3some Never Forgotten

3some Never Forgotten

A Threesome Never to be Forgotten
My wife and I have been married 25 years and even though we’re both in our late 40s, people often compliment us on how young we look. Working out has always been a part of our daily routine and the side benefit of increasing our sexual stamina is something that has allowed for long sessions of sucking, fucking, and licking.

Like most husbands, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to see my wife suck and fuck another man. Me joining in after watching for a time has always been part our fantasy. Our sex sessions usually start with light petting then move on to my rubbing and sucking on her still perky 34c tits. Not too large but her nipples grow nice and hard in no time. After a few minutes of enjoying myself we usually will position ourselves with me kneeling on the bed and her lying on a 7-inch “helper” as she takes me in her mouth – making my dick grow and grow and grow. She has become an expert cocksucker over the many years of our marriage. When she licks the length of my dick and then sucks on my balls it makes me grow longer and harder. While she slurps on my dick I tell her how hot her ass looks squeezing on “that dick”. By this time she’s going crazy!

We continue this way until her groans quicken and she finally comes all over the hardness between her pussy lips rubbing against her clit. We’ve always known that this would only be a fantasy, as neither one of us had the guts to through with an actual three way – or so we thought.

One night we decided to go out and have a couple of drinks and dance a little. We ended up at a nightclub that was very dimly lit, filled with people drinking, talking, and enjoying each other’s company. After a couple of margaritas, we were feeling pretty good. As our inhibitions where peeled away little by little, my wife started dancing more and more provocatively – getting the attention of some men standing nearby.

Upon returning to our booth, I excused myself to go to the men’s room and told my wife that, if she had the guts, to flirt with one of the guys that had been looking at us, maybe something would happen tonight. Well, by the time I got back to the table this dark haired, five o’clock shadowed young man in his early twenties was seated across the table from her. She introduced me to Greg as I sat down on her left. Our booth was in a very obscure part of the club and very little light shown where we were. After a couple of rounds and feeling no pain, I motioned with my head to Greg to move over to Lorraine’s right side. He looked at me with a “are you sure” look and I repeated the motion. With that he slid over and we both nestled up close. I could tell that my wife was getting excited as she had placed her hand on my thigh and was now squeezing it with an unconscious pressure.

I moved my left hand under her blouse and start playing with her left tit. She gave out a sigh as I lightly rubbed her now very erect nipple. Greg was taking all this in. I again motioned to him – this time to follow my lead. In no time he had my wife’s right tit in his right hand as her head fell back enjoying both of our massage. Then, I saw Greg lower his hand down to her lap. As his hand made its way up her skirt, I could tell when it had reached her now throbbing pussy. The way she looked at me told me that she was in heaven.

As we continued to feel my wife up in front of the crowd (that didn’t have clue of what we were doing), I could see Greg’s arm moving faster and with longer strokes. I knew Lorraine was enjoying his finger fucking her hot pussy. At this point my dick is throbbing and I’m sure, like Greg’s, trying to burst frees. I leaned over and whispered into her ear to put her hands on each of our cocks. She looked at me questioningly. I nodded in approval. Her hands slid over our legs, stopping on our crotches, and started massages both of our dicks. I couldn’t stand it any longer, unzipped my pants, and pulled out my 8” cock. Greg saw me and followed suit. So, now I’ve got her left tit in my hand, Greg’s finger is fucking my wife’s pussy, and she’s kneading both our cocks.

After a few minutes of this, Lorraine’s hand job started to become more intense and I knew she was close to cumming. Within seconds, her head started to bob back & forth and now she is cumming. And cumming. And cumming. Her grasp on my cock loosens after awhile as she leans back in the booth seat composing herself. Greg brings his hand up from underneath and shows us his cum covered fingers. Then he started licking them, enjoying one finger’s worth of love juice at a time.

I moved my hand down to her pussy that is now sopping wet. As I gently massage her mons, she looks over at me with this expression of contentment and desire for more. She’s started to massage our dicks again and I lean over and whisper in her ear to go down on Greg if she wants. Her look said it all. She rolled over on top of Greg and kissed him. I heard her tell him to lay back and enjoy what she was about to do to him. She then wriggled down his body until her head was even with his now visible 9” meat. Not only was his dick longer than mine but it was about an inch thicker. As Lorraine looked at his cock in her hand, I could tell she was going to enjoy sucking this guy’s dick.

With her lips parted and as she looked up at me, I saw my wife lower her head and Greg’s cock head disappeared into her mouth. Soon I was watching my wife licking the length of him, periodically moving all the way down to roll one of his balls into her mouth. In moments she was completely involved with this guy’s cock. I could hear her slurping as she moved up and down the distance of his shaft, sucking him deep into her throat on every second or third stroke.
In a matter of seconds I saw Greg’s face tighten as his cock started filling my wife’s mouth with his cum. She continued sucking, gulping him as he shot load after load. She pulled his dick out of her mouth as he shot his last ribbon and it landed across her cheek. She looked so hot. Cum dripping from the side of her mouth and cum across her face. I could not stand it any longer and suggested that we go out to our van. Greg nodded in agreement. We gathered ourselves and made our way outside.

As we walked to the van, Lorraine gave me a hug and told me that she could hardly wait to have both of us in her at the same time. Once in the van, Greg sat in one of the back captain chairs and I in the other. Lorraine wasted no time. She had my cock in her mouth and was eagerly feeding on it. Soon Greg had taken his pants completely off and once again his cock grew to it’s full length. The head, now clearly visible, was larger than the shaft and mushroomed out creating a lip that was quite large. Now, Lorraine had both of our cocks in her hands transferring her hot mouth between the two of us.

Then she said that she needed a dick in her pussy. I nodded to her to go for Greg’s. We quickly stripped her of her clothes. She placed one leg on either side of him, spread her legs, grabbed his hard cock close to its base, and rubbed her cunt with it. Then, I saw his huge hard head separate her lips as she slid it partially in. She stood there moving it gently further into her steaming pussy. Deeper and deeper I saw his dick disappear. As she moved up his shaft, I could see the skin of her inner pussy being pulled out as it hugged it. This guy’s cock was really stretching her. It didn’t take long before she was riding the full length of his love juice covered dick. As she rode for all she was worth, he kneaded and sucked on her tits.

After a few minutes of this, I stood up and positioned myself so that she could suck my raging hard-on as she continued to fuck this guy. Here was my wife with my dick in her mouth, fucking on this 9” cock and moaning in ecstasy like I’ve never before heard.

Then, all of a sudden she took my cock out of her mouth and said she wanted me to fuck her in her ass while Greg fucked her pussy. Well, having fucked my wife’s ass only twice in our marriage, I was to say the least surprised and more than willing. I went up to the front and took a tube of KY out of our “travel kit”. Greg had reclined his chair almost all the way as Lorraine continued riding his dick slowly but intently. I lubed my cock and added a dab to her ass hole. I slid my finger inside as she welcomed the intrusion. As I slid deeper I could feel Greg’s dick. Wow, what a sensation.

I got closer and pulled the skin of my cock back as I inched my dick into her hot hole. I got my head in and waited for her to accustom to both our cocks in her. After a few seconds, she pushed back towards me taking more of my length. I made my way about three quarters of the way in and could now feel Greg’s hardness between the thin membrane of her sopping pussy and ass. Soon we had this rhythm going that seemed to have us moving as one. What a feeling! I’m now stroking my entire cock up my wife’s hot ass, my balls slapping gently against her and Greg’s balls. After a few minutes, I felt Greg’s legs tense followed by him saying “I’m gonna cum”. And cum he did. It seemed as if his cock grew even bigger as he filled my wife’s pussy with load after load of his hot semen. By all rights, I should have cum also. But, I for some reason I felt like I could go on this way all night.

As Greg pulled out of her dripping pussy, Lorraine said to me “please don’t stop” – so I continued sliding my cock in and out of her tight slippery love hole. Greg had moved over to the other chair and just sat watching us. After what seemed only a matter of a few minutes, I looked over at Greg and noticed him stroking a cock that seemed to be coming alive once again. Ah, to be in my 20’s again. At my age, I can go for about an hour before cuming. But, once I cum, I’m pretty well spent for the night.

After a few more minutes of fucking my wife’s ass, Greg stood up and next to me positioning his dick right in front of my face. I knew he wanted me to put it in my mouth but I had never sucked a cock before and had to think for a while if I really wanted to do this. Between the heavy scent of sex in the air, my wife moaning in pleasure at my stroking and the heat of the moment, I decided tonight would be the night. I looked up at him and nodded for him to come closer. Once within range, I opened my mouth and accepted his large veined monster. It was a strange yet wonderful sensation. His dick was warm and soft, yet hard. Soon, I was really getting into it. I found the feel of his large mushroomed head going in my mouth and to the back part of my throat to be quite a turn-on. We must have been quite a sight, if I could have only taped this!

Then all of a sudden he removed his cock from my mouth and went for the KY. For a moment I thought he was going to come back in for seconds of Lorraine’s hot and aching pussy. But, he had other ideas. He spread some lube on his dick and then positioned himself behind me. The next thing I felt was my ass cheeks being spread and the slippery coldness of the lube on my hole. Wow! Was this guy going to fuck me? He slid his finger in and out, lubing my canal; I couldn’t believe how good this felt! I’ve never considered myself gay but this was really getting me hot. He pulled his finger out and then I felt the tip of his huge cock head up against my hole. I tried to relax as much as I could knowing that it would only make his entry easier for both of us.

As I relaxed, I felt the pressure increase against my asshole until he was in. He pulled out a little then pushed forward again, this time going deeper. I couldn’t believe I was getting fucked in the ass, as I was fucking my wife’s ass. Before I knew it, the up and down strokes of my cock in Lorraine had helped his cock slide deeper into me. And, soon I had this guy’s entire length up my ass. I could feel his balls slapping against me as I slapped my balls against Lorraine. As my in stroke was completed and I started my outstroke, he would ram me with his hard dick. Pretty soon we were again moving in sync. The pleasure was extremely intense. After a few minutes of this Lorraine yelled out “I’m going to cum!” Our pace picked up, as Greg and I seemed to be on the verge as well. Then I felt Lorraine’s ass pulsate on my cock and I knew she was cuming. I fucked her for all I was worth as Greg continued to fuck my now slick willing ass. I felt him tense and then spurts of his hot sperm shoot up me. I could hold out no longer. My cock started erupting, spewing load after load of my pent up spunk into my wife’s asshole.

We came and came and came. Then Greg pulled his thick cock out of me, some of his cum oozing out my ass with it. He dropped back into the rear seat of the van just as I pulled my dick out of Lorraine. She turned to me with a look of extreme delight on her face. We sat for a few minutes saying nothing – kind of just basking in the last of the experience. Then Greg said that he really had to go. We exchanged numbers and as my wife gave him a passionate goodbye kiss that seemed to emit a “thank you”, Greg left. Lorraine and I just sat in the van for a while – recovering. Then she said, “I can’t believe how many times I came. We have to do this again, honey”. I agreed and started thinking of how I could put it together.
We've had two encounters since.

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