goodbye daddy

goodbye daddy

One morning, as Gary is getting ready for work, he happens to pass his daughter's room and overhears her saying her prayers. "God bless Mommy, God bless Daddy, God bless Grandma, and goodbye Grandpa." He finds it odd but thinks no more of it.

Later that day when he comes home from work, there is bad news. Gary's father suffered a heart attack, but nothing could be done to save him.

A few months later, Gary once again hears his daughter as she prays: "God bless Mommy, God bless Daddy, and goodbye Grandma." Now Gary becomes a little afraid, remembering what happened before with his father.

Sure enough, his mother is found to have died in her sleep that morning. Now Gary is convinced the girl must be in touch with someone or something on the other side, so every morning he listens to her prayers.

He hears nothing out of the ordinary until again, a few months later: "God bless Mommy and goodbye Daddy."

Now Gary is frightened. At work, it's all he can focus on. He doesn't leave his office for lunch, and when it's time to come home for the day, he doesn't even do that. Instead he insists on staying in the office, telling everyone he has a lot of work that must be done. As the seconds, minutes, and hours tick away, Gary finds himself literally shaking with fear, and he has crawled underneath his death, eyes glued to his watch, tick, tick, tick…

Finally, it is past midnight and Gary is still alive. He decides maybe the "curse" on him is broken, so he leaves the office and drives home.

As soon as he opens the front door, his wife is there. "Where have you been?!?!" she asks. "Honey," Gary starts, "I have had one of the roughest days of my entire life and I'm just glad to be home."

"You think YOU'VE had a hard day?!?," she screams. "Today the mailman dropped dead on our front step!!!"

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