After The Camping Trip

After The Camping Trip

i was 15 years old on that Colorado camping trip where i sucked those guys off. being that young, i had no idea how to tell some one that i liked doing that. but good thing for me, my friend's older brother mike, who lived down on the next block, made the first move.

we had just gotten back from Colorado and Paul and i were riding our bikes. it was a typical summer saturday in southern California, and most everybody in my nieghborhood were outside in shorts doing something or another. however, i was in my usual army clothes as i always was. Paul and i were riding past his brother's house when Mike called us over.

Mike was 23 and never did like me that much, but i was always bothing him about the Army. He spent some time in the service, and he was a regular customer at my dad's army surplus store. when we rode up into Mike's driveway, he was telling me how stupid i looked in all those clothes on such a hot day, when I took a look at his crotch. thats something i never did before that camping trip. Anyway, he had a nice buldge in his shorts and he caught me stairing at it.

thats when he gave Paul some money and told him to ride down to the store and bring back some soda's. I was going to go with him, but mike told me to stay because he wanted to talk to me. when paul left, mike came up to me and said, "i saw you stairing at my cock. you want to suck it, don't you?" I got a hard-on thinking about it and decided i didn't want to pass on that. so i told him, "yes"

i followed him inside where he took his shorts off and sat in his lazy boy chair. he spread his legs open and revealed his beautiful balls. they were tight and perfectly round, and sat perfect with his big beautiful dick. i told him how sexy i thought his cock was and got down on my knees between his open legs.

i began to lick his balls and with every lick, i got more excited. i couldn't stop. i wanted to lick and suck on him forever. i spent a good while licking his balls, and i was so into it, that i forgot all about paul. i didn't know he had come into the back door and saw me sucking off his older brother. i licked and sucked on his balls and cock for a good long hour before i was swallowing every drop of sweet cum he had.

when i was done, i told him how much i loved the taste of his cum and that i wanted to do that on a regular basis if he would let me. he said he would let me know when he wanted a blow job. once outside, paul played it off like he saw nothing or knew nothing. but when we got back to my house, he told me he saw me. so i offered to blow him to keep the secrete, and of coarse, he excepted and loved getting his dick sucked.

after that, i blew both of them on a regular basis. never at the same time though. And Mike had me blow some of his friends, and there also was others, but that is a different story.

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