Phoenix Ch 03

Phoenix Ch 03

“How about this one?” Tanya asked playfully. Frank looked up from his reading and gazed at the laptop on the bed. There was a wicked looking pistol on the display screen.

“It’s an electric, chrome-plated BB pistol,” Tanya explained enthusiastically. “You can use six-millimeter paint balls. It’ll produce a healthy sting, and the lucky lottery winner can use it to decorate my bare body under the black strobe light while I dance around on the stage! What’d’ya think? Huh? Ya like?”

“Yes,” Frank laughed at her joyful antics. “That sounds like a great idea. But, I get to try it out on you first.”

“Of course, darling,” Tanya cooed. “It only holds sixteen rounds, but I’d better buy several hundred, just in case. Oh, look! They have BB grenades! Want to get some?”

“I don’t think those are the exploding kind, sweetie,” Frank said, grinning helplessly at his fetish-inclined wife. “But you can order one if you want.”

He remembered her telling him about the first night they’d met. She and Béla had showered together. Béla had worked her soapy little hand clear up inside of Tanya’s pussy and drove her crazy with sexual abandon. Tanya wanted Frank to do that to her, but when he'd tried it, it hurt her too much, which annoyed them both, especially when he told her he used to do that to Béla and she loved it.

“But Béla was a real pain freak and I’m not!” Tanya proclaimed. “I like torture, but I don’t like pain. Do you understand the difference? Stinging sensation is nice – being royally ripped open down there isn’t!”

She’d also tried to learn how to masturbate with steaming hot water. That was a dismal failure, too. Despite the fact that she healed fast, she didn’t like pain. Another problem was that, according to her, now that she had vampire blood flowing in her veins, she was always edgy. She continually felt like she needed something extra, but couldn’t determine exactly what. But she was pretty certain that it had something to do with her desire to be exquisitely tortured.

“Don’t you feel a difference since you were rejuvenated?” she asked him once when they were discussing that.

“Sure!” Frank had replied cheerfully. “Every time I see you, I want to fuck you blind!”

“But you do!” Tanya cooed. “Just about every time, too!”

The package arrived UPS three days later. Tanya immediately took it upstairs and unpacked it. The first thing she did was load it, point it at her bare middle and pull the trigger. Nothing happened.

“Fuck!” she murmured to herself in frustration. “Forgot the batteries!”

She ripped open the package of three double-AA’s that came with it and inserted them in the handle. Then she turned the BB pistol on herself and pulled the trigger again.

“Ahhhh! Ow!” she yelped, nearly dropping the pistol on the floor. “Fuck! That hurts!”

There was a tiny, bleeding hole right in the middle of her breastbone. Frank was almost at the top of the stairs when she shot herself. He hurried the rest of the way when he heard her cry out.

“You okay, Hon?” he asked as he anxiously pulled her hands away, trying to see the damage.

Tanya blinked tears of pain out of her eyes and let her husband inspect her tiny wound. It healed quickly, leaving a little bump under the skin.

“The BB is still in there, sweetie,” Frank said quietly. “We should probably try to get it out.”

As he spoke, however, the little bump seemed to fester, then broke open. The BB leaked out in a little pimple of white paint and dribbled down her stomach.

“You were just too close, Hon, that’s all,” Frank explained. “Let me go across the room and try it on you.”

“I’m not so sure I want to be shot again with that thing,” Tanya replied anxiously.

Frank grinned. “This ‘thing’ doesn’t have that kind of range. You shot yourself point-blank. It’ll only sting if it’s farther away. You like ‘sting’ – remember?”

“I love Sting,” she exclaimed, suddenly smiling. “I also like being stung, so go for it, big boy!”

She handed the electric pistol over and scooted to the edge of the bed, sitting up so she could present a decent target for her loving husband to shoot at.

“Ready?” he said from across the room.

She nodded. He fired. She hissed as the tiny paint ball splatted against her stomach. It stung like hell, but it didn’t break the skin this time.

“Much better,” she hissed, smiling through gritted teeth. “Do it again!”

A couple more ‘pops’ and two more splats appeared on her stomach.

“God, that feels good!” Tanya exclaimed, breathing hard now. She rolled over onto her hands and knees. “Put one up my ass, darling!”

Several more white splats of paint appeared on her rump but nothing got between her legs. “This thing is really hard to aim,” Frank complained.

“That’s okay,” Tanya assured him. “I’m enjoying it…”

After several more shots, she gave up and rolled over, spreading her legs.

“My pussy’s a little bigger target,” she suggested. “Take a step closer and try again.”

After five more shots, the BB pistol was empty and Tanya was furiously masturbating, smearing white paint all over her cunt lips and her clitoris. Frank was horny as well from watching her, and he couldn’t get his pants off fast enough. Pulling her hands away from her pussy, he rammed his cock into her as hard as he could. They both needed to come really bad and he was spurting inside her in less than a minute.

As he sank to his knees on the floor, Tanya was shaking with her own orgasm.

“You’re going to give them a real good show tonight, aren’t you,” Frank gasped as he staggered to his feet.

“Oh, God!” Tanya replied, also breathless. “I think we’d better use this some more before tonight’s show or I’m going to fuck everyone out there when it’s over.”

Frank agreed and they reloaded the gun. This time, she knelt on her knees with her legs spread wide and her arms thrown back behind her like she was tied up, displayed her ample breasts and her belly as his target.

“Ready?” Frank asked.

Tanya turned her head sideways and nodded. Frank opened fire, speckling her breasts and belly with white paint.

“Oh, shit!” Tanya panted when the BB gun was empty. “I came twice and I didn’t even touch myself!”

“Well, I didn’t come again, but I need to,” Frank replied, tossing the empty gun on the bed. “So lay down, wench, and let me smear that paint around on your bodacious body!”

Tanya grinned and flopped down, her legs spread wide. Frank was inside her in the next second or so, making her groan loudly with her pleasure. After two years together, Frank still loved the feel of her tight, hot pussy surrounding his cock, and the sensation of her big breasts mashed against his chest. But what he liked the most was the way she reacted every time he touched her. It was almost like he could feel what was going on in her body.

Frank forced himself to take it easier this time. He wanted more than just a hot explosion in his cock, although that was always great, too. Tanya felt the same way about their second fuck of the afternoon. She wanted more than just the quick flash she’d gotten the first time. This one lasted about fifteen minutes as they writhed together on the bed, the paint smearing and sticking and drying on both their bodies.

Finally, he’d held back as long as he could. Frank's cock was ready to explode with the cum that had been building up over the last few minutes. He’d felt Tanya come at least eight more times, and each time her quivering pussy threatened to send him over the edge. This time, she succeeded in taking him with her. His cock jerked and throbbed in her hot, wet pussy and filled her completely up so that it literally squirted out around his balls.

Afterwards, they lay on the bed, gasping, amazed that their sex was still so intense. Tanya was probably right. It was the vampire blood flowing through both their bodies, making them sensually resonate together every time they touched.

Pulling themselves apart after the paint had glued them together was more laughingly embarrassing than it was painful. They didn’t try for a third practice run with the BB pistol. They were both too exhausted from all that lurid sex. But when they showered to get the dried paint off, they managed one more quickie before Frank had to go down and open the bar.

That night, Frank watched from behind the bar with his eyes glazed over as Tanya danced, wildly naked under the black strobe light while that lucky S.O.B. with the winning number pelted her hot, sinuous body with sixteen paint pellets. When the lights came back up, the room was filled with the scent of male cum. Tanya retired into her changing room behind the stage to thunderous shouts and cheers.

Frank abandoned the bar and told Jessica to just take drink orders for the next few minutes, then entered the stripper’s dressing room from the kitchen entrance. The instant he turned around from closing the door, Tanya was all over him, kissing and biting, smearing paint on his clothes even while she tried to rip them off him.

“You already came!” she exclaimed in consternation as she pulled down his pants and was overwhelmed with the scent of his cum.

“Doesn’t matter!” Frank whispered hoarsely, his voice shaking with desire for her. “It’s still good for another one! You're too fucking hot for me to be satisfied with just coming in my pants!”

Like the first time, earlier that afternoon, there were no preliminaries – no foreplay. Tanya raised her leg, shoved Frank’s hard, sticky, smelly cock inside her and rode him as hard as she could. As soon as she started fucking, she was coming, crying out loud enough for the patrons out in the bar to hear. They responded to her passionate cries with cheers of their own, knowing what was happening backstage and wishing it were them fucking her brains out instead.

Neither of them realized it at the time, and it certainly wasn’t planned for, but this time, when he exploded inside her, unable to resist that familiar pulsing in her pussy any longer, something happened that was going to end Tanya’s days as a stripper. On that hot, August night and at that fateful moment, Alicia Tabor was conceived.

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