Five benefits of erotic stories for the couple relationship

At the beginning of the relationship, the libido is usually at its best but keeping the flame of passion alive requires dedication and extra effort as the years go by and even more if you have children running around the house.

We can add salt and pepper to our relationship in many ways and erotic stories are there to lend a hand in these matters.

Whether you’ve noticed that you have less sexual desire or you want to add imagination and creativity to your sexual relationships, erotic stories are a source of inspiration you can’t ignore.

Believe it or not, just putting your imagination to fly in sexual issues can be something that encourages creativity and helps you incorporate some elements into your own sexual relationship.

Here are 5 ways erotic stories, discovering other people’s experiences and fantasies, can help you improve your own relationship:

  1. Keeps your sexual interest active: Unlike erotic movies, when you read a story you are the one who can freely imagine all the details, this contributes to the story awakens your own fantasies. At times when your sexual desire is low, for example if you are overworked or if motherhood keeps you away from sexuality, feeding your fantasies may be one of the best ways to awaken your sexual appetite.
  2. It eroticizes you: The effects of erotic stories will not only be felt in your intimate relationship with your partner. If you connect with your desire and recognize yourself as a source of desire, it is very likely that this will have a very positive impact when you wake up every morning and look in the mirror. It will not be uncommon for you to experience side effects such as feeling more confident, more satisfied with yourself and more willing to take care of your physical appearance.
  3. Encourage your sexual creativity: Sexual stories add sparkle and magic to the relationship as they introduce elements that may not be part of your usual practices. Reading will allow you to ignite your creativity and your desire to experience and deepen your knowledge of both yourself and your partner.
  4. It brings you out of the monotony: Can you learn about sexuality and sexual games with erotic stories? Definitely yes, it is, because these are the elements that take you out of monotony, because they serve to add ideas and new proposals to your relationship so that you can escape from boredom.
  5. Dynamize the relationship: reading erotic stories on your own can be positive but don’t forget that stories can also be read in pairs. Do you dare to read them to your partner? Do you dare to play at “representing” some of your favorite stories?