Phoenix Pt 3 Ch 11

Phoenix Pt 3 Ch 11

Author's note: Sometimes It's difficult to label something as 'non-erotic' when the entire series revolves around the vampiric eroticism. There are no intimately vivid sexual acts depicted in this chapter, but there is a lot of 'foreplay', if that's the proper word – a few orgasms brought on by body penetration – stuff like that.

I hope you enjoy it, anyway.


‘It’s about time! I thought you’d never go to sleep!’ Elaine laughed cheerfully. ‘And who’s this whore you’re sleeping with, anyway?’

Elaine sat back, grinning mischievously at the two naked brunettes sleepily rousing themselves up to determine what the commotion was.

Béla groaned, then asked her pesky sister, ‘Don’t you have a service to conduct, or something? Why is it that every time we aren’t together, you won’t let me sleep?’

‘I already conducted my weekly service, thank you for asking,’ Elaine pouted.

She made an image of where she was, physically. Her naked, sleeping body lay on a hard marble floor, sandwiched between two naked men. She had evidently been royally, happily fucked into unconsciousness and popped out for a quick visit.

Sitting up, Beth looked around the room. She seemed to be next to two naked brunettes, sleeping peacefully, curled up together on a bed table. The sparse quarters she was in seemed to merge into Elaine’s audience chamber where sunlight streamed brightly through the windows. Beth had been there before and she recognized the room.

‘Is this even possible?’ Beth asked her argumentative sisters.

Before either of them had time to answer, Elaine turned around, distracted by something behind her, the bright reflection of the sun flowing through the window onto her golden hair lighting up their quarters.

‘Ow! Oh!’ Elaine exclaimed. ‘I’m being moved. Gotta go!’

She began to fade. Her room faded with her.

‘Hey! What’re you doing?’ she exclaimed as she faded. ‘Oh, yes! Right there! Don’t s…’

She was gone.

‘Dream-walking?’ Beth asked, suppressing a laugh. ‘No wonder you seemed so aggrieved when I showed up in the communal baths. You thought I was Elaine!’

She took a deep breath. If this was any indication of what she could learn to do, Beth was excitedly ready for the next lesson, whatever it might be.

Béla said, ‘The next step is…’

She made an image of where she wanted to go. It was a desert landscape on Earth. Béla climbed off the bed table and stepped into the image. Beth followed, awed and excited by the very concept of mind travel.

It was night. Beth looked around. Nearby, she could still see the image of their quarters where their sleeping forms lay. On the horizon, purplish clouds betrayed where the sun was hiding beneath the horizon.

‘The last time I was here,’ Béla thought to her new student, ‘I was looking for my lifemate. Someone else was living in his apartment…’

‘His what?’ Beth asked. ‘What was apart?’

Beth really liked her oldest sister, but she often used words she didn’t have any clue to.

‘Sorry,’ Béla replied, grinning. ‘I keep forgetting the Praetor took you in medieval times.’

‘Middy what?’ Beth asked. ‘Oh, never mind!’

This was getting frustrating! She decided to change the subject.

‘So, what’s so special about this lifemate of yours that makes him better than any other thousand men?’ Beth asked.

Her sister didn’t reply. She was looking at that image again.

‘That’s what she was looking at when she rammed that apple up inside me!’ Beth realized. ‘What is that?’ she asked out loud.

Curious, she stepped into the image and looked around.

Béla is chained to a wall! Some goofy guy is shoving some metal hammer-looking thing into her. He’s fucking her with it. Wow! The tension between them is incredibly erotic. I’m getting horny just watching!

What do you want him to do just once in his life? Oh, holy fuck! The pain! That thing is a little rifle! He shot her with it! Right in the cunt! Oh my God! I’m coming!

‘Boy! The things you’ll do for entertainment!’ Beth grunted out loud, attracting Béla’s attention.

Béla turned around to see her naked sister kneeling in the sand, holding her stomach with one hand and rubbing her crotch with the other.

‘So, you like this guy because he shoots you in the cunt?’ Beth asked, gasping, looking up at her oldest sister. ‘Whatever happened to plain, old fashioned fucking? Although, I’ll have to admit, that felt… pretty good…’

Béla stared, openmouthed. Her sister had raided her mind, and she hadn’t even noticed!

‘I thought I was the teacher and you were the student…’ Béla mentioned, trying not to be annoyed.

Beth started to rise up from her kneeling position, no longer connected to the erotic image that had brought her to her knees. There were, however, a dozen more images that presented themselves. Béla and her lifemate had a serious mutilation thing going at one time. Beth watched, amazed at the pleasure these images generated as her body responded to them.

‘Were you trying to get him to kill you?’ Beth asked, fascinated with the idea of being punctured with so many of those little holes that you actually died. She’d always concentrated on one big hole, right up the middle!

Béla gave up on the lesson. The sisters found themselves back in their living quarters, lying on the bed. Beth stirred. She could feel her sister sitting up in the bed.

‘To answer your question,’ Béla thought tiredly into her sister’s head, ‘this is an apartment.’

“Oh. Why didn’t you just say living quarters?” Beth asked, grinning sheepishly. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry, but those images just popped out at me when I asked…”

“You’re getting stronger,” Béla replied, “like me. It seems that now we’re putting more attention on mental ability, it’s getting easier to do. I have to watch myself constantly to keep from raiding other people’s minds. And when I accidentally ‘read’ somebody, I have to pretend that I’m ignorant. It upsets people who can’t do it.”

“You’ll find that your body changes, too,” Béla continued. “The next time something serious happens down there,” she indicated between Beth’s legs, “the trauma won’t be as intense. Your body will have adapted to handle it.”

She showed Beth the images of being used for target practice that Beth had glimpsed a moment earlier.

“The first time Jake shot me, the agony was unbearable. My body adapted. In this image, he was using a hunting rifle for killing deer.”

Beth watched her sister getting pierced over and over by this madman lifemate of hers. This ‘Jake’ fellow was very good at making holes in her! Now, he’s fucking her! Oh, that’s just gross! What a mess! And now she’s licking it off!

Active participation with your murderer was a brand new concept to Beth. Active participation with her victims had always been her specialty, whether she used a knife, a sword, or shoved a pike up their ass.

“Now, more than any other sensation,” Béla explained, “piercing my body with one of those ‘pellet things’ just makes me horny; it doesn’t hurt much at all.”

“Well, a girl must have her toys, I suppose,” Beth said, not entirely convinced. “I want to try that dream-walking thing again.”

“You’ll have to go back to sleep for that,” Béla told her.

“I can’t,” Beth confessed. “I’m too horny to sleep. I want to be pierced like you were. What was that phrase he used? ‘Shot full of holes?’ That’s what I want!”

This was the reason why Beth liked Béla so much. Béla always had wild new ways to re-invent sex!

Béla sat on the bed. She liked her sister’s ideas. It had been a long time since she had been seriously mutilated. But where on the great ship could you find something suitable for such sex play?

‘The arborium!’ Béla announced.

“What about it?” Beth asked.

Image of breaking off a tree branch to make a bow. Using bows and arrows to play target girl!

Beth hopped off the bed, grabbing her sarong off the floor and sliding it over her head. She exited their lavish ‘apartment’, closely followed by her older sister.

‘What are we going to use for tooling?’ Beth asked.

She knew something about making arrows. That was a weapon she understood. The rifles she had seen some farmers carrying were different. Until she saw the image of Béla’s lifemate making holes in her, she had not known anything about how they worked.

‘My mind is the only tool I need…’ Béla mentioned, casually.

She was completely serious, however. After all, she had just cleaned off the mess her sister made on the bed and deposited it outside the confines of the ship. She didn’t think she’d have any trouble forming weapons from pieces of deadwood that covered the floor where the life-support plants were.

They went down six more levels into the bowels of the great ship. Béla opened the huge metal door to the scent of fresh air and green things growing. They both pulled the door closed behind them and looked around. A crystal in the domed ceiling was radiating heat and light, similar to natural sunlight. The air was easy to breathe. It was fresh and musty at the same time.

‘It smells so alive…’

“We can practice our powers down here,” Béla announced. “The entire area is electro-magnetically shielded to protect the plants. Our thoughts and emotional broadcasts won’t flood the rest of the ship from here.”

“I’ll bet you spent a lot of time down here before me and my sisters came along…” Beth smirked, half-teasing.

“No,” Béla confessed. “I didn’t even know about this place until we were already at New Eden. They were unloading some trees and I asked where they came from. That’s how I found out about it.”

“Really?” Beth gloated. “There was actually something that you didn’t know?”

She ducked as a stick suddenly appeared in Béla hands and she swung it at her!

‘Good!’ Beth heard in her head. ‘You can’t be taken by surprise!’

‘But that’s because we’re mind-linked, Bitch,’ Beth replied, laughing.

She looked around. Béla had vanished, breaking her mental connection with her sister. Then she suddenly reappeared.

“Where were you?” Beth asked, surprised.

“Up there…” Béla indicated with a nod of her head toward the top of a tree.

She had some branches in her hand. Beth thought they would make good bows. Béla held a branch out before her. It was about a meter in length. She made an image in her mind of what a bow made from this piece of wood might look like. She left her mind connected to her sister so that Beth could watch what she was doing.

Make an image of a bow, an unstrung bow. Place it inside the wood branch. Now remove the particles that don’t match the image.

‘That is such an old line that it was around when I was with… Hank,’ Beth grinned into Béla’s mind.

She watched closely as an almost silent rendering occurred at the bottom end of the branch. Tiny wood particles were flying into the air, suddenly separated from the main branch. The rendering effect traveled up and down the length of the branch several times, seeming to follow Béla’s gaze. Then Béla was holding a wooden bow; plainly carved, but it looked effective.

Béla gazed at it uncertainly, remembering her failed attempts to weave grass into rope. Hopefully, this would work better than that.

“Wow!” Beth exclaimed. “That one trick can do a lot!”

She was referring to teleportation. That was the base that Béla was expanding her new abilities on. Had she known that one simple ‘trick’ a hundred years earlier, she wouldn’t have been burnt to death in that stupid fire.

The death scene in Béla’s mind made Beth shiver in horror. She hated the idea that something like that could be done to anyone, ‘least of all, one of us!’

“Think about the cargo bay,” Béla told her sister. “See if you can find something to string this.”

She handed the bow to Beth, then closed her eyes and held out her hand in another direction. Several long, thin branches appeared and dropped into her hand. Making several arrows went much quicker than making the bow.

Béla jumped as something resembling a snake appeared in the air beside her and dropped to the ground.

“I can do that, too!” Beth announced, proudly.

She had, awake and all by herself, dream-walked through the cargo bay until she found a supply of twine. Then she had managed to teleport it down, right through the shields surrounding the arborium.

‘Image of sisters holding hands and jumping in glee!’ Béla sent her congratulations. ‘You’ll be completely competent by the time we get to Earth!’

Béla let Beth string the bow. Beth pulled it back. It was too stiff to even string, so Béla ‘shaved’ some more off the central part of the bow, making it flexible enough for Beth to string it. Beth picked up one of the arrows and looked at it closely, puzzled.

“You used the wood itself for the little wings?” Beth asked.

Béla nodded.

Image of arrow sliding along the side of the bow. The fragile ‘wing’ is torn off as it leaves the bow. The arrow flies in a weird curve as it spins, missing the target by a great length!

“What should I use?” Béla asked, thinking her little balsa wings were quite clever. “There aren’t any birds, here, so I couldn’t…”

Image of a feather. What do I make it out of? Leaves! Replace all the little balsa wings with leaves.

“Okay, how’s that?” Béla asked.

Beth just looked at her sister and glowered. Then she looked at the leaves and mentally rearranged the fiber so that the leaves were ribbed and wouldn’t shred as they passed the bow.

‘Showoff!’ Béla sent, secretly proud of how fast her little sister was catching on to using her new abilities.

The bow disappeared from Beth’s hand and reappeared in Béla’s, along with an arrow.

“Let’s see if this thing works!” Béla said with a sly grin.

She notched the arrow, pulled back on the string, pointed it at Beth and let go. Beth grunted and spun around, the arrow sticking out of her abdomen.

“Bitch! That hurts!” Beth cried.

The arrow had sunk into her stomach just below her rib cage. Her silk sarong was bunched up around the arrow. As she pulled it out, the sarong came out with it. There was no hole in the fabric. But, although it hadn’t prevented the arrow from piercing Beth’s skin beneath the garment, the wound beneath was only an inch or two deep.

“That’s weird!” Béla said, examining the fabric. “Take it off. I think that’s what was hurting you. You evidently can’t ingest silk!”

Once all the silk was out of the wound, it healed quickly.

“I’m glad you made the heads rounded,” Beth mentioned, holding the arrow she’d just pulled out of her side. “Sharp points tend to tear. A blunted end just shoves everything out of the way.”

Then she looked at the bow. It vanished from Béla’s hands and appeared in her own.

‘My turn now…’ she thought into her sister’s mind, gleefully. ‘I’m pretty good at this. You might want to run…’

She could feel Béla’s excitement. She actually was looking forward to being stuck with one of these things. Beth waited while her sister pulled her sarong off over her head and tossed it aside. Then Béla backed away a few steps and stood with her arms wide, indicating she wanted to be an easy target.

‘Well, if that’s what you want, Sis…’ Beth released the arrow. It flew toward her sister. ‘Here it comes – right in the gut!’

The arrow vanished. Beth could feel it materializing behind her. She grabbed it with her mind and pulled it out of space just as it pierced her behind. She threw it high into the air and released it back into normal space. It fell out of sight.

“Good catch!” Béla applauded.

Beth could feel real respect radiating from her sister. She smiled. It wasn’t all that good; she had an inch deep hole in her butt cheek. She forgot about it as it healed.

“So this is what you meant by ‘practice’?” Beth asked.

She had been hoping for some serious rutting fun and maybe a dozen or so orgasms while they were at it.

“That’s enough practice for one day,” Béla told her. “You’re a fast learner. I don’t have to show you things twice, and you’re already doing things on your own. We’re a lot alike, you and I…” and the same things make us horny, she thought to herself.

Béla was still radiating that weird sexual excitement about being pierced by many small foreign objects.

“Then in that case,” Beth said, “I can shoot you for real.”

She picked up another arrow and aimed it at her sister. Béla turned away and bent forward, presenting her ass as a target.

‘She really wants me to do this!’ Beth realized. ‘I hope she likes it…’

Beth released the arrow, holding onto it with her mind so that it wouldn’t ‘stray’ out of normal space like the last one. It sank deep into Béla’s ass. Her sister radiated intense agony, then orgasmic bliss as she flopped sideways to the ground, holding her belly and gasping as she came. She trembled, coming again and again. She radiated orgasmic ecstasy.

Beth walked around where Béla lay, still holding the bow. She could see the image of Béla’s lifemate doing the same thing, only he kept shooting her with arrows until she passed out; her body completely unable to function. He had actually shot the last one right down her throat.

‘Maybe that’s why she likes to be choked…’

“Had enough?” Beth asked.

Her sister nodded.

“Well, good for you. I’m still horny, though. Got something in mind?”

‘Lay down,’ Béla told her in her mind. ‘I’ll be there in a minute.’

Béla sat up. The arrow in her ass broke off and fell away, its front half having already been digested when it penetrated her central core. She sat down heavily next to her sister and closed her eyes.

‘Regardless of what she says about fucking men, Beth still likes to be penetrated,’ Béla realized.

Quickly mind walking, she found several small sticks. She teleported them to where they were lying on the ground and ‘honed’ them to very sharp points with her mind. When she was through, they were barely wider than toothpicks.

“This won’t hurt like the arrows do,” Béla promised.

She picked up a pointed stick and gently touched it against her sister’s belly, just above her pelvis. She could feel Beth’s almost electric response to the sharp, light touch. As she gradually increased the pressure, it penetrated Beth’s skin. Béla pressed it completely into her lower belly until it disappeared.

Beth was twisting her hips, grinding her ass on the hard ground. By the time her sister’s hand was flat against her belly, the stick poked entirely in, Beth had already had one orgasm and was in the middle of the next one.

Béla picked up another sharp little stick and did the same thing, two inches higher up, halfway between the first insertion and Beth’s belly button. By the time that stick had disappeared into her belly, Beth was lying curled up on her side, whimpering in orgasmic bliss. She radiated pure sexual overload.

“Think you can sleep now?” Béla asked her sexually exhausted sister.

Beth didn’t answer. Instead, she took the opportunity to pass out.

‘That’s not sleeping!’ Béla said, laughing and shaking her sister awake.

Beth sat up and looked around. She saw her body lying on the ground, bathed in the artificial sunlight of the arborium. But they were back in that desert on Earth and it was completely dark now. Thousands of stars lit up the sky. The northern lights danced on the horizon.

‘What are we doing back here?’ Beth asked sleepily, reminding Béla of a small child unexpectedly awakened in the middle of the night.

‘Practicing our mental capabilities. Remember?’ Béla mentioned. ‘Actually, I’m looking for an old friend who might know where my lifemate is.’

‘Why don’t you just…’ Beth stopped as her sister glared down at her. She had been about to say, ‘scan for him?’

'I already tried that!' Béla thought into Beth’s mind, interrupting her thought.

Béla formed an image of Frank and Tanya, hoping that they would be more accessible. The sisters were suddenly in her old friend’s bedroom. They were asleep. Béla bounced enthusiastically onto the bed, waking Tanya.

‘Oh, it’s you,’ Tanya said, once she was over the shock of being bounced awake.

Wearing a mock frown, she looked up into Béla’s grinning face, then reached up and pulled her down on the bed, hugging her tightly.

‘God, Space Girl, you need to come by more often!’ Tanya exclaimed, rocking her old friend and kissing her face and head. ‘I really miss you! It’s been years! Really! Doesn’t time pass at the same rate where you are?’

Béla didn’t answer. She couldn’t. Her face was smooshed against Tanya’s ample bosom. She couldn’t even breathe. After a moment of all this sloppy hugging, she began gently biting on her old friend; cheerfully gnawing on whatever skin she could reach with her teeth.

Tanya jerked. ‘Ow!’ she exclaimed, then released her dearest, lost friend to let her breathe again. There were tears in Tanya’s eyes and a little bit of Béla’s slobber between her breasts.

‘Are you really here this time, or are we dreaming again?’ she asked.

Béla’s sad little sigh told her the answer. A movement in the room drew Tanya’s attention.

‘Oh! You’re not alone!’ Tanya stated, surprised. ‘Another princess? A sister? A brunette, this time. None of you ever wear any clothes, so I assume she’s another member of your clan…’

Béla grinned. Tanya’s wise-old-lady attitude didn’t match up with her youthful, twenty-ish appearance.

‘Beth. Her name is Beth,’ Béla said. ‘She’s traveling with me to Earth. And, yes, she’s another sister. I have twenty-eight of them, you know… Comes from being born in a vat…’

‘Hi,’ Tanya said, cheerfully. ‘I’m Tanya. The sleeping lump over here is Frank, my husband.’

Béla translated, ‘lifemate’, into Beth’s mind.

Tanya gave the sleeping lump a hard slap on its rear, making it jump and groan loudly. ‘We have company!’ Tanya said, spanking his rump, again. ‘Wake up!’

Frank turned over, bouncing the bed and sat up. His eyes widened as he noticed Beth. He turned to his wife.

‘There’s a really pretty, naked young girl over there!’ Frank exclaimed groggily.

He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and looked over again to see if she was still there. She was. She looked a little uncomfortable.

‘Can I get you anything?’ Frank asked, trying to be polite while he stared at her pert little breasts. ‘Something to drink, maybe?’

Then he noticed Béla sitting next to Tanya on the bed. He looked back and forth between the two naked girls on the bed and the one standing across the room.

‘Is there something going on that I’m missing here?’ he asked Tanya.

He was more awake, now. There was something unusual occurring in his bedroom, hopefully of a sexual nature… seeing that everyone was naked…

Beth, totally a self-proclaimed girl’s girl, was not even remotely interested in the sexual images that the strange man was broadcasting at her. She was starting to get annoyed with him. Doesn’t he have any manners at all?

‘Sister, why are we here?’ Beth asked, plaintively. ‘You said we were going to practice… stuff.’

She was uncertain how much these strangers could be trusted. They were earth people, after all. They had a history of trying to kill off her kind. And each other.

‘I’m sorry, Dearest,’ Béla explained. ‘I should have explained it to you – these are my oldest and dearest friends in the whole world. They’ve kept my secret for hundreds of years. They can be trusted.’

‘Hundreds of years?’ Beth thought at her sister. ‘How is that possible? They’re not like us! They’re Earthers!’

‘I know, Sister,’ Béla thought back, ‘but they have my blood in their veins, like Geoffrey, the Bard.’

‘Does that mean Jeff is going to live hundreds of years, too?’ Beth asked.

Béla nodded.

‘Don’t mind me,’ Tanya interrupted, ‘I don’t want to interrupt your private conversation, but, can I get you two something, maybe to eat or drink? Something to wear, perhaps?’

Beth agreed. She didn’t like the one named Frank gawking at her like he’d never seen tits before.

‘Something to wear would be nice,’ Beth responded.

She thought of her red and orange striped sarong, lying somewhere on the forest floor, deep in the bowels of the great ship. Then it was in her hand. She stared at it for a moment, then looked at her sister.

‘I didn’t do that!’ Béla insisted. ‘You pulled it here yourself!’

Beth grinned and laughed, proud that she’d done something her sister hadn’t expected. She slid the sarong on over her head. Frank looked disappointed, then pretended he’d never been interested, anyway. He decided to watch Béla and his wife, instead. They were both still naked.

‘Well, that problem’s solved,’ Tanya said, somewhat relieved.

She really didn’t care if Frank ogled other girls, just so long as any girl he messed with was someone she was also intimate with, like Béla. Any casual humping Frank did, just for the sake of humping, Tanya wanted it to be her. She was always ready and willing, just in case.

‘You haven’t been here for awhile,’ Tanya mused. ‘I assume you’ve lost track of ‘you-know-who’ again?’

Béla nodded, feeling a little guilty about never visiting her friends except when she needed to locate Jake.

‘Yeah,’ piped Beth, ‘She lost her lifemate, again. She likes him because he makes holes in her…’

‘What?’ Tanya and Frank asked together.

Béla gave her sister a withering look. ‘That’s none of their business!’ Béla said in Beth’s mind, putting a heavy anger flow on her thought.

Frank and Tanya looked at Béla, obviously expecting an explanation.

‘Do you know where he is?’ Béla asked, ignoring their curious stares. ‘There is some old couple living in his apartment in Albuquerque, now. I can’t pick up any trace of him. Did something happen?’

‘No, Dear,’ Tanya told her, patting her on her bare knee. ‘He’s fine. He retired from his job, you know? Well, maybe you don’t. He has a cabin in the desert, near the mountains.’

‘Can you make an image of it for me?’ Béla asked, ‘in your mind, I mean, so I can see where it is.’

Tanya concentrated on Jake’s cabin. It was difficult for her, as she hadn’t actually seen it yet. She and Frank were planning on visiting in a few weeks, so she knew roughly where it was.

‘That’s really odd,’ Béla said. ‘You’d think I would have been able to find him easier than that…’

She dream-walked to where Tanya thought the cabin was. After a moment, she was able to match up the image in Tanya’s mind with the physical location. She started making corrections to Tanya’s image. Tanya, surprised, lost her concentration, causing her to lose the image for a moment.

‘Oh, I’m sorry,’ Béla apologized, after the fact. ‘Is it all right if I make some changes?’

Tanya shrugged, not sure what to expect, but she trusted her old friend. She reconstructed the image in her mind and watched, not having believed it was possible, while Béla corrected Tanya’s idea of Jake’s cabin in her head.

‘There’s a thought dampener around it!’ Béla exclaimed. ‘No wonder I couldn’t find him! You people shouldn’t have technology like that! Can you explain what the function of this device is?’

She indicated the wall circuitry of Jake’s computer monitoring system.

‘Well,’ Tanya mused, ‘that’s a computer, that’s a scanning device.’

She indicated other electronic devices in the image, explaining the function of each. Béla watched and listened carefully. Each separate device had its own function. Some of them were interconnected. They all led to a central computer bank in Albuquerque, which was connected to just about everything that could process data.

‘Wow! Okay,’ Béla said.

These devices, together, created an electromagnetic thought-dampening field around the cabin, effectively sealing off anyone inside from being detected. Was it possible that it was completely accidental? Or was there someone here on Earth who actually had and could use that technology? How far along had Earth’s technology developed since she lived here?

Beth watched Béla work, learning her sister’s mind techniques as she employed them. That was what Béla had brought her along for, after all; to learn.

‘Are you going to go inside that place?’ she asked her sister. ‘Do you think it’s safe?’

Béla indicated she would, but wanted Beth to stay behind, but mind-linked with her. Béla didn’t know what she would find, and wanted to make sure she could be rescued if she found more trouble than she could handle. After all, once burned…

Beth was happy to be left behind, in this instance. The pretty blonde was really sexy, and she wanted to get to know her better. She felt nice in her mind.

Béla explained her need for a baby-sitter (in this case, a sister-sitter) to Frank and Tanya. They
fell over themselves accepting the task of caring for Beth, completely unaware of how powerful a telepath she already was, or why she was really being left behind. They assumed Béla wanted some ‘alone-time’ with Jake. They were right, of course. But in addition, Béla wasn’t interested in

sharing Jake with her sister just yet, although she knew she probably would sometime in the future, when they were actually on earth.

Béla faded from view. Beth took over the creation of the bedroom image so she could stay on Earth, dream-walking independently from her sister, but staying mind-linked with her.

Frank and Tanya sat on the bed and looked at Beth, not really knowing what to do with her.

‘So, tell me about yourself,’ Tanya said.

Then, noticing Beth was still standing where she was when she had arrived, invited her to sit with them on the bed. Beth smiled, appearing shy, and timidly climbed onto the bed with the couple.
‘Well, I’m Beth,’ she said, sounding lame. ‘That’s short for Elizabeth – Elisabeta, actually – it’s Romanian. My sister, Elaine, asked me to accompany Béla during her journey to Earth.’

‘Elaine?’ Tanya said, recognizing the name. ‘Yes, I’ve met her. She’s the blond one. She’s very pretty.’

‘When did we meet Elaine?’ Frank asked, perplexed.

‘You didn’t,’ Tanya told him. ‘She came by in a dream, like this, a couple of years ago. She and Béla got separated, somehow, and I got to help them find each other, again.’

Frank gave his wife one of those ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ looks. Tanya shrugged. They’d been married long enough that they didn’t need to explain things to each other.

Beth grinned, watching the short, pleasantly grumpy exchange between the couple. She was starting to like them, after all. She relaxed a little and leaned against the wall.

‘So,’ Tanya began, ‘you’re actually on your way here? When will you get here? For real, I mean.’

‘Well, the ship will be traveling to the Deimos Station to pick up the Earth-fill Project crew,’ Beth explained, ‘then we’ll be traveling here. It’s about three months from Deimos to Earth; maybe four.’

‘Three months, hmm?’ Tanya asked. ‘Where are you now?’

Well,’ Beth said, half-laughing, ‘this is still the first day of our trip! It’ll be more than a year just getting from Jupiter to Deimos.’

‘That’s another thing,’ Tanya said. ‘I never got a chance to ask Elaine. Why Jupiter? That’s a long ways off! Is that where you go when you die?’

Beth sat and thought for a moment. Did she know about Earth’s impending demise? Would it upset her to tell her that her world was going to end? She lightly touched her mind to Tanya’s. She didn’t seem to notice. Tanya was completely clueless on the subject of the sun’s impending nova. Beth decided not to tell her – they were bonded to Béla, so that made them Béla’s responsibility.

‘It’s one of father’s projects,’ Beth explained. ‘A long time ago, my father’s people set up the Deimos Station, but they found that the sun’s radiation was too harsh for them. Now there’s a new station orbiting Jupiter.’

That should satisfy their curiosity.

‘So Deimos is an artificial moon?’ Tanya asked, incredulous. ‘And there’s another one around Jupiter?’

Beth nodded.

‘I kind-of get that,’ Tanya told her. ‘Now, how does this relate to all of you… princesses?… being on Jupiter? I mean, Béla was burned to death! I saw it happen with my own eyes. I was in the fire with her, trying to save Jake. That fire was so hot, there weren’t even ashes left! How did she, and all of you, get to Jupiter, for Christ’s sake? How is it that she’s even alive?’

Beth could feel that Tanya was upset. She was happy that her friend hadn’t really died after all, but she, understandably, wanted to know how her beloved friend had been so impossibly saved.

'Where to begin?' Beth wondered. She decided to check on her sister’s progress before getting involved in what was going to be a complicated explanation. Béla was inside the thought-dampening field. With some effort, Beth reestablished her mind-link with her sister. Béla and Jake were wrapped around each other radiating a really juicy sex flow. Tactfully, Beth withdrew, with apologies to her sister.

She took a deep breath, letting her own body recover a little from the sensual excitement it had suddenly experienced. She glanced at the couple watching her. They were wondering what was going on. Beth had accidentally broadcast the sex flow throughout the room.
‘Sorry,’ Beth explained. ‘I was just checking up on my sister.’

Tanya laughed, ‘They were doing what they do best, hmm?’

Beth nodded, clearly embarrassed.

‘Darling,’ Tanya began, ‘we can spend the whole day in bed if you want… But, I’d like to know how Béla managed to survive the fire. Is it all right to tell us?’

Beth nodded, again, ‘Yes, it’s not a secret. At least, not to us. It’s part of our history.

‘The last princess on earth didn’t survive,’ she quoted her history text. ‘She was burned to death, caught in a trap set by the evil Earthers. All that was left were ashes. The Regent of Deimos, using the ship’s tractor beam, collected everything, every part of her, including the evaporated, gaseous smoke from the fire and…’ she sighed, not really knowing how well she was telling this.

‘He rebuilt her, cell by cell,’ Beth concluded, not longer quoting as she shortened the story. ‘It took him almost a hundred years, but of all his daughters, he had a special love for her and didn’t want to lose her again.’

She carefully touched Tanya’s mind again. Tanya understood it completely as a labor of love.
‘Once her life-force was located again, her consciousness was kept in a crystal until her body was ready,’ Beth said. She didn’t think she needed to tell them about the Praetor.

‘By the time father put her back together and got her life-force back in her body, we were half-way to Jupiter Station with a load of dirt, cattle, sheep, trees and machinery from Earth.’

That was actually incorrect, but Beth didn’t remember that. It was Beth and her other sisters that had been reborn in their present forms on that ship. Béla’s body had been recreated on Deimos.
‘Well,’ Tanya mused. Frank agreed, with a grunt. What could you say to a story like that?

‘How is it that she can visit us like you’re doing right now?’ Frank asked, curious. Beth smiled. Some things were all right to tell them.

‘My father’s race is telepathic,’ she explained. ‘My sisters and I are all hybrids; half human and half…’

‘Half space girl!’ Tanya said, jumping in with one of the few things she actually knew about Béla. They both laughed.

‘Space girl, huh?’ Beth mused. ‘It works. The ‘Space Girl’ part of her, of us all, is telepathic, as well. Once she was away from Earth, the interference from the sun was negligible. She was able to improve her abilities. Béla is the most powerful telepath of us all. She’s had the most practice and she can out-power just about anyone.’

‘So, you’re actually still on the ship that’s coming here, then,’ Tanya asked.

Beth nodded, agreeing.

‘We’re both asleep, projecting out minds from there to here,’ Beth explained.

‘What happens if you wake up?’ Frank wanted to know.

In response, Beth faded from view. She actually just moved herself out of the bedroom image, still maintaining it with her mind. Then she reappeared.

She smiled to herself. She was getting pretty good at this…

‘If I had really waked up,’ Beth explained, ‘you would just go back to sleep. It would seem to you like it was a dream, only more real.’

‘Yeah, more real is right!’ Tanya stated. Beth looked at her, waiting for her to explain. ‘When Béla first appeared, we all had sex; the three of us.’

Frank looked uncomfortable. He wasn’t sure how Béla’s sister would feel about them talking about Béla’s sexual habits. Beth laughed out loud, plainly seeing the embarrassment he was broadcasting.

‘Anyway, go on,’ Frank said, further embarrassed by Beth’s laughing, apparently at him.

‘Afterward, there was a big, wet spot that she left on the bed,’ Tanya explained. ‘That’s how we knew it wasn’t just a dream. Part of her, at least, was really here!’

‘The best part!’ Frank thought to himself.

‘That’s my favorite part of her, too!’ Beth replied in his head.

Beth thought about what Tanya had said. There had been a physical manifestation to Béla’s dream-walking. She’d left some girl-cum behind. She had probably been so excited, she’d forgotten she wasn’t physically present. What would happen then?

Apparently deep in thought, Beth picked up a trinket of Tanya’s from her bed stand and played with it in her hands, turning it over and over. After a moment, Tanya took her attention off the object. The little frog statuette had set there for a long time, completely ignored. Beth closed her eyes and continued to ‘play’ with the object, then pretended to put it back. As she set it down, it quietly vanished. If Beth was right, it was now setting on the cooler in her quarters on the great ship, millions and millions of miles away. If not, then she was just dreaming, after all.

Tanya watched her strange visitor. She felt so attracted to her, almost as much as to Béla herself.

‘It must be the species,’ she thought to herself. ‘Their entire race must just ooze sexuality. That must be their compensation for being sterile! Some exotic human girls, like the Spanish American and Mayan mix, or the Native Americans, ooze vibrant sexuality when they’re fifteen, then turn into old women almost overnight. The Space Girls are an exotic mixture of races, with the whole sexuality bit going for them – but they’ll never grow old!’

Beth was looking at her. Tanya could feel their minds touching, almost by accident. Tanya knew she had accidentally initiated the contact and she wasn’t certain how to proceed. She could plainly see that Beth felt her desire. Tanya began to feel embarrassed. Then she was angry with herself for feeling that way.

‘That’s normal,’ Beth said, quieting her new friend’s anxiety. ‘Do you want to kiss me? I’d like that, if you want…’

Tanya reached forward, timidly touching her lips to this exotic young female space girl sitting next to her on her own bed.

This reserve is so totally ‘not me!’ Tanya thought, chastising herself for acting so shy. She thought she saw Beth smile and wondered if she picked up the thought. She did.

'So? Be ‘you', then!’ Beth thought back at her. ‘Don’t hold back on my account…’

Then Tanya was pulling her down beside her, hugging her tightly. Both girls giggled nervously. Frank sat, ignored, and raptly watched the two girls explore each other.

Beth and Tanya lay on the bed, their bodies touching from head to toe. They quietly caressed each other, radiating simple contentment for being together at each other. Beth decided she’d better check on her sister again, before she forgot about her completely. Béla and Jake were simply lying together, now. Béla was feeling content, too, for the moment. Beth withdrew again.

Tanya was moving down to kiss Beth’s neck and shoulders. Beth raised her arms above her head, permitting Tanya to take off the confining sarong that had wrapped itself around Beth’s upper torso. Frank’s eyes lit up. He was once again able to admire Beth’s pretty breasts. Beth was unable to prevent a mild annoyance at Frank radiate into Tanya before she was able to control it.

‘You don’t like men!’ Tanya laughed, surprised at Beth’s reaction to being looked at. They were still mind-linked. Tanya was mildly amused, but willing to allow Beth her own individuality on the subject. ‘Well, so long as I can touch you, I don’t care! Let him watch!’

Beth smiled as a reply, then moaned as Tanya began sucking on a nipple. She tried to suppress the desire to be punctured.

‘This is just simple sex between us girls!’ Beth thought to herself. ‘I don’t need to be perforated to enjoy it! I didn’t need it before Béla, and I don’t need it now!’

But she did. Beth knew she was lying to herself. She looked helplessly at Tanya, who had stopped, stunned by the images she was receiving.

‘What is it, darling?’ Tanya insisted on knowing. ‘This is something to do with Jake and his treatment of Béla, isn’t it?’

Beth nodded, helpless in her desire. ‘He shoots her! He stabs her! He sticks knives into her! He makes holes in her! And she loves it! It makes her come harder!

‘Béla and I tried it earlier, today, Beth confessed. ‘I like it. I want more of it. Can you understand that?’

Tanya nodded, hesitantly. She understood the vampiric need to be hurt during sex. After all, her youngest daughter had similar cravings, and Béla had demonstrated her complete willingness to be seriously injured on more than one occasion. It made sense to Tanya that this could be a sexual need for a species that couldn’t be easily killed. It was worth a shot; please pardon the pun.

‘Frank, go get my gun,’ Tanya suggested.

Tanya had a light, twenty caliber automatic pistol she kept in the dresser.

‘What?’ Frank exclaimed, not understanding what game the ‘girls’ wanted to play now.

‘We need the gun,’ Tanya said, not explaining. ‘Just get it and bring it here.’

Beth was getting butterflies in her insides from the building excitement. Not only did Tanya understand her needs, she was going to help her experience them! She touched Tanya’s mind briefly, trying to see what she was planning. Disappointed, she realized that Tanya was, herself, uncertain of what to do next. She was just, (what was that phrase she used?) ‘Playing it by ear.’ She anxiously waited to see what would happen next.

Frank returned to the bed and handed the cold metal gun to Tanya. Tanya and Beth both held it, feeling its cool, machined surface.

‘This is the same as the little rifle that Béla’s lifemate uses on her,’ Beth informed them.

‘Little rifle?’ Tanya asked. ‘Don’t they have guns where you come from?’

‘Well, I’ve seen rifles,’ Beth admitted. ‘Sometimes the farmers shoot deer in the winter for extra food. There aren’t any little ones like this.’

‘That’s called a ‘pistol’. It’s used for killing people,’ Frank explained. ‘If your people don’t kill each other, then there wouldn’t be any need for something like this to exist.’

‘It makes holes in people,’ Beth said, letting them know she knew what it was for. ‘Béla showed me. Her lifemate fucked her with one, and then he shot her between her legs with it. It hurt her the first time, then she took him into the mountains and he made lots of holes in her. I want you to do that to me!’

Frank was fuming! ‘Béla used to try and talk me into doing sick stuff like that to her! So she finally found some pervert who was willing to hurt her as much as she wanted to be hurt!’ He was ready to explode with fury.

‘Surely that’s not the total basis of their relationship!’ Tanya insisted. ‘They love each other! Jake has been grieving over her for nearly a hundred years!’

Frank snorted in derision. ‘If he’s grieving, it’s because of what he did to her, or what he wasn’t able to do to her anymore!’

He knew how stupid that sounded, but he had to maintain that stance. His stubborn pride insisted on it. He had lost Béla to a perverted pain and control freak!

‘Shot her between her legs? Christ!’

Tanya didn’t argue. After eighty-five years of marriage, she knew Frank well enough to know when she was wasting her breath. The sexual tension between she and Beth was gone. There wouldn’t be any more sex play for awhile. She looked around for the gun.

‘Believe it fell on the floor and bounced under the bed,’ Beth suggested in Tanya’s mind. ‘You can find it, later, or even better, just forget about it. Let Frank worry about it…’

Beth hoped it was on the cooler next to the little ceramic frog. If it was, she and Béla could have fun with it, later.

‘What’s all the shouting?’ Béla wanted to know.

She had suddenly reappeared in Frank and Tanya’s bedroom. She smelled like she’d just been fucked, which she had.

‘Whew!’ Beth exclaimed, pretending to cough and fanning her hand in Béla’s direction. ‘Who let the whore in?’ she laughed, letting her sister know she was joking. She hoped her sister hadn’t noticed her pilfering the gun, if it had even happened.

‘Well, I see Jake’s all right,’ Frank said, noting Béla’s familiar, well-fucked look. Béla smiled at him and walked over to stand in front of him.

‘Want a feel?’ Béla asked, coyly. ‘It’s nice and slippery in there.’

Her face was only an inch from Frank’s. He could smell cum on her breath. In fact, she stank with it. Suddenly grabbing Béla by her shoulders, he turned her around, examining her quickly.

‘See? No holes!’ he exclaimed triumphantly to the other girls. ‘Just good old-fashioned fucking!’

Béla, confused, scanned around the room, picking up vague images of what had been being discussed. Tanya projected what Beth had almost talked her into. Béla stared at sweet, innocent Beth and laughed out loud.

‘Way to go, girl!’ Béla exclaimed. ‘Maybe next time! The sun’s almost up. We have to leave.’

She could feel the regret that Frank and Tanya broadcast at her announcement.

‘Don’t wait so long next time, Space Girl,’ Tanya said. ‘We love you! We need to see you more often!’

The room faded. Beth and Béla were back in the arborium in the great ship.

Beth sat up. “That was amazing! I learned so much! And a lot more about your life when you were on Earth. They love you, you know…”

Beth relaxed her mind. She was getting good enough to actually not think of something when it was necessary to keep a secret. She left enough ‘naturalness’ there so that her sister wouldn’t suspect.

“We’d better get back, I guess,” Béla told her. “It doesn’t really matter what we do for the next year. We don’t even need to keep a schedule. On the trip out, I would lose myself in the ship for weeks at a time and nobody even noticed I was gone. I was just a loose cog that nobody knew what to do with.”

Béla was already missing her lifemate enough that she didn’t notice anything unusual about Beth. As the two sisters arrived back at their quarters, Béla still seemed preoccupied thinking about her lifemate and the sex they’d had. Beth went in first, mentally dialing up the thought dampeners to full power. Almost afraid to find out, she looked toward the cooler.

The little ceramic frog was there! The cold metal gun was there!

Carefully keeping her excitement contained, she walked to the cooler, keeping her body between the cooler and her sister so Béla wouldn’t see. Béla climbed up on the bed table and looked around, seeming confused about something.

“It’s stuffy in here!” she exclaimed, finally. “The thought dampeners are on too high!”

She got up to adjust them to a more comfortable level. Beth picked up the cold metal gun. It felt heavy and awkward in her hands. She turned around toward her sister, radiating intense excitement, holding the gun in her hands. Béla stared, not believing what she was seeing. Beth pointed the gun at her sister and pulled the trigger.

Nothing happened.

“Ahhhh!” Beth cried, completely distraught. She had wanted to surprise her sister so badly with the little perforating device. And it didn’t work!

‘There are no bullets in it, Darling,’ Béla told her in her mind. ‘But that was sweet of you to think of me…’

“How did you get that here?” Béla asked, curious.

Earth was millions and millions of miles away. Teleportation across a distance like that simply wasn’t possible. Beth looked at her sister and projected an image.

Beth dreaming and walking between two images. In reality, they are millions of miles apart. In her mind, they are right next to each other. She simply carries it out of one image and into the other.

“And when I came in here,” Beth concluded, excitedly, “they were actually there! I almost couldn’t believe it!”

Béla found it hard to believe, too. What bothered her most, although she would never admit it, was that she hadn’t thought of it first!

‘You’re slipping, girl!’ she chastised herself. ‘She's better, brighter and faster than you are… and she always knew how to fly…’

End Part 3.

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