Jen & Marc

Jen & Marc

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He always looked like a normal guy, but his problem was his uncontrollable shyness, which forced him to reach his 19th year of life as a virgin. Every time a girl tried to talk to him, he became all red and couldn't really say anything reasonable.
His school life wasn't very good either. That's the reason why in a Friday afternoon, Jennifer decided to go at his place to help him a bit. Marc thought that could have been the great opportunity he'd been waiting for years.
When Jen arrived, Marc's parents were going out, so they were all alone. They sit on Marc's bed, starting reading a Chemicals book. But he wasn't really focusing on Jen's words; indeed he was staring at her lips while she spoke. Jennifer was a nice 18 years girl, not very tall, blonde long hair and a quite small breast. She was wearing a normal shirt and a pair of long jeans. Suddenly he put his hand on her leg and got closer to her ear. He felt no resistance, so he started biting sofly her lobe. She turned her head at him and they started kissing. While their tongues were fighting, he started touching her left tit through the shirt. He tried to find her nipple, but couldn't because of the bra. So he slid his hand under her shirt. When she realised that, Jen jumped backwards with eyes wide open.

– I think you're trying to go a bit too far, Marc…
– But, I…
– Hey, it was just a kiss. Did you think I was gonna do it with you?
– S-Sorry…

She got very close to him and looked him in the eyes

– Marc, I think you're cute, but that doesn't mean you can have me this easily.

Saying that, she omitted that she thinks about 30 boys in her school are cute.
They started studying again, but all the concentration was gone, so she decided to get back home.

The following days passed as usual for Marc, except that now every time Jen looked at him he smiled. Eight days after the "meeting", Marc and Jen with their friends went to a club to dance. It was Saturday night. They all were having fun. Marc drank a couple of beers so he needed to pee. Right when he was entering the males' toilet, he heard some noises coming from the girls' one. He tried to peek in and saw Jennifer with another guy he didn't know. They were kissing deeply and his hands were on her ass. The guy then unzipped his pants and she got on her knees to blowjob him. She started stroking his cock a bit to get a perfect erection, then started licking its head. She slid her tongue all around the head of the cock while the guy said:

– OK, now get up, let's do it fast, it's not safe here
– What? No, I won't let you fuck me, just let me finish this blowjob!
– No way babe, you got me all horny, now I want you!

They started fighting and Marc couldn't hold back anymore. He rushed in the room and punched the guy in the groin. When Jennifer realised that Marc had seen everything, she ran out of the toilet in shame. He tried to follow her, but it was hard because she entered the dancefloor. She was among all the dancing people, and that made it quite impossible to find her. Then, in a glimpse, he saw here quitting the club, and ran out. The street was empty, and he could clearly see her turning into a lane. Right after that he heard a scream. A middle-aged man was forcing Jen to follow him, pulling her from her arm. Marc kicked the man in the back and made him fall. – Are you ok? Let's run away! – he screamed these words to Jennifer, but the weird man had already put a hand around his neck, while he was threatening Jennifer with a knife. His breath was heavy and his voice strange:

– You *ffffhh* shoodn't have *ffffhh* done that. – the man gasped – Follow me and nothing happen *hhhsh*
– This guy's on drugs, Jen, let's do as he says… – Marc whispered to her ear
– Y-yeah…

He brought them to his house and closed them in a small, completely empty room. There were no windows, no way to escape. Marc and Jennifer sit on the floor, back on the wall, and started hugging because it was cold.

– I'm scared – said Jennifer
– Don't worry, nothing's gonna happen to us
– I… I don't want that man to take my virginity
– He doesn't look like a rapist
– Yes, he is. He touched my breast and my legs when he caught me. But I'm sure he's not having my virginity…
– Of course not
– …because you're going to take it.
– Eh?

Jennifer moved to sit in his lap, and started rubbing crotch to crotch. Marc's cock became immediately hard, and she felt that.

– What the hell are you doing?
– Please please please
– Y-Your eyes, Jen! You're not sober, he gave you something!
– Yes, I'm not, he made me eat a red pill and now I feel good
– Holy shit, girl! Why did you eat it? I'm not gonna take advantage of your situation
– But don't worry, I know what I'm doing, I really really really want it…
– No way!
– …really really really…
– Get offa me

She jumped on his mouth and started kissing him. He couldn't resist this much and kissed back. He caressed her back while eating her mouth. Remembering what happened eight days before, he put his hand under her shirt, but this time there hasn't been resistance. She helped him removing both hers and his shirts, then let him stare for a while at her bra. She unhooked it and let it fall down to the floor. The vision of her cute nipples almost made him come in his pants. They were bright pink, like they've been coloured. They also looked little but hard as rock. He couldn't wait and dove his mouth on her left nipple while teasing the other one with his hand. Meanwhile, Jennifer was stroking his cock through the pants. They got up and started unzipping each other's pants. She was wearing a normal pair of white panties, and he had a black boxer. He mad her lay on the floor and licked her panties. When he removed the panties he stared for a moment, then started fingering her. He pushed the finger a bit too far and felt her hymen, making her scream. He never tasted a pussy in his whole life, and that was the right moment to do it. He licked the outer lips for first, then shyly approached to the inner part. He tried to put the tongue as deep as possible. He didn't really know what he should have done right now, so he just kept on thrusting her with the tongue. Then, moving and moving, he found a spot that made her gasp. He was happy because he found his first clit, and started rubbing it frantically. – Yah! Slow down, you're hurting me that way! Rub it with your tongue – she screamed. He did what she told him, touching the grown up clit with the tip of his tongue, moving it and stimulating it until he felt her gasping wildly. She came in his mouth, and he liked it. Now she was all wet, but he couldn't say a word because she had already pushed him down and started blowjobbing him. That was the first time someone was using his cock, and he liked that so much that he came after 30 seconds. Jennifer was quite surprised, and she never took cum in the mouth too. She got up, spitting the jizz out. Marc was very ashamed of this and kept on saying "Sorry" until she looked him with the sexiest look in her eyes he ever saw and said – Nevermind, it tasted good, afterall – She smiled and pushed his man to the wall. – Let's get this back hard and try the magic – After working for a while the cock with her mouth, Marc was back in the game. She let herself fall down until she felt the head touching her lips. They started pushing it inside. Marc felt a wonderful sensation but Jennifer was in pain so they had to stop for a moment. – Does it hurt you? – Marc asked. – Yes, but don't worry, it's normal… it's just… – She pushed it a bit more inside and soon Marc could feel the sweet wall of love. – OK, that's the hardest part, we gotta pop this piece of meat of mine – The barrier fell down at the first try, and screams were mixing with moans of pleasure. They finally began having real sex, pumping the cock in and out while he was either sucking her nipples or her tongue. Soon they came, but it was so good that they couldn't move anymore, they just kissed some more times and stayed hugged until they fell asleep.

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