Phoenix Pt 4 Ch 12

Phoenix Pt 4 Ch 12

The two princesses were on the bridge as the spiral entrance at the end of the hollow moon opened to allow the great ship to leave Deimos Station. From the outside, the entrance was camouflaged to look like a huge crater deforming the entire symmetry of the tiny moon.

In fact, unlike New Eden, Deimos wasn’t really round at all. It had been made to look like an asteroid, like their long abandoned, failed, first attempt to create a base station – the now defunct Phobos Project. Construction had almost been completed when an actual asteroid had struck the project, caving in one entire side of the station and causing the loss of over a hundred lives as its internal atmosphere vented into empty space.

‘We’re on our way to Earth!’ Béla thought excitedly to Beth.

She watched the spiraling entrance slowly, slowly open, displaying a confusion of spinning stars beyond. Then she realized that the great ship had matched its ‘at rest’ motion with the spinning motion of the tiny artificial moon that surrounded them. Otherwise, the ship would appear to be spinning haphazardly as the inner surfaces of the little moon spun around it, making it dangerous for anyone trying to board or load supplies.

Béla and Beth felt the ‘secure to quarters’ call and both held on to the support bars that surrounded each personnel station on the bridge. A moment later, the great ship surged forward through the round gap in the surface of Deimos and into the spinning universe beyond.

Béla lost her balance for a moment while the great ship corrected its spin so that it was once again oriented to the rest of the solar system. She grasped the support railing tightly, as did her sister, as the huge pink and brown planet beyond finally stopped traveling from one view screen to the next and stopped in the upper right view screen.

After two more course corrections, the great ship was orbiting the sun independently of Mars, spiraling gradually inward to meet the earth, currently about a third of the way around the sun behind them. In slightly more than three months, the earth would catch up to the great ship as it dropped through Earth's orbit on its way to the sun.

Béla and Beth kept radiating their excitement to each other, overjoyed to FINALLY be on the last leg of their journey. They both knew their excitement would soon fade; three months in space with nothing to do was still a long time.

‘Who says we don’t have anything to do?’ Beth whispered into her sister’s mind.

‘What? Are you horny already?’ Béla chastised her sister. ‘Or should I say, ‘Again’?’

‘Still! Not already, not again, but still! And always!’ Beth insisted, informing her older sister that she hadn’t stopped being horny since their wonderful session yesterday when she let Béla use her for target practice while getting used to handling firearms, again. She, like Béla a hundred years earlier, let herself be ‘shot full of holes’ by her sister – for real this time and not just dreamwalking. She loved it. Of course, she knew she would. And there were still several guns and lots of ammunition to use up before they got to earth.

‘And if we do run out of ammo,’ Béla chirped in, ‘we still have a couple boxes of ‘poppers’.’

Poppers’ were what Béla had begun calling those delightful little dynamite caps her sister used for blowing up her insides.

Now, Béla was horny, too. The princesses excused themselves from the bridge. As soon as they were out the door, they both teleported to the arborium, where they kept their lethal goodies.

‘My turn this time,’ Beth claimed.

Although she was incredibly horny, herself, and loved to be perforated by the deadly little toys, she wanted to repay her sister for the fun she’d had the day before.

‘Okay,’ Béla chimed.

Her clothing vanished and reappeared over a box, dropping down in an unfolded pile. She stood, naked, waiting for her sister to decide what weapon to use on her and where she was going to use it. The guns were pretty much all the same, so it didn’t matter much what Beth picked up.

Beth choose a large caliber automatic pistol. Béla didn’t know what caliber it was, but the barrel was really huge. Her belly tightened in anticipation of being violated by that monster. She stood, unable to hold still, her hips slowly moving from side to side as she tried to control the itching between her legs. As her nipples began to harden, Béla touched them with her hands, pressing the hard nubs in with her fingers to make them relax a little.

Beth walked toward her sister, loaded gun in hand. She could feel Béla’s arousal and grinned evilly, knowing that her sister wasn’t going to be disappointed in her selection. She walked up to Béla, noticing how her sister was playing with her hard nipples.

“Would you like me to take care of those for you?” Beth asked politely, indicating her sister’s hardened little nips. Béla was breathing heavily.

“What did you have in mind, Darling?” Béla asked, nervous excitement causing her voice to shake slightly.

Beth held the gun up against her sister’s left breast, completely covering her areola with the barrel of the gun.

‘Hey! That’ll take out more than just a nipple – it’ll take out my heart, one of my lungs and a shoulder blade, too!’

Beth smiled at her sister’s sudden unease. They were both powerful enough to survive a single gunshot wound, even one that caused that much internal damage. She also knew that Béla wasn’t afraid of being hurt that much.

“You know I’m going to take you out, Darling,” Beth cooed, radiating her sexual need. “Why can’t I just do it all at once?”

She felt her sister’s reluctant agreement. Béla had wanted to play a little longer; not end the game all at once. But…

‘Well, if that’s what you want to do, I’m game!’ Béla informed her sister.

She turned her head away from the blast the gun was going to make and pressed her breast harder into the hollow end of the huge barrel and braced for the expected carnage.

Beth laughed. If she wanted, she could always have her way with her sister. As Béla pressed forward, sacrificing her body to her sister’s lust, Beth changed the angle of the gun so that it was pointed more upward, though Béla’s nipple was still covered by the end of the barrel.

The gun went off, deafening both sisters and splattering Béla’s blood and shredded breast meat over them both. Béla screamed in agony, at the same time wondering why her heart was still beating wildly and her left arm was still attached.

She bent forward a little, gasping and in agony with tears streaming down her face, covering her destroyed breast with both hands, unable to even breathe because of the incredible pain. Her nervous system was starting to kick in, spreading the sensation throughout her body, gradually making it more sensual and less agonizing. Now that her body was prepared, her next mutilation would be much more pleasurable.

‘Holy fuck! Even the poppers don’t hurt that much!’ Béla cried in her sister’s mind.

She couldn’t trust her ability to speak while the burning agony of her chest kept her unable to catch her breath. In the meantime, Beth was rubbing the hot barrel between her legs while she watched Béla stagger unsteadily as she tried to remain standing.

“Ready for the next one, dear sister?” Beth asked, her voice ragged with her own desire.

Béla didn’t respond, not sure where the next one was going to be. She waited, gasping for air, blood flowing freely through her fingers as she held her hands against her ruined breast.

“Pay attention, slave!” Beth snarled, playing the role of the unappeasable master.

She pressed the hot barrel of the gun right into Béla’s belly button and pulled the trigger. The gun bucked in her hand, and then the front end of the gun disappeared into the hole it had just made in Béla’s gut, suddenly moving forward. Beth automatically pulled back on the gun and it went off again.

With the first shot, Beth had made sure the gun was off center when she pulled the trigger. The bullet went completely through Béla’s stomach and central core, exiting out beneath her rib cage and tearing out a nice chunk of her back along with it.

The second shot, when Beth tried to pull the gun back, was perfectly centered. It traveled right through Béla’s denser central core and out through the center of her lower back, shattering her spine.

Suddenly gutted and unable to stand, Béla gasped and toppled awkwardly over, surprised that she was unable to move her legs to catch herself. Despite the fact that she couldn’t feel her legs, her pussy radiated her need, full to overflowing with her girl-cum. She struck the ground hard, trying to catch herself with one hand while holding her stomach with the other.

Beth stooped down and mercilessly pulled her sister out of her curled up position and onto her blown-out back. Béla gasped as she radiated her pain and agony outward through her sister. Béla was also having the most incredible orgasm! She radiated that sensation, as well, letting her sister know she truly loved her torture.

Sinking one knee into Béla’s wounded belly, Beth pressed the gun against her sister’s right tit, covering her nipple. Béla’s right side wasn’t as full of needed organs as her left. Béla gritted her teeth and squeezed her eyes shut, dreading, yet yearning for the punishment she knew was coming.

Holding the gun tightly, Beth pulled the heavy trigger again. Her wrists were starting to ache from the recoil and it almost leaped out of hand this time as the bullet vaporized her sister’s nipple and exploded through her right breast, covering them both in bloody, fleshy breast tissue. The bullet traveled on through Béla’s chest, shattered a rib and exited her back, shattering her right shoulder blade. It dug a hole several inches into the ground and stopped, only to be covered by blood chasing it into the hole from the carnage it had left behind.

The vacuum it created during its passage through Béla’s slender body collapsed her right lung. Béla choked as her lung quickly filled with blood. She couldn’t breath and started to drown in her own body fluids. Also, she was still coming so hard she couldn’t concentrate on breathing.

“Where do you want the next one, Darling?” Beth cooed, luxuriating in the constant orgasmic sensations her sister was radiating. Béla coughed up more blood, trying to turn on her side to keep her left lung from filling, as well.

Beth backed off her sister’s belly and helped her turn over, taking the opportunity to shove the gun into Béla’s rear and fire a round up her ass. Béla gasped as the bullet passed through her central core and lodged in the backside of her breastbone, creating a white-hot path of agony all the way from her ass up through the middle of her body.

Each time her central core was ruptured, her acidic digestive fluids combined with her blood to speed its coagulation. This was actually part of her designed healing process, making it hard for any of her kind to bleed to death.

Earth weapons function mainly by causing a victim to bleed to death from the damage incurred. Béla’s father (or someone, back then) had designed her and her sisters so that they were almost impossible to kill using Earth-type weapons (at least the projectile throwing types – they could still be crushed with a mace or fried with an energy gun).

Béla was able to breathe more easily as the free-flowing blood in her chest wounds coagulated and stopped flooding her lungs. As Béla began to breathe easier, she began to orgasm harder. Her increased orgasmic flow indicated to Beth that she was healing and ready for more action.

Beth took the gun and shoved it into her sister’s pussy, fucking her with it like that fellow Jake liked to do. As Béla came again, Beth pulled the trigger, creating another furrow of white-hot agony up through Béla’s belly. This time the bullet exited near the huge hole blown out where her right shoulder blade had been.

Béla thought it was odd feeling her sister’s radiated orgasms as she lay gasping in the heat of her own agony and orgasms without being able to move her legs. With her spine broken, all Béla could do was lie on the ground and have one orgasm after another. Beth sat down on the ground next to her sister and watched her sister’s belly twitch and tremble with the agonies and orgasms her sister was experiencing.

Beth mentally counted the three shells left in the clip in the heavy gun’s handle. She looked at her sister, wondering where to put them. Béla’s body was already pretty much destroyed. Both breasts were gone, her cunt and her ass were destroyed, there were two holes coming out of her back where she’d been gutted and two holes through her shattered shoulder blade. She wasn’t going to be flying for awhile.

‘There’s not much damage in the front,’ Beth noticed, ‘that is, if you don’t count your ruptured tits and the hole in your belly… there’s a lot of tissue there I can still tear up!’

Béla lay on the ground, gasping. Her lungs were about half healed, now. She still couldn’t move her legs; it was taking longer for her backbone to heal. If it wasn’t for her broken back and the numbness she felt in her legs, she knew she would enjoy her sister’s torture more. As it was, Béla realized she was actually tired of coming. She radiated the thought to her sister.

‘Would you like me to use the last three on you, instead?’ Béla offered.

Although surprised by the offer, Beth couldn’t hand her sister the gun fast enough. She scooted back on the ground and spread her legs wide, sending Béla the image of where she so desperately needed those three lovely shells to go.

Still unable to get up, Béla lay on her side and carefully aimed the gun between her sister’s legs where Beth was masturbating furiously.

“Move the hands…” Béla gasped, and squeezed the trigger.

The gun nearly bucked out of her hands as it went off. The bullet shattered Beth’s pelvic bone and split, carving two white-hot tunnels of agony up inside Beth’s soft, tender belly. Beth arched her back high in the air, coming hard, just incidentally presenting herself so very nicely for her sister’s next shot.

Béla fired again. This time, the bullet went deep between her legs, creating a new hole in the tender tissue right between her pussy and her ass, destroying the thin membrane that separated those two passages up inside her. It traveled up her torso and exited just beneath her breastbone, taking a large chunk of belly flesh with it and covering Beth’s face and tits with blood and guts.

Beth’s ruined stomach muscles could no longer hold her up. She collapsed back down to the ground, trembling, crying in agony, and coming hard, over and over. Béla only had one bullet left. She knew how much her sister loved having her gut ripped up, but the first two shells had done plenty of damage down there. Beth would be coming for several more minutes, just from what they’d already done.

Then Béla got an idea. Her legs were tingling, indicating that her spine was almost healed. Testing her ability to move her legs, she decided that she was strong enough now to crawl up to the top half of her sister’s body. Right now, all she could see was Beth’s legs and her bleeding cunt.

It took Béla a minute or so to crawl around to her sister’s other end. Dragging herself halfway up onto Beth’s chest, she wrapped her arm around Beth’s tits, squishing them together. Béla pressed the cold muzzle of the gun up against the side of one of her breasts. Squeezing them together with her other arm, Béla lined everything up so she could get them both with one shot. The bullet would also go through her own arm, but it was worth it to give her sister the gift of this last shot.

Beth lay on the ground, her shredded pussy wildly pulsating from her powerful orgasms. She opened her eyes when she felt her sister crawl up on her, then radiated her approval when she realized what Béla was attempting. She lay back and arched up against her sister’s weight, trying to make it easier for Béla to handle her tits. Her heart was pounding in anticipation.

“I sacrifice… my perfect tits…” Beth gasped, already starting to orgasm again.

The roar of the gun was deafening. The bullet tore through both her breasts and through Béla’s forearm, shattering a bone and falling to the ground some distance away. Beth’s tits literally exploded, spattering both sisters with blood and squishy breast tissue.

Beth shook, gasping in new agony as another orgasm radiated up through Béla, whose ready cunt responded with its own orgasm, radiating it back down through her sister. They lay together, one sister halfway on top of the other, recovering from their mutual loving mutilation of each other. Béla tossed the empty gun on the ground beside them. It could still be used for a dildo, or for throwing at each other, but other than that, it was now empty and useless.

‘Only three months to go,’ Beth thought to her sister lying halfway on top of her.

‘Minus one hour…’ Béla thought back at her.

‘I don’t think we have enough ammo…’

The sisters slept where they passed out, their bodies slowly regenerating only so they could be destroyed again the next day.

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