A day at work

A day at work

I had worked at this hospital for about 5 years and was one of only 3 guys working third shift. The hospital ran 3 eight hour shifts and 2 two hour shifts to cover the reporting time and to help rap things up from the last shift and get things going on the next shift.

It was a slow night and me and my Nurse aid where doing our rounds on our unit. It was a small unit and there where just the two fo us working the 13 bed unit. We had been friends for a while and where both in bad marrages.

The two of us worked together a lot and we were always talking about our bad marrages. One night out of the blue we got to talking about sex and how neither I nor her had had sex in quite a while. Any way all of our patients were sleeping and I got really bold and asked if she would like to go into an empty room and mess around.

She declined saying that it was not proper to do that at work. I thought to my self well at least she did not decline. As the night went on we had began to flirt a little more than usual. After our second set of rounds for the night I was going to go take my lunch in the break room just off the unit. I went to our units breakroom and opened my locker.

Inside my locker there was a note from her and it told me to look in the bathroom there in the breakroom inside the lined drawer. I went and opened up the linen draw and inside of that there was a digital camera.

As I turned the digital camera to veiw the pictures I got the shock of my life. There she was naked as ever. She had taken the picture throuhg the mirror. I was very suprised at what I saw. Her body was almost flawless. She had perfect C tits and a very nicely trimmed pussy with just a short little hair trail leading upwards. I looked at this picture and started to become aroused. Thinking for a second I took down my pants and removed my scrub top and snapped a quick picture and then got dressed and went to eat my lunch.

All through lunch I could not get the image out of my head. So I hurried up and got done and returned to work early. I handed her camera back to her and she said thank you did you like my pictures. I said yes they were very nice. Then I told her she could go take her lunch and maybe she might want to look at her pictures agian. She looked at me kind of funny and said ok see you in 30. I said okay and off she went.

About 5 minutes later she returnd and gave me a big kiss on the lips and said come with me. I followed her to the break room and she shut the door. Now keep in mind we are the only 2 on this unit. I turned on the call bell alarm so as if a call light went off We could hear it. I turned around and there she was starting to take off her scrubs. I was practically drooling as I saw her white lace bra covering her almost perfect C tits. Her panties were also lace, see through tongs. Man she looked good she was about 5'6" Brown hair, Green mysterious eyes, and probably weighed 150 to 160 lbs. She looked hot. She came towards me and we started making out.

I reached up and ran my hands all over her succulent body. As she pulled off my top and slowly starteed working her way down wards slowly kissing me all over. When she got to my belly button she started to pull down my pants and I was in heaven. She started sucking and licking my dick slowly taking time out to suck on my balls. It felt so good I thought I was going to cum and pulled her up.

I picked her up and layed her on the break table and removed her bra. There was those nice tits looking back at me with these nipples that were lightly brown rock hard little numbers. I bent down and started kissing her and worked my way down to her neck. She really liked that because her breath started picking up and she moaned a little. I continuted down to her tits where I paused and took them into my hand those perfect C tits. I dove in and attacked her nipples as if they where mine for the taking.

I then worked my way down to her stomach kissing her all over and started removing her panties when what happend a call light started going off I told here to wait there I would og get it and be right back. I threw on my scrubs and ran down the hall. The only thing the patient wanted was some more water so I got it and ran back down there as fast as I could.

When I opened the door much to my suprise she was laying there on the table masterbating. This really turned me on. I shut the door and threw off my shirt and dove into her pussy. She tasted very sweet. I started by licking her around her outer lips and then moving in ward towards her clit. Not knowing how she liked it I started out soft and slow and after a few minutes she told me faster and harder so I pressed my face into her muff and went to town. By this time she was very wet and thrusting her pussy into my face with every flicker of my tongue on her clit.

The next thing I know I am tasing all of her sweet juices flowing into my mouth I lapped it all up. She then told me she wanted me inside her so I took off my pants and started to insert myself in to her. I got the heade in and she told me to stop. I stoped and she put me on the table and started sucking my dick again. She took me all in I could feel my thick 7" cock slide down her throat as she slammed her face into my pelvic bone over and over again.

After about 5 to 10 minutes I could not keep tract she climbed on top of me and slowly lowered herself on to my cock. She went slow and I could feel every little curve of her. She got it all the way in and started grinding slowly at first and then sped up as we progressed. The with out warning she started to moan OOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhh yeeeaaahhhh. I started to swell up and knew I was going to blow I said I am going to cum and she said I want you to cum in my ass.

I turned her over and slammed my cock into her tight little pick ass hole. She reached under her self and started massaging her clit. She was moaning hard as I kept slamming my cock in the nice little ass. My dick swelled up and I know I was going to cum. "I'm cuuuummming" I said and she impaled herself on me fully.

We got up and put our scrubs back on and gave eachother a kiss. Now 1 year later we still get together sometimes at work other times in the morning after we get off.

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