It’s so neat because no one knows I am doing it. I can sit at my desk and finger myself and no one is the wiser.

It all started with a sleep over at one of my friend’s house. I lay there as her boyfriend crawled in through the window. I pretended I was asleep and they started doing it right there in front of me. Although I couldn’t see anything I heard them and it made me feel wet and wild. I even wanted to go join them but knew I wasn’t ready for that. I started tickling my clit for a while and as they got louder I started penetrating myself deeper. One finger after another went inside of me until I was actually fisting myself. I did everything I could not to let out a scream.

With my newly found power I started watching and playing with myself more and more. I would find myself going out of my way finding sexy situations to get me wet.

I was bold and adventurous one morning and decided to head out for the local Adult Book Store. My intentions were to sit in a booth and watch some movies just to see if they would take me further. I noticed a hole in the wall and a man was standing on the other side. I tried to ignore him but something drew my eyes towards that hole. I walked over to it and looked through it to see what he was doing. He was jerking off to a video and that got me a bit excited but when he looked over and saw me watching him he moved closer, I panicked and ran out of the store.

The very next day I went to the bookstore again and went to that same booth. No one was there. I sat again and watched some more movies. I heard the door close and looked through the hole again. This time a man walked over to the hole and just stood there. I knew he didn’t see me so I waited watching. He unzipped his pants and let them drop to his knees. I kept watching and slowly started undoing my own pants. It was doing the trick. I was totally into myself when he put his cock through the hole I stared at it and the mad suddenly said” Come now it is why you are here so why don’t you take it”. While I had all my fingers into my pussy I started blowing the guy. Those only made me fist myself again. I was getting off on it big time.

I sucked him fast and hard. I took it all in my mouth and every time I did my fist pushed inside of me harder as well. He pulled it out of my mouth and finished all over the place. I couldn’t stop what I was doing but as soon as the man left another entered. I started blowing him as well. This continued for about three hours. I let out a scream and came myself.

My boyfriend makes fun of me calling me a nymph. We have sex almost three times a day. And he knows I finger myself a lot also. He doesn’t know that I like to watch others like a peeping tom. I sit at my window and watch the neighbors doing it and that gets me off but I need more. I had to think of better ways of getting off sexually.

I headed to the movies one night .and yes I was alone. I had been fucked three times by Jimmy but he knows I like new and inventive ways to satisfy my desires. He told me to head out to the theater and he will meet me later he had something to do. I went to the xxx theatre and sat upstairs in the balcony and waited for him. I felt his hands from behind me as he started reaching up my dress. His hands reached for my cunt and I placed mine on his. I started showing him where I needed his hands to go. I guided his fingers inside my hole and forced them inside of me. Once inside me I started working on my tits. I was feeling very sexual and opened my legs and he climbed on top of me and started fucking me hard. I had my eyes closed and went for the ride of my life. He was huge as he slid it in and for once in my life I was ready to cum before he was. “Oh my god, Fuck me baby fuck me” I said faster and faster as he did just as he was told. I opened my eyes to let him know I couldn’t hold back any more and saw it wasn’t him at all but a total stranger. I couldn’t stop.

I went home that night and as you may have guessed needed to play with my pussy some more. I can’t help it I must me sick or something to need it all the time. Its just who I am.

I told Jimmy what happened at the movies and he got mad at me. We fought but he called me later and we made up. He told me he would come over tonight but he needed me to drink so I would be ready for the surprise he had for me. I went out and bought a few bottles of vodka and started drinking it so I would be ready and waiting.

After eight o clock I was feeling no pain. Jimmy came home and saw me sitting there naked, drinking the last of the second bottle of vodka. He asked if I was ready for the surprise and I said “Yes Jimmy I am ready now show me my surprise”. He said first I should put one leg over each of the chair. I put one leg up and he smiled. Up went the other led spreading my pussy wide open. He asked me if it needed to be touched and I shook my head yes. He said I should start getting myself off while He went and brought in the surprise he had. I started putting my fingers in one at a time and my pussy felt great and my lips started swelling up as they covered with moisture. I wanted to wait for him but was so into it now. Round and round my hands went over my clit as I started moaning loudly as I usually do. Then in walks Jimmy with three of his friends. He asked me if I liked being fucked like a little slut. I didn’t stop what I was doing but just anticipated what was next for me.

One cock in my pussy as another went in my mouth. I was sucking it hard as the gut pounded me harder then I have ever needed it before. Jimmy sat there and watched as another entered me. They all took turns calling me names like whore, slut, bitch and cunt. I liked it and screamed for more. My god this is more then I have ever prayed for. One by one they fucked the shit out of me and I loved every minute of it. More I screamed. Jimmy opened the door and three more came into the room. They held me down and it all started all over again. One cock after another inside my juicy pussy as I screamed again and again. My god im am going to cum”. I said over and over as I swallowed cum and begged them not to stop.

Jimmy stood over me and said good bye. He walked through the door and never once looked back. I love sex ok? I need someone that will understand my needs. I write about sex and that even makes me want it more knowing you are reading this. I wrote the best seller "The Unleashing of Sara Miller. That is the story of my sexual life in whole. it is on the web somewhere. I don't care right now I need to relax in a nice hot bath and let my fingers do some walking.

I never saw Jimmy after that but will always love him for what he did for me.
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