Amanda's first time

Amanda's first time

I was 16 when I met Amanda. I had recovered from a breakup with my last girlfriend, and I was looking for someone when a friend of mine put the idea of dating her. I had known who she was but we never really talked. When I finally got up the courage to ask her out, she had said yes. We dated for about a year, and we were each others firsts. We had sex for the first time after about 3 months of dating, but her first anal, that was a different story.

We saw each other at school everyday, and jung out as much as we could. On Sundays, we would spend the day together. Not having cars, we just spent the day in her basement, watching tv and having sex. Her parents were really cool and always left us alone. Anal sex was always something that I enjoyed, either in my older brothers porno movies or mags. We had been having sex for some time when I started thinking about how much I would like to have anal sex with her. But how could I approach her with that? I had no way of even attempting to bring it up without fear of getting dumped or embarrased.

One day, we were in her basement. We were watching tv, holding each other, when we started making out. We started to move things to a more adult direction. I put my hands under her shirt, and undid her bra, freeing her C cup tits. I placed my hands on them, slowly massaging them, while she undid my belt. After a while, I took of her shirt and started sucking on her tits. She moaned in pleasure while I did so. As I did this, I began rubbing her pussy on the outside of her jeans. She squirmed under my touch. She immediatly moved and took of my shirt. I undid her pants and pulled them down, leaving her only in her bikini panties. I began to rub her ass as well.
"I love your ass. You have a great ass," I told her. She was always self conscious about it. I loved the sight of her in nothing but her panties. She pulled my pants down, and took of my boxers. I moved down from her tits, and moved to hot pussy. I moved my hand under her panties, and began to finger her.

"Unnghh, yeah, that feels good. Don't stop." She wiggled under my touch. I inserted another finger inside her and she squirmed more. "YES! That feels so good. Keep fingering my pussy." I moved her panties aside, and began licking her pussy. She had to bit her lip to keep from screaming. "MHHFFMF! UNGH! YEAH!," she cried through muffled lips. I worked my tongue in and around her pussy, licking and nibbling her clit as she moved under me.

"My turn!" She moved quickly and told me to lie down. She began kissing my chest and moving down slowly towards my cock. She began to lick my shaft as I moaned in ecstasy. I moved her brown hair aside I watched her work on my dick. Her blue eyes stared back at my like a porn star. She was good. She put her lips on my cock and began sucking. Up and down. It felt so good, I didn't want it to stop. It was so good, and then she began playing with my balls. That felt even better. But what was really good was her tight ass was pointed up in the air. As she sucked my dick, her ass moved so seductivly I felt my self wanting to be near it. I pulled her towards me, and told her to lie down.

As she lay on her stomach, I climbed on her back. I began to massage her back. My ulterior motive, however was to attempt to move my dick towards that great ass. How I wanted to stick it between her hot ass! I moved slowly down, trying to position my self. But then she said "My turn." I got off of her, and let her get on my back, and she began to massage me. It felt good, feeling her hot, lithe body on me. After a few minutes, I told her, " I'm not done. Lie back down." She lay back down, and I placed my self lower than I had before. I moved until I had my cock between those perfect ass cheeks. YES! It felt so good I wanted to fuck her ass right there. Then she said something to me I'll never forget. With my dick between her cheeks, she moved to sit back on my dick, placing it between her ass, pressing against her tight asshole, and said " I just want to sit right here for a few minutes." I began to rub her ass again, and said "I told you you have a great ass." What she said next was even better. She got off me, got on her hands and knees, and looked over her shoulder, and said "Well what are you going to do about it?" SCORE!!!! SHE WANTED IT TOO! I quickly moved behind her and began to press my cock against her ass hole. It went in slowly, and she moaned in pleasure.

"More," she said.

"You like that, baby?"

"Yes, fuck my ass deep!"

I moved my cock deeper into her ass, and she moaned and squirmed under my touch. It felt so good, being in her tight virgin ass, moaning underneath me, pushing her ass back against my thrusting cock. She took to buttfucking like a pornstar. She lay down on her stomach, and I got back on top of her. This time, my cock went in in long, deep slide. "UNGH!" she moaned. I began to pump her ass fast and deep.

After a few minutes of this heaven, I said "I'm going to cum."

"Go ahead, baby. Cum in my ass. Do it. Fill my ass with your hot cum."

I released my seed in her no longer virgin ass, thrusting all the while. It felt so good to do it, after all that time. As we finished and cleaned up, she told me that she had been wanting to do that for a long time. After that, we made anal sex a regular part of our repertoire. And it was great.

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