keys to create seductive characters

To give life to seductive characters in the erotic story, we can take into account some aspects. Taking into account these conditions, the implementation of a sensual story will be simpler. Let’s see what they consist of:

  1. Naturalness, because a character who overacts does not convince the reader.
  2. Security, because a determined character, capable of making decisions, is also capable of falling in love. It reinforces the tension and imposes a challenge: to conquer the heart of the possible lover.
  3. Sensual thoughts, which imply an attitude or a desire that the character radiates and, therefore, has the strength to attract.
  4. The feelings, each gesture, each caress, each behavior will contain a charge of sensuality that will surrender to your partner.
  5. The physical aspect and the wardrobe. It should be borne in mind that the physical features of the character and that there are tastes of all kinds.
  6. Take the initiative, which can be done by the man or by the woman. You have to use body language to make the character express himself.
  7. The five senses, because there is nothing more sensual than a look of desire, a suggestive whisper, an active language.
  8. An intimate atmosphere that is achieved with tenuous lights, music, candles, pleasant temperature, smells, etc.