Barbarian Conquest

Barbarian Conquest

A Chinese Fish net swing is a sex device. It suspends from above and the female is placed in it with her legs raised to point her pussy directly downward. It allows the male to enter her. Then turn her body as it lowers or raises her body depending on which way the 'swing' is turned. A fantasy of many men is to have a 'spinner'. A woman that can be turned to rotate around the shaft a hard cock.

She is his captive. His prize for winning the battle. He strips her. Puts her in his Chinese fish net swing, ignoring her pleas and screams. Entangling her naked body in the net.

He winds up the huge rope that suspends her. Naked himself now, laying beneath her. His hot hard cock only inches from her delicious pussy. He begins to unwind the rope slowly. Turning her, winding her down to his waiting throbbing cock.

He watches her terrified eyes. Hears her screams for mercy and for help. No one can hear her. None would dare interrupt him. She will be his, she is his. His to use till he tires of her. His to toss outside for his men to use. Use over and over if it pleases him.

Just as her tight little virgin pussy touches the tip of his leaking cock He stops the decent. Savors his prize. Such a beautiful creature.

Young, not more than 18 at the most. The pampered daughter of a powerful nobleman. A nobleman now laying in a pool of blood somewhere in the fortress.

She is a black haired, green eyed goddess. Creamy white skin, high firm breasts, pink nipples. Her body is well curved but slender too. Long smooth almost hairless legs, delicious looking stomach, soft downy looking pubic hair hiding a sweet virgin slit.

Her face is like that of a young angel. Made to grace a thousand canvases. By modern standards a look alike for actress Teri Hatcher.

He enjoys the anticipation. The satisfaction of taking what she owes him. What her whole nation owes him.

Arching his back, the wet tip of his cock presses against her opening. He must moan as she breaks down, sobbing in misery.

She has her muscles squeezed closed as tight as she can. He must smile again.

Soon he will lower her enough that her own weight will press his cock into her pussy. Her own weight will make his hard dick tear away the remnants of her maidenhead. Her own weight will force his hard manhood deep inside her body where without her slightest help he will enjoy intense pleasure till he spurts his seed deep inside her healthy young body. He will take her and take her till she is completely filled in every offis with man cum. Till she has cum dripping from every entrance to her body.

Now he holds his breath. Another half turn on the swing and more of her weight presses against his waiting spear. He savors the curve of her naked back. The beauty of her hips and butt. He can see her slit with the knob of his cock pressing hard against it. Demanding entry.

Another half turn, her beautiful face twisted in anguish and effort to keep that hard thorn like dick out.

But wait, her body is so beautiful, her sweet soft haired slit so delectable looking. He winds her back up a little. Her eyes filled with bewilderment. Perhaps he will show mercy?

He changes position. He head and face directly below her pussy. Admiring it. The way the mesh has made it bulge out between the netting. The perfect position for a mouth and tongue to explore it. Taste it and tease it. He gives her slit a long lapping lick. She wails. Knowing now that there will be no mercy, no stopping him taking her as he wishes.

'You are delicious my young beauty'. 'The Red loves your taste and smell'.

She squirms and fights to get her body away from his licking tongue and sucking lips. She is helpless. She must endure his probing of her entrance, his licking her now hard clit and his sucking and licking her pink blood filled labia.

'Stop oh please stop'. 'I will grant you all my lands, this very fortress'. 'Just kill me, but leave me my virtue', she begs.

'Brave talk from someone who has no say over her fate'. 'I already own your lands and I have taken this fortress already'. 'If your people do not accept my rule I will make the land run red with their blood'. 'You would have shown me no mercy had your forces carried the day'. 'I would be likely already have been drawn and quartered if I had lived'.

He is forming a plan. A plan to kill every legitimate heir to her country's rule till she alone is Duchess. He will then force her to marry him giving him possession of twice his current realm. She must be conquered herself first. Bred to give him a son. Bred to give him a legitimate heir to the empire he wishes to take and hold.

But then again he thinks, she would be a tasty tidbit for his men to enjoy. Perhaps complete conquest and slaughter is what these soft Christians deserve.

The only mercy she can hope for is that she will become pregnant from his attentions and thus save herself from being tossed out to earn her bread on her back from the men of his Army.

He doubles his attention to her pussy. One finger in her now wet anus. Teasing, licking, sucking her and making her sopping wet with his saliva.

He slides back to position his dick for entry and begins the unwinding again. She has stopped crying now. Just snubbing sobs as she turns around slowly. Back to feel his hard cock pressing into her opening. An opening much wetter now. An opening already tiring from being held tightly closed so long.

Another full turn and the pressure to open her is intense. He arches his back to press ever harder against her slit. He pulls back and thrusts against her door. Like a battering ram that opens a castle gate his cock is insistent. She knows she is too tired to fight much longer.

She gasps for air, causing her muscles to relax and allow his dick to penetrate into her at least 2 inches. It bursts her maidenhead like the thin skin of a modern balloon.

Virgin blood oozing down around his hot shaft.

Before she even stops her first wail of pain he thrusts upward, pushing himself two thirds into her swelling bleeding pussy.

He moans as he hunches her in short thrusts to prevent her getting him out.

She looks down into his hated face, a face twisted with lust and cruelty.

Another cry as he turns the swing again, making her turn around on that mean shaft, feeling it tear what little remains of her hymen away, the blood making her slick letting him slide in and out of her freely now.

Another half turn and she feels him bury his dick deep inside her. He grunts and thrusts hard now. His dick stretching and opening her body. So much pain, stinging with each hard deep thrust. She is dizzy, on the verge of fainting from the pain, fear and anguish.

He is grunting, moaning and thrusting hard and fast. He is trying to tear her apart. His hands no longer on the swing but gripping her hips, then fighting her hands to grab and squeeze her left breast hard.

Her mind a red sheet of pain, she hears him groan louder and his thrust pushing deep inside her, holding himself there as he bucks against her pussy. She can feel herself getting so wet inside. She realizes he is pumping his cum, his hated seed into her body. Fouling her with his lust and breeding her to bear his child.

He grabs her and the swing. Twisting her back and forth. It hurts so bad as his shaft moves inside her almost spinning pussy. She screams in pain. Almost fainting. Her face contorted in horror. Harder and harder he pounds himself into her and grunts and gasps as her pussy rotates back and forth around his sopping shaft.

Suddenly he slumps. He stops moving the swing and just lays there. His dick buried to his balls inside her. She shifts enough to make it slide out, popping it out of her. The feeling of relieve making her sigh loudly.

She looks down. He smiles up at her, his face a mask of complete evil. She screams at him, 'You bastard'! 'I will kill you for this'! 'My kinsmen will cut you into little pieces for this act of complete savagery'!

He begins to laugh at her. This makes her even more angry. So angry she spits on him. Would love to bite his nose or fingers off.

He laughs, telling her, 'That was the best pussy I have ever had my Lady'. 'You were indeed a virgin and now you are my woman, my slave and I will keep you for awhile'. 'You have other areas of pleasure for me to deflower and use'. 'As to your kinsmen taking revenge on me, killing me for taking your honor, I will give them a chance shortly'. 'I plan to tarry here with you for a few days then we march on your next fortress'. 'Before I am finished I will have my foot on the neck of your kinsmen and you will be allowed to watch'. 'Perhaps by then you will not be so proud and defiant'. 'You have known a man for the first time but I promise you before this day and night are finished you will know this man more than you can even dream'.

He puts a cloth rag under her. Stares at the bloody cum that drips off and out of her onto the rag.

He steps close, grabbing her arms in a grip of steel. He wipes his cock on her left breast that sticks through the cruel webbing. His cum and her blood on it. Now on her. He is marking her. Making her his as a male animal would mark his territory and show ownership of the females within his territory.

Smiling at her face. Enjoying her pain and discomfort. He grabs her face in his two hands. Kisses her mouth hard. She snarls and tries to bite him but he releases her and laughs.

He goes to the corner, picks up the chamber pot and stands in front of her. Forcing her to watch him relieve himself. Finished he smiles, spins her swing higher then sitting the pot under her and lowering her body onto it.

'You can make yourself comfortable'. 'I will leave you for awhile'. 'I will return to continue our little tryst but first I wish to set plans in motion for completing the conquest of your country'.

She snarls and calls him every vile name she can think of but ends up sobbing at the end. She knows her fate is sealed. Her life now completely his to keep or end at his slightest whim.

He throws on his robe and goes out the door, slamming it and locking it behind him.

She scans the room. There is a barred window, a large wooden bed, a table with a water pitcher and a metal bowl.

His clothing and armor in one corner. His mail shirt, breeches, boots. She sees his bloody ax leaning against the wall beside his shield. A big rounded square thing with the same red demon face as his helmet makes him appear. The helmet a bronze and iron thing that hides most of his face. Two long sharp horns on either side. She would cross herself if she could. She is surely in the hands of a demon from Satan's hell.

There is a short sword and a dagger laying in their sheaths on the floor.

Her ripped dress and shoes are on the floor just inside the door. That was where he stripped her then forced her into his cruel web mesh.

She takes her comfort on the pot. It helps some to be able to rest her weight on something other than the mesh webbing. It feels good to relieve herself. She hurts but the pain is ebbing a little. She is able to shift her body a little. Relieving the places where the web was cutting into her skin so painfully.

She turns herself a little, lowering more in hope the slack in the rope and webbing will allow her to work herself free. She almost gets her left arm free but breaks down and cries when she hears the door lock turning knowing he has returned.

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