

Struggling for the brightly-lit surface, it seemed she was trying to swim uphill. She knew she had to get to the surface soon – she was almost out of air. Then she remembered an old trick about swimming against the undercurrents that often occurred at the edge of the ocean and began swimming sideways. The heavy flow of the waterfall drove her further down, but a few seconds later, once she’d moved, she was shoved back up, and greedily, gratefully, sucked in a lungful of misty air.

She didn’t remember how long she paddled, trying to stay afloat, but finally her arms and legs struck bottom and she was still breathing. Realizing she’d reached an area of safety, she had crawled halfway out of the water and passed out.

Now, gazing around at the wreckage of their rowboat, her eyes were finally focused enough so that she could see the waterfall.

‘Gods! I fell down that?’ she thought to herself. ‘Where’s Jonathan – did he fall through, too? Or is he floating in the mountain lake wondering where the hell I am?’

Then she remembered seeing him in her mind, lying on some rocks in the middle of the falls. Realizing it would be easier to walk to the falls, Dani crawled wearily out of the water and very carefully stood up, bracing much harder against a tree than she really needed to.

“I don’t weight anything at all!” she exclaimed. “My God, where am I?”

Carefully taking a step, she moved away from the tree. After a few giddy steps, she started giggling, not having any idea what was so funny, but she couldn’t stop. Forcing her feet to walk despite her near-debilitating giggle fit, she managed to reach the falls just about the time she brought her giggles under control.

Jonathan lay face down on a large boulder. Dani couldn’t tell if he was breathing or not. She was deliriously happy to see him, but deathly afraid that he might be injured, or worse – dead. Climbing out over the slippery moss-covered rocks, she finally reached him.

Fearful of what she might discover, she slowly reached out and touched his shoulder. It was cold.

‘Oh, God – He’s dead!’ she thought as she flinched away from him.

Then she saw him move, ever so slightly.

‘Is he breathing?’ Dani thought anxiously. ‘Maybe he’s just cold because he’s wet! Oh, please let him be alive…’

She touched his cheek this time, shuddering as she did so with the fear that he was cold and lifeless.

He flinched at her touch.

“He’s alive!” she yelped as she jerked her hand away.

A groan answered her cry and Jonathan tried to move his arms.

Wild eyed and not realizing she was whimpering, Dani stared at him as he tried to move. Then she jerked forward, almost zombie-like, and, taking hold of one arm, helped pull him sideways off the rock.

“Aaahh!” Jonathan groaned as he slipped onto his side. Gasping with obvious pain and gripping his chest tightly, he managed to sit up on his legs and buttocks.

Dani continued standing and staring down at him as he slowly recovered from his rib-smashing arrival. He seemed to be checking every part of his body to make sure everything was there. When he noticed Dani out of the corner of his eye, he nearly fell backwards into the falls at his surprise.

“Ah! My God! You scared the hell out of me!” Jonathan yelped, glaring up at her.

Dani flinched at the same time he jerked and nearly fell right on top of him. They both reached out wildly and caught each other. Dani landed on the same rock he’d been on and slid down halfway on top of him.

“You’re all right! You’re all right! Oh, God! I thought you were dead but you’re all right!” Dani cried, unable to stop talking. “Jesus! You scared me! I thought you were dead!”

“Okay!” Jonathan said, perhaps more firmly than he needed to, but at least she shut up.

She was still staring at him, though.

“Do you know where we are?” Jonathan asked her.

Dani stared at him.

“Dani!” Jonathan yelled, right in her face.

She flinched, then blinked several times. “What?”

“Where are we?” he demanded angrily

“Uh… dunno,” she muttered, then shook her head as though to clear it of her confusion. “I think we fell through the mountain.”


“I think maybe we’re underneath the mountain,” Dani repeated, her voice much more steady now that she’s actually said the impossible thing once. “See? There’s a ceiling where the sky’s supposed to be.”

Jonathan looked up, a groan escaping his throat as he forced sore muscles to respond. “My God!”

“Yeah…” Dani muttered, staring up as well.

Jonathan, still staring upward, began to rise to his feet, Immediately, his arms flew out to the side and started to windmill wildly as he fell backward. Dani frantically grabbed for him and snagged his open shirt, jerking him forward on top of her. Once again, they were sprawled on the rocks, one on top of the other, now.

Dani pushed him up off of her, easily rolling him to one side.

“Whoa!” Jonathan yelped. “When did you get so strong?”

Dani was staring at her hands and blinking in surprise. Evidently, she was as shocked at her sudden strength as he was. Then she was staring at him, again, that wild, unbelieving look in her eyes.

“I think… I,” she stammered, then swallowed and tried again. “I think we may be someplace else… someplace… ‘way’ else.”

“What do you mean?” Jonathan asked, pulling himself upright again.

“We might be on the moon?” Dani suggested. “Maybe in a secret underground base or something… on the moon.”

“What? Don’t be stupid!” Jonathan exclaimed, rising to his feet.

This time he launched himself a couple of feet into the air, wildly wailing, kicking and flailing his arms. Dani grunted and fell backward, rolling down into the waterfall pool when a wild kick caught her right in the head.

“Dani!” yelled Jonathan, desperately peering over the moss slickened rock into the churning, frothy water thirty feet below.

He saw where she was and dived in after her, making sure to leap out far enough to miss her when he entered the water. He missed her by forty feet. Dani watched, her mouth hanging open, as her beloved Jonathan sailed out over her head like a flailing, flying dodo bird and plummeted into the placid water of the artificial lake a respectable distance away.

When Jonathan finally made it to shore, Dani was sitting naked in the grass with what few wet clothes she’d been wearing stretched out to dry beside her.

“How was the flying lesson?” she grinned at him as he stumbled up the embankment.

“Where on earth are we?” Jonathan panted as he dropped down beside her. “How can we do the things we’re doing? Did somebody slip a Superman Pill into our food?”

“The gravity is lighter here,” Dani explained, “wherever ‘here’ is…”

They both looked around from their resting position on the bank of the lake.

“The breeze is coming from that same weird sphere that lets in the water and the sunlight,” Jonathan observed.

“So, it’s probably letting air in, too, huh?” Dani conjectured. “That means this whole place is probably an artificial environment of some kind. That’s amazing!”

“No,” Jonathan replied. “What’s amazing is that sphere up there. What do you suppose it is? Some kind of ‘hole’ in space that lets in air and water?”

“And people – don’t forget,” Dani joked with him. “It let us in.”

“Instant transportation,” Jonathan mused. “The legends and rumors were true, after all. The ‘Golden Haired Witch’ who seduced the guards, then conjured away our precious supplies. It’s all true.”

“I don’t think that hole up there would be a good place to receive cargo. They probably have another one somewhere around here. Interested in doing some exploring?”

“Not right this instant,” Jonathan panted, still wiped out from his swim. “Maybe in a few minutes. Let me rest first.”

“Okay,” Dani grinned, then lay back on the grass, deliberately stretching and arching her back, crooning quietly to herself as she made a sexy display of ‘getting comfortable’.

Jonathan watched for a moment, then pulled off his jeans.

“I should let these dry out a little,” he said in explanation, stretching them out on the grass next to Dani’s shorts and that skimpy piece of ragged cloth she called a ‘top’.

Dani grinned, then closed her eyes, evidently planning to just bask in the sun streaming through that strange hole over the waterfall. After a moment, she heard a slight movement beside her and peeked out of the corner of one eye.

Jonathan was sitting up, staring at her torso. It was obvious he was planning an attack on her belly button. Dani was unable to keep from snickering as she pretended not to see him.

“Hey,” he called out gently. “No fair peeking!”

Dani laughed at that. “Well, get on with it, then…”

Jonathan sat back on the sandy grass and just looked at her. “No fun, now. You took all the surprise out of it.”

“God, what a whiner,” Dani murmured.

She sat up, then, and reached for her shorts. Jonathan grabbed her arm, preventing her from getting dressed.

“Ooo. Big strong man,” Dani whimpered, unable to prevent herself from grinning at him. “You be nice to Dani, yes?”

“No,” Jonathan growled, getting into her playacting. “Me Tarzan, you… Lunch!”

“Eeek!” Dani exclaimed, then playfully tried to pull away.

Tarzan pulled her over on top of him, then wrapped both arms around her skinny waist and held her tightly against him. They were both laughing too hard to manage a simple kiss, so she bit him gently on his lower lip.

”Ow,” Jonathan moaned, and jerked his arms tighter, making her let go.

“Ahh! You’re squashing me!”

“Good! Tarzan like squashed squaw. Make good lunch!”

“Your lunch is going to bite you if you don’t let go,” Dani grunted with the last of her air.

Jonathan loosened his grip and kissed her tenderly on her cheek. “Tarzan no want bit by lunch.”

“You’re goofy,” Dani replied, smiling at him.

“No, I’m Yosemite Sam,” Jonathan grinned, “an’ nobody’s gonna cheat me outta mah lunch – ’specially no goll-durned varmit. So DRAW, Rabbit!”

Dani licked his face. “I don’t have a pencil. Can I use my tongue?”

“Damn, you’re sloppy,” Jonathan gasped, trying to keep her tongue out of his mouth.

She stopped and looked at him, still smiling. “I prefer if you use my first name, please.”

“Why? What’s your last name?” Jonathan asked, suddenly realizing that he didn’t know. “Oh my God!”

“Damn!” Dani said.

“God Damn?” he asked, thinking he was repeating what she’d just said.

“No, it’s Dham,” she replied, “Dani Dham. Glad to meet you.”

“You’re kidding!” Jonathan said, his jaw dropping in shock.

“Nope, Dani Dham,” she repeated. “That’s me.”

“That tattoo on your wrist…” Jonathan muttered, still putting facts together in his mind. She couldn’t possibly be…

“It’s a red fox,” Dani said, not making any excuses.

“But that was fifty years ago!” Jonathan replied. “Are you her daughter?”

“I’m the one and only, Sweetheart. But you already knew I was a lot older than you.”

Jonathan sat and looked out over the placid lake, thinking hard. Dani sat back and watched him. She wasn’t too worried about losing him – it wasn’t like he had anywhere to go, after all…

“My mother told me,” Jonathan said, softly as though talking to himself. “She told me I wouldn’t age as fast as the people around me. She said that, genetically, I was different than everyone else, and I would have to learn to hide that difference. If anyone found out, I would probably be persecuted. More likely, dissected, if you ask me.”

Dani stayed silent, waiting to see if any other extremely interesting facts would come out of his mouth. So his mother was long-lived, like she was. Jonathan just might be the son of the female she’d searched the continent for.

“Somehow, I never expected,” Jonathan continued, then stopped. “I know you were alive back before everything fell apart. You’ve told me some interesting stories about your life back then. But, I never expected you were famous, or rather, infamous. I’ve read about you! How come you never told me about being an industrial spy?”

Dani shrugged, attracting Jonathan’s attention to her bouncy bare breasts for a moment. “It seemed redundant. There isn’t any industry now. I’ve become obsolete. Somebody wrote stuff about me?”

“I studied industrial espionage in military school,” Jonathan replied. “It was required for field agents.”

“You’re a field agent for the Confederacy?” Dani asked, grinning at him, now.

“Well, I was,” he admitted. “But I don’t think there is a Confederacy anymore. So, I guess I’m obsolete, too.”

“I’m sorry,” she said quietly.

“Don’t be,” Jonathan said, gazing at that wistful expression on her face. “I’m not.”

Dani looked at him, a question in her eyes.

Jonathan grinned. “I would never have met you, otherwise.”

Dani grinned, then leaned forward to lie down across his lap.

Jonathan gazed down at her sexy body and slowly began tracing the curve of her hip with his fingers. Dani stretched out over his lap and turned onto her back so he could do whatever he wanted, and closed her eyes so she could better enjoy his tender caresses.

Every once in a while, his fingers would track over a tickle spot and she’d jerk slightly. Jonathan enjoyed her reaction, but didn’t want to ruin their mood, so he didn’t tickle her too often. Gradually, his fingers traced down to her pubic mound and he began to twirl the tiny hairs with his fingers.

Dani shifted her weight slightly and ‘casually’ moved one leg, seeming to want to make herself more comfortable, just incidentally making more room between her legs for his hand, if he should decide to go there…

Jonathan took the hint, and began stroking his fingers up and down the insides of Dani’s silky-smooth but still slightly damp thighs. As he continued, his fingers ran into a delicate forest of fine hairs on her legs and smiled, realizing that she wouldn’t have any way to shave herself out here in the wilderness. They were both living like primitives – clean, but hairy.

Returning his attention to the smoother skin closer to the tops of her legs, he stopped while Dani shifted again and parted her legs even more. Jonathan delicately ran one finger up the inside of her thigh, right up to the top of her leg, then gently ran it alongside her slightly moistened slit. He thought he heard an almost inaudible moan.

He repeated the action on her other leg, running his finger up the inside of her thigh and trailing it along the other side as he had before. Dani’s stomach muscles twitched, ever so slightly.

The target was marked, now. Jonathan delicately ran two fingers up, one on each side of her slit, then closed his fingers together at the top, just above her clitoris. Dani sighed and her stomach twitched again. She began breathing through her mouth – slow, deep, controlled breaths. Jonathon knew her entire attention was centered on four inches of extremely sensitive flesh just below where his fingers were, right now.

He moved his fingers back down between her legs, retracing the invisible lines he’d drawing a moment earlier. Her pussy was definitely moistening and she just barely moved her pelvis up a bit, wanting more of his attention.

For the first time, Jonathan looked up at her face. Her eyes were still closed, but she had the most exquisite, gentle smile on her face that he’d ever seen. She positively radiated desire. As his eyes traveled down her perfectly formed body, he noticed that her nipples were hard and raised more than he’d ever seen them.

‘She is definitely aroused,’ he thought to himself. ‘She must trust me a lot to just lie there and let me work on her like this, especially when we’re lost and don’t have a clue to where the fuck we are…’

Returning his attention to her pubic mound, Jonathan gently raked the back of his thumbnail from the bottom of her vulva all the way up and over her hooded little clit. As he passed over her clitoris, Dani’s hips jerked and he heard her sudden gasp of pure pleasure. He was slowly torturing her to orgasm, and she knew it. She wanted it.

Jonathan brought his thumb up to his lips and tasted the moisture that had collected on his thumbnail as it journeyed over her slit. She was definitely wet, now, and her taste was pure arousal. Jonathan felt himself getting hard; his cock beginning to press against her back, just below her right shoulder blade. He knew she could feel it. Soon, they would both be very uncomfortable with her lying on it like that.

Placing his middle finger at the base of her vulva and his thumb just above her clit, he began to bring his fingers together, pressing harder now. As it moved, his middle finger slipped in between her pussy lips, eliciting an audible moan from Dani’s throat. His finger and thumb met and he moved them apart, again. This time, both finger and thumb were traveling between, not outside, her moist pussy lips.

Dani shook with the sensation of her gentle orgasm, and sighed contentedly. Hoping for more, she spread her legs wantonly wide, not the least bit self-conscious about her demeanor (she never was self-conscious about her sexuality, but right now, it was part of what they were doing).

Dani raised her hips slightly as she felt a finger gently entering her insides. She gasped and began to breathe deeper as she felt Jonathan’s thumb pressing against her hooded clitoris and another finger slipping back along her wetness, past her vaginal opening to gently rest against her anus.

She shook again with another delicate orgasm as Jonathan pressed his fingers together again, this time ending with two fingers inside her and his thumb nearly squashing her clit.

“Oh, God, that’s good,” she whispered ardently. “Don’t stop…”

“You’re getting really spongy in there,” Jonathan commented quietly. “I could barely get my second finger inside.”

“My little puss is filling with cum?” she asked, her eyes still closed. “I can’t imagine why…”

Dani twisted around in his lap, moving her back against his hardened cock. Yes, she definitely knew it was there, and it seemed to please her immensely. Jonathan pressed his fingers deeper into her, causing her to moan even louder.

“You can get rough, now, if you want,” Dani whispered, starting to pant with anticipation of the sensations threatening to cascade through her body.

Jonathan grinned and placed his left hand over a breast. He began to massage it gently while squeezing the fingers of his right hand in and out, up and down, fucking her with his index and middle finger while stroking her clit with his thumb.

Dani’s hips were starting to jerk rhythmically, now, and she was moaning with each breath she took. As Jonathan gently continued to finger-fuck her alluring pussy, he noticed that, although she was getting wetter and slicker inside, her pussy walls were tightening up, her inside flesh seeming to fill up like a blowfish. He loved the reaction he was getting from her, though, so he continued ramming his fingers in and out of her while jamming his thumb up against her engorged clitoris with each stroke.

Dani began whimpering loudly, almost screaming as she arched her back into the air, her entire body shaking as though she was on fire and in terrible agony. With one, final, tight-throated scream, Dani’s pussy exploded in orgasm, spraying Jonathan’s hand and arm with girl-cum as it squirted madly, insanely all over her legs.

She relaxed for a second, dropping her hips to the ground, then suddenly arched her back with another agonized cry and sprayed him again. Then she lay trembling on the ground, her eyes rolled upward, panting so rapidly that it was impossible for her to fill her lungs. With two more violent convulsions, Dani collapsed, her entire body shining from head to toe with a fine sheen of moisture.

“Damn, girl,” Jonathan said after a moment. “I ain’t never seen anything like that before.”

Jonathan was so surprised that his cock had gone down. He wasn’t horny anymore. She had shocked his horniness right out of him. But, he noticed, her pussy was a lot looser. He decided that her pussy walls must have somehow filled up with girl-cum, and when she came, she must have squeezed it all out of her. It had to be cum – it didn’t smell like urine, it was too sweet and delicate to be anything but pure, angelic, girl-cum.

It was almost a half-hour before Dani moved again. When she did, every muscle in her body was stiff and sore. Jonathan helped by roughly massaging her shoulders, arms and back until she tried to crawl away so he’d stop.

Finally sitting down and facing him, she said, “This is usually the time when the guy sez, ‘Okaaay, see ya ’round, babe,’ and disappears.”

Jonathan didn’t reply. He just stared at her, not understanding.

“That bad, huh?” Dani asked, sounding disappointed. “Oh, well – it was great while it lasted…”

Standing up, she looked around for her clothes, then slipped into her shorts and top. Blowing Jonathan a kiss, she turned and began to walk away.

“Where are you going?” Jonathan asked, his vocal cords cracking as he finally got his voice to work.

She ignored him and continued walking.


She turned to look back. Jonathan was still kneeling on the ground, just staring at her. She turned away and began walking again.

“Stop!” Jonathan yelled at her. “Damn you, where do you think you’re going?”

He was on his feet, now, and briskly walked to catch up with her. “Wait a minute, dammit! You don’t even know where we are! Wait up! I’ll go with you!”

He reached out and spun her around by her shoulder, stepping back quickly to avoid a wild kick as she twisted around. They both stared at each other for a moment. Jonathan noticed her eyes were filled with tears.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Jonathan demanded to know.

Dani didn’t answer. Instead, she collapsed to the ground in a dead faint.

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