New Beginnings – Pt 4 Ch 07

New Beginnings – Pt 4 Ch 07

It was hours later. The conversation was more relaxed and had turned again to their favorite pastime, hunting. But instead of the guys hunting the girls, Annalisa wanted to reenact the gunfight that Jake had told her about during their first night together.

“Well, we’ll need guns,” Tabatha said after eagerly volunteering to be the other participant. “Where can we get some?”

“Elaine, Dawn and I have practiced how to find stuff,” Annalisa told her. “You just think of the form, and I’ll find it for you!”

“Okay,” Tabatha replied, then thought of a really handsome set of double holstered forty-fives that she’d seen in a Tri-d episode of ‘Wild Bill in the Old West’.

A few seconds later, Annalisa held that same gun belt in her hands.

“Are they real?” she wanted to know.

Jake admiringly pulled a pistol from its holster and examined it; even taking a bullet out of its chamber.

“Looks real to me,” he replied, replacing the six-shooter back in the holster.

“Okay,” Annalisa replied. “You wanted this set, I imagine,” she said to Tabatha.

You bet I do!” Tabatha grinned, and stepped forward to strap it around her slender, naked waist.

Annalisa found another gun belt and teleported it directly around her waist, forcing it to materialize already fastened around her and fitted to her right leg with a leather drawstring.

“Oh, hot stuff!” Jake grinned, admiring her. “You look ready for action, Babe!”

“Okay, what now?” Annalisa wanted to know, grinning with excitement.

“Well, basically,” Jake told them, “You two just face each other and start shooting.”

“Great!” Tabatha grinned, and pulled both her guns out of her holsters, using both hands, of course.

Annalisa drew her gun as well, and all three pistols went off at the same time.

Annalisa stumbled as a small red volcano erupted in the large muscle on the front of her thigh while the pistol in Tabatha’s left hand kicked so hard that she dropped it on the ground.

“Ouch!” Tabatha exclaimed. “It’s been awhile since I’ve handled a gun. This thing has a lot of kick to it!”

Taking more careful aim this time, Tabatha pointed the pistol in her half-numbed right hand at Annalisa’s belly button and pulled the trigger again, holding it more tightly this time. Annalisa stared in awed wonder at the hole in her leg, then grunted as another hole appeared under her left rib cage. Annalisa touched her fingers to the new wound and watched as her hand came away with her own blood on it. She had never been shot, before. This was a new experience for her and, although she was fascinated, she wasn’t sure she liked it.

Looking up at her opponent, Annalisa saw that Tabatha was getting ready to shoot her again, holding her weapon with both hands this time as her wrists were really sore from the powerful kick of her forty-fives. Raising her own gun, Annalisa fired back at Tabatha.

Their guns went off at the same time again, only this time, Annalisa actually hit Tabatha, while Tabatha hit Annalisa again. Angered at having more wounds in her that her opponent, Annalisa shot Tabatha again.

Tabatha staggered back with one new bullet hole in each breast and squeezed the trigger of her gun again, nearly hitting Jake. Gasping with the wondrous but painful sensations of having her breasts and lungs so violently penetrated, she sank down on one knee to keep from falling.

Annalisa nearly threw up as another bullet hole appeared in her stomach. She dropped to her knees as well, and fired another round at Tabatha, hitting her in the stomach this time. Grinning in glee at all the little red spots she was making, she held her gun on Tabatha with both hands and squeezed the trigger several more times until it just clicked.

Gasping from the effort of holding her body up with her wounded stomach muscles and the effects of blood filling her insides, she gazed up at Jake, holding her gun up.

“It stopped shooting,” she panted. “Did I break it?”

Jake grinned down at the sexy, bloodied goddess kneeling on the ground in front of him. His cock was so hard he was sure it would burst.

“It’s empty,” he told her, barely able to form words through his horniness. “You have to reload.”

Annalisa frowned for a moment, not having the slightest idea how to do that. Then she grunted, losing her balance and falling backward as Tabatha shot her in the chest.

“Uggh! Hey!” Annalisa grunted. “Time out! I have to reload-Oonk!”

Tabatha had picked up her other gun and started emptying it at Annalisa. With a bullet hole in each lung and two in her belly, she was barely able to hold the heavy pistol up and aim it, but she was damned and determined that Annalisa was going to receive every bullet she had. Also, her pussy was starting to react to the kick of the gun and the knowledge of what she was doing to poor Annalisa’s body.

Annalisa tried to hold herself upright as slug after slug tore into her stomach and breasts. Her gun was useless so she didn’t even try to hold it up. She began coughing up blood and looked helplessly up at Jake, unable to even ask for help.

With both pistols finally emptied, Tabatha dropped her arms down to her sides, and knelt, staring at her bloody opponent with her knees wide. Blood ran down from her breasts and belly, soaking her red pubic mound and painting it even redder.

Coughing blood, she looked up at movement on her right and tried to grin as she saw Frank and her husband running toward her.

'I won!' Tabatha cast the thought out toward them, then fell backward on the ground, unable to hold herself up any more.

Jake dropped down and caught Annalisa as she collapsed to the ground. She was shot up so bad she couldn’t even breathe. Every time she tried to say something, her throat flooded with fresh blood. Tears began to flow from her eyes as she stared up, obviously frightened, at her beloved Jake.

“It’s alright, Darling,” Jake whispered as he held the blood-soaked vampire in his arms. “Your body will heal and you’ll be just fine in a little while.”

“F… Kaugh! Fuck me…” gasped Annalisa. “So… need y-Guah!”

Jake didn’t have to be asked twice. He was already ready to explode just from the nearness of her mutilated body and the smell of her blood and the gunpowder in the air. Pulling her halfway on top of him, Jake reveled in the slickness of her blood as he slid her up his torso. Then her legs parted and she was straddling him. Pushing her back down, now, he reached under her blood-slicked belly and guided his cock into her.

Annalisa whimpered as she felt him enter, then turned her head sideways quickly as she expelled more blood, wracked with a coughing fit as her lungs cleared. Jake held on tightly with his arms wrapped around her tiny waist, luxuriating in each body-wrenching spasm on his cock as she expelled the excess fluids from her healing lungs.

Then Jake started to come, pumping his semen deep inside Annalisa’s tight, writhing pussy. Annalisa was starting to orgasm, as well, and began radiating her sensations through his body, intensifying his sensations so that he was nearly unconscious when he collapsed underneath her.

Gasping for air, Jake noticed he was becoming light-headed and his heart was beginning to race. The sweet, low moans and swallowing sounds that had been beneath his notice because of his raging orgasm became more pronounced, now. With a jolt to his consciousness, Jake suddenly realized that his sweet, loving, vampiric Annalisa was sucking him dry.

Surprised as how weak his arms felt as he tried to move, Jake took hold of Annalisa’s hair and tried to pull her off his neck. Annalisa growled in protest and bit down harder, piercing his Carotid artery. As fresh, new blood gushed into Annalisa’s willing, hungry mouth, they both cried out – one in fear and one in ecstasy. Before Jake passed out to the sounds of Annalisa’s greedy feasting, he felt his cock spurt one last shot of semen up inside her soaked, but still tight and hot, pulsing cunt. Everything spun around and down into darkness.


Tabatha opened her eyes. Her husband Jake Hedron was gazing down at her. He was covered in blood that soaked through the pants he had on. His open shirt was streaked with blood as well, but it didn’t seem to be his. Curious, she touched her fingers to her own breast. They came away bloody, but her blood was fresher than the blood on her husband.

“I miss somethin’?” she asked, surprised at how weak her voice sounded in her own ears.

“Jesus! Cat, you’re a mess!” Jake exclaimed softly, reaching down to cradle her head.

“Tol’ you watt I loo like win you saw me again,” Tabatha murmured, too weak to form words right now. “You fuck me? I miss it…”

“No, you didn’t miss it, Darling,” Jake grinned at her. “This is Tara’s blood. I’ve got a story to tell you later. But you need to get well, now.”

“No!” Tabatha insisted, behaving more strongly than she felt. “You ha’ t’ fuck me now! I know ’ma mess… but I need you… please… Jus’ this once…”

This wasn’t the first time she’d been badly wounded and wanted sex instead of medical attention. Until today, Jake Hedron, as Chairman of Tomlin Security, had always taken care of his people, including his careless wife (who got shot up much too often) without succumbing to his own dark desires.

But today, he had fucked Tara while she bled to death, and it was the most exciting thing he had ever done. Now, he was about to fuck his dying wife while she lay bleeding beneath him from multiple gunshot wounds. His dick demanded it, and so did she.

As Tabatha watched her husband fumble with his belt and zipper, she felt a surge of pure joy rise up inside her, overpowering the agony of her wounds as she realized she was finally, after all these years, going to get her wish. Her beloved husband was going to fuck her while she was still wounded and bloody from battle.

She cried out as he slammed his cock inside her without even taking the usual care to see if she was ready for him or not. It felt wild and free, and very wonderful.

Frank and Tanya watched the two pairs of lovers writhing on the ground.

“Everyone’s bloody but you,” Frank mused as leaned her back against his chest and let him caress her breasts from behind. “Didn’t you have any fun?”

Tanya chuckled and pulled one hand away from her breast and placed it between her legs. Frank groaned with lust as he felt Tanya’s wet pussy lips. Her pussy felt puffy and used. As his fingers explored her slick, slippery opening, the powerful scent of sperm assaulted his nostrils.

“I made the kill,” Tanya explained. “So I got to fuck my prey.”

“It was Macario,” she whispered in answer to the question in his eyes as she twisted her head back to gaze at him.

Taking Frank’s other hand, still kneading her right breast, she lifted it up to her lips and gently kissed his fingertips. She noticed that his nails were dirty and his hands smelled of damp soil and crushed grass.

“Didn’t you have any fun?” Tanya grinned as she licked gritty dirt off the end of a finger. “Don’t tell me you fell into another pit…”

The image in his mind told her the answer. Tanya was unable to prevent the giggle that escaped from her pouty lips. Frank snatched his fingers out of her hands, away from her taunting lips and grabbed her face by her chin. Pulling her face closer to his, he mashed his lips against hers and drove his tongue deep into her mouth.

Tanya moaned with pleasure at the surprise assault, nearly choking as she accidentally swallowed her saliva while trying to hold her mouth open for him to explore. After a moment, she broke away, gasping for air.

“Before we continue, there’s something I have to do first,” Tanya told him, then turned away toward Tabatha, lying wounded on the ground being raped by her lustful husband.

Kneeling down beside the rutting pair, Tanya leaned forward, inserting her face between theirs to let them know she was with them. Tabatha, grunting with both pain and pleasure with each savage thrust of her husband’s cock up inside her, grinned and tried to press her head forward to kiss a welcome to her dear friend. Then she lay back, surprised at the touch of Tanya’s cool fingers squeezing in between her stomach and Jake’s, and tried to look down to see what Tanya was doing down there.

A sudden shock of agony deep inside her stomach wounds caused Tabatha to cry out. Then Tanya was pulling her hand away. The pain in her stomach was much more comfortable now, and Tabatha blinked away tears to look at her dear friend, the question on her face of what she’d done.

“A souvenir,” Tanya replied, opening her hand and dropping two bullets down next to her. “Now let’s get the ones out of your lungs.”

Her husband Jake, apparently less enthralled with pure lust than he had been a moment earlier, raised up to let Tanya caress his wife’s perforated breasts. He didn’t understand why his cock was suddenly larger at the sight of Tanya caressing his wife’s breasts and smearing her blood around, but he thoroughly enjoyed it.

Although Tabatha was expecting the fierce, sudden agony of bullets being moved inside her this time, she still cried out – a weak, unwilling whimper as Tanya found and teleported the bullets out of Tabatha’s chest. Now she could heal properly.

Tanya kissed her tear-stained cheek and rose up to see Frank watching her.

“You’re becoming quite the new doctor in the family, aren’t you,” Frank grinned at her.

“There was an opening…” Tanya murmured, gazing into his eyes.

They gazed at each other for a moment, both missing their oldest and dearest friend and lover. Then they both turned to watch Jake and Annalisa for a moment. Annalisa was pretty much bled out and was using Jake for a new supply.

“She isn’t Béla,” Tanya mentioned.

“I know,” Frank replied quietly. “Béla wouldn’t do that.”

“Let’s go home,” Tanya said, leaning into his arms. “Do you have a present for me?”

“Don’t I always,” Frank grinned at her.

They vanished as Tanya teleported them away.

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