8 tips for writing a good erotic story

  1. It’s an erotic story, not a porno.
    Obviously it depends on everyone’s style, but the idea is that because it is sexual content, it is not less literature. It is not a matter of describing the action as it is, but of bringing the reader into the scene thanks to the mastery of words.
    Nor does it have to be so sophisticated a prose that the reader does not know if he is reading an erotic scene or an ancient treatise. It simply needs to be adorned and enriched so that the person on the other side of the story can delight as if he were part of the action.
  2. Put a little feeling into it
    Erotic literature is erotic and doesn’t have to be romantic. However, it is often thought that all feelings have to do with romanticism. Crassus error. Writing an erotic story means narrating what the characters feel, so that the person who reads it can identify himself. It is not enough to say that they caress each other; you have to explain how and include how that makes them feel. A chill, a feeling of warmth, fear, power, shame, desire, feeling that all the stress disappears, that they recharge their batteries or yes, also that they die of love.
  3. Not everyone is multiorgasmic
    If you want to write erotic literature and not science fiction, you have to try to be realistic. In other words, to understand that the human body is complex and that the process of erection and lubrication does not work with a simple button or just a few magic words. Equally, if you want to honor the truth, the characters should not have infinite sex sessions without, what less, being thirsty, wanting to go to the bathroom or hungry. Therefore, there will be some characters, such as life itself, who know how to enjoy multigasm without shame, but surely not all of them.
  4. A little innovation
    Just because it’s realistic doesn’t mean that an erotic story describes the sexual routine of a couple who have been together for years without doing anything more than the missionary (or yes, but perhaps there should be some evolution at some point). The idea is that the story can be exciting and, for that, it is good to add touches of innovation. Not just orgies, infidelities and local swingers; sometimes it’s as simple as including what an erotic toy can do, setting up a sex scene in public, or inventing a sex game that can then be applied in real life. You always learn from books.
  5. Beware of impossible postures
    If the innovation that is to be included is going to come from the hand of some known position, or at least that has been studied in the Kamasutra, it will be necessary to be careful when describing it. Many times in that game of falling clothes, grabbing hands and tangled legs, the reader realizes that the protagonists should be floating because they have lost any point of attachment. Either that or they probably have one more hand or one less leg for what is described to make sense.
  6. Difficult Dialogues
    As in any narrative, it is common that during the erotic story descriptions of the facts are interspersed with dialogues of the characters. And it is not always easy to write a dialogue. It must be borne in mind that what the characters say must seem like a conversation that can really be had, that is not particularly repetitive with the ideas that have already been exposed and that contributes something to the story. Well, the same thing has to be applied to dialogue during a sexual scene, where, it is understood, the dialogue won’t always be very extensive, but it can give some of the keys of the moment.
  7. The ridiculous synonyms
    During the description of a sexual act it is obvious that there are words that will be repeated, without going any further than the nouns that describe the genitals. If you do not want to take the reader out of the moment and have the roll cut, using words that sound too bad or too cheesy can be ruin. Do not forget that a penis is a penis, and yet a vulva is not the same as a vagina, and although socially there is an agreement not to do so, the truth is that you can call everything by its name. But there will come a time when you will have to pull synonyms, without that means that much abuse of expressions “your member,” “your wet zone,” “your erection,” or “your most intimate darkness.
  8. Don’t fall into the personal
    Whoever writes knows that it is very difficult to separate stories from oneself. Even the most surreal fictions have a pinch of personal experience. But watch out, when you tell a science fiction story, readers who know you won’t think it has anything to do with you; sexual scenes do. And that can have a lot more to do with fiction. So, in order to be cured in health, it is always good to throw as much imagination as possible, or if not, you can always enjoy the envy.