A Night In White Satin

A Night In White Satin

It was one of those hot sweltering July days. You know the ones I mean. The kind that makes you not want to wear clothes. But I work in a law firm, so I had on "the uniform". You know the one I mean, The tan (it is summer after all) suit, white blouse. My one variation had been the shoes. I had on these little strappy high heeled sandals. The kind my grandmother would have called scandalous. In college we called them Fuck Me Sandals. So my feet were the only part of me that were cool. I would have loved to be able to take off my clothes and feel free, but, it being the middle of the day, that wouldn't be "appropriate behavior". In this office anyway. But on some secluded tropical beach, with a waterfall and a gentle breeze blowing over my naked body, a strong handsome, naked man rubbing oil all over me, caressing my ample glistening breasts with his strong fingers……….

"Package for you, A.J."

I jumped. I had been so lost in thought I hadn't seen David, our mail clerk even come near my desk. "That must have been some daydream", he said, "You're all flushed." It's the heat" I replied. "Yeah, everybody looks that way in this weather" he said with that "I'll bet" tone in his voice. I blushed even deeper. "Thank you for bringing this to me", I said as he walked off to the next cubicle. Smart ass teenager. Actually great assed teenager. OK, he really wasn't a teenager either, a soccer player at the local university. He was blond, tanned, with the body of an athlete. The boss's nephew, cousin, some relation we couldn't figure out. He'd been hired for the summer and every secretary in the building had been imaging him in his little tiny shorts….or less. Even me. I watched his tight little ass walking down the corridor and wondered if he was as limber in bed as he was on the soccer field. What am I thinking! I have shoes his age. I looked down at the package he'd left on my desk. Strange. No return address. I shook the package. No rattling, so I guess it's not a bomb. What's this written on it.

"For Your Eyes Only- Private".

Who would send me a package like this? Private, huh? Well, I guess I can use the conference room to see what's inside…

"Miss Jones?".

This time I immediately recognized the voice. Oh great, what did the boss want now. "Can you fax these out for me? It needs to go out by 5pm or we risk blowing this whole deal." What's this WE shit, kimosabe?, I thought to myself. "It's 4:30 now! There's 15 people this needs to go to." I said. "I know it's an inconvenience, but it's really imperative that…" The droning speech started. You know the one about being a team player and all that other bullshit. Hey pal, I've got big plans for the evening. It's going to be me curled up on my couch with Mel Gibson. OK, me, a bowl of popcorn and my cotton nightie with Mel Gibson. "Not a problem, sir." I said. By the time I finished with person number 15, whose stupid fax wouldn't answer for 2 hours, it was dark outside. I still hadn't opened my package. Since know one was around, I thought, I'll open it here. Inside the box was a gorgeous white satin teddy and a lacy robe. Wow, would have been an understatement.

"Do you like it ?," a voice behind me said.

My heart damn near jump out of my chest. It was David. He was wearing his shorts now and looked like he had been at practice. The sweat kind of glistened on him as he stood there. It had a musky smell to it and made my nipples swell under my blouse. "Jesus, you scared me! What are you still doing here?," I asked. "I knew the old man had you working late, so I came back to see if you'd opened it, make sure you liked it and it fit," he said. No sound of nervousness in that response at all. Almost as if he had expected it.

"It's beautiful," I said, my voice catching in my throat.

"Why don't you try it on?," he said.


"Try it on."

Not a request this time. A little more urgency to it.

"Here!? Right now?" I stammered.

"Sure, no one's around. I always like to see if my gift matches up with the lady." Confident, self – assured, cocky.


Like he thinks I'm going to get undressed in front of him. Hmm, interesting. I could hear my mother in the back of my head saying "Alicia Jane! What the hell are you thinking! OK, granted he has the body of a Greek god, but is that any reason to get naked in front of him? At work?" "We can always go to the conference room, if that would be more comfortable for you." He's seducing you! Why in the world does he think this will work. Granted, I am hornier that the 7th Fleet on shore leave in Subic Bay, but… "Yes, I think that would be better." Oh my God, did I just say that!?.

David took my arm and led me down the hallway to the conference room. It was one of those standard issue corporate rooms with a large round wooden table and several leather chairs. He closed and locked the door behind us and dimmed the lights in the room.

"Go ahead, try it on."

This whole thing was becoming unreal. Part of me wanted to run out of the room and the other wanted to be taken right there. That part was winning.

"Only if you join me." Hah, two can play this game! "You first." So much for that. It's been a while since I took my clothes off in front of a male. Unless you count my dog. I wasn't even sure where to begin. It must have shown, for David suddenly said "Your jacket is always a good place to start." With that he pulled a leather swivel chair out from the table and sat down to watch me. I slowly removed my jacket and draped it over a chair. I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I wasn't wearing pantyhose. It had been too hot for that. I fumbled with the buttons on my blouse. "Would you like some help?" Nervously I answered "Yes." David crossed the room and began unbuttoning my blouse. The feel of a his hands stiffened my nipples even further. "There you go," he said and walked back to his chair . The short sleeve blouse fell off my shoulders and landed softly behind me. I was now standing in front of this hunk of a man in my black lace panties, bra and my FMSs. "Those will have to come off, too. Keep the shoes on." he added. "I seem to be doing all the undressing here," I breathlessly said, "when does the equal time start?" David stood and remove his shirt. Tanned, tight muscles were revealed in the dim lighting.

"How's that?"

"Just fine" I stammered. "Please continue. I'm enjoying the view."

"Tell you what," he said, "I'll turn around so you can put on the teddy, then I'll finish. Fair enough?"

Oh yeah, I thought, very. He turned around and I slipped my now wet panties down my legs and unhooked my bra. My breasts were swollen with the anticipation of seeing him naked and imaging his touch on them. I reached in the box and took out the teddy and put it on. That's when I realized that it had no crotch. I had never worn anything like this before. The feel of the fabric and the openness of the crotch raised my horniness level several notches….

Ok, fine. It blew it off the scale. "What do you think?" I asked nervously.

David turned around in the chair and a big smile crossed his face. "It definitely matches the lady". I blushed like some fictional virgin in the romance novels. "Your turn", I said. With that, David removed his shoes and his shorts. He was tanned all over and had the biggest cock I had ever seen. "Now, what do you think," he asked with a smile.

"I think I'd like that in my mouth."

David sat down in the chair as I crossed the room. I had never seen a cock that big and didn't really know if it would fit in my mouth. I knelt down on the floor in front of him and gently took that cock in my hands. I stroked it gently, but firmly, teasing the tip of it with my tongue as he moaned softly. I put my lips over the enormous head and slid it into my mouth. It fit. Exquisitely it fit. I sucked slowly on the head, gently easing more of it into my mouth until I had about half of it in. David reached down to the front of the teddy and began to squeeze my breasts through the fabric. The sensation was incredible. He eased the straps down off my shoulders to expose my nipples, which he rolled around on his fingertips. Shock waves coursed through me. It had been so long since I'd felt the sensation of a man's hands on my body. He stopped playing with my breasts and suddenly grabbed the back of my hair and pulled me up toward him. He kissed me deeply with a slow burning intensity. My whole body was on fire and he hadn't even touched me there…yet.

"Lay back on the table. I have something I want to do." Oh please do. I laid down of the cold wooden table. The shock of the cold against my warm skin caused me to gasp. David smiled at me and said "I think you're going to like this." Was that ever an understatement. For someone so young, he had the most talented tongue I'd ever felt. He gently spread my outer lips and with his tongue began searching for my clit. He found it!! Oh, God did he find it. He licked my clit slowly then built in speed and intensity. My hips began to rock back and forth, trying to match the rhythm of his tongue. My breath was coming in short bursts and so was I. I wrapped my legs over his shoulder so that his tongue could go in deeper. Then, he did the most amazing thing. He started using his tongue like a cock. He was tongue fucking me like there was no tomorrow. I was writhing on the table like I was possessed. While his tongue felt great, what I wanted was his stiff cock in me. I couldn't wait any longer. "Oh David. Take me with that big cock now. Please !" "Anything the lady desires", he said. Well, the lady desires to be fucked, thank you very much.

He stood up so that his cock was at the same height as my pussy. He gently eased my legs up and apart and with one smooth strong thrust, he was inside me. The feeling was intense. My girlfriend once described it like sitting on a watermelon. Well this one was ripe. He plunged into me slowly. My first orgasm hit me like a tidal wave, starting in my toes and exploding, quite loudly out of my mouth. Oh my , this was great. He was being gentle with me and I was completely filled with his stiff throbbing cock. But I wanted to be fucked. "Fuck me harder" I cried. He did and began to plunge into me harder and faster. I was impaled on this beautiful cock.

"I want to sit on it, now, please!"I suddenly said. He helped me off the table with those strong arms and sat down in the swivel chair where he had been sitting before. I walked across the room and asked in my most innocent voice, "Excuse me sir, is this seat taken?" David laughed. I put my hands on those broad shoulders, planted my feet on the floor and plunged myself down on his massive cock. The feeling was amazing. I was completely and totally filled with cock. David pulled the teddy away from my breasts and grabbing them both in his strong hands, began licking the nipples teasingly. I was cumming..hard. I jumped up and down on his cock faster and the second wave broke over me. I looked down between my legs to see his slick cock sliding in and out of my equally slick pussy. Cum was flowing down his legs and onto the chair. My nipples had turned darker and I knew I was going to cum again.

"I want you from behind", David breathlessly said. He picked me up and place me faced down on the table. He positioned himself behind me and with one push was inside me. I let out a wail and the next series of orgasms rippled through me. David was pumping me harder and faster with each stroke and I could fell his orgasm building. I ground my hips back at him and began pumping furiously at his cock. I wanted be filled with cum. I wanted it to be dripping out of me. I wanted to feel… and suddenly David let out a moan and he came. My god, how he came. I felt the first hot sticky burst strike the inner walls of my pussy and then he just kept cumming. More cum than I had ever known anyone to have. His still stiff cock was sliding in my cum and his. I came again with a shudder and a loud moan and fell exhausted on the table. David collapsed on top of me and then fell back into the chair. "I take it you liked my gift", he said with this smug smile. Oh, most definitely. That night David and I curled up on my couch. Sorry, Mel.

Note from the author: This is part of what I hope is to become a group of stories concerning the character of Alicia Jane or A.J. as most everyone calls her. AJ's a late 30's something single woman living in the city. She lived through the 70's and now is just trying to survive the new millenium and the approching rendezvous with the dreaded 40th birthday. She and her best friend from college, Kiki run the funny, strange, sometime dangerous but fun dating ritual. Thank you for your time in reading this.

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