His Debt 2

His Debt 2

“Feeling better?” Brian is compassionate now, stroking Kimmy’s hair as she cuddled on his chest.
“Nooo,” she whined. She doesn't want to admit she is feeling better, pretty okay now.
“Well, you have to get up now. I have to go to work.” Brian slid his girl off of him so he could stand up and get dressed. Kimmy remains on her stomach with her head turned to one side so she can watch. Brian works at the local video store and that's how he knows Curty.
Five, eight and with his purple spiked hair, a total of five, eleven, he has a pierced eyebrow with a small blue ring hanging. Always happy, and always goofing around, Curt was a great guy to be around. When he gave you attention, he made you feel great about yourself but as soon as you left his spot light you could see what an asshole he really could be. He was only responsible to cover his own ass.
“Hey Curt.” Brian walked into the movie store plopping his bag down on the counter.
“Watch this.” Curt was applying dish soap around the mug of no one else's but the boss’s. As the noise of him coming from around the corner of the counter, Curt quickly threw the dish soap under the sink, wiped his hands on the back of his khakis and turned to continue pricing movies.
“SAMPSON. Where's my DAMN coffee?”
“Right here, Dick.” A short, heavy man stomps from behind the counter. Mr. Richardson is in his late forties, and it shows. He is balding so he compensates by wearing a long beard and mustache. This only adds to the mocking behind his back with it catching odds and ends of food.
“Your late Brian. That's it, next time don't come in.”
“Sorry sir. I was having problems with my girlfr…”
“No excuses! Now, get back to work.” Mr. Richardson waddled off and only a few seconds later he was spitting up his coffee around the corner of the counter, out of site. Curty only chuckled to himself.
“Your girlfriend, huh? You know what you just reminded me of?”
“Stop it. We can talk later. Someone might hear.”
So? Anyway. When is she mine?”
Over a game of billiards Brian confessed to spanking his girlfriend when he needed to. Later that evening as the games progressed, and Brian was in the hole, owning everyone money. Curt negotiated with Brian saying if he was aloud to give Kim a sound spanking, then Brian didn't have to pay him. The only reason Brian agreed was because he was trying to save money so he could treat Kim on there two year anniversary date.
Fine fine. Wanna talk about this now. Well, Kimmy, she’s not too sure about this.”
“Even better.” Curty interrupted. “I can hold her and force her and that be more of a turn-on.”
“Turn on for you, not her. Well, anyway, Kim really doesn't want to and I need to talk with her more. But I think everything should work out.”
“Tonight. Can I do it tonight? I just can’t wait.”
“NO!, not tonight. I still want to talk with her.”
“How this, if I get her tonight, then I’ll pay you.”
“No, no, I don't think…wait, how much?” Brian was really considering throwing out Kimmy’s feelings tonight so he could really treat her later.
“Well, you owe me $124, right? I’ll give you…” Curt really acted like he was thinking, although this conversation was played over and over in his head already. “Hmm, how's $50. You’d be not only not losing money, but making money.”
“Alright, fine. But you can’t mention any of this to her.”
“Alright.” Curty threw the words out of his mouth only to get what he wanted.
“No Curt, I'm serious. ANY of it.”
“What did I say?

Later than evening, after the boys had work, Brian drove with Curty to pickup Kimmy. After pulling into her drive way, all Brian had to do was beep his car horn to make her run out of the house. Halfway to the car, she stopped in dread of seeing Curty opening the front door to hop in the back seat. Getting into the car herself, she sends Brian a cold look. He glances away immediately.
“So Kimmy, Curty invited us over to his place for a movie with him and Amy. You girls can pick out whatever, no matter how stupid of a chick-flick it is.”
Kimmy attempts to send him another look, but he continues to only watch the road. Soon they three arrive at Amy’s house only blocks away. Curty steps out of the car to fetch her from the house. Kimmy waits until he is all the way up to the house before opening her mouth.
“I TOLD you. Absolutely not.” Now Kimmy was avoiding avoiding his eyes.
“I didn’t say anything.” Brian once again plays the defensive.
“I know you. I know what you’re thinking. The answer is NO!”
“Baby, don’t you love me. Don’t you want me to be a man of my word. Hon, everything's going to be alright. I’ll be right there for you.” Kimmy could feel Brian’s pleading eyes on her, but she remained avoiding him. She watched as the front door opened as Amy, a tall pink haired girl steps out. She practically jumps at Curty, drowning him in kisses. Brian, trying to escape the silence in the car, honks the horn to hurry the couple along.

“Isn’t the store the other way?” Kimmy asked as Brian drove the opposite way of where the boys work.
“We are going to the other good video store,” Brian announces.
“But you get free movies at yours,” Amy states in confusion.
“We work at a shitty movie store. We want a good movie so we figure we should go to a good store. Us guys will have a better chance of you girls not picking something so shitty with a better selection.” Curt laughs at his own whit as he pulls Amy closer to him.

After what the boys saw as forever, Amy and Kimmy pick out a movie, and they are all just settling into Curty’s room. Both couples sit uncomfortably on Curty's futon with the girls in the middle, facing the screen. Its not long into the movie when Curty pulls out his moves. His left hand finds its way to Kimmy’s knee, as he suspiciously looks over at Brian.
Kimmy stands up immediately, brushing his hand away to face Brian. “I told you know.”
“And I told Curty, ‘yes’.” Brian simply pulls his girl back down on the couch after a soft swat to her backside.
Soon Curty’s hand was back on her leg, this time a bit higher.
Kimmy is quick to stand up again. “No.”
Brian once again pulls her down without saying a word after a bit harder swat.
“Kimmy, I say just get it over with,” Amy says after a moment of silence in the room. Kimmy glances over to her.
“I strongly agree.” Curty pauses the movie at that moment and looks over to Brian. Before she can fully protest, Brian interrupts Kimmy.
“You know I would do anything you would ask of me. So don’t make me spank you first to get you to change your mind. I promised Curty a white ass to make red.”
Kimmy stops herself from arguing with Brian, knowing that he is completely willing to do what he thinks is necessary. So she turns in Amy instead. “Wait, you know about this?”
“Oh yah! Curty told me all about this. I got so excited.” Amy looked at Kimmy with no sympathy at all in her eyes.
“And what are you getting out of it?” Kimmy asked.
Amy turns her whole body in excitement. “Well, I begged Curty here to let me spank you too. He knows how much I would love to have you as well. Lets just say I had to bargain a little.”
“Bargain?” Brian looks over at her in curiosity. No thought of not allowing Amy to spank Kimmy crossed his mind. He got all excited at the thought of two women.
“Well, yah. I’m paying him $75, and finally agreed to sleep with him.”
Kimmy was speechless.
“Amazing,” Brian says out loud before catching himself. He thinks to himself how Curty will be paying him $50. That means that Curty is keeping $25 for himself. And as an extra bonus he finally coaxed Amy into bed.
Curty’s hand once again found its way to Kimmy’s thigh. She only looked to Brian with her innocent and pleating eyes. She received to response with him still dwelling on Curty’s cunningness. Kimmy felt his hand slowly stroking the inside of her soft, silky thigh.
Amy walks over to face her and takes her by the hands, pulling her up. “Come on babe.” Kimmy, as if in a trance, follows.
Once she is standing, Amy kneels down in front of Kimmy, sliding her hands up Kimmy’s thighs. She then slowly glides down her panties to around her ankles. “That's a girl. Step out of them now.” Amy hands them to Brian before returning her attention to the girl standing in front of her. Amy’s next task is to reach her hands around to Kimmy’s backside, and unzipping her skirt. It falls quickly to the floor, as Kimmy blushes and covers herself up.
“Now, now. Everything's going to be alright.” Amy slowly pulls Kimmy’s hands to her sides to find herself eye-level with a perfectly shaven cootch. “Wow, sweetie. I don’t put up with anything more than a hassle of trimming. I’m impressed.” Amy than stands up and takes Kimmy’s hand, leading her to Curty’s lap. At this point, Kimmy starts to shed tears.
Brian sits back on the couch, trying not to enjoy himself, or at least let it show. “Oh, Hon. Nothings happened yet.”
Curty, who could not be any more anxious, pulls Kimmy over his lap from the right. He lets both hands wander over her backside, as Amy just stands and watches the view. He follows every curve, touching every surface from the back of Kimmy’s knees to her mid-back. He lets his middle finger slide down the crease of her butt, pressing a little more than he should.
He hesitates at his first spank, barely making Kimmy wince. The second, on the same cheek, lands much harder. Curt tries for the other. The next few slaps are just as hard, some on one cheek, some on the other. The last is center, as hard as Curty can. This makes Kimmy kick her legs up.
Curty glides his hands all over her backside once more, feeling the effects of his hand. He rubs her butt a little before resuming his ultimate pleasure. Without warning, the next spank comes quickly to one cheek, and then another smack to the other. Curty keeps a constant rhythm, bouncing from one cheek to the next. Some are higher and some are lower. By the fifth swat, Kimmy starts to flail a little, trying to afford the next hand. Again, the hardest smack lands right in the center before another break.
Curty keeps his hand on her backside as he looks up to find Amy’s impatient smile. He is afraid to look over to Brian, oblivious that he is enjoying this display just as much as Amy is. Soon Curty’s hands are running over Kimmy again. He is rubbing her and pinching her, absorbing the heat that he has caused. He takes a few soft random swats between rubs, feeling Kimmy jerk each way with each contact. He watches her intensely, examining how her backside reacts for him. Curty lets his hand bounce from one cheek to the next, first slow and soft, now seeing many red blotches glow. He soon increases his pace, watching her ass dance.
This does not last long with Kimmy’s kicking and now screaming. He stops to rub her a little more and readjust how he is sitting and holding her. He wraps his right leg over hers, pinning her tight into place. Immediately he begins. Curty is now spanking away. A true dance. Unfortunately he feels he must stop for his hand is getting too sore to fast. Its not that hard to stop because he knows there's more of a show to come.
Curty finds himself evaluating all that he has done by carefully rubbing Kimmy’s backside for the last time as she lay over his knee, still pinned, sobbing. After realizing the time Curty is spending on the evaluation, Amy screams with excitement, “My turn. Its my turn now. You’ve had her enough.”
Curty looks up, seeing that Amy is about to bust. He unpins Kimmy, and helps her up. Anyone could tell that her face is just as red as her backside even though she never looks up. She just stands in the middle of the room, naked from the waist down. Amy takes her wrist and quickly leads her to the bed. “Alright. Its my turn. If you think that was painful, just wait, darlin’. Now, lets see. Lay on your back in the center of the bed. I want your legs straight up in the air.”
Kimmy lays down, but before she raises her legs into the air, she looks over to see both boys now standing around the bed. Amy, similarly to Curty, runs her hands up and down the back of Kimmy’s legs. She looks hesitant. It is seen why when she reaches for a pillow. Lifting Kimmy up, she slides the pillow underneath her. Amy now has perfect access to all of Kimmy’s butt. It is becoming more difficult for Kimmy to hold her legs up. The crease of her cootch was now showing between her lower thighs. Everyone took notice.
Amy continued to run her hands over Kimmy. She let her finger follow her cootch crease, causing Kimmy to wince. Amy could feel the warmth radiating from her backside, wishing that she could have been the first to this soft flesh.
Soon, Amy was taking her swats. Kimmy was unable to keep her legs straight into the air. At first it was very exciting for Amy and her spectators for Kimmy would spread her legs, clearly exposing everything she had to bare. But, for the show to continue, Brian held his girlfriends legs up, but loosely to expose enough. Looking up, Kimmy could see both Brian and Curty intensely watching and enjoying. She had become just a sport, a vessel of entertainment for the three people in the room. She was exposed to them, she was vulnerable. Kimmy had never felt more used, more humiliated, more in pain.
Amy, like Curty, started out slow, testing the waters. She would take breaks to slide her hands all over her prey, except she was more objectifying than Curty, letting her fingers slip farther and farther into different creases. Also more cruel, she would hit Kimmy very hard on her thighs, aiming for their innards. Amy worked Kimmy’s red ass as long as she could hold out. Soon her hand was starting to hurt to bad to continue. Taking her last chance, she let her last examination prolong.
The boys could not handle this for another moment. Sneaking up behind Amy, Curty pressed his body against hers. His hands started to lift her skirt to her waist, as he gave her a soft love tap on her ass, nothing to hurt her though. She continued to explore the girl in front of her, as Curty explored Amy’s, stripping off her clothes. Letting Kimmy’s legs spread a little more, he had to readjust his pants to the sight of two half naked girls in the room.

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