Sex With Alien Females

Sex With Alien Females

I was putting gas in my car and suddenly had this strange feeling that I was being watched.
I looked around and saw these two women looking at me from thier camaro. One was blonde and the other one was blonde. I felt a sexual urge as I made eye contact with them. I desired them, but I also sensed that these feelings were not the usual feelings I would get by looking at a woman.

I drove home and got ready for the next day. As I laid in bed, I sensed that strange feeling again that I was being watched. I remembered the two women at the gas station and began fantasizing about them. I got a hard-on and began to masturbate.

What happened next is difficult to explain. How it happend… Why it happened.. I do not know, but it did.

I opened my eyes and there… at the foot of my bed were standing these two same females that I had just encountered earlier at the gas station. The only difference this time was that both their eyes were slightly bigger than the average human eye.

I panicked! I was scared shitless and I reacted not like I would if I had some thief enter the home. This time it was different. One of them said, "Please, do not be afraid. We won't hurt you." I heard the voice but I didn't see the blonde move her lips when she spoke. It was telepathic communication. Both of them approached me from both sides of the bed and got on the bed.

Both of them began to kiss me and grabbed my hands to feel their bodies all over. They felt human, but they were very cold to the touch. Very confusing because a live body does not feel that cold. These females were beautiful, except for the eyes… again.

As the brunette placed her hand on my chest I noticed she had some sort of crystal that wrapped around her wrist and around the middle finger. I saw a single flash of violet light coming from the crystal under the middle finger and then I felt calm. As if I had been drugged, but I did not feel drowsyness. I became errect and as soon as this happened, both of them grabbed my cock and began stroking it. The brumette had long dark brown hair and it was very soft as it lay on my stomach. Both of them began to suck ,y cock. It felt so good because they sucked it so softly and stroked it with gentleness. I heard a different voice say, "Relax. Let us make you feel much better. Do you see how good it feels?" The blonde was the one talking, because of her eye contact.

As I lay there having my cock sucked, I didn't realize that my clock had moved forward 2 hours. It was now 12:45 Midnight!

The brunette was on top of me, pumping away at my errection. She made these moaning sounds, but again, no mouth movement. The voice was audible, but not audible as you would hear it in front of you. More like in my head. Two voices moaning.

Suddenly, as I was getting ready to cum, the blonde grabbed a hold of my cock from behind the brunette and felt a warm sensation near my prostate and I came for the longest time. It might have been a little over a minute…. because I felt that the short pulses I normally feel when I cum were prolonged for about a minute and 20 seconds. Also, I was paralyzed when I came. I could not move. The brunette just looked at me with her big eyes and leaned forward… closer to my face and said telepathically, "Close your eyes and forget." She placed her crystal held hand on my forehead and the light came back on. This time the light was bright green and it flickered.

As it did this, she said, "Forget everything you just did. Forget this night. Do not remember us. You didn't have sex. No one will believe you. You are confused. This was just a dream. We do not exist. You can't see anything. You can't remember anything."

Next day I didn't remember anything. I had no clue what had just transpired the night before… UNTIL…..

Almost a week later, I had to pump gas in my car. Some sales lady asked me if I would be interested in buying a crystal. She said it had healing abilities. I felt obligated since she looked like she really needed the money. Besides… she was cute. So I pilled out 2 dollars and gave it to her.

Before she left, she put the necklace on my hand and said, "Make sure you put it on. It will help you remember." I didn't know what the hell she was talikng about at the time, but as I got into my car I decided to go ahead and put it on. As I put my hand on the stck to the gear shift… I remembered the blonde putting her hand on my penis and suddenly… everything was clear to me.

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