An unexpected initiation

An unexpected initiation

It was a vacation I was looking forward to. I loved going to my cousins’ place and spending time there. Sue, Lilian and Anna always had things to do lined up, parties to go to and great chilling-out ideas.

I had always been there with my Mom before. This was the first time I was going alone; after all I was 18 years old now and wanted my independence. Anna was the same age as I; Sue and Lilian were non-identical twins 2 yrs older to us. Aunt Megan was a great sport and she loved having folks over. Uncle Vince was away with his work most of the time and we girls had had great times together right from childhood.

About the only thing I was not terribly excited about, was their 3 large dogs…… Napo, Presto and Bertie. It was not that I was scared of dogs; I tolerated them but I was not very fond of them like my cousins were. They loved them to bits and the 3 dogs were treated almost like humans around that house. They were all big animals.

Napo was a big bull mastiff, almost 5 ft tall with a huge head. On one of my earlier visits when I was about 13 or 14 years old, I remembered him knocking me down easily a couple of times when we were playing “Fetch”. He must have been 110 lbs easy.

Presto was a beautiful Great Dane with a coat as smooth as silk and a graceful air. He was a favorite around the house and always got the best crumbs. He was almost human and I could have sworn that he smiled sometimes and there was a twinkle in his eye when he wanted to play some mischief.

Bertie was a huge German shepherd, almost the size of a large wolf. He was quite aggressive with folks who he didn’t know but a lamb once you got to know him well. To strangers, he looked like someone you certainly wouldn’t want to mess with.

I arrived there tired at 6:30 PM after a cramped 8 hr ride in the Interstate bus and was very happy to see that all 3 of my cousins were there to meet me. Many hugs and kisses later, we got into their Accord and Lilian drove us home. The moment we parked the car in the garage, all 3 dogs who were loose in the front-lawn jumped on me with excited barks. I wasn’t exactly thrilled but Sue and Liliana laughed their heads off at my discomfiture and then took pity on me, and called the dogs away. We got my bags and walked through the back of the garage directly into their kitchen. Aunt Megan was there and she was happy to see me too.

She had cooked a yummy spread in my honour or at least that’s what she told me. We all exchanged family news and gossip and had a great time at dinner. I was glad I had come to spend time with my cousins again. I was surprised though to see all 3 dogs roaming loose in the house and asked Sue if they didn’t have a doghouse in the backyard or somewhere where the dogs stayed. She told me that they preferred having them in the house and that “they were darlings”.

The house had 3 bedrooms upstairs with the twins sleeping in one and Anna having her own which she was going to share with me. After dinner, we went upstairs and I was again taken aback to find the dogs galloping up the stairs behind us. Napo walked into the master bedroom as if he was used to it and so did Bertie into the twins’ bedroom and Presto into Anna’s. Lilian laughed at my nervous quizzical look and said, “They always sleep in our bedrooms, one in each”.

We all gathered in Anna’s room after the girls had changed into their pjs. We watched a DVD of “The Fockers” on her cool new portable DVD player and then chatted the evening away till I could no longer stifle my tired yawns. Aunt Megan at once shooed the twins out of the room and kissed me goodnight. She once again said how happy she was that I had come to stay.

I decided I would unpack in the morning and since I was used to sleeping in a long tee and panties, I just stripped off my jeans and shirt and got into the knee length long tee. I barely managed to brush my teeth and take a pee before I fell into bed and was almost instantly asleep.

I woke up with a start because I thought I could feel something nuzzling between my legs and my panties feeling sticky and wet. In my sleep, I had kicked off the bedclothes and my tee had ridden up over my tummy so my panties were exposed. I realized with a shock that it was their great dane Presto sniffing my crotch and his long tongue was licking the outside of my cotton panties. They were already wet from his slobber and I could feel that my pussylips were stuck to the panties. I screamed and almost kicked at him as I sat bolt upright. My reaction must have scared Presto because he barked and jumped back himself. As he jumped back on his hindlegs, I got a glimpse of a pink pointed thing protruding maybe a couple of inches from the furry sheath under his belly. I didn’t give it a second thought at that time because I was shaking.

My scream woke up Anna and she asked me what the hell had happened. I was trembling as I told her what I had woken up to. For a second I thought she smiled but I must have been mistaken. She got off the bed and went over to Presto and scolded him, “Pres, you naughty boy, what were you doing, giving poor Jocey a scare like that for ?”. Presto seemed to be looking at her, his tongue lolling out and saying “what did I do wrong now ?”. She turned back to me and said, “ Jocey, I am so sorry, Presto’s a horny old boy like all dogs are, they all do that you know, sniff at crotches and stuff, don’t worry, it’s ok, we are used to it and just laugh it off ”.Anyway she led him away downstairs while I tried to stop shaking.

Then I realized I needed to pee, so I went to the loo, peeled my wet panties off and sat on the throne. I realized suddenly that though the outside of my panties was soaked with Presto’s slobber, the inside was wet because my pussy was wet with my own juices. God, I thought, how did THAT happen? I tried to think whether I had had a sexy hot dream but I couldn’t remember. It’s always that way after you wake up. You can never remember much what you dreamt about.

It wasn’t like I was a vestal virgin. I had had my share of boys wanting to get into my panties and had lost my cherry to Vic in high school. I had had sex with other boys but not after Vic and I started dating. We had been dating for nearly a year and he had taken my virginity one evening at his house when his parents were away. The first time wasn’t very good; it hurt like hell and I nearly swooned when I saw the blood on his sheets but the second was better and things got much better after the third. We would fuck 2-3 times a week wherever and whenever we could. I loved sex, especially the feeling of a hard cock filling my pussy and thrusting in and out of me. I loved having him go down on me and would have multiple orgasms on his tongue. My clitty was very sensitive and I would cum in seconds. Vic had gone away to Europe with his folks and I hadn’t been fucked for nearly 2 weeks. I played with my pussy instead whenever I felt horny and my fingers made me cum hard as a substitute for his cock.

I felt my pussy while I was sitting on the throne and my fingers came away soaked with my juices. Then I realized that my nipples were still hard and pointed under my tee, like when I was horny and really turned on. Wow, I thought, had I cum on Presto’s tongue licking my pussy while I was still asleep ?. Jeez, that was so weird, I must be really starved for sex, getting turned on in my sleep and cumming on a pussy-licking from, for God’s Sake, a DOG’S tongue !!!!. I shivered, partly from this realization and partly as my golden warm pee flowed out of my pee-hole into the toilet bowl.

I heard Aunt Megan calling me down to breakfast and decided to shower later. Since it was just us 5 women in the house, I just put on new dry panties and went down still in my long tee without bothering to change. I gave a thought to telling Aunt Megan about what had happened but decided against it, wondering if it would get Anna into trouble for not taking care of me. And anyway, I thought, nothing really happened, did it ?.

Bertie was there at the breakfast table and so were the other 2 dogs. I looked at Presto but he didn’t seem to appear ashamed of what he had done. I looked around to see if Anna had spread the news but Sue and Liliana seemed unaware. We chatted about this and that as Aunt Megan served up a delicious breakfast. The girls were making plans about what to do in the morning when Aunt Megan sternly said
“Whatever else you girls plan to do today, first we have to make a trip to the mall and stock up for the week. Once that’s done, you can do whatever you wish, ok?”. The girls groaned dramatically because the mall was 25 miles away and it would take them nearly 3 hrs for the whole trip but agreed to finish up the week’s shopping before we all chilled out.

Aunt Megan said that if I wanted to stay home while they finished their shopping, it was quite alright. I would be safe alone as the dogs would be outside. I was still a bit shaken up by the morning’s affair so I agreed to stay back. I thought I would have a leisurely hot shower and laze about till they came back. Maybe I would take a look at Anna’s CD collection. She and me had shared a liking for the same music on my earlier visits. I asked her if I could browse through her CDs and she said, sure I could do that on the DVD player.

Aunt Megan and the girls left after we cleared breakfast and put away the dishes. I waved goodbye to them as Lilian drove them away and the dogs barked excitedly. I shut the front door and through the window, watched the 3 dogs play in the driveway outside the garage. I went upstairs and thought about what I would do. Well, maybe I would have my hot shower and then browse through Anna’s music collection first, put on a CD and laze about.

I looked out through the upstairs window and could see Napo and Bertie still prancing around pretending to fight. I couldn’t see Presto from the window and thought, maybe, he’s somewhere around the corner or right near the house. I stripped off my panties and tee and looked at my naked self in the mirror. My tits are just too big, I thought, I wish they were smaller. I was a 34C size with light brown areolae and nipples that got amazingly hard and pointy when I was horny. I admired my flat belly and the trimmed bush on my pubes. I wish I was taller, I thought, as I looked at my legs. I was 95 lbs and 5’ 4” with slim shapely but muscular legs. I used to be on the high school sprint team although I was always doomed to be 2nd best behind Melanie Peters who was an All-American level sprinter. If only wishes came true, I thought and smiled to myself.

I ran my fingers through my slit, opening it up and feeling for my sensitive clitty under the hood. I dipped 2 fingers into my pussyhole and found I was just a bit moist. I spread my outer labia with my fingers and pulled out my inner flaps. Shit, too thick, puffy and dark, I thought. My fingers slowly slid below my pussy and onto my soft puckered anus. I knew from my own explorations that it was very sensitive though I had never allowed anyone to touch it, not even Vic. I turned around so my back was to the mirror and bent over spreading my ass cheeks and looking from between my legs. I could see my pink-brown wrinkled anus contracting as my ass cheeks spread apart. I wish my butt was bigger, I thought, as I patted both ass cheeks and massaged my pucker with my pinkie. It was muscular and tight but pretty flat, almost boyish and not rounded like a woman. Girl, I thought, you are never happy with what you have ….. It’s time for a nice hot shower.

I entered the shower stall without bothering to shut the door and got the temperature of the jets just perfect by playing around with the hot and cold. I got in under the water and exulted in the wonderful feel of the needles of spray on my body. My body relaxed and all the tension of the previous day’s travel and the morning’s shock started to melt away. I loved the spray on my nipples which hardened almost instantaneously. I was soaping myself when I heard some sort of noise in Anna’s room outside. I listened carefully but couldn’t hear it again so I ignored it and continued to soap myself. I kneaded my tits and soaped my erect hard nipples rubbing them till I felt they would burst. I slid my soapy fingers between my legs and lathered my slit, dipping 2 fingers into my pussy and down to my anus and between my ass cheeks. My soapy pinkie slipped into my anus which immediately relaxed and then spasmed tight around my finger. I dug it as deep as I could and moved it around. The feeling was amazing. I pulled it out and washed it. I rubbed around my peehole and felt the mild sting of the soap on the delicate pink membrane at the tip of my peehole. A little warm pee trickled out on its own. Soaping done, I put the showerhead on full and shut off the hot. I shivered as needles of icy water sprayed on to my body and washed away all the sweat, grime and soap. I felt sooo relaxed as the icy water cascaded over my body.

I dried myself and draped a large towel over my lower body, my tits still uncovered and emerged from the bathroom. Now’s the time for some music, I thought. I went over to Anna’s CD collection and looked through the titles. It was arranged in two rows and most of the music in the front row wasn’t stuff I was keen on. So I went on the back row and found a CD without a title either on the box or inside. This must be special stuff that Anna’s burned, I thought, probably favorites.

I put the DVD player on and waited for the music to begin while I pulled the towel off and started drying my back. When I couldn’t hear anything, I was puzzled so I looked at the DVD player and …….jeez, the TV had come on and there was a movie running on it. I was pretty curious about this, since I now realized that the unmarked CD was actually a DVD.

I froze in shock when I realized that it was a video of a woman on her knees and elbows on the carpet while a large furry dog had jumped on her back. The woman was stark nude and I could see her heavy hanging tits. Oh my god, what the hell, I screamed silently. Then the camera moved behind her and zoomed in on her ass. Holy shit, I said aloud as I saw that the dog had not just jumped on her back playfully but something red, shiny and thick from under his belly had entered her pussy and he was rapidly thrusting into her like a jackhammer. Oh sweet jesus, I whispered as I realized that the dog had his cock in her pussy and was fucking the hell out of her. Then I heard her voice which sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it. “yes baby, yes sweetie, so good baby, give mommy your lovely cock, fuck me with your puppymaker, Napo”. I was in total shock but couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Then it hit me…… the woman had clearly said “NAPO”. I looked carefully and oh my god, it did look like Aunt Megan’s Napo for sure. I was now trembling uncontrollably. The camera again moved around and……….. holy shit, it showed the woman’s face clearly and……………..omg,omg,omg,it was Aunt Megan.

I was so stunned that my towel fell out of my hands and I could only gape at the screen with my mouth open. I WAS WATCHING A NAKED AUNT MEGAN BEING FUCKED LIKE A BITCH IN HEAT BY HER HUGE GERMAN SHEPHERD. I was looking at the screen and not quite registering what was going on till Aunt Megan screamed loudly and started moaning and gasping. The camera moved around to her back again and my eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Napo’s red cock had a huge bulge near the furry base, the size of a large orange and he was forcing it, driving it like a piston into Aunt Megan’s gaping stretched pussy. And her pussy hole was stretched to its limit as that huge ball inexorably was thrust into her and then finally disappeared into her pussy. Aunt Megan was now crooning softly, “oh my gorgeous sweet lover, my darling hubby, I am your loving bitch, pour your puppy seed into my womb, baby” !!!!!. I was in total disbelief that this was really happening. Somehow I found myself sitting on the edge of Anna’s bed, totally nude myself, everything forgotten except those images on the screen. Napo had almost stopped thrusting into her and I was foolishly thinking “Wow, how can she take his weight on her back and not fall?”. Then the sheer eroticism of what I was watching hit me like a blast and I was shaking and trembling uncontrollably. It was like being in a dream.

Here I was alone in the house, naked myself, fresh from a shower and watching this amazing scene involving Napo, a german shepherd dog and my beloved Aunt Megan whom I had not seen even in a sleeveless dress or a short skirt before. God, there she was, speaking like a wanton slut, like a totally uninhibited whore, on her knees and hands in a doggie position being fucked senseless by her huge DOG and loving it. I noticed that my nipples were hard and erect, my tits were swollen and on fire and omg, my clitty was poking out of its hood like a mini-cock bigger than ever before and my pussy was dripping cream. I had never been so aroused in my life as when I was watching Aunt Megan being ravished by her dog.

My eyes were still riveted on the screen where Napo was now almost still, just wiggling his hips and a trickle of pearly liquid started dripping from Aunt Megan’s pussy and she screamed shrilly. I realized that Napo had begun to cum into her pussy and she was cumming again from the feel of his seed flooding her womb. He then did something that was amazing for me to watch. He pulled back a bit nearly dragging Aunt Megan with him and then he sort of stepped over his cock and turned ass to ass with her. OMG, it hit me suddenly, because I had seen a dog turning with his dogbitch once in the park………..this is just like that, except the dogbitch here is not another dog but my dear Aunt Megan. I was wondering why he did not disengage since he seemed to have cum but then saw that the bulge that he had inserted into Aunt Megan was tight against her hole and it was way too huge to come out on its own. It would just tear her apart. An odd sort of terror seized me as I thought Aunt Megan must be hurting like hell, but then I heard her saying, “ Yeah, baby, hump me, lover, drag me like your bitch, your sweet knot feels so good, I can feel your cock in my belly”. It was so shocking and yet so erotic and sexually stimulating that my legs spread apart and my fingers went to my pussy as if they had a mind of their own and slipped into my dripping soaked hole while my thumb started massaging my hard erect clitbud. My eyes were fixed on the screen as if nothing else in the world mattered other than watching Aunt Megan being fucked like a bitch by her huge dog. I frantically finger-fucked my puss… my nipples tight, hard and swollen, my whole body on fire and my mind sort of in a hypnotized trance. And somewhere in the back of that clouded mind was the thought that God, this was unnatural, taboo, against the law.

And then I came back to earth with a shock………….. in my uninhibited finger-fucking of my pussy, I hadn’t noticed that Presto was in the room with me. He had somehow entered the house and there he was, right in front of me, squatting, his tongue out, watching me sitting there stark naked, my legs spread as wide as they could get and 2 fingers thrusting rapidly in and out of my sopping wet pussyhole. And my mind raced back to the early morning when I had woken with his tongue licking my panties.

He must have caught the heady aroma of my aroused dripping pussy juices because as I watched somewhat stupidly, he came over and started sniffing my pussy. It was like I was paralyzed, half with fear and half from the state of high sexual arousal I was in. Before I could do anything, I felt his tongue directly on my wet fingers which were still half in my pussy and then his tongue hit my swollen clitbud which had spread out of its hood like a tiny cock. A jolt of current passed through my entire body as I took off in an electrifying clitoral orgasm. My whole body contracted and tightened again and again as I came like I had never ever done before and I screamed in pure ecstasy………………..aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh godddddddddddddddddddd. My pussy juices flooded my fingers in a torrent and a little pee trickled out of my pee-hole involuntarily as my bladder squeezed it out in reply.

The flood of my sex juices on Presto’s tongue made him lap at my pussy even more energetically and his rough long tongue started me on another journey. I had now given up all thought as I concentrated on the pure sexual pleasure centered between my legs. His tongue swept right from my hard tingling clitbud, down to my sensitive pee-hole, moved over my pussy-hole as it lapped up my juices and down in the same stroke to my anus. My sensitive anus which had never ever felt anything other than my own fingers, contracted and tightened from the tease of that wonderful tongue, drawing gasps of passion from my lips. In 2-3 strokes of that amazing tongue, my nerve endings fired sparks and my next orgasm started building up and my mind swooned into a vortex of pure pleasure and my legs and tummy contracted in spasms as I came again and again and again in unending waves. I was now a sexually charged mass of tingling nerves and nothing else.

It seemed an eternity before I came down from the heights of pure joy that my mind had climbed for the first time ever. As I hugged Presto and tightened my legs around him to thank him, my feet touched something warm smooth and sticky under his belly. I pulled my legs off from around him and looked down under his belly. Holy shit, oh jeeeez, I cried out loud, as I saw that his cock had come out of his sheath and in a flash my mind raced back to the early morning. I had screamed while I realized he was tonguing my panties and he had jumped back. I had then seen something pink and pointed protruding from the sheath under his belly but hadn’t quite realized what it was then.

I realized now that what I had seen then was the tip of his cock just out of his sheath. Hell, this was not just a tip, it was his whole cock and it was huge. I had never seen anything like it before….. not on any man, not on any animal. Vic had a nice pink cock, fully 6” long and thick (he had told me that). The other boys who I had fucked were of similar size, some as thick, some thinner than Vic.

This thing hanging from his furry sheath was HUGE. The shaft was red, shiny and covered with red veins, at least 10” long, definitely at least twice as thick as Vic or anyone else (maybe more) and beyond the shaft was a bulge bigger than an orange, larger than what I had seen on Napo in the DVD with Aunt Megan. The bulge was itself at least 3” in diameter and length and close to his furry belly. The tip was pointed to one side with a hole which seemed to be dripping some sticky clear fluid. Oh my god, that’s a monster cock I thought and it belongs to Presto. By reflex, my eyes moved back to the TV screen where I could hear Aunt Megan still moaning and I was just in time to see Napo pull his cock out of Aunt Megan’s pussy…… his big bulge (omg,omg) slipped out and then the rest of his cock and I saw that it was just as big as Presto’s cock right there in front of me, in fact maybe bigger in length and thickness. He wandered off to one side where he started licking that huge cock with his own tongue as if cleaning off his cum from it.

Aunt Megan’s stretched out pussy-lips slowly closed and a gush of whitish fluid flowed out of her pussy and down her legs. I realized that it was Napo’s cum that had flooded her pussy. Jesus, there was sooo much…. It kept flowing out. Aunt Megan now turned around still on her knees and hands, went over to Napo, reached under his belly to grab his swollen red cock again in her hands and as I watched in total fascination, she leaned and took it INTO HER MOUTH. For chrissakes, I thought, she’s sucking his cock !!!!!!. Aunt Megan looked like she was thoroughly relishing what she was doing as she moaned deep in her throat and sucked vigorously at Napo’s cock. I was so completely hypnotized with what she was doing that I fell back on the bed, my legs wide open and my body on the edge on the bed, half on and half out. My fingers found their own way to my slit and inside my sopping wet pussy.

I guess that was all the invitation that Presto needed. He had already tasted my pussy juices and his cock had come entirely out of his sheath. When he saw my wide open legs he certainly knew what HE wanted to do next. I suddenly saw him looming over me, his forepaws on either side of my hips and I felt the tip of his dripping cock at my slit. I was in a state of such abandoned arousal that it took me time to realize that he was going to fuck me. Before I realized what was happening, he thrust that huge cock into my pussy and I came out of my trance with a jolt. God, it hurt as that thick cock drove into my pussy like a piston and opened my love-tunnel up as never before. I was totally terrified and I thrashed wildly trying to push Presto off me. But the 110 lbs huge animal was not to be denied. His sheer weight crushed me onto the bed and try as I might, I couldn’t even move him.

I could feel his thick cock entering me deeper and deeper with each rapid thrust of his rump and I felt as if he was going to tear my pussy apart. Omg, it hit me, I was being RAPED by my Aunt Megan’s dog in her house and there was nothing I could do about it. I screamed and shouted as I felt my pussy stretch under that assault and I could feel his cock in my belly, filling me and making it difficult to breathe. He was now fucking me deep and hard like a trip-hammer, each thrust taking that massive organ deeper into my pussy. I could feel his hot breath on my neck and his legs clutching my sides as he raped my pussy mercilessly and as much as I struggled and moved my hips upwards, it just drove his cock deeper. Then I suddenly felt something even thicker pressed against the outer lips of my pussy and somewhere in my subconscious, flashed the terrifying message that Presto, like Napo had with my aunt, was now going to try pushing that huge orange-like bulge on his cock into me.

No,no,no,no, I screamed, not that please, Presto, it will tear me apart, please, presto, please, it will kill me, I pleaded and cried. I was crushed against his weight as he started thrusting that bulge in inexorably. I could feel my inner pussy flaps stretch so wide that I thought I would die and the bulge pressed so hard on the underside of my anus that I farted in terror. The pain was so much that I nearly fainted and then suddenly it stopped but my pussy felt as if someone had shoved a huge melon inside it. Presto had put his entire cock into my pussy including that huge ball at the base of his cock. As Presto’s cock bulge pressed up against my bladder, it let go half in fear and half due to the pressure and I found that I had peed hard on the bed and was lying in a pool of my own piss. It didn’t seem to matter to Presto though his humping had almost stopped. It dawned on me that Presto had completed his rape of my pussy and I was now his fuck-bitch just like I had seen Aunt Megan had been in the DVD.

I was now feeling totally violated, raped and ravished. My pussy hurt with a dull ache and it felt stretched to the limit. I could feel his whole weight on my chest and tummy making it hard to breathe normally. Presto was now pushing against my pussy lips and I could feel his fur against them. OMG, that whole huge cock I saw earlier, which had looked almost as thick as my wrist, including that monster ball-like bulge is in my pussy, I thought in panic. I could feel it deep in my belly, filling my tender pussy tunnel and stretching it like nothing had ever done before. Presto was now just standing over me, his tongue out, hardly moving at all as if waiting for something to happen. I couldn’t fathom why he wasn’t slamming into me like a piston like when he had started raping me earlier. I tried to push him away and he did move backwards but his cock was stuck in me. OMG, I thought in complete terror, HIS COCK IS STUCK IN MY PUSSY. THAT HUGE BALL MAY NEVER COME OUT. Then I remembered how I had seen Napo slipping out of Aunt Megan’s pussy after a while soon after he had cum . God, I have no choice but to wait till he cums in my pussy, I thought. And with that thought, the panic rose again, as I realized that he would flood my womb with his seed. “OMG”, I thought stupidly, “for chrissake, what if I get pregnant ????”.

As this thought took germ in my mind, I started to struggle furiously. “I have to get his cock out before he cums”. I started pushing back at his sides, trying to push hi away from me but as his bulge pressed against my pussy opening from the inside, a sudden bolt of pain shot through my pussy and down my legs. I couldn’t continue trying it this way. Maybe I can milk his cock out slowly, I thought. So I got one hand down between our bodies and between his legs feeling for his cock. I held it at the root and tried to squeeze it. Presto didn’t like what I was doing and first reared backwards, pulling me with him as we were joined and then suddenly slammed forward, probably as it was hurting him. As he moved forward, I felt his cocktip suddenly thrust deeper into me and again a jolt of pain spasmed through my pussy and the rest of my body. Shit, this isn’t working either, I thought, as the pain slowly subsided.

Then I had what I thought was a brainwave. I could feel his balls touching my thighs. “Maybe if I squeezed his balls, it would hurt him and he would pull out”, I thought. When I think about it now, it wasn’t rational in any way but, I was far from thinking rationally right then. So I felt around for his balls, cupped them and get them a gentle squeeze. Presto started a low roar deep inside his throat and again tried moving away. I could feel that his bulge was now stretched tight against my pussyhole. Hey, this is working, I thought. So I squeezed a little harder. I wish I had known better.

As I squeezed, presto, instead of moving backwards and out, suddenly slammed deeper into me and then…… deep inside me, I could feel his cum spurting out of his cock in a torrent as his seed spewed out into my womb and filled it. I could feel his cock swelling and contracting as spurt after spurt of his cum filled my pussy to capacity and then I felt a trickle of his seed dripping out of my pussy and down towards my anus. My pussy felt stretched even more as it tried to accommodate both his swollen cock and the massive amount of dog-cum he was depositing in my womb. Oh no, no, no, no, this was what I wanted to stop……he was impregnating me with his sperm and I was completely helpless.

He had not only raped me but he had also deposited his dog-seed in my womb. It was possible that he could make me pregnant with his babies, I thought wildly. OMG, half human-half dog, was it possible ?. Then as my head cleared and I could think more rationally, I realized with great relief that it was not possible for me to get pregnant with his semen.

His bulge seemed to be shrinking inside my pussy and suddenly it plopped out and he withdrew the rest of his cock from my gaping hole. When I looked at his cock, glistening with my juices coating it and his cum still dripping from the pointed tip, I couldn’t believe how huge it was and how the hell it had all fitted in my pussy, especially that massive bulge.

In my completely shaken state of mind, I had however missed out on one very important thing. I was so pre-occupied with what had happened between me and Presto that I had not bothered to think of anything else. I suddenly realized that there was someone else in the room with us. …… Napo was at the open door, looking in, his tongue hanging as his eyes took in the scene in the room, me naked on the floor, my pussy still dripping from presto’s cum and my own juices and presto now lying to one side, licking his cock which was slowly shrinking into his sheath.

The sheer enormity of what had just happened hit me. I fell back on the bed and started trembling uncontrollably. I held my face in my hands and then the tears started flowing. I was still stark naked with Presto’s seed dripping out of my violated pussy.

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